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 Chapter 195: The Spirit Wine... Is Ready for Unsealing

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"Brother, ol' seven suffered such a big loss. Shouldn't we go seek revenge?" A full-bearded, thickset man sounded unwilling to take their defeat lying down. The beard on his face twitched uncontrollably out of anger.

"Go seek revenge? Do you know why no seventh grade battle-saint has attempted seizing the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree by force yet?" Hu Yifeng flickered a glance at this crowd of brothers and sneered as he asked.

The crowd was instantly dazed. That was precisely what they couldn't understand. It was merely a small store, and the owner only had the cultivation level of a fifth grade Battle-King. He was no different than an ant in their eyes. Surely an army of seventh grade Battle-Saints wasn't afraid of a fifth grade Battle-King, right?

That was the biggest joke in the universe.

"After arriving at the Imperial City, I personally ordered someone to conduct a background check on the store. This small, seemingly insignificant store is not as simple as it appears to the eye..." Hu Yifeng took in a breath as he explained. Even though he couldn't be sure of the accuracy of such intelligence, better safe than sorry.

"The intelligence reported a mechanic puppet that can repress seventh grade Battle-Saints. There is also allegedly a so-called supreme beast lying by the entrance. The supreme beast part is likely a rumor. However, even if it isn't a supreme beast, it is at least a seventh grade spirit beast. That counts for two seventh grade Battle-Saints acting as guards. Do you have the guts to trespass a store like that?"

Hu Yifeng asked gravely as he tirelessly shared information on the store. Those in the crowd immediately gaped with widened eyes.

The seventh master shivered, damn it... no wonder, that mechanic puppet was not a common metal lump! It could repress seventh grade Battle-Saints... it was freakin' out of this world!

"So, it's already a miracle that ol' seven made it back alive." Hu Yifeng remarked.

"Boss, but if we just call it a day, ol'seven, I, cannot be reconciled!" The seventh master clenched his teeth as he muttered. Reliving the moments of being stripped naked and recalling the balls-jerking melancholy, he felt blood shooting up his head, waiting to burst out.

Hands behind his back, Hu Yifeng walked around the room and narrowed his eyes as he calmly said: "Revenge will naturally be carried out, but we cannot be hasty... we must wait for a suitable opportunity."


"Oh my gosh! How terrifying... what is this monstrous beast!"

"Mama mia! There's a lion! A man-eating lion!"

"This is a spirit beast lion? How burly..."

A gigantic Fire Lion sauntered about the streets of the Imperial City, almost scorching every stone brick that was hit by its feet. The Fire Lion ran his sharp eyes over the lowly humans nearby.

With a lion's roar, he scared the wits out of numerous people, causing them to tremble in fear.

On the Fire Lion's back sat a red-robed man who chuckled as he patted the Fire Lion's head, trying to calm him down.

"Knock it off, don't frighten others." The man's voice was gentle. His eyes radiated with a sense of curiosity as he checked out the bustling Imperial City, feeling exceptionally exuberant.

Suddenly, a burly figure strolled by from afar, appearing in front of him.

The red-robed man's pupils shrank slightly as he solemnly fixed his eyes on this burly figure. He smiled lightly as he nodded his head. This muscular man emitted an alarmingly strong force of energy, he was clearly a fierce seventh grade Battle-Saint.

"Your lordship's spirit beast is magnificent. But in the Imperial City, spirit beasts are prohibited from walking on the streets. We hope for your lordship's cooperation." Xiao Meng peered gravely at the man and beast before his eyes, his heart thudding inside.

A seventh grade Fire Lion, and a seventh grade Battle-Saint. This combination was truly unnerving.

"I am Mu Lingfeng, from... the Wildlands. I have long heard of the Imperial City's General Xiao Meng as well as your vigor and strength. Today I can say such reputation is certainly not an exaggeration." The red-robed man, Mu Lingfeng, grinned as he said.

He leaped off of the Fire Lion and gently patted its head. A magic array platter carved out of phenomenal quality jade suddenly appeared in his hands. With a flash, the Fire Lion transformed into a beam of light and entered the magic array platter.

Xiao Meng's pupils shrank once more as he took in a chilled breath. From the Wildlands and having deep knowledge of imperial beasts, could this be someone from the dreaded group of powerful forces?!

If even those people were getting involved... it truly painted a daunting future!

"This way please, your lordship. I have already arranged premier housing for your lordship," Xiao Meng said.

Mu Lingfeng flickered a meditative glance at Xiao Meng, yet did not the reject the offer as he followed him unhurriedly.


"Miss, this jade hairpin is definitely a fine quality good. Look at the color of the material, how sparking and crystal clear it is. It is not overpriced at one gold coin!"

On the street, a seller fixed his eyes on the gawky young maiden dressed in a warrior robe as he went on promoting his products. His acute senses told him this young lady was definitely a clear target, easy to cheat given her simple-minded appearance.

"One gold coin?" The girl hesitated, sized up the jade hairpin with her eyes, and looked dazed.

The material of the jade hairpin was very plain, made up of assorted bits of jade. Could it be it had other special properties?

"Miss, I'm working with a small business here. Don't be fooled by the jade hairpin's ordinary looks as it has extremely unusual effects. Once you wear it, you'll feel serene and concentrated, an aid to your cultivation. Just one glance tells me you practice martial arts. That makes this jade hairpin even more suitable for you." The seller coaxed as his eyes tossed and turned.

