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 Chapter 194: Simple and Unpretentious Stripping

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The seventh master's ferocious face trembled and his mouth opened up in shock, wide enough to fit a huge tomato.

His knife, the one that he crafted out of precious, energy-loaded metal, actually... bent?!

How tough was the puppet before his eyes? With a swing of the knife... a huge chunk went missing, and more importantly, it was bent out of shape!

The red beam that flashed across his face unnerved him, but he quickly recovered, growling and grimacing at Whitey. With a loud clang, he threw the large knife in his hands aside.

"Damn it! Aren't you badass! Aren't you tough!" With a rip, the seventh master tore apart his shirt, revealing his bulky muscles, which were covered in dragon-like blue veins. Countless streaks of scars, like centipedes crawling about, made a ghastly sight.

"I stood on the tip of knifes as I fought for my life in the barbaric lands of Mozhou. Would I fear a robotic lump like you?!" The seventh master slammed a fist onto his chest, emitting a loud, muffled thud, as he bellowed at Whitey.


As he howled, true energy burst out of the seventh master's body. His true energy was fierce, as if wild winds were roaring, brewing a storm that circled around him.

"Go to hell!"

The seventh master boomed. His entire body shook as he lifted a fist and aimed at Whitey, who continued standing still. This punch felt terrifyingly powerful, and even the air sounded like it was being ripped apart.

This was a punch that concentrated all of the seventh master's spirit energy. One should not be fooled by its simple appearance; it had much deeper implications. This punch contained a type of martial technique, in which there were traces of true energy circulating and at work. Once the punch landed, it would create a dreadful explosion!

This was the special martial technique of the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou, Exploding Punch.

Luo Sanniang could feel the force and pressure from this punch, and her face instantly changed. For her, this punch exuded an unparalleled strength, beingsimply terrifying. It must be noted that she was a sixth grade Battle-Emperor herself, yet here was a being from the same echelon that presented a blow to her confidence to resist...

Whitey's robotic eyes continued to twinkle, its red beam flickering away.

Facing this punch, it actually stood still.

"Die!!!" The seventh master's face twisted into a ferocious look. His fist ripped through the air and smashed down mercilessly.


With a loud pound, the seventh master's punch fell on Whitey's plump belly without any reservation.

The belly sank in, and the seventh master's lips lightly curled up as he uttered a single word, "Explode!"


A earsplitting noise shook the eardrums of everyone nearby, making their hearts beat faster. It was an explosion comparable to that of thunder storms, causing their entire bodies to tremble.

The seventh master took two steps back and laughed uncontrollably.

"Damn it! A metallic lump acting all badass in front of the seventh master. Today, you'll learn what the seventh master is made of!"

Bu Fang reached the entrance of the kitchen, heard the ear-piercing laughing, and knitted his brows into a frown. He flickered a glance at the guffawing seventh master, and coolly said: "Whitey, stop playing around and throw him out directly. It bothers my eyes just to look at him."

The sound of machinery whirred as Whitey's robotic head slightly tipped downward, the red beam from its mechanic eyes targeted the seventh master.

Whitey's sunken belly also gradually recovered under the gaze of the seventh master.


Suddenly, Whitey's palm landed on the seventh master, who instantly felt a huge pressure. His entire body knelt onto the ground, his knees in a splitting pain as he grimaced and scowled.


The crispy sound of clothes being torn apart rang. The seventh master felt a cool breeze traveling through his lower body, and a terrible force smashing onto his body.

Spoosh Spoosh!

The seventh master flashed across in a graceful arch and landed in the floor of the alleyway, but his clothes were nowhere to be found.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, the seventh master was excruciatingly enraged. He covered his nether regions, which continued feeling a cool breeze. As the cold wind whistled by, he felt a balls-jerking melancholy...

The seventh master's minions gaped, dumb as wooden chickens at the naked seventh master flying across their heads and landing meters away. Completely frightened, they envisioned ten thousand big black dogs charging towards them.

Rip! Rip!

"Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others."

Whitey announced robotically, grabbing each of the minions with no effort. As their clothes swirled in the air, this group of people all drew graceful archs in the air and landed onto the icy cold alleyway. Each of them covered their nether regions, trembling as they stood up, with their faces mixed with grief and indignation.

Juan'Er turned crimson as she covered her eyes and emitted a sharp breath.

