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 Chapter 188: Chapter 188: The Jar Within The Jar, Wine Within The Wine

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"Why does Master Wang suggest so? Owner Bu has helped the Imperial City through various obstacles..." Ji Chengxue knitted his brows, and asked.

That was correct. He did not know Bu Fang's identity, nor the origin of the small store, but this didn't affect his trust toward the store. Because if it weren't for Bu Fang, the entire Light Wind Empire would have fallen to the sects during the last battles.

Even though he revered Master Wang, as the ruler of an empire, Ji Chengxue also reserved his own judgments. He did not believe that Bu Fang would bring disaster to the Imperial City.

Xiao Meng and others also thought this way because they have had numerous contacts with Bu Fang. Even though they could not fully comprehend Bu Fang, by his looks, he did not seem like someone who would bring about catastrophe.

Wang Ding was rather surprised. Based on Ji Chengxue's behavior, he seemed to have absolute faith in Owner Bu.

However, he was not too astonished and only gave a light smile as he said: "Does Your Majesty still remember the Hundred Family Banquet?"

"Of course I remember, it was the first Hundred Family Banquet after this sovereign succeeded the throne. It was remarkably grand, and Owner Bu happened to emerge as the winner of that Hundred Family Banquet," Ji Chengxue replied.

The Ghost Chef smiled, but it seemed like a mirthless grin. "This old fellow's two good-for-nothing disciples also participated, with the goal of coming in first to win Your Majesty's prize."

Um... now this was awkward. Ji Chengxue's complexion froze slightly.

"Your Majesty's grand prize was a seed, right? Your Majesty may not know what kind of seed it is, but this old fellow does," the Ghost Chef stated.

Ji Chengxue became rigid. That seed...

"That seed is from the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree. Once mature the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree will blossom into the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. Your Majesty should be aware of the utility of the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, so, what do you suppose the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit can do?"

Once this was said, all those present instantly drew in a chilled breath.

Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was a seventh grade spirit herb, then what about the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit? This... made one's hair stand on end!

"The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, once ingested by a seventh grade Battle-Saint, would endow the Battle-Saint a large probability of gaining enlightenment to the path, even a breakthrough to... eighth grade War-God!" Internally, the Ghost Chef still felt bewildered. He took a deep breath after saying that excitedly.

Ji Chengxue paled. Eighth grade War-God... what kind of an existence would that be?! But... that seed could not germinate. Ji Chengxue finally snapped back into reality and gazed at the Ghost Chef. He knew that the seed was valuable, but it was impossible to make it bud. The empire tried countless methods and still failed to germinate the seed.

Xiao Meng, from beneath, took in a deep breath. The echelon of eighth grade War-God was a state he yearned for irrepressibly. But... he was still light years away from that level.

The Ghost Chef sipped a mouthful of Bejewelled Nectar Wine, calmed his agitated state of mind, then gradually lifted up his head, peered at those nearby, and lightly announced:

"Owner Bu, he got the seed... to germinate."


In Fang Fang's Little Store, the lights shone dimly.

Bu Fang scrutinized the three types of seventh grade spirit herb before him, sensing the rich spirit energy that emanated from within, and squinted his eyes.

Afterwards, his mind started to ponder over how to utilize these spirit herbs to brew wine.

For wine brewing this time, the Nine Brewing Method could no longer be used. The Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine was technically a rice wine, yet the ingredients this time were spirit herbs and spirit fruits, hence it called for a different brewing method.

This was precisely what gave Bu Fang a headache. However, that was still fine. In his previous lifetime, Bu Fang had experience brewing fruit wine. In that sense, he wasn't too worried, but was only concerned with how to brew this spirit wine to perfection.

"System, any recommendations for brewing spirit wine?" Bu Fang contemplated for a bit, but still inquired the system at the end. He believed it was safer this way.

The system did not reply immediately, and instead remained silent for ages, before finally replying solemnly: "Brewing the spirit wine counts as the host's temporary assignment. The assignment requires that the host independently brew a wine that can surpass "Dragon's Breath". Therefore, the system will not provide any particular methods."

"As expected..." the corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled up. He knew that given the system's nature, it would leave no loopholes for him to exploit.

He knitted his brows into a frown. Since the system wasn't providing a method, Bu Fang had to come up with something on his own.

The most difficult part about fruit wine brewing was the length of fermentation... This timing he had to control himself. If he unsealed the jar too early, the essence within the wine jar would be lost, thereby naturally reducing the quality of the spirit wine.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin and dwelled on this for a long time.

Next, Bu Fang stopped thinking, and instead took out a pile of lower grade spirit fruits from the system's dimensional bag. The grades of these spirit fruits ranged between two to three, not very high at all.

This was a purple spirit fruit, each plump and ripe. Bu Fang had tried a piece before, it was sweet and sour at the same time, quite suitable for making the wine nectar of this fruit wine.

A wisp of smoke twirled around his hand and a black unadorned knife appeared in his hand.

With a heavy smack of his palm, the surface of the table instantly vibrated, and all of the spirit fruits on it flew into the air one after another.

