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 Chapter 181: Unbelievable! Owner Bu is Treating

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

"Still not open? Looks like there is no hope today!"

"I've been here three times already! What's going on with Owner Bu? Business has been shut down for almost two days? Could it be that he is innovating a new dish?"

"Owner Bu has changed, he wasn't like this in the past."

A crowd has gathered at the entrance, congesting the alleyway that used to be quite spacious. They all stood in front of Bu Fang's store, immersed in chatters with each other.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's pretty brows knitted into a frown as she stood by the entrance of the store, occasionally turning her head to gaze at the firmly shut doors. Her delicate lips pursed while she thought, "this Smelly Boss... no advanced notice whatsoever before closing business!"

Fatty Jin, with his protruding belly, extended his chubby neck in an attempt to peer into the store to see whether Owner Bu was indeed studying a new dish. He gave up quickly however, as he couldn't get even a glimpse of the store's interior. Plus, no aromatic scents were drifting out of the store. On second thought... there probably wasn't a new dish being made.

Xiao Yanyu put on her veil and lifted her beautiful eyes to look inside the store, but her gaze eventually landed on Xiaoyi as she murmured quietly. "Xiaoyi, let's leave, looks like Owner Bu won't be opening business again today."

Luo Sanniang had a hot temper and was already running out of patience as she stood there. If it weren't for Juan'Er, who was next to her with a food container in hand and kept on pulling her back, Luo Sanniang probably would have forced her way into the store to take a look.

However, the consequence of forcefully intruding would be dire...

Blacky was lying on the ground, and as its eyes looked at this crowd of people up and down, its lips curled, as if it sensed something hilarious and pathetic.

But Blacky was also confounded by why Bu Fang hasn't openen business for two whole days. It didn't affect him that much though, even if it meant he couldn't eat the delicious Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.


*Splish Splash*

Streams of water ran down, gliding across Bu Fang's fair skin. Pieces of hair, moisten by the water, stuck to his body. Bu Fang tossed his head, instantly sending splashes of water flying everywhere.

Warm steam rose up, both cloudy and hazy.

Having just bathed, Bu Fang's body was emanating warmth. He wiped his dripping hair with a towel and walked out of the bathroom with a satisfied look. Taking a shower after pure exhaustion is the most fulfilling thing in this world. If only one could also enjoy gourmet cuisine at that very moment...

It'd be jollier than being an immortal god!

Draped with a long robe around his slightly slim figure, Bu Fang leisurely walked to the window. The windows were firmly shut and obscured view to the dark nightfall outside.

His long hair was toweled a little bit drier, but it still felt quite damp. Bu Fang pushed open the window, instantly feeling a fresh cool breeze drift inside and glide through his moisten hair. It made him feel completely refreshed.

"Oh crap! The window just opened! Owner Bu is inside the store!"

"Damn! Can it be that Owner Bu snoozed like a pig for the past two days? He didn't even wake up at the ruckus we've caused here?"

"Who would have thought that Owner Bu didn't go out! Then, what kind of indescribable thing is a guy doing in his room? Was he really... just merely studying a new dish?!"


When the window was cracked open, Bu Fang didn't even get to take a breath of fresh air before the alleyway started ringing with commotion. The noise was filled with shock and bewilderment... and a deep sense of resentment.

Bu Fang was startled at once, and stretched out his neck to look downstairs. His dampen hair drooped down his face, giving him a chill.

"Huh? Why are there so many people? What's everyone doing here?" Bu Fang asked innocuously as he squinted perplexedly at the swarm of people underneath grinding their teeth and glaring back at him.

Those people standing downstairs were furious. "Owner Bu, why the innocent face? Come on down, we promise we won't beat you to death!"

"Store closed for two days without a word, and you ask us what we're doing gathered here." In a flash, everyone in the crowd starred daggers at Bu Fang with spiteful eyes. It made Bu Fang shiver as he felt all his hair stand on end.

"Smelly Boss! What are you doing? Why didn't you open business for two days!" Ouyang Xiaoyi scuttled over, lifted up her tiny face to shout at Bu Fang fumingly.

She arrived at the store early for the past two days and waited by the store for a long time, thinking that her Smelly Boss would open the door. At the end... the shutters remained firmly closed for all two days, not having budged even a bit.

As Bu Fang detected Ouyang Xiaoyi's vexed tone, his pupil shrank and the corners of his mouth widened. He suddenly remembered.... that before leaving for the Illusory Spirit Swamp, he might have forgotten to hang up the "Closed" sign by the door of his store.

"Did I not hang up the 'Closed' sign by the door?" Bu Fang calmly asked the crowd beneath with a straight face.

Everyone shook their heads in unison. If there was the "Closed" sign, they wouldn't be waiting here like idiots... What happened to the foundation of trust between people!

"Oh, then some household's naughty dog must have ran off with the sign on the door for fun." Bu Fang coolly bullshitted.

The crowd was speechless.

Blacky rolled its eyes. "Only a short time no see, how did this brat get such a thick skin? "

"Wait a moment, everyone." Bu Fang calmly said to the crowd beneath as he leaned on the window cell. The robe slid down a bit, exposing his fair skin.

"I'm coming down to open shop, everyone wait for me."

Afterwards, Bu Fang retreated in his room and changed out of his thin robe. His hair was still somewhat damp, but with the use of true energy, his moisten hair began to emit warm steam, completely drying everything.

Using a velvet rope to tie up his hair, Bu Fang walked out of his room, down the stairs, and into the store.

As the store's shutters opened, a cold wind rushed in. The crowd looked at Bu Fang, a line of people starring at each other eye to eye.

Looking at the group by the door, there seemed to be around a dozen people. Most of them were familiar faces, old customers. Bu Fang's heartstring tugged, feeling slightly apologetic.

"Sorry for the long wait, come on into the store," Bu Fang took a step back and said to the crowd.

Ouyang Xiaoyi charged in first in fume, with a frown still across her forehead.

Bu Fang's lips curled as he patted Ouyang Xiaoyi on the head. The latter tried to duck away in discontent but didn't succeed.

"Sit down everyone, if there isn't enough space just try to squeeze in. As a token of my apology, everyone can taste my new dish for free. Let's count that as a compensation." Bu Fang lightly nodded at the crowd and proposed softly.

The crowd in the store was instantly shocked as everyone looked at Bu Fang with an incredulous expression. Xiao Yanyu's eyes sparkled in a bizarre way as Xiao Xiaolong's vermillion colored lips opened to a gape.

Unbelievable, Owner Bu of the black-hearted restaurant... was actually treating!

Owner Bu's treating on the house, now that was the chance of a lifetime. Owner Bu was known for his unprecedented level of blackheartedness in the Imperial City. A single serving of Improved Egg-Fried Rice was sold at the exorbitant price of 10 crystals. A black-hearted owner was going to treat its customers?

The crowd's astonishment turned into exhilaration, as they feverishly looked toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang glanced at the crowd and solemnly nodded his head, patted Ouyi Xiaoyi's head once more, and turned around toward the kitchen.

"System, if I'm treating because of objective reasons, will my crystals be deducted?" Bu Fang asked placidly.

"The host's so-called objective reasons aren't due to system flaws. Therefore, if the Host will treat, then all expenses will be deducted from the crystals earned by him," the System replied promptly and gravely.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth tweaked, but he nonetheless walked toward the kitchen, unperturbed.

"If that's the case... then it'll be fine as long as I don't use the ingredients provided by the system." Bu Fang murmured.

The System was speechless.