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 Chapter 179: Blood Crown Wandering Dragon Beef Congee

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"Head... Head elder, is there really hope for Yu Feng?" After blanking out for a moment, tears suddenly trickled down the cheeks of the gorgeous serpent-woman. She covered her mouth and started sobbing.

There was finally hope for her husband. The former strongest warrior of the serpent-men tribe was about to return.

"The seeds of the Monarch Lotus will definitely be able to treat Yu Feng," the head elder replied as he gave her a glance.

Bu Fang and Wu Yunbai remained silent and quietly watched on from the side.

The head elder solemnly raised up the lotus pod. As he directed true energy into his palms, a marble-like seed was sucked out from the seed pod. The seed was extremely crystal clear, as if it was carved from a piece of jade.

Everyone within the room was somewhat enthralled by the plentiful spirit energy and aroma that instantly filled the entire room.

As Bu Fang breathed in the aroma, his eyes shone brightly as well. Judging from its spirit energy and aroma, the seeds of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus were indeed qualified enough to be used together with the Phoenix Blood Herb and the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit.

Holding the seed in his hand, the head elder suddenly clenched his fist tightly together. He directed true energy into his palm and the seed was crushed into powder. As he opened his hand, the seed had turned into a puff of powder and was hovering above his palm.

With a gentle wave of his hand, the puff of powder drifted into the comatose serpent-man's mouth.

Yu Fu's eyes were sparkling with hope as she stared at the serpent-man who ingested the puff of powder.

After ingesting the powder, the serpent-man's complexion immediately started glowing. A faint blue light flashed past... and then nothing else happened.

Hmm? Was that all?

Bu Fang was stunned for a moment. He turned and looked toward the head elder. After using up a single seed... it seemed like their treatment plan did not work at all?

What was going on? It was not just Bu Fang who was startled by the current situation, even the head elder was stunned. According to his assumption, the serpent-man should have woken up after ingesting the seed of the Monarch Lotus.

Refusing to give up, the head elder crushed another lotus seed and sent the powder into the serpent-man's mouth. However, just like the first seed, the serpent-man's complexion flashed blue for a moment and then nothing else happened.

Each and every single seed of the Monarch Lotus was extremely valuable. By all rights, the serpent-man should have woken up after consuming two seeds in a row...

Clenching his teeth together, the head elder crushed another seed with his trembling hand.

With only eight seeds in total, using up three seeds within such a short while was definitely an extravagance.

However... the serpent-man remained unconscious.

At this point, the head elder's lips started trembling. He was planning to crush another seed but was stopped by Wu Yunbai who could not stand by and watch any longer.

"Don't waste any more of the seeds. If this remedy was effective, he should have already woken up after the first seed. Three seeds is already more than enough. Any more... would just be a waste," Wu Yunbai said with a somewhat cold voice.

The head elder dejectedly relaxed the hand that was holding the seed. His face was ashen pale from the loss of hope.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous serpent-woman and Yu Fu were already on the verge of breaking down. The hope that had just arisen was ruthlessly crushed.

Wu Yunbai walked toward the bedridden serpent-man. A cloud of true energy left her hand and enveloped his chest. She closed her eyes as if she was sensing the condition of his body.

"He's still unconscious because of a severe loss of vitality energy. No matter how many of the Monarch Lotus' seeds are used, it will only be a waste. Even though the seeds are capable of providing him with spirit energy and enhancing his healing capability, they're unable to replenish his vitality energy. You're only wasting the seeds like this," Wu Yunbai directly said.

She withdrew her hand and looked back at the others.

The head elder let out a sigh while the eyes of both Yu Fu and her mother were bloodshot. With their hope dashed, it was already a miracle that they did not burst into tears.

Vitality energy? Bu Fang narrowed his eyes as countless thoughts flashed across his mind.

Thereafter, Bu Fang stepped forward and slowly walked toward the serpent-man. He stopped next to the bed and stared at serpent-man's face for a long while.

After looking for a while, Bu Fang turned toward Wu Yunbai and asked, "Are you really sure that he's still unconscious because of a loss of vitality energy?"

Wu Yunbai was suddenly speechless. When she noticed Bu Fang staring at the bedridden serpent-man for a such a long time, she thought he had discovered something new. Contrary to her expectation, he still had to ask her in the end. Then, what was he staring at for such a long time?!

