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 Chapter 192: Battle-Saints Scattered About

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Outside of the Imperial City, a crowd slowly approached. The sounds of horse-drawn carriage wheels rolling by echoed in the air.

Among this troop, strong waves of energy rose and fell, as everyone was greatly spirited and vigorous, with their eyes nearly emitting beams of light.

Among this assembly was a gigantic prisoner's cage, within which there were three figures captive...

If Bu Fang was present for this particular moment, he would have definitely recognized the silhouettes of these three figures, since they were too unusual. Unlike normal humans, the lower halves of these three figures were slithering like snakes.

"Brother Ah Ni, is this the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire?" A timid voice arose within the cage.

The serpent-man covered in wounds lightly twisted his torso, and instantly grimaced in pain as he took in a chilled breath.

"From the conversations of these guys, it seems like this is it..." Ah Ni's burly upper body was covered with scars and bruises. He had a weak breath, but still forced his face into a smile as he responded.

Yu Fu nodded. She peered at her father Yu Feng, who laid next to her with his eyes tightly shut, and couldn't help but emit a sigh.

"Even though with added speed it would only take half a month to get from the serpent-men tribe to the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire, that is only in theory. Uncle Yu Feng knew long ago that half a month was simply not enough, thus sealed off the spirit essence within his body, and went into dormancy. Uncle Yu Feng is fine, don't worry Yu Fu." Ah Ni comforted her.

Yu Fu nodded. She naturally knew the purpose of her father entering the dormant state.

Ah Ni straightened his body, gazed through the bars of the cage and witnessed the towering city walls and enormous city gates of the the Imperial City.

"It really is more majestic than our tribe... it is almost incomparable. The creative capacity of humans is unbelievable."

Just as Ah Ni was immersed in revelation, the cage was ferociously smacked, and it emitted a thundering vibration.

"Away with the chitter chatter, keep it down." A peevish voice arose from outside of the cage.

Ah Ni's face flushed red, and his hands formed a throbbing fist, but then relaxed after a bit.

The three of them had left the Illusory Spirit Swamp and met this group of people once they entered the boundaries of the Light Wind Empire. Ah Ni was dauntless at first, since he had a cultivation level of sixth grade Battle-Emperor, and had nothing to fear. But...within this small assembly of people, there was actually a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

At that moment, Ah Ni was stupefied. In the face of a seventh grade Battle-Saint, he was naturally repressed. Uncle Yu Feng was also in dormancy, and thus the three of them were imprisoned within the cage, and escorted under supervision to the Imperial City.

But Ah Ni was actually grateful deep down, as the destination of this crowd was the Imperial City. If it were any other place, it really would have messed things up for Uncle Yu Feng.

Boom Boom Bang!

The surface of the grounds trembled. Ah Ni's pupils shrank as he peered to the left and caught sight of a gigantic spirit beast galloping by.

It was a fiery red lion, with its ferocious buckteeth were as sharp as razor-edged swords.

"Seventh grade spirit beast... Fire Lion!" Ah Ni's pupils shrank.

The group that had imprisoned them also broke out into conversation.

The Fire Lion roared. Its growl was thunderous, and spurred restlessness and fear among the spirit beast horses of this group of people.

"Arrived at the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire at last. If it weren't for Lil' Fire larking constantly, we would've gotten here much early if we hurried up." A helpless voice rang behind the Fire Lion, and a delicate red-gowned figure revealed himself.

The sound of heavy footsteps faded. The Fire Lion, with the red-gowned man on its back, disappeared within the Imperial City.

This was a terrifying combination, a seventh grade Battle-Saint with a seventh grade spirit beast, it was frightening... Could it be that Battle-Saints were scattered about the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire?

Ah Ni was flabbergasted inside.

"Fellows from the Imperial Beast Hall of the Third Godly Temple of the Wildlands? Certainly menacing enough..." A hoarse, scratchy mutter resonated. Ah Ni could detect that this was the seventh grade Battle-Saint among the group who had injured him. His name was something like Tian Xuzi, and his skills with the sword were astonishing. Merely one lash of his sword's spirit smothered Ah Ni into losing his wind.

A falcon's bellow reverberated sonorously from above. The crowd consciously lifted their heads, and felt as if the skies were completely blanketed.

A larger-than-life falcon fluttered its wings and glided in the air. The shadow of a figure leaped off from the back of the falcon and landed amongst the assembly, once again stirring agitation within this group's spirit beast horses.

It was a young maiden with a slim figure, and her hair pulled back into a slick ponytail. She was dressed in a warrior's robe, and a longbow lay behind her shoulders.

The maiden gazed at her surroundings in perplexity, as if she had lost her sense of direction. After a while she finally remembered something and waved at the gigantic falcon hovering overhead, "Brother Diao, go have fun up there, I'll call you when I'm ready to leave."

