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 Chapter 198: The Titillating Owner Bu

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The fact that Tian Xuzi was a wine lover was something that every member of the Void Sword Pavillion knew.

In fact, many of those who followed the path of the sword enjoyed drinking wine. There seemed to be a unexplainable relationship between them and alcohol that created a custom for many swordsmen to love wine.

Xiao Yue was a wine lover, so he was lured over here by the aroma of the wine. Tian Xuzi was even more of a wine lover, so he lost his patience and decided to go ahead of the others.

Xiao Yue watched on in amusement. He thought, "Tian Xuzi is going ahead even though the aroma is coming from Owner Bu's store... Doesn't he know about Fang Fang's Little Store's reputation?"

Everyone else remained on the spot and watched Tian Xuzi's back figure with strange gazes as he gradually entered the alleyway.

With a longsword on his back and his robe flapping loudly in the wind, Tian Xuzi unhurriedly arrived in front of the store.

The first thing he saw was a large black dog sleeping next to the entrance.

After pondering for a moment, Tian Xuzi directed his gaze toward the tightly shut door boards. He thought, "The entrance is closed. It looks like the store isn't open for business right now."

Lifting up his hand, Tian Xuzi knocked on one of the door boards.

As the sound of knocking echoed in the alleyway, everyone started becoming nervous and their gazes became even more serious.

After knocking for a while, Tian Xuzi's expression darkened... because not even the slightest sound was coming from within the store. This meant that the owner of the store was ignoring him and could not even bother to open the store.

"How dare he ignore me! However, it might because he doesn't know that I am the one knocking on the door..." Tian Xuzi thought with a sullen expression.

Therefore, Tian Xuzi cleared his throat and said, "Store owner, this is Tian Xuzi from the Void Sword Pavillion. I suddenly smelled the wine aroma coming from your store, so I specially came here tonight to purchase your wine. Would you please open the door."

Tian Xuzi's voice loudly echoed in the quiet alleyway.

However, after a long while, there was still no response. The entrance of the store was still tightly closed and there was not even a slightest indication of the door boards moving.

Tian Xuzi finally lost all of his patience. His expression turned sour as he coldly said, "Even though I am sincerely trying to purchase your wine, are you not even going to give me a reply? Is my stature not even enough for you to open the store?"

Tian Xuzi, the grandmaster of the Void Sword Pavillion, was one of the strongest within the Light Wind Empire in his youth. Even though he was now much older, his might had not waned in the slightest. Many tales relating to him were still circulating within the empire.

A smirk appeared on Xiao Yue's face. He was amused by Tian Xuzi's words... He thought, "Honestly speaking, your stature is indeed not enough for Owner Bu to open the store."

"How dare you, I've never been treated in such a manner before! Today, I've truly witnessed your arrogance! Since this is the case, don't blame me for intruding!" Tian Xuzi was furious. As the true energy within his dantian revolved, his hair and beard suddenly started fluttering as well.

Waves of true energy encircled his body, as if a myriad of tiny dragons were surrounding him.


Tian Xuzi's eyes hardened as he suddenly pushed his hand forward. His palm filled with true energy heavily struck the door boards covering the entrance of the store.

As the resulting shock wave spread into the surroundings, its intensity caused the expressions of many of those present to change.

The cultivation level of this Tian Xuzi... was indeed living up to his name!

However, right after many of them exclaimed at the level of his cultivation, their expressions became increasingly strange. The naive Ye Ziling even failed to hold in her laughter and burst out laughing.

The mood suddenly became rather awkward.

Even though Tian Xuzi caused a powerful shock wave when he struck the door board, it did not damage them in the slightest. The entrance of the store was still tightly shut.

Tian Xuzi's hair and beard were both hovering. His eyes were widened and his hand was still pressed against a door board. He was wavering on whether to lower his hand or not...

He said he was going to intrude into the store... and the result was he could not even get through the entrance. It was simply a slap in the face. Furthermore, it was of his own making.

Tian Xuzi pulled back his hand and cleared his throat. Tapping the ground with the tip of his toes, he rose into the air before backing away from the store.

As Tian Xuzi formed a sword-finger gesture with his hand, sword energy encircled his body and tore the air around him apart.

"I'll give you another chance. If you still don't come out... I'll really be intruding!" Tian Xuzi unabashedly said.

The entrance of the store remained tightly shut and not a single sound was heard.

Tian Xuzi was maddened from the embarrassment. With a shout, he pointed forward with a sword-finger gesture and the myriad of sword energy encircling him flew toward the store.

Blacky, who was lying next to the entrance, opened its mouth and let out a yawn. It disinterestedly watched as the dazzling sword energy struck the door boards before rolling its eyes and going back to sleep.