Bu Fang twirled the knife and utilized the Meteor Cutting Technique, waving the knife closer to cut the spirit fruits.

"Spoosh! Spoosh!"

A huge wine jar was placed underneath the spirit fruits. Every fruit that had been shredded by Bu Fang's knife fell into the large wine jar.

There was a great amount of these spirit fruits. After being all shredded into bits by Bu Fang, they filled up half a jar.

Taking out an extremely small wine jar, Bu Fang cleaned the wine jar, and brought out the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit.

This spirit fruit was a seventh grade spirit fruit, on top of which were three stripes of cloud shaped moires. Light and gentle as ever, the knife in Bu Fang's hand whirled, and with a play of the blade, it came down cutting without a trace of hesitation.

This seventh grade Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was shredded into bits.

Because of the unique properties of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, almost none of the spirit energy within the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit eroded.

Having deposited the shredded fruits into the small wine jar, Bu Fang placed the small wine jar into the large wine jar filled with minced spirit fruits.

Using identical methods, the remaining half of the Phoenix Blood Herb was shredded and placed into the big wine jar. So was the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus.

With all three placed into the large wine jar, an invisible force seemed to entangle one another. The wine jar bearing the Phoenix Blood Herb emanated a fiery redness, and the wine jar holding the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus emitted a faint blue tone.

The wine jar with the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was rather peculiar, as three stripes of indistinct cloud energy actually formed outside.

The jar within jar, the wine within wine, all four elements fermenting simultaneously.

Closing the lid on the large wine jar, Bu Fang's eyes focused, after which both of his hands clasped on top of the large wine jar. A wave of true energy circulated naturally within his energy core, suddenly surging through and flowing into the jar.

Spoosh Spoosh!!

The shredded spirit fruits within the large wine far were originally minced by Bu Fang. Under the pressurized force of the true energy, they squeezed out nectar, and this nectar quickly seeped through the flesh of the fruits.

Bu Fang's true energy slowly stirred within. As it ceaselessly circulated, his true energy also gradually permeated the wine nectar.

Having mixed and blended for half a night, the true energy within Bu Fang's body was nearly consumed to exhaustion.

Bu Fang released his hands from the large wine jar. He stumbled backwards numerous steps, lifted up his palms, and discovered that they were twitching slightly.

The true energy output this time was an immense depletion for him. Whether for his energy level or physical stamina, both had reached the limit.

"Using true energy to assist fermentation, the outcomes should be pretty good..." Bu Fang muttered, then lifted up the extremely weighty large wine jar, and walked toward the kitchen cabinet.

This cabinet was especially reserved for wine brewing.

Bu Fang took out the three jars of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine within, and placed the large wine jar inside.

In this cabinet, the passing of time was accelerated, so perhaps after a few days the fermentation could be completed.

But Bu Fang was still unsatisfied. His brows knitted into a frown, and he felt that this was overly simplistic. Back then, Ni Yan had suggested that the brewing method of the Dragon's Breath was extremely intricate.

During the fermentation process, it was likely buried under the Heaven Alps Spirit Lake, and finally became wine after three years...

"System, can this cabinet simulate particular environments?" Once again, Bu Fang turned to the system. He felt that by applying such a common brewing method, the Dragon's Breath could not be defeated. Due to the variation in fermentation, diverging environments made a world of difference in terms of the quality of the wine nectar.

"The Time Elapsing Cabinet can simulate particular environments. It costs ten crystals per consumption and will be deducted from the host's revenue sales." The system replied promptly this time.

Bu Fang rolled his eyes. He knew that given the nature of the system, replying this quickly meant monetary deduction.

But it was merely ten crystals, he could afford it.

Bu Fang paid the ten crystals, after which his mind connected with the cabinet before his eyes.

Having placed the big jar within, Bu Fang found scenes after scenes of varying environments before his eyes. There was a world of snow and ice, an erupting volcano, the Heaven Alps Spirit Lake, and even a boundless ocean.

Which environment should he choose? Bu Fang contemplated for a while, and ultimately configured the environment to the bottom of an ocean.

The amalgamation of fire and ice, on top of the ocean's mighty current... this spirit wine even excited Bu Fang himself into fervent anticipation.

As for the time within the cabinet, Bu Fang thought it over carefully. Given the amount of true energy he injected himself, it still needed to ferment for around three years. Hence, Bu Fang configured the passing of time as three years within The Time Elapsing Cabinet, it would take up around a month.

After completing all of this, Bu Fang was in a state of exhaustion. Feeling the drained true energy within his body, and with his brows knitting into a frown once more, he recognized the pressing urgency of creating a snack that could help one quickly regain true energy.

Having left the kitchen and crawled into his room, Bu Fang took a shower. The heated steam blurred his vision.

Even though his body was completely enervated, Bu Fang was extremely excited inside. A spirit wine brewed with three types of seventh grade herbs... Even Bu Fang himself had difficulty imagining its level of enchanting superiority.

At least he was certain that the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine could not compare with this spirit wine.

Suddenly, Bu Fang became distracted as he lay onto his bed and narrowed his eyes...

There was another crucial question, this spirit wine... what should it be named?