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 Chapter 177: Compared to the Aura of a Dragon, the Aura of a Snake Is Nothing!

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"Has he gone mad?"

Everyone was staring at the knife-wielding figure charging straight toward the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa, with blank expressions on their faces. Was he going to oppose the Black Swamp Boa with his own strength? Was he planning to snatch the seed pod of the Monarch Lotus from the mouth of a spirit beast that was infinitely close to becoming eighth grade?

That was simply deranged and foolhardy!

That was the thought on everyone's mind at the moment. If Bu Fang was a seventh grade Battle-Saint, they might consider his behavior as worthy of praise. However, Bu Fang was merely a fifth grade Battle-King. From their point of view, his current behavior was simply stupid beyond belief!

A fifth grade Battle-King was simply a feeble ant before the Black Swamp Boa that defeated two Battle-Saints at once. Perhaps with a single swipe of its tail, this young man would be turned into dust!

Wu Yunbai let out a sigh and helplessly shook her head. She originally admired Bu Fang because he was a chef capable of making elixir cuisines. Such a chef was hard to find even within the White Cloud Villa. However, even though this young man's culinary skill was pretty good... his intelligence was worrying.

Why was he courting death by charging toward the Black Swamp Boa? Even if he really needed that lotus pod, he should first assess his own capability. Attempting to achieve something that exceeded one's capability was no better than committing suicide.

Elder sister Mu was bewildered as well. Before she could even react, Bu Fang had already charged toward the Black Swamp Boa. When she finally realized the situation, it was already too late for her to stop Bu Fang.

Ah Ni was stunned for a moment and then his eyes ignited with boiling hot fervor!

"Damn it! This friend has the guts to charge out there even though he's only a Battle-King! How could a Battle-Emperor like me cower inside this place?! I will not allow this!"

Ah Ni let out an angry roar and swung his tail. He was planning to follow suit as well.

However, before Ah Ni could even get far, he was struck in the face by the head elder's tail.

"Stop right there! Go stand at the back! What do you think you're doing?! Do you think it's the time for you to behave recklessly?!" the head elder angrily shouted. Ah Ni's complexion immediately turned ashen pale from fright. He lowered his head and went back to his original position.

However, his eyes were still filled with frustration. When he looked toward Bu Fang, his gaze was already filled with reverence.

The role model of our generation!

He shall be honored even in death!

The appearance of the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was even more sinister after becoming much smaller. Its aura also became very ferocious. Its speed was so fast that everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

It sailed through the air like an arrow seeking to pierce through everything.

Suddenly, the pupils of the Black Swamp Boa constricted. Within its field of vision, an ant-like human was actually heading straight in its direction.

The aura of the human was so weak... that it did not even have the slightest interest to deal with him.

"Is this human stupid? The two from earlier were very powerful but they still nearly died. The aura of this human is clearly much weaker... Is he coming here to die?" This was the actual inner thoughts of the Black Swamp Boa at the moment.

"Since that's the case... I'll just play with him for a while."

However, was Bu Fang really acting without thinking? No... he was not a fool!

While Bu Fang was charging toward the Black Swamp Boa, the true energy inside his body was slowly circulating. As the true energy seethed within his body, it filled his limbs and his aura reached its peak.

In the midst of running, the pitch-black kitchen knife in Bu Fang's hand was also glowing. The intensity of the light was not that strong at the start, but was slowly becoming brighter!

In the end, the kitchen knife was shining intensely!


As Bu Fang took another step forward, the ground slightly shook for a moment. The appearance of the antiquated kitchen knife in his hand had completely transformed. It changed from its shabby appearance from before into a large golden kitchen knife. Light was emanating from the knife in all directions. Its intensity was so bright that it nearly blinded everyone.

Gosh... What the hell was that thing?

All of the serpent-men felt a dreadful pressure instantly engulfing them. It was a horrifying feeling that seemed to have originated from the depths of their bloodline. Their bodies started to tremble and their expressions were filled with horror!

The head elder was shaking like a leaf. He had never reacted in such a frightened manner before. Even when facing the Serpentine Sovereign for the first time, he did not feel this afraid...

This sort of fear was not from the crushing difference in their strength but originated from the depths of their bloodline.

With loud splashes, the serpent-men prostrated themselves on the ground. The trembling and the sudden palpitation forced them to kneel.

Wu Yunbai's eyes widened in astonishment. Her mouth was wide open as if an apple was stuck in there while her face was filled with disbelief... "This... What's going on? Why are the serpent-men prostrating on the ground?"

Ding ding ding!

A distance away, the Cloud Rising Sword that landed on the ground suddenly started shaking as well. Wu Yunbai who shared a telepathic bond with the sword suddenly felt a suffocating feeling for a moment. She could feel a sense of fear emanating from the Cloud Rising Sword.

As a semi-divine weapon, the Cloud Rising Sword naturally possessed sentience. How could a sword with sentience be afraid of an ordinary object?

Wu Yunbai raised her head once more and stared at the young man holding the golden kitchen knife in the distance...

That kitchen knife...

"Is that kitchen knife really a semi-divine weapon?! Are you kidding me? Which accursed tool-making master produced this semi-divine kitchen knife? Did he not realize that he was wasting valuable materials?"

Wu Yunbai was furious! The most infuriating part was that she sensed that the kitchen knife seemed to be superior to her Cloud Rising Sword!

The semi-divine weapon of the White Cloud Villa was inferior to a kitchen knife... How humiliating.

Bu Fang's running speed became faster and faster. Since the kitchen knife became much larger, he could only carry it over his shoulder.

At first, the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa did not take Bu Fang seriously. However, when the pitch-black kitchen knife in his hand started glowing and transformed into a large golden kitchen knife, the Black Swamp Boa was dumbfounded!

Its body suddenly stopped as if it was frozen solid by the ice from the polar regions. It completely lost its ferocity from before!


A dragon's roar surged out from the golden kitchen knife and immediately rushed into the air, as if a divine dragon was roaming the skies.

Boom... All of the serpent-men prostrated their bodies even lower toward the ground. It felt as if the blood in their bodies were boiling. Good heavens... A dragon's roar! This kitchen knife... was made from the bones of a dragon!

"Is there any humanity left in this world? A dragon bone... kitchen knife? What a waste of precious materials!"

This was the inner thoughts of everyone there. Forging a kitchen knife with the bones of a dragon... was indeed quite wasteful.

However, Bu Fang did not care about what they thought... This kitchen knife was part of his God of Cooking set. So what if the knife was made from the bones of a dragon?

Bu Fang stopped right in front of the seed pod of the Monarch Lotus and took a few breaths.

A screeching sound came from above. The Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was still flying toward him but the intimidating pressure from before was gone.

Compared to the aura of a dragon, its aura... was nothing!

Bu Fang stood right in front of the Monarch Lotus and watched as the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa rapidly approached. He slowly wrapped his hands around the handle of the kitchen knife... and then suddenly swung the knife.

The kitchen knife glowing with a dazzling light drew a beautiful arc in the air before making an intimate contact with the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa.