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 Chapter 189: Once News Spread, Winds and Clouds Shook

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The Hundred Thousand Mountains stretched beyond one's visual horizons, an unbroken continuous plain with layers upon layers of peaks and knolls.

Suddenly, amidst the mountainous range, there arose a thundering roar. A black dot flew from afar, and continually grew bigger as it charged forth.

It was a black falcon, impressively enormous, and the feathers on its body fluttered at god's speed, rattling and whistling. The falcon's eyes were incredibly sharp, emitting a radiance that sent chills down one's heart.

With a falcon's bellow that reverberated through the highest heavens, the Hundred Thousand Mountains rang with birds fluttering their wings.

On the back of the falcon sat a maiden dressed in a warrior's robe. The maiden's long hair formed a ponytail, making her look adept and unadorned. The maiden had fine, delicate features, she looked bashful and simultaneously adorable.

She carried a longbow behind her shoulder, and was seated on the falcon's back. Despite the fierce howl of wind, an invisible layer of barrier shielded her, and the maiden, utterly unperturbed, happily munched away at spirit fruits.

"Brother Diao, master told us to head to the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire, take your time." The maiden extended her pale, tender hand, gently patted the falcon's head, and muttered with a smile, after which she continued eating the spirit fruit in her hands.

The soaring falcon rolled its eyes in a rather humanly fashion and picked up its speed.


Mahayana Island was a piece of enormous island floating upon a vast stretch of ocean, within which countless high rising buildings erected.

In the center of a secret chamber within a nine-story-tall tower, the silhouette of a figure quietly sat cross-legged. His energy continued to float and sink, as if an odd wave circulated around him, a light golden true energy that encircled his body.

A golden relic rotated, within which echoed the singing of a sacred voice, giving one a sense of heavy peacefulness.

After a long time, the relic descended. It hovered above the person's hand, and was tucked away.

"The battle at the Gate of Heavenly Mistery nearly backset my cultivation level... the bitter hatred, this old fellow cannot just let it pass, Bu Fang... Fang Fang's Little Store, just you wait."

The cross-legged person suddenly fluttered open his eyes, and a beam of gold light spilled out, illuminating the entire secret chamber.

Zhao Musheng's complexion were filled with awe, and he gradually pulled up his body. Suddenly, a knocking sound rang by the door.

Zhao Ruge gradually walked in with an air of deference. Seeing Zhao Musheng with his hands folded behind his back, he bent over in a bow.

"Ruge, what is it, is something big about to go down in the Imperial City?" Zhao Musheng noticed that the visitor was Zhao Ruge, and his face broke into a gentle smile as he inquired.

Zhao Ruge's complexion still displayed some excitement as he gazed toward his father, "The Ghost Chef Wang Ding went to the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire, and he even visited Bu Fang's little store."

"Oh? Ghost Chef Wang Ding? Isn't he living in seclusion by Qingyang Town?" Zhang Musheng kept his countenance.

"That's right, the very Ghost Chef Wang Ding, known for having traversed the entire continent. Ji Chengxue welcomed him with a banquet, and a highly important piece of information... was disseminated."

"Traversed the entire continent? Haha... this old man kept his thick skin as usual. Go ahead, what important piece of information?" The corners of Zhao Musheng's mouth curled, and he snickered with some disdain.

Zhao Ruge took a look at his father, and solemnly announced: "The first place price at the Hundred Family Banquet was a seed of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree. And that seed in Bu Fang's little store... germinated."


A mighty surge of force suddenly erupted from Zhao Musheng's body. Zhao Ruge, once hit by this terrifying force of energy, speedily took multiple steps back, and smashed into the walls of the secret chamber.

"What did you say? The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree? Is this piece of information true or false?!"

Zhao Musheng's pupils swelled as he was immensely anxious.

The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree, recorded within the Mahayana Island Buddhist collected works, was a miraculous spirit tree that could help a seventh grade Battle-Saint gain enough enlightenment to enter the echelon of eighth grade War-God.

But wasn't the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree already extinct? Why would it appear... and especially in Fang Fang's Little Store?

"This message was spread from the palace. The Ghost Chef Wang Ding said so himself... it shouldn't be inaccurate." Zhao Ruge rubbed his chest, alleviating the pent up sense of suffocation, and finally said.

"Hahaha! The heavens have come to my aid. Bu Fang, ah Bu Fang! You've brought this upon yourself! This old fellow only needs to further broadcast the news, and when the time comes, how will your little store survive a siege by numerous seventh grade Battle-Saints? Perhaps... even eighth grade War-Gods will stick in a foot! By then, there will be no need for this old fellow to lift a finger... and you'd be done for good!" Zhao Musheng guffawed at ease.

Zhao Ruge, seeing the chortling Zhao Musheng, hesitated for a bit, but still opened his mouth: "Father, by the entrance of Bu Fang's little store still lies a supreme beast..."

"What supreme beast! You listen to their rumors, but have you ever seen a supreme beast? That is a sublime, paramount existence... how could it be the guard dog lying by the entrance of a small store?! Perhaps it's merely an eighth grade spirit beast... but even if it is an eighth grade spirit beast, in the face of numerous seventh grade Battle-Saints and even eighth grade Battle-Gods... it cannot protect Bu Fang."

Zhao Musheng had never believed that a supreme beast would lie by the entrance of a small store. He had witnessed a ninth grade spirit beast with his eyes before, and that air of command felt nearly apocalyptic. A trivial Light Wind Empire, in front of a ninth grade spirit beast, was as flimsy as a papier-mâché.

Zhao Ruge choked. He was at loss for words.

Zhao Musheng continued to howl with laughter, and turned around to leave the secret chamber. "This old fellow is going to reach out to the elders of other sects. Those cowardly old men have always refused to join hands, but this time with the appearance of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree, let's see if they can still hold their composure."


Early morning, Bu Fang opened the door boards of his store, walked out with a richly aromatic Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, and placed the bowl in front of Blacky.

Having patted the gluttonous dog who became lively at the sight of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, Bu Fang turned around to head back to the kitchen, and opened shop for daily business.

Fatty Jin brought along his heavyset troops and flooded into the store. He greeted Bu Fang, and began ordering food. He was incredibly familiar with the routine by now.

He had tried nearly all the dishes in Bu Fang's store, but had yet to get tired of them. This was pretty miraculous, probably attributable to Bu Fang's incredible cooking skills.

After Fatty Jin's party left, Ouyang Xiaoyi skipped in. Behind her followed her three idiotic brothers, the three Ouyang barbarians. Those three were rare guests.

"Hehe, Owner Bu, I have a craving for wine today, a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine." Ouyang Zhen scratched his head and smiled at Bu Fang.

"Do you need an order of Lees Fish? It goes well with the wine." Bu Fang batted his eyes, and marketed his food coolly, without changing his composure.

Ouyang Zhen, however, hastily waved his hands. He was not going to fall into Bu Fang's trap again. Back then he had ordered both the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and Lees Fish, but after having drank the wine, the taste of the Lees Fish was all lost... what a waste of crystals.

Bu Fang felt it a pity as he turned around, amidst Ouyang Xiaoyi's giggles, and entered the kitchen to take out a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

"In the near future, there will be a new wine. When the time comes you could give it a try. Its taste is bound to surpass that of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine," Bu Fang said solemnly to the three Ouyang barbarians.

The eyes of the three brothers instantly sparkled. Owner Bu was coming out with a new wine, so they definitely had to show support. The three brothers nodded their heads in excitement.


In the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, Qiao Bao stared at the women dressed in a long robe before him in desperation, and the corners of his mouths twitched.

"Why the hell is this woman back again? Hadn't she left the Imperial City already?"

"Hey oh, long time no see! Owner Qian's life looks pretty good." Ni Yan's stunningly beautiful face held a naughty grin, but it made Qiao Bao's hair stand on its ends. When this woman gave off such a smile, she was up to no good.

"My... great great lady, hadn't you already left the Imperial City? What are you back again?" Qian Bao's entire face scrunched up as he wailed sourly.

"This lady misses Owner Bu...'s dishes. Can't I return to the Imperial City? Stop with the blabbering, tell people to empty the kitchen for me. This lady just learned a new dish, and want to seek Owner Bu's insights on it," Ni Yan announced.

Owner Qian was boiling with rage... "If you wanted to seek Owner Bu's insights, then shouldn't you go directly to Owner Bu's kitchen... how could you bully someone like this!"

Qian Bao wanted to mutter something, but suddenly shrank down by glare of Ni Yan's gorgeous eyes. Recalling the terrifying cultivation level of this phenomenally beautiful woman, he thought, "Never mind, we shall tolerate her this time."

"You are one of a kind, the kitchen is yours!"

Next, Ni Yan merrily occupied the kitchen of The Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. After a while, she carried a food container and left in jubilation toward the direction of Bu Fang's store.

Tang Yin witnessed his master dashing off and felt torn between laughing and crying at this sight. He took out a few crystals, offered them to Qian Bao, and expressed his apologies before rushing after Ni Yan's footsteps.

Qiao Bao shook his hands, glanced at the crystals in his hands and quietly tucked them away as he pursed his lips.

"Seems like... it wasn't such a loss."