With a blaring bawl, the falcon's eyes suddenly rolled. Its wings flapped, and with the howling of the fierce winds, it shot straight for the clouds.

The maiden smiled bashfully, flickered a glance at the crowd behind her, gave them a light nod, and skipped toward the Imperial City.

Ah Ni was afraid to even emit a breath. "God damn it... another seventh grade spirit beast, another seventh grade Battle-Saint... and why were they all so freakin' young?" This Imperial City was truly formidable!

"Seventh grade spirit beast, the Wind-Thunder Spirit Falcon... This maiden's background, is not that simple." The hoarse voice rang again. Ah Ni could hear the tremble in his voice... evidently, this old man was also intimidated.

"Brother Ah Ni, we are at the Imperial City. Could I wake up father now?" Yu Fu asked.

Ah Ni was slightly distracted, and the corners of his mouth twitched. "Damn it... they've got a seventh grade Battle-Saint here as well." The seventh grade Battle-Saints he had seen today were more than Ah Ni had encountered in the past dozen years.

Indeed goes the saying, it's such a big world, and one should explore it... or else how could one realize how insignificant and negligible they were?

"Wake him... or else we won't be able to escape from this group," Ah Ni said with a bitter smile.

Yu Fu's eyes slightly sparkled. Then she took out a spirit herb, tore it into pieces, and stuffed it into the serpent-man Yu Feng's mouth.


"Reporting! General, another crowd of numerous seventh grade Battle-Saints has entered the Imperial City..."

"Reporting! General Xiao, a seventh grade Battle-Saint entered the Imperial City riding a seventh grade spirit beast..."

"Reporting! General Xiao, at the gate of the Imperial City, there is an alien species Battle-Saint fighting with a human Battle-Saint..."


Xiao Meng's head almost exploded just by listening to the soldiers' reports and he couldn't help but pat his cheeks. In a month's time, the number of Battle-Saints in the Imperial City had reached an unprecedented level that made Xiao Meng's heart tremble.

He had no idea where all of these Battle-Saints popped up from.

"Your Majesty, oh Your Majesty... Your humble servant does not feel so confident." Xiao Meng smiled bitterly. For the sake of the Imperial City's order and stability, Ji Chengxue had even paid a visit to the imperial mausoleum and invited back eunuch Lian Fu. However, even with two Battle-Saints on duty, it still felt unsettling.

The waters of the Imperial City, was getting muddier and muddier.


Bu Fang opened shop, placed the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs before Blacky, and retreated to the kitchen. Today he felt unnerved inside, because given his calculations, with a month's time, the spirit wine within the cabinet should be done brewing.

A spirit wine brewed with three kinds of seventh grade spirit herbs. Even he himself couldn't help but stir in anticipation.

However, he was not in a hurry and continued practicing his cutting and carving skills. After such a long period of practice, his cutting and carving abilities have improved immensely.

After Bu Fang finished practicing his cutting and carving, the sounds of footsteps echoed from the doors. Fatty Jin and his heavyset troops had arrived as usual.

A day's business began once again. After Fatty Jin was the cheerful Ouyang Xiaoyi, as well as Juan'Er, who hasn't appeared in ages, holding a food container.

Luo Sanniang followed the two figures and buoyantly walked toward the store.

"Owner Bu, long time no see. Juan'Er and I are back again! This time, Juan'Er's Egg Tarts are bound to conquer your heart!" Luo Sanniang shouted loudly once she stepped through the doors, extremely assured.

Bu Fang slowly sauntered out of the kitchen, coolly glanced at this woman, and didn't say anything.

Fatty Jin and his crowd finished their meals and bid farewell to Bu Fang, who gently nodded his head to them in return.

Once they had left, Bu Fang finally turned to Juan'Er and said: "This is your last chance. Are you sure your Egg Tarts have reached my level of standards and expectations?"

Juan'Er clutched her food container. Her babydoll face exhibited a trace of resolution and confidence as her head nodded fiercely.

Ouyang Xiaoyi and Luo Sanniang all hovered around in curiosity.

Luo Sanniang had tried Juan'Er Egg Tarts herself and was absolutely subdued by them. Luo Sanniang was sure that if even these Egg Tarts couldn't reach Bu Fang's expectations, then it was Owner Bu who was messing with them!

Juan'Er slowly lifted the lid of the container, revealing the golden yellow toned Egg Tarts within. She carefully took them out and placed them in front of Bu Fang.

A rich creamy aroma suffused, litting up Bu Fang's eyes.

Thump Thump Thump.

Just as Bu Fang was about to give the Egg Tarts a try, a wave of clamorous footsteps, along with a condescending sneer, echoed from the alleyway.

"The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree is in this cornered little store? A trash of a store like this, I can smash it into bits with just one hand..."