A cloud of dust rose into the air. As a gust of wind blew past, it was gradually cleared away.

Tian Xuzi's eyes trembled and almost popped out from the shock...

"What the? Is this run-down store made from a turtle's shell? How is it still intact? Even if it's not broken... Can't you at least show some trace of damage?! Is there a need to be so ruthless?!"

Tian Xuzi felt as if he was just fucked by a dog. The strength of this move was already quite powerful. Even the city gates of the imperial city would have been smashed open. However, when used on the entrance of this store... he could not even scratch the wooden boards!

"Haha! Tian Xuzi, have you weakened from old age? How did you even fail to break a few wooden boards?!"

"The skill of Tian Xuzi is impressive indeed. The wooden boards are still spotless after such an attack, how impressive!"

"Elder sister Ni Yan... Is this old man stupid?"


As Tian Xuzi listened to the chattering and the unrestrained jeering in the background, he suddenly felt as if his heart was pierced by an invisible arrow...

While everyone was busy mocking him, the humiliated Tian Xuzi was almost ready to unsheathe the longsword on his back. However, just before he was going to prepare an attack with all of his strength, one of the door boards covering the store's entrance was removed.

The moment when the door board was removed, an even more powerful aroma drifted out. This wine aroma was like a poison that caused everyone to fall into a state of euphoria.

An uninhibited figure was holding a porcelain cup in his hand while leaning on a door board. He was looking at them with a drunk expression.

"Burp... Who's the one knocking on my door in the middle of the night?"

Bu Fang's face was flushed, but his expression was extremely stern. This conflicting appearance created a strange image. He was wearing a robe with his chest area wide open, seemingly because he was feeling stuffy.

As the wine aroma wafted out from inside the store, Tian Xuzi's eyes locked onto the porcelain cup in Bu Fang's hand.

"A fine wine! This is definitely a fine wine! The finest wine that I've ever encountered in my life!" Tian Xuzi exclaimed.

Hovering above the porcelain cup in Bu Fang's hand, a dense mass of spirit energy was forming into three clouds.

"This is naturally a fine wine. However, you haven't answered my question yet. Are you the one knocking on my door in the middle of the night?" Bu Fang gave Tian Xuzi a glance while leaning on a door board.

"That's right, I came here to purchase your wine. I wish your distinguished self would grant my request," Tian Xuzi excitedly said.

Bu Fang raised his eyebrows. He lifted up the porcelain cup and gently shook the cup in front of everyone...

"Are you talking about the... wine in this cup?" Bu Fang softly asked.

As Bu Fang flaunted the cup before them, the aroma of the wine inside the cup assaulted their senses and their eyes all lit up.

Meanwhile, the ones who were familiar with Bu Fang all had strange expressions on their faces...

The corners of their mouths twitched as they watched the disheveled Bu Fang. Was this titillating person really the Owner Bu that they knew? Even though that expressionless face was still the same, his actions were simply... painful to watch.

Was Owner Bu... drunk?

"That's right!" Tian Xuzi swallowed his saliva. The wine bug in his stomach was already ensnared by the aroma.

A smile appeared on Bu Fang's lips as he looked at Tian Xuzi. Then, under Tian Xuzi's stunned gaze, he finished the cup of wine in a single gulp.

Bu Fang bared his teeth and exclaimed, "Slurp, ahh! What a fine wine!"

Tian Xuzi felt as if his heart was cut apart by a knife. He thought, "This fellow... he's doing this on purpose!"

Bu Fang lightly breathed out and said, "Today's opening hours has already ended. No dishes will be sold tonight... including alcohol."

Tian Xuzi's expression turned cold and he said, "I am telling you to sell your wine, so you should just sell it! Don't waste my time with your nonsense!"

Within the Void Sword Pavillion and even the entire Light Wind Empire, there was no one who dared to talk to him in such a manner. Even if he drank wine without paying, no one would dare to say anything.

However, this store owner before him actually dared to be so arrogant...

With sword energy surrounding him, Tian Xuzi stepped forward and appeared before Bu Fang in the blink of an eye.

"Those who dared to make a fool of me have long since turned into bones. Brat... do you have a death wish?"

With extremely overbearing words and surging waves of sword energy, at that moment, Tian Xuzi was fully displaying the might of the Void Sword Pavillion's grandmaster.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang was calmly leaning against a wooden board while holding the porcelain wine cup with two fingers. As he let out a burp once more, a rich wine aroma filled the air.

Behind him, two beams of red light lit up and Whitey's chubby figure appeared.

Gazing at Tian Xuzi, who was almost within arm's reach, Bu Fang wrinkled his nose as he looked at the other party's dazzling white beard and hair.

"I've already said that the opening hours is over. Are you trying to cause trouble? In that case, you'll have to bear the consequences."