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 Chapter 193: Whitey, Strip Him and Throw Him Out

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Zhao Musheng, with a large cape draped over his shoulders, set his foot on the Imperial City's bedrock stones. He held his head high and the corners of his lips curled up.

Having left the Imperial City for so many months, he was nostalgic for the air here. After all, he had stayed in this Imperial City for so long, to the point where he almost believed he was originally from here.

The bustle and hustle on the streets remained the same, but in comparison to before, the security enforcement of the Imperial City increased. There were soldiers in armors patrolling everywhere.

On the streets of the Imperial City, there were more people oddly dressed and those with strong forces of energy. Zhang Musheng knew that these people were there for the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree. Once this news leaked, it attracted not just seventh grade Battle-Saints, but also sixth grade Battle-Emperors and fifth grade Battle-Kings, who lost their minds over this temptation and heedlessly charged into the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire.

Zhao Musheng held only one attitude toward all of this: the more the better, and to muddy the waters of the Imperial City as much as possible. Or else how would some be able to grope fishes out of murky waters or act on opportunities remotely?

Suddenly, Zhao Musheng stopped his steps, and his gaze landed on the three shadows far away.

Those nearby looked strangely at the three silhouettes, completely shocked and extremely curious.

"Serpent-men tribe..." Zhao Musheng muttered, rather intrigued. The serpent-men tribe was situated in the Illusory Spirit Swamp. It was a long journey from the Illusory Spirit Swamp to here, so why did these serpent-men bother coming and making fools of themselves? Was it also for the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree?

Among these three serpent-men, two appeared fairly wretched, with weak forces of energy, and blood all over their bodies. The scale on their lower halves were also gushed open in many places. It was an awfully hideous sight.

The serpent-woman supported the other two, and panic was written all across her face as she stood helplessly on the street.

This was kind of fascinating... Zhao Musheng's lips curled, and he marched straight to the three serpent-men.


That unruly and wild, conceited and ignorant declaration reverberated within the small alleyway and hit Bu Fang's ears. Everybody in the store was dumbfounded.

Able to smash the store into bits with just one hand... Who on earth was this guy, daring to be so formidable?

Luo Sanniang smacked her lips in bewilderment. She had witnessed the frightfulness of Bu Fang's store. The person emboldened to voice such nonsense, how powerful could he be?

Bu Fang heard this claim, but was only slightly taken back, and then continued to pick up Juan'Er's Egg Tarts.

The top of the Egg Tarts were rich and creamy, and a waft of fragrance assailed one's nostrils. Its fluffy appearance was incredibly adorable. Just in terms of its external looks, it had reached Bu Fang's expectations.

"Owner Bu... someone is here to make trouble, aren't you going to do something about it?" Luo Sanniang peered at Bu Fang, who looked like he intended to continue tasting this Egg Tart, and couldn't help but remind him.

Even though she felt like the crowd outside filled with wild talks were a silly bunch, wasn't it rather disrespectful for Owner Bu to completely ignore them...

The sound of footsteps echoed, and numerous shadows blocked the store's entrance.

Those figures wore identical uniforms, and the amount of energy on their bodies was extremely powerful. The leader was a man carrying a big knife. His visage was filled with ferocity.

"Hey oh, this is a damn little store... Whoever is in charge, come out!" The ferocious man shouted out aggressively.

Afterwards... the interior of the store retained its peaceful tranquility. Nobody bothered taking notice of this man.

It felt like a heap of crows smashed into his head as they flew by, such the awkwardness.

This man's brows instantly scrunched. His big knife chopped at the floor, emitting sparks as the metal hit the ground.

"Damn it! Are you deaf? I am the seventh bandit of the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou. If you have your senses, then get your ass out here. Or else I'll turn your little store into a pile of rubbles." The man yelled loudly.

A light breeze blew past, but there was still no response.

Oh, just the big black dog lying by the front of the store slightly stirred. He licked his extended paws, flicked the man a look, and returned to his previous position.

"Outrageous! Have you no respect for me, the seventh master!" The seventh master glared with his eyes, raised the knife, and strode into the store.

Behind him, a group of sycophants followed along with an air of arrogance. There was a rich life ahead following the seventh master. This was their experience so far.

Bu Fang took a bite of the Egg Tart, and its soft texture provoked his taste buds. The rich creamy aroma, along with the Egg Tart, flooded his mouth. As he continued chewing, the fragrance burst forth.