"Members of the White Cloud Villa are proficient in all sorts of miscellaneous skills and learning medical skills is considered compulsory for us. Therefore, you don't need to doubt my diagnosis," Wu Yunbai haughtily said with confidence.

Bu Fang nodded. Ignoring Wu Yunbai who was proudly thrusting her chest out, he turned and looked toward the head elder. He held out his hand and said, "Since the seeds are useless, give me the remaining seeds."

Without saying anything, the head elder immediately handed the seed pod over to Bu Fang. With a flash of light, the seed pod was put into the system's storage space.

After storing the seed pod, Bu Fang turned toward the gorgeous serpent-woman who was quietly weeping and asked, "Do you have a cooking stove here?"

The gorgeous serpent-woman gave Bu Fang a puzzled glance and subconsciously pointed toward the back of the room.

Bu Fang nodded and walked toward the rundown cooking stove in the corner.

There was a rice vat next to the cooking stove. When he removed the lid, he discovered that there was not even a single rice grain inside. The living conditions of the serpent-men tribe were indeed extremely tough.

After cleaning up the pot, Bu Fang actually started a fire and got busy around the cooking stove.

Wu Yunbai was at first surprised by Bu Fang's actions but she immediately thought of something. Her eyes slightly widened and started shining brightly.

"Is he going to make an elixir cuisine and use that to treat this serpent-man? However... is it really possible to replenish vitality energy with an elixir cuisine?" Wu Yunbai muttered in disbelief.

Losing vitality energy was actually quite a common problem. The vitality energy of people with weak constitution tended to deplete all the time. However, when the loss of vitality energy reached a certain level, the problem was much more severe.

Bu Fang took out some rice from the system's storage space. This was the same rice used to cook the Egg-Fried Rice sold within the store. Every single grain was plump. Bu Fang originally intended to use the rice to cook a meal for himself. However, he never got the chance to use them while he was inside the Illusory Spirit Swamp all this time. Now, it was time to put them to good use.

After washing the rice, he left them inside the pot to boil.

Bu Fang gathered some true energy that he just recovered and brought out the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. With a flash of light, the blood crown appeared in his other hand.

"This is... the blood crown of that Black Swamp Boa?!" Wu Yunbai covered her mouth while her face was filled with bewilderment. "This fellow... did he obtain this thing earlier on?"

In that case, the Black Swamp Boa must be really depressed right now. It gained nothing and even lost its own blood crown!

Nonetheless, if the blood crown was used... this might just work. The essence of the Black Swamp Boa was located inside its blood crown and most of its vitality energy was accumulated there as well. An elixir cuisine made from the blood crown might just be effective.

Bu Fang carefully sliced off a small piece of the blood crown using the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. After dicing the small piece of blood crown, he put the rest of the blood crown away. With a flash of light, a fat and tender piece of the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat appeared in his hand.

After dicing the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat as well, he mixed both the meat together and poured them into the pot.

As the lid of the pot was removed, everyone in the room was astonished by the refreshing aroma of the rice that accompanied the rising steam.

Both Yu Fu and her mother turned their heads and looked in Bu Fang's direction. They were somewhat baffled when they saw Bu Fang was actually making congee.

Yu Fu understood Bu Fang far better than her mother. When she realized that Bu Fang might be making an elixir cuisine, her eyes glimmered with hope once more.

There might still be hope for her father!

As white bubbles frothed inside the pot, the swelling rice grains were emanating a mellow aroma.

After pouring the mixture of the blood crown and Wandering Dragon Cow's meat into the pot, Bu Fang's expression started becoming serious as well. His true energy had not completely recovered yet, so he did not know whether he could last until this elixir cuisine was fully completed.

Fortunately, the process of making the congee was much simpler than his other elixir cuisines. Therefore, his current amount of true energy might be enough.

"I might need to prepare some snacks that could help me recover my true energy in the future... Otherwise, it'll be annoying whenever my true energy runs out," Bu Fang muttered to himself. His forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

However, the elixir cuisine was still completed in the end.

The white grains of rice were reddish in color while dark-red pieces of beef floated on the surface of the congee. A rich fragrance and vitality energy was hovering above the congee.

Without any doubt, a congee made with the meat from two seventh grade spirit beasts was extraordinary.

After Bu Fang ladled the congee-which was just enough for a single bowl-into a worn-out ceramic bowl, he walked toward the others who were already astounded while holding the congee that was strongly exuding vitality energy.