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 Chapter 178: The Tribe Leader... Is Saved

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The back of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife directly struck the body of the rapidly approaching Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa. This seventh grade spirit beast was immediately sent flying away like a ball.

While everyone watched on in amazement as the high and mighty spirit beast violently slammed into the ground. The impact caused the ground around that area to collapse.

Bu Fang's arms were slightly trembling. He winced in pain as he sucked in a breath of cold air. The serpent was tougher than he expected. The flesh on his palm was almost torn off from the impact.

The Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa that was sent flying by Bu Fang suddenly rose into the air once more. It flicked its tongue at Bu Fang with eyes filled with malice.

Bu Fang heaved the kitchen knife over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows as he gave the Black Swamp Boa a glance. Then, he slowly walked toward the serpent.

At the same time, the spirit beasts around the tribe had all stopped attacking the barrier. They were all prostrating on the ground. The aura emanating from the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was completely restraining their bodies.

Bu Fang slowly walked toward the serpent with one hand holding the handle of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the back of the knife resting on his shoulder.

The Black Swamp Boa was somewhat flinching while fearfully staring at Bu Fang. As a serpent spirit beast, its veins were flowing with the bloodline of the dragon race. Each time the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa underwent molting, it was further refining its racial bloodline and advancing its development into a dragon. Therefore, when facing the actual aura of a dragon, it could not even think of resisting.


The Black Swamp Boa was writhing in pain as its skin continued to fall off. The pain experienced during its molting was not something comprehensible by humans.

The molting process had already reached its last moments... Since the Black Swamp Boa had not swallowed the seed pod of the Monarch Lotus, it was clearly doomed to fail. As a result, it would suffer a severe injury that would take a few hundred years to recover from.

The Black Swamp Boa originally thought the appearance of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus was its opportunity. However, it never anticipated a young man with a Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife would appear. Who could expect such a twist of fate?

Bu Fang brandished the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and suddenly pushed the knife toward the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa. A faint golden glow circulated on the surface of the kitchen knife and scattered like a wisp of smoke into the Black Swamp Boa's nostrils.

The body of the Black Swamp Boa was trembling. It lost all courage to resist... This was due to the effect of racial bloodline suppression.

Bu Fang indifferently gave the Black Swamp Boa a glance. With the presence of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, it was completely unable to resist. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife could only mildly suppress ordinary seventh grade spirit beasts but possessed absolute suppression effect on spirit beasts like the Black Swamp Boa and Wandering Dragon Cow because their evolution goal was becoming dragons. Thus, they were naturally powerless against the aura of a dragon.


As the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife swung downward, blood immediately splattered everywhere.

Bu Fang expressionlessly watched as the Black Swamp Boa writhed in its own pool of blood...

"On account of the difficulty of your cultivation, I'll only sever your blood crown today. Get lost," Bu Fang said.

The Black Swamp Boa hissed back in response while flicking its pitch-black tongue. Its eyes were filled with lament and frustration. However, after looking at the golden kitchen knife on Bu Fang's shoulder... it chose to back off in the end.

After giving a final hiss, the Black Swamp Boa wriggled its body and swiftly slithered into the depths of the Illusory Spirit Swamp. Within an instant, it disappeared without a trace.

After losing their leader, the other spirit beasts all retreated as well. In an instant, they were completely gone, like a receding tide.

Bu Fang let out a soft sigh and staggered for a moment. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand grew dim all of a sudden. As the glow gradually faded, it regained its pitch-black appearance. In addition, it turned into a wisp of green smoke and burrowed into his wrist.

The true energy expenditure of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was simply too much. Even though he possessed more true energy as a fifth grade Battle-King compared to back when he was only a fourth grade Battle-Spirit, slicing off the blood crown of the Black Swamp Boa was his limit.

