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 Chapter 186: It Was Time to Start Brewing The Wine

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Snowflakes fluttered in the air, as if feathers dancing. They twirled with a whistle of the wind, then softly descended, landing amidst the boisterous Imperial City.

The Gate of Heavenly Mystery, having undergone a regime-changing battle in the Light Wind Empire, transformed from an inconspicuous square to one worthy of attention, heavily guarded with an abundance of troops.

This Gate of Heavenly Mystery used to be a major route to enter the main halls of the palace. However, after the big battle, Ji Chengxue had ordered an alteration to this principal path. In the future, all those entering the halls mustn't pass through the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, and should enter instead from the westward of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, the Gate of Peaceful Tranquility.

It weren't for any reasons other than the presence of a Double Calamity Dragon Head Array hidden in the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square. After all, it was this array that had successfully suppressed all the sect warriors.

With such a powerful array resting on the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square, Ji Chengxue, as an emperor, naturally had to protect it. But then again, the Gate of Heavenly Mystery had special significance for the palace, and Ji Chengxue could not completely seal it off. Activities in large scale still had to take place at the Gate of Heavenly Mystery.

In the stretched streets of the Imperial city, an elder who held his body erect sauntered about with his hands behind his back.

Snowflakes drifted like goose feathers, fluttering up and down, falling onto his body, but were eventually blocked off by an invisible force of energy.

"How many years have passed since I last visited the Light Wind Imperial City. Even Emperor Changfeng has already passed away, 'tis an unpredictable world, and time brings about inconceivable changes." The Ghost Chef's wrinkled visage was filled with nostalgia as he peered at his surroundings and exhaled a long breath.

Emperor Changfeng was a brilliant ruler. The Light Wind Empire developed at the speed of lightening under his reign, forcing countless sect warriors to acquiesce to the formidable empire.

"It's a pity, the peace and tranquility of this empire will come to an end. Once the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree blossoms, it will attract warriors infinitely stronger than those of the sects. By then, this Imperial City... will collapse into mayhem." The Ghost Chef sighed once more.

He had just stepped out of Bu Fang's store. He couldn't help but admit that Bu Fang's store was peculiar, the flavors of the dishes deserved praise even from him, and that Bu Fang could enable the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree to germinate was incredible.

The Ghost Chef recalled the mysterious force of pressure that knocked him to the ground by the entrance of the store. Even though he was caught by surprise when the force of pressure hit him, he still knew deep down that Fang Fang's Little Store, having survived the muddy waters of this Imperial City and persisted in demanding such exorbitant prices for its dishes, naturally had its foundational backbone.

With Bu Fang's cultivation level as a Battle-King alone, it was undoubtedly insufficient. From the Ghost Chef's perspective, the trump card of Fang Fang's Little Store was probably a seventh level Battle-Saint? Or maybe even a being of a higher level?

Being able to suddenly knock him down, Bu Fang's trump card was probably an upper tier seventh level Battle-Saint, but so what? Once the news of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree leaked, the swarm of intruders wouldn't just be one or two seventh level Battle-Saints.

The Gate of Heavenly Mystery was right before his eyes, and the Ghost Chef continued his course, hands behind his back.

"Who is it!"

Guards patrolling the Gate of Heavenly Mystery had increased by manifold. Having noticed the Ghost Chef's figure, they brawled out.

The wrinkles on the Ghost Chef's face quivered, yet a smile followed. He took a step forward, and suddenly flashed past like a phantom, disappearing before the guards' eyes.

His foot landed on the snow-covered grounds of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square, making creaking noises. The Ghost Chef scanned the distant horizon and inhaled a deep breath.

"Double Calamity Dragon Head Array... is it right here?" The Ghost Chef peered at the stone pillars on the square, while his gaze was focused.

All of a sudden, a piercing blare blasted behind him, and a burley, robust figure manifested.

Xiao Meng gently landed on the the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square, studied the elder standing erect, and brought his hands into a salute, "Senior, long time no see."

The Ghost Chef turned his head, his gaze falling onto Xiao Meng, and grinned. "The little brat from the old days has already reached the echelon of a seventh grade Battle-Saint by now. Your innate talents are indeed outstanding.