Under this persuasion the maiden was rather bedazzled. The more she looked at the jade hairpin, the more she saw the so-called magical effects of the jade hairpin fed to her by the seller. Could it be this jade hairpin was really a spirit tool of some sort?

Thinking she really came across a treasure, the maiden merrily reached for her wallet, ready to pay up.

"Hey, lassie, it's been years since we last met, yet you are still so dorky and adorable."

Just as the maiden was about a fish out a gold coin, a pale, jade lotus-like arm hung over her neck. A breathtakingly beautiful face appeared next to her and smilingly remarked.

"Sister Ni Yan! What are you doing here?" The maiden studied the person who glided to her side, and instantly lit up as she exclaimed.

Ni Yan gently rubbed the lassie's head, grabbed the jade hairpin from her hands, and turned to the seller with curled lips: "Why don't you repeat what you just said?"

The seller didn't expect a phenomenally beautiful woman to suddenly appear out of nowhere. His eyes tossed and turned, ready to say something, only to see a distortion occurring in the woman's hands. The jade hairpin was actually melting at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Mama mia! The seller almost peed his pants, this woman... was a monster!

"This piece of garbage isn't even worth a copper coin, yet you have the guts to ask for a gold coin. Are you not afraid to have your teeth all knocked out?" Ni Yan coldly grumbled.

The seller felt bitter inside, but did not dare to let out a breath.

Ni Yan was bored with the cowardliness of the seller, then proceeded to leave with the maiden.

"Ye Ziling, ah Ye Ziling. Why would your master allow you to come out alone? You're the type who would get sold unknowingly and end up helping the human trafficker count money!" Ni Yan flickered a glance at the maiden next to her, who was biting into a spirit fruit, and uttered.

"I'm not afraid, he can't beat me in a fight." Ye Ziling blinked her eyes and responded with a full mouth.

"That's right, even though you're dense, you don't have a low cultivation." Ni Yan muttered, "Come on, let me take you, little foodie, to feast on gourmet delicacies."

Ye Ziling's eyes instantly brightened once she heard about delicious food, and her face enlivened with excitement.

"Master told me to seek for good fortunes in the Imperial City. Sister Ni Yan, do you know where is the good fortune?" Ye Ziling followed Ni Yan and asked in a perplexed tone.

"Who knows where it is. Who cares. If it is good fortune, then once the time comes, you'll naturally find it." Ni Yan twitched her mouth. The Supreme Elder also sent her out to find the good fortune, but who the hell knew what that meant.

The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree? Maybe that was it...

Outside the gates of the Imperial City, the shadows of three figures had arrived.

Wu Yunbai gazed at the majestic and towering city walls of the Light Wind Empire, squinted her eyes, and then descended from her horse. She led her spirit horse towards the Imperial City.

After a month's journey, she finally made it to the Imperial City from White Cloud Villa.

"Smelly brat... I hope you still remember the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus reserved for this lady." Wu Yunbai murmured, and then entered the city smoothly.


Having sent off a mirthful Juan'Er and a swamped Ouyang Xiaoyi, today's business hours finally came to an end.

Bu Fang stretched and then closed the shutters.

The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree in the earthen-yellow flower pot had already reached a meter in height. Bu Fang could constantly feel a peculiar sense of energy waves emerging from the tree.

Given Ouyang Xiaoyi's explanation, this wave was the enlightening morality emitted by the Path-Understanding Tree and could help enhance once's speed of cultivation and probability of obtaining enlightment.

During her break time, Ouyang Xiaoyi would sit by this sapling to undergo cultivation.

Even though Bu Fang could feel the waves, they had no effects on his own cultivation level. That was because his cultivation level was not dependent on such training but determined by business revenues in the form of crystals.

However, Bu Fang was still dead clear on the value of this Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree. He returned to the kitchen, scooped up a bowl of spirit energy clear spring water, and poured it into the flower pot.

"The store's afforestation is not luxuriant enough. Drink up, and show more green." Bu Fang looked at the Path-Understanding Tree and gently said.

Retreating into the kitchen, Bu Fang practiced his cutting techniques, and then arrived before the kitchen cabinet in a composed manner.

He felt very much agitated inside. Not for any other reason, but because today was the day to taste the spirit wine brewed with three kinds of seven grade spirit herbs.

The moment he opened the kitchen cabinet, the vigorous scent of the ocean drifted about.

This was the environment set within the kitchen cabinet. Bu Fang could nearly taste the salty ocean winds.

Waving his hands around, Bu Fang thinned out the strong scent, and then landed his eyes on the gigantic jar resting soundlessly in the kitchen cabinet.

The wine jar didn't look any different from how it was last month, but Bu Fang knew that dramatic changes took place inside.

Arms around the wine jar, Bu Fang concentrated his energy, only to find that the wine jar had gained a considerable amount of weight. For a moment there, he could not lift it up.

With his brows scrunched, Bu Fang refocused with a pumped energy core, finally hoisting the wine jar out of the kitchen cabinet and placing it on the floor.

The wine jar was securely sealed with a mud cap, so tight that no wind travel through. This meant that not even a waft of the wine's scent seeped through, but this only deepened the degree of curiosity in Bu Fang's heart.

In a jumpy state of mind, Bu fang placed his hands on the mud cap, and applied a bit of pressure. With a light "bang", the mud cap was unsealed.