With his current level of true energy, Bu Fang was unable to slay the Black Swamp Boa. The scales of the Black Swamp Boa were too tough. He would need to expend a large amount of true energy to cut through its skin. However, at the moment he was unable to provide the amount of true energy to utilize the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

After regaining his balance, Bu Fang walked toward the blood crown lying on the ground.

This was the actual blood crown of the Black Swamp Boa. Even though the other blood crown on its larger body looked pretty good as well, that was not real. All of the serpent's essence was compressed into this blood crown that was only the size of two fists.

After losing its supply of spirit energy from the Black Swamp, the blood crown gradually hardened. However, it did not become too hard and retained a certain softness.

After seeing the dense amount of spirit and vitality energy emanating from the blood crown, Bu Fang broke into a smile. He was pleased with his decision of cutting off the blood crown. It was an outstanding ingredient.

After putting away the blood crown into the system's storage space, Bu Fang turned around and walked toward the seed pod of the Monarch Lotus.

The Ice Soul Monarch Lotus had completely wilted. Its beauty only lasted for an instant. Even though it was astonishingly beautiful, it only left a moment of brilliance in the world before wilting. After it wilted, a faint blue pod filled with jade-like seeds was left.

Bu Fang took out the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and sliced off the seed pod. He then walked toward the others while holding the seed pod of the Monarch Lotus in his hand.

Everyone else was still in a state of bewilderment. Some of them did not even know what had just happened. Why did that high and mighty Black Swamp Boa retreat all of a sudden? What happened to that ferocious stampede of spirit beasts?

"You... You drove off the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa?!" Wu Yunbai exclaimed while pointing a finger at Bu Fang. She was filled with disbelief. While everyone else was despairing from this seemingly inescapable disaster, a chef from god knows where resolved the situation using... a kitchen knife.

"This is the seed pod of the Monarch Lotus." Bu Fang did not respond to Wu Yunbai. Instead, he turned toward the head elder of the serpent-men tribe who was still nervously prostrating on the ground.

The head elder only looked up after hearing Bu Fang's words. When he saw the faint blue lotus pod, his eyes immediately lit up.

"That's right, that's the seed pod of the Monarch Lotus. This young master..." The head elder hesitated for a moment.

If Bu Fang was still that unknown chef from before who only knew how to cook, the head elder would have openly snatched the lotus pod back. However, he was hesitating... If he had to prostate whenever the kitchen knife was out, how was he going to snatch anything?

"Take it, aren't you going to use this to treat someone? Go see if it works. There's plenty of seeds here, so just leave some for me when you're done," Bu Fang said as he tossed the lotus pod toward the head elder.

The head elder was stunned for a moment as he subconsciously caught the lotus pod.

"Young master, you... Alright, please come with me." The head elder gave Bu Fang a serious look and then beckoned Bu Fang to follow him.

Yu Fu and the others were sobbing with joy. They thought they were going to lose the seed pod of the Monarch Lotus. They never anticipated that Bu Fang would actually hand over the seed pod to them. In that case... her father would be saved!

With the seeds of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus, there was hope for treating their bedridden tribe leader.

As the group slowly proceeded on, the head elder instructed a few of his subordinates to tidy up the devastated herb farm before leading Bu Fang and the others through a group of buildings.

The group soon reached a slightly run-down building.

Even though the building was short and run-down, it was much more luxurious compared to the residences of the other serpent-men.

The head elder led Bu Fang, Yu Fu as well as the uninvited Wu Yunbai into a room. The interior of the room suddenly became somewhat crowded.

The gorgeous serpent-woman sitting inside suddenly got up and looked toward them in surprise.

"Mother, there's hope for father!" The moment Yu Fu entered the room, she immediately threw herself into that gorgeous serpent-woman's embrace.

The gorgeous serpent-women was stunned for a moment. She subconsciously turned toward the elderly head elder and saw the latter waving a faint blue lotus pod with a smile on his face.

"The Monarch Lotus has bloomed and its seed pod is here... The tribe leader is saved."