Ouyang Xiaoyi also covered her eyes, yet her fingers were open. She opened her eyes wide as she starred excitedly.

Luo Sanniang was even more direct, smacking and licking her lips as her eyes narrowed into a squint.

The seventh master felt a choking pain in his chest, why... didn't anything happen to the metal lump after being hit by his Exploding Punch? That was unreasonable!

Whitey's robotic eyes swept over them and it took a step forward.

The seventh master and his crowd instantly jumped up with fright. Covering up his nether regions, he shouted, "You... aren't you a bold one! Just you wait! Once my twelve brothers come, your little store will be smashed into pieces!"

The seventh master talked tough but then turned around to flee. It was simply humiliating. The renowned seventh master of the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou was actually stripped and was streaking on the streets... Now this was a story that would garner some laughs.

Luo Sanniang leaned on Whitey's plump body, and tsked as she studied the seventh master's shaking pale buttocks as he darted away.

Pang Pang!

"Good one Whitey, your sister, I, likes this kind of simple and unpretentious stripping." Luo Sanniang smacked Whitey's body and laughed.

Whitey's robotic eyes turned and fell onto Luo Sanniang, whose heart instantly skipped a beat. She immediately backed away, as this was not a joke... The metal lump was the kind that resorted to stripping in the face of troubles.

Whitely quickly retreated to the kitchen and didn't make another appearance. It was Bu Fang who eventually came out, carrying a porcelain plate that held four richly aromatic golden Egg Tarts.

"Alright, let's talk specifics about the Egg Tarts." Bu Fang's face was serene, as if nothing had just happened, and he said calmly.


"Tsk tsk! Could this be a serpent-man? That is fascinating!"

"This serpent lady looks pretty cute, should I escort her home... hehehe!"

"What are the serpent-men doing here in the human's Imperial City? Judging by their wounded figures... these must be serpent-men with a story."


On the streets of the Imperial City, Yu Fu supported her father and Ah Ni with a panic-stricken expression. Serpent-man Yu Feng summon a great amount of energy earlier and recovered his Battle-Saint cultivation level. However, after battling with the Battle-Saint elder that imprisoned them, he was heavily wounded and was knocked into unconsciousness once more.

Being encircled by a crowd of curious faces, Yu Fu's heart was filled with alarm and terror.

She had arrived at the Imperial City, but did not know where Senior Bu's store was located. She wanted to ask someone for help, but didn't dare opening her mouth. The gazes of everyone nearby were filled with ill intentions.

Suddenly, the crowd split apart, an elder slowly sauntered in and glanced at her warmly.

It was as if everything near Yu Fu's ears quieted down. She could only see the figure's mouths opening and closing, yet she couldn't help but feel settled and calmed. Her entire body, as if completely out of control, followed the person's footsteps and left the crowd.

They gradually disappeared into the sea of people.


The Imperial City's Luxury Inn.

Blood still dripping from the corners of his mouth, the seventh master ran like the wind and charged through the doors, effectively startling the burly fellows drinking wine and eating meat in the inn.

"Oh gosh! Wasn't the pale piece of ass that just darted by good ol' seven? He... has developed quite a peculiar taste, playing with streaking now?" A husky man with a full beard hollered with gaping eyes.

Everyone else's face held odd looks, yet they couldn't help but all burst into laughter. Ol' seven streaking, now that was an interesting turn of events.

After the seventh master helped himself to some clothes and walked out of his room with a sullen face, the chortling gradually faded away. The crowd looked at him solemnly.

The seventh master gritted his teeth as he recounted what had happened to him earlier. Those in the crowd widened their eyes as they listened, until someone finally couldn't take it anymore, slamming the table as he stood up.

"Damn it! Dare to mess with my brother, watch me peel off its metal skin!"

The Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou broke into a uproar and decided to charge to Fang Fang's Little Store for revenge.

"Listen to me and halt!"

However, just as they reached the doorstep, a stern rebuke terrified them into stopping. One by one, they shifted their gaze to the refined man who strolled out of his room.

This was the elder and also the strongest of the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou. He had gotten half of his foot stepped into the echelon of seventh grade Battle-Saint.

"As of now, there are superior warriors hidden in the Imperial City. The number of seventh grade Battle-Saints makes one's hair stand on end, yet none has lifted a finger on the store. Why are you morons charging there with such great fanfare? You want to push yourselves into the spotlight and become the butt of the joke? Are you half-witted idiots?!"