"I wholeheartedly thank the senior's compliment. His majesty requests the pleasure of seeing you, please proceed into the palace to meet him." Xiao Meng faced the Ghost Chef, still in deference.

"That works, this old fellow wanted to see how this new Emperor who had succeeded Changfeng is faring." The Ghost Chef lightly replied.


Wildlands, the center region.

A leisurely growl of a spirit beast rumbled. Almost all of the other spirit beasts of the Wildlands froze and extended their heads; they seemed to hear this spirit beast's snarl.

Boom Boom Bang!

The stubby bushes were suddenly crushed by a large figure, completely trampled into pieces. The floor shook and the surface of puddles of water vibrated.

Bang Bang! The silhouette of a mammoth-sized spirit beast appeared. It was a male lion with fiery red fur and two sharp buckteeth lashing out ferociously, resembling two razor-edged longswords.

This was a seventh level spirit beast, Fire Lion, an extremely savage spirit beast, one with formidable combat abilities.

On the back of this Fire Lion, actually sat a figure. His stature was proudly erect, with a chiseled, elegant face, covered with a scarlet long robe, and a dot of vermillion between the brows.

This was a charming, yet wild-natured man. He gently patted the Fire Lion's head, smiling lightly. "Finally a chance to walk out of the Wildlands, Lil' Fire, are you happy?"

Roar! The Fire Lion raised his head and howled, seemingly responding this man.

"Haha, take it easy, I brought along both Lil' Water and Lil' Thunder. Later on, you could all come out and get a breath of fresh air. But now we need to hurry along, our goal is... Light Wind Empire!" the man in a red robe gently stroked the Fire Lion's fur as he said.

The seventh level Fire Lion was naturally quick-witted, and as such it twisted his head, and bolted away. The man in a red robe emitted a lighthearted laughter.

Not long after the man disappeared, three similar teams of men and women riding on spirit beasts appeared. Beyond doubt, every one of them emitted a terrifyingly powerful air of energy.

"Temple Master Shao is way too fast..." commented a woman dressed in red, smiling bitterly as she stared at the long gone silhouette.

"The trademark of Temple Master Shao's Fire Lion is speed. It's normal that we cannot catch up. But no need to worry, with Temple Master Shao's cultivation level and the Fire Lion's presence, there is slim chance of danger," another man dressed in red replied.

"Us Fierce Gods of the Three Temples, all sent delegates to the Light Wind Empire. What exactly happened? Why such a large scale mobilization?"

"Allegedly the High Priest had predicted that good fortunes have befallen on the Light Wind Empire, and then ordered the Third Temple's Temple Master Shao to head down in search of it. I was also pretty puzzled. What kind of fortunes could appear in a petty Light Wind Empire, and especially within the Imperial City, that would prompt the High Priest to send all three Temple Masters?


"Master, are we going to find Owner Bu immediately?" Tang Yin hugged his sword. He rode a unicorn, peered at the majestic Light Wind Imperial Palace, and twisted his head to ask Ni Yan, who stood next to him, clothed in a loose robe.

Ni Yan held a gigantic spirit fruit in her hands, squirting juice everywhere as she bit into it. Her beautiful face, coupled with a bulging cheek, made an amusing image.

She mumbled some words, pointed directly at the Imperial City, and slapped the horse' buttocks, taking the lead as she charged toward the Imperial City.

Tang Yin watched his foodie of a master helplessly, and urged his unicorn to follow suit.

This was their second time visiting the Imperial City. Tang Yin did not know the reason behind this trip, but Ni Yan claimed there were good fortunes, and so he tagged along.

But coming to the Imperial City had its pros, as he could taste Owner Bu's cuisine again.


Having sent off the last customer, Ouyang Xiaoyi stretched out her tired body. She bid farewell to Bu Fang, and left for the Ouyang Quarters.

Bu Fang gazed at the goose feather-like snowflakes twirling in the air, took a gentle breath, and shut the doors.

Having closed the store, Bu Fang entered the kitchen. He opened the cabinet and rubbed his chin. Glancing at the three types of seventh level spirit herbs emitting spirit energy within the cabinet, he meditated in silence.

It was time to start brewing a wine that would surpass Dragon's Breath.