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 Chapter 180: Look for Me in the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire

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A faint hissing sound could be heard. As Bu Fang held the bowl of congee in his hands, the vitality energy hovering above it appeared to have turned into a small snake. It was continuously swimming around in the air and intermingling with the aroma encircling it.

"This... this is an elixir cuisine?!" Wu Yunbai exclaimed in disbelief.

Bu Fang gave her a puzzled glance. He could not understand why she was so surprised. Was making a bowl of elixir cuisine... really that strange?

Of course, there was nothing strange about making an elixir cuisine. Wu Yunbai was only surprised because Bu Fang easily made the elixir cuisine even when the amount of true energy in his body was in a depleted state.

The working condition was extremely horrible as well. That cooking stove... Wu Yunbai had never seen a cooking stove in such a terrible state before. It was doubtful whether this cooking stove could be used to cook ordinary dishes, let alone elixir cuisines that had harsher requirements and a higher difficulty.

Bu Fang brought the steaming bowl of congee over to the serpent-man. Yu Fu and her mother were staring at him with eyes filled with hope while the head elder's gaze was filled with gratitude.

Bu Fang's elixir cuisine was their only chance left.

Bu Fang gave the serpent-man a glance and went into a daze for a moment. He then turned toward Yu Fu's mother and said, "Feed this to him."

The serpent-man was her husband after all. Besides, Bu Fang did not have the habit of feeding another male...

Yu Fu's mother carefully took the bowl from Bu Fang. This was her last hope.

As she scooped a spoonful of congee using a worn out duck spoon, a small snake made of vitality energy encircled the handle of the spoon like a vine entwining a branch.

With a careful expression, Yu Fu's mother gently blew on the spoonful of congee in order to cool the piping hot congee, even though this level of hotness would not be able to hurt the serpent-man at all.

As she fed the serpent-man a spoonful of congee, the congee entered his stomach and turned into a small snake. It instantly spread throughout his body and nourished every part of it.

The turbulent spirit energy within the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat plus the vitality energy from the Black Swamp Boa's blood crown immediately caused the serpent-man's cold body to heat up like he was thrown into a fire.

The eyes of Yu Fu's mother suddenly widened and her hand holding the bowl of congee started trembling as well. She suppressed the agitation in her heart and fed the serpent-man spoon by spoon.

As Bu Fang watched this scene, a barely noticeable smile appeared on his lips.

It really worked?! Wu Yunbai was astonished. To be able to produce an elixir cuisine in such harsh conditions, how formidable was this young man's culinary skill? Even the chefs back at the White Cloud Villa might be inferior to him.

The head elder finally let out a sigh of relief while Yu Fu's eyes were filled with joy.

After finishing half the bowl of congee, Yu Fu's mother suddenly felt her husband's body slightly trembled for a moment. The slight tremble caused her heart to quiver in response. There was finally a reaction from her husband!

Subsequently, under everyone's attentive gaze, the eyes of that serpent-man, Yu Feng, slowly opened. His eyes were filled with confusion.

The mood of the serpent-men family was finally turned from sadness to happiness. Bu Fang was feeling a little happy for them as well.

However, Bu Fang was more happy about finally completing his objective for entering the Illusory Spirit Swamp. He managed to obtain a satisfactory ingredient, the seed pod and seeds of a seventh grade spirit herb, the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus.

"Spirit herb harvesting completed. Next, the return teleportation will now begin. Teleportation preparation in progress..."

Just when Bu Fang was quietly watching the joyful reunion of the serpent-men family, the system's solemn voice suddenly resounded in his mind.

Bu Fang was slightly startled for a moment. He almost forgot about returning home.

"Teleportation preparation is completed. The return teleportation will begin in 3, 2, 1..."

As the system finished counting down, a white speck of light appeared above Bu Fang's head. It started to rapidly form lines of light in the air and soon finished drawing a magic array.

Wu Yunbai was the first to notice the strange phenomenon happening around Bu Fang. The magic array hovering in the air made her eyes widen from surprise...