"Where is the shop owner? Damn it! How dare you ignore me!"

The seventh master bulged his eyes, stepped into the store, and bellowed as he breathed heavily.

Everyone in the store glanced at him in astonishment, blinking their eyes. The atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Bu Fang took another bite of the Egg Tart, and nodded as he ate it. He was obliged to admit that the Egg Tart Juan'Er made this time had truly reached his expectations. After all, it took a month's time of studying and making, which fully indicated Juan'Er's passion in making Egg Tarts.

Taking in a light breath, Bu directed his gaze at Juan'Er, and calmly said: "The taste is not bad. Even though there are still many flaws, it has satisfied my expectations at last. In a bit, I will teach you all of the important steps in making Egg Tarts."

"Hey... the pretty face boy blabbering away! Are you not freaking aware that I am here?" The seventh master waved his knife, brought about a fierce wave of wind, and pointed directly at Bu Fang.

Each of the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou had mighty levels of cultivation and had achieved the highest standing of sixth level Battle-Emperor. At the Mo province, they were notorious for being the tyrannous regional overlords. This time, the band of three brothers made their advance on the Imperial City, precisely for the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree.

If they could obtain the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree, the degree of difficulty for the thirteen brothers to reach seventh level Battle-Saint would easily shrink. At that point, with thirteen Battle-Saints, the Mo province would reach supremacy, and could even look down on the entire Light Wind Empire.

Bu Fang put down the Egg Tart in his hands and his glance concentrated on the knife-waving seventh master.

"If you want to order food, check the menu behind you," Bu Fang said with a deadpan face.

The seventh master's face froze, and then he quickly burst into laughter. He looked at Bu Fang as if he was staring at an idiot.

"Have you brat been freaking scared out of your wits? Do I look like I'm here to eat in your store? Haha! I'm here for the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree! Don't freaking act dumb with me." The seventh master glowered, with malice written all over this face.

Behind Bu Fang, Juan'Er was shocked by this grotesqueness. Her face was white as a sheet.

Luo Sanniang twitched her mouth, consoled Juan'Er, and silently cursed this seventh master, "what an idiot..."

Bu Fang's complexion exposed an utmost bafflement. As the month passed, this was the first time he had witnessed someone standing so aggressively in front of him and demanded that he handed over the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree... It seemed like the storm quietly brewing in the past month was finally about to erupt.

But... Bu Fang checked out this seventh master with a glance, and discovered that he was merely a sixth level Battle-Emperor. What happened to the so called Battle-Saints?

"If you're not ordering food, then get the hell out."

Bu Fang couldn't be bothered to say more, and turned around to head back to the kitchen as he coolly replied.

Get the hell out if he was not ordering food? Hey oh? Who would have thought this pretty-faced boy was so blatantly insolent. It had been years since anyone dared speak to him, the seventh master, with such a tone. A few days ago, old man Liu accidentally offended the thirteen brothers, and got beaten the crap out of him. This pretty-faced boy... was he seeking death?

The seventh master's ferocious face trembled. He marched forward and extended his meaty hands toward Bu Fang.

He really couldn't ease the anger within without giving those who were even cockier than him a good beating.

"How dare you be so pompous before me, the seventh master. You're looking for trouble!"

Luo Sanniang, seeing that the seventh master was actually going to make a move, stared daggers and decided to strike. But before she even had an instant to summon her true energy, she felt a fierce gust of wind howling by.


The seventh master's paw was blocked by a gigantic robotic lump.

Bu Fang came to a halt, and did not turn his head as he calmly said: "Whitey, strip him and throw him out."

Whitey protruded its chubby belly and its robotic eyes flashed with a red light as it robotically stated: "Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others."

The seventh master's mouth twitched. What the hell was that? What was this robotic lump?

"Strip your ass! Get the hell over here!"

The seventh master scowled, his face filled with barbarity as he waved the huge knife in his hand, aiming it mercilessly at Whitey's round robotic head.

Ping! A crispy sound of collision rumbled in the store...

The seventh master's shuddered and his face blanched as he blinked his eyes. The fierce barbarity on his face instantly eroded.

The huge knife that slashed at the robotic lump's head was bent out of shape. A huge chunk was missing from the knife's blade...

Whitey's round head remained adorable, and there wasn't even a scratch.

"Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others," Whitey robotically said as the red beams from its eyes blinded the seventh master.