"What is he going to do this time? This magic array... it's really complex!" Wu Yunbai thought. It was a magic array that she had never seen before.

The serpent-men family noticed the commotion as well. Yu Fu opened her mouth and asked, "Our benefactor, what's going on? Are... are you leaving already?"

As Bu Fang sensed the magic array above his head was about to be completed, he suddenly recalled something important.

He went into a daze for a moment before he turned toward Yu Fu and said, "Erm... Miss, there's something else that I need to inform you. As your father's constitution is too weak, I only provided enough vitality energy within the Wandering Dragon Beef Congee to sustain him for half a month."

What?! Yu Fu and her father, Yu Feng, who was getting up from the bed, was startled as well.

This bowl of congee will only provide him enough vitality energy for half a month? Doesn't that mean he would revert back to his weakened state after half a month?

"Our benefactor, isn't there any other solution?" Yu Feng anxiously asked. Since there was finally a possibility of treating him, he definitely had to grasp the chance. He felt a sense of shame for letting his wife and daughter worried about him while he lay in bed all the time.

Yu Fu looked toward Bu Fang with hopeful eyes as well.

She firmly believed that Bu Fang could treat her father!

As Bu Fang pondered for a moment, a breeze started to encircle him and gradually grew stronger.

"Within half a month, come to the Light Wind Empire's imperial city and look for Fang Fang's Little Store. Once you're there, I have a way of helping you," Bu Fang said.

Half a month, Light Wind Empire's imperial city, Fang Fang's Little Store!

Yu Fu deeply memorized these words in her heart.

"Hey! Don't go just yet! The seeds of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus are still in your hands, I want to trade with you!"

Wu Yunbai finally recovered from her surprise. "Looks like this Bu Fang is planning to teleport away... But, activating a teleportation array on the spot, is there a need for him to be so showy?!"

"Hmm? What? This woman wants to make a trade for the seeds of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus?" Bu Fang thought.

He suddenly raised his eyebrows for a moment and then expressionlessly looked toward Wu Yunbai. The latter's voice was already starting to be overwhelmed by the deafening sound of the wind.

"If you want the lotus seeds, come look for me in the imperial city," Bu Fang coolly replied.

As his words ended, the magic array shrunk and disappeared along with Bu Fang.

Looking at the empty room, Wu Yunbai was furious! She could not believe Bu Fang actually teleported away on the spot... She thought, "Doesn't he know that people who show off like this will get struck by lightning?!"

Within Wu Yunbai's memories, only those teleportation array spirit talismans made by array masters were similar to the magic array that appeared earlier on.

"Hmph! The imperial city of the Light Wind Empire? I will definitely find you!" Wu Yunbai muttered.

Yu Fu had never gone to the imperial city before. In fact, she had never even left the tribe before, so she had no idea about the outside world. Therefore, she asked, "Dad, our benefactor told us to go to the imperial city of the Light Wind Empire, but... how long will it take for us to get there?"

At the moment, Yu Feng's expression was somewhat awkward.

He stroked Yu Fu's head and said, "It's not that far. From here to the imperial city... should take half a month of travel."


A gust of wind started blowing and then engulfed the entire room.

A speck of light appeared in the air and gradually formed a complete magic array. As the wind violently blew on, a figure slowly appeared in the center of the wind.

Bu Fang's thin figure walked out of the wind and stood in the middle of the room. As he sensed the familiarity of his surroundings, he suddenly felt a sense of comfort.

"As I thought, the inside of the store is still the most comfortable," Bu Fang exclaimed.

After staying in the Illusory Spirit Swamp for so long, his entire body was feeling sticky. Therefore, the first thing he did after returning was not examining the ingredient that he obtained; instead, he immediately headed into the bathroom.

For a chef with a slight obsession with cleanliness, having a dirty appearance was most unacceptable.

However, while Bu Fang was happily taking a shower, he did not realize a crowd was already gathered outside the store...