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 Chapter 176: Running Under The Moonlight While Holding a Kitchen Knife

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The Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was molting by force?!

This beast had gone insane! Just like humans when attempting a cultivation breakthrough, spirit beasts needed to find a quiet location when molting. Getting disturbed in the middle of the process might result in mental aberration.

Spirit beasts could suffer from mental aberration like humans as well. No one anticipated that the desperate struggle of the two Battle-Saints to protect the spirit herb would actually cause this beast to attempt its fourth molting. It was going all-in in a desperate gambit!

For the sake of obtaining the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus, this Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa had completely thrown all caution to the wind.

However... even though the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was running the risk of suffering from mental aberration, it also meant that its cultivation level would dramatically increase and might even infinitely approach the cultivation level of an eighth grade spirit beast.

Eighth grade... was a really terrifying realm. If this beast advanced into eighth grade, everyone present might really perish.

The barrier would be simply unable to withstand the attack of an eighth grade spirit beast.

The head elder fell into a state of panic. If the Black Swamp Boa succeeded in molting, they would really be finished...

Wu Yunbai's eyes revealed a trace of panic as well. She managed to plan out everything but did not anticipate that this beast would actually make such a choice. The serpent had simply gone mad!

Bang! Bang!

As two loud noises rang out, both of the Battle-Saints were knocked several steps backward in mid-air. The expressions on their faces turned ugly.

The forehead of the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa split apart and a layer of skin slowly peeled off. A wave of spirit energy started surging, as if a violent storm was coming.

The intense pain caused the Black Swamp Boa to scream in agony. Its humongous body continuously thrashed about while its tail violently slammed onto the barrier, causing the entire barrier to shake for a moment.

The head elder's heart was trembling along with the shaking of the barrier...

"Please hold on..." The head elder silently prayed.

However, despite his prayer, the intensity of the barrier's shaking grew even further. The ferocity of the spirit beasts' attack on the barrier grew as well. Every single spirit beast became extremely menacing.

" Damn it! This must not be allowed to continue... Otherwise, once the barrier is broken, the tribe will be completely destroyed and everyone here will die, " Wu Yunbai thought. Her eyes flashed as she searched for a solution.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang was observing his surroundings. He discovered that the eyes of the people around him were filled with terror. Evidently, they also understood the terrifying consequence of letting the large serpent succeed in molting.

Could the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa really succeed in molting?

It was actually difficult to predict because the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus was just sitting nearby. This beast only needed to swallow the lotus pod left after the wilting of the Monarch Lotus to successfully advance into eighth grade.

By then, this infuriated serpent would definitely not show any mercy to these people for obstructing its advancement.

"Master Ah Wu! Catch this!"

As Wu Yunbai took a step forward, she rose into the air as if she was light as a feather. With a flash of light, a longsword appeared in her hand.

The blade of the longsword was gleaming with flowing lights. Every ray of light appeared to have originated from the inside of the blade.

"The Cloud Rising Sword? Young miss... Isn't that the semi-divine weapon that the master gave you?"

The eyes of the human Battle-Saint called Ah Wu suddenly widened in astonishment. His entire body was trembling in excitement as he subconsciously caught the glowing longsword.

A semi-divine weapon... That was an actual semi-divine weapon!

Furthermore, it was a semi-divine weapon listed in the Celestial Arcanum Sect's Weapon Records!

The Battle-Saint was so agitated that he almost burst into tears. He was actually able to hold a semi-divine weapon and use it in combat... It was worth it even if he died in the next moment!

With the semi-divine weapon in his hand, the aura of the Battle-Saint suddenly changed. He became extremely confident. As his true energy filled up the longsword, he rose into the air like a god of war. His entire body appeared to be radiating light.

Compared to before, this Battle-Saint's arrogance suddenly increased by a large chunk.

"With a semi-divine weapon in my hand, the world is my oyster! You're just a mere snake! Now, die!"

With a shout, the blade of the sword suddenly flashed. A barrage of sword energy poured out and filled everyone's field of vision. They gathered and turned into a massive longsword.

Its target was the Black Swamp Boa!

The malevolence in the Black Swamp Boa's eyes suddenly dramatically soared. With a screech, a wave of spirit energy rushed out of its body and even its skin started shaking as well. The sword energy brutally shredded its shedded skin.

This was the shedded skin of a seventh grade spirit beast. If made into armor... it could even stop the full-strength attack of a Battle-King. However, it was completely torn into pieces by the sword energy.

The horridness of the sword energy could clearly be seen. Semi-divine weapons... deserved their reputation indeed.

This sword stroke could literally be called earth-shattering. The Black Swamp Boa felt a powerful sense of danger as well. It opened its mouth wide and roared toward the longsword in the air. Then, it suddenly charged forward with lightning fast speed.


Blood sailed through the air. The part of the large serpent where the skin had already shed was actually cut open and blood was spurting out.

However, the eyes of the Battle-Saint suddenly widened. He could feel a burst of dreadful pressure rushing toward him. Then, a shadowy figure shot out from the serpent's mouth and instantly struck his body.

Ah Wu was uncontrollably vomiting blood as he sailed through the air. He was nearly sliced in two just now. If not for the enhancement from the semi-divine weapon, he could have already perished.

Nonetheless, Ah Wu was still severely injured. He fell onto the ground and the Cloud Rising Sword landed a distance away from him.

Wu Yunbai, the head elder, and everyone else were all stunned...

Did he not have the upper hand? How did he get defeated in an instant instead? What happened to slaying this beast? What happened to his imperious presence from before?

The serpent-man Battle-Saint's expression turned dark as well. He thought, "Almost dying to a mere beast even with a semi-divine weapon... What a disgrace to all Battle-Saints!"

The humongous body of the Black Swamp Boa fell onto the ground with a loud noise. A snake, more fearsome than the Black Swamp Boa and a dozen times smaller, was coiled into a ball in mid-air and flicking its tongue. It then flew through the air in lightning fast speed toward the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus floating in the pond.

This was the true form of the Black Swamp Boa. Feeling threatened by the semi-divine weapon, it had no choice but to reveal its true form.

It was already more than capable of trouncing all of its enemies blocking its way. Soon, it would obtain the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus, there was no one around who could stop it from becoming an eighth grade spirit beast anymore!

By then, it would become the overlord-class spirit beast of the entire Illusory Spirit Swamp, the over-class spirit beast that stood at the top of the food chain.

The glow emanating from the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus was so beautiful that it was suffocating. The speed of the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was lightning fast and its eyes were filled with desire.

It was getting nearer and nearer!

It would soon obtain the spirit herb of its dreams!

It would soon become an eighth grade spirit beast and look down upon the entire region!

The head elder and the others were filled with utter despair. They never expected the two Battle-Saints would actually fail to stop the seventh grade Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa...

Once the beast obtained the spirit herb, the entire serpent-men tribe would fall into ruins.

Just when everyone had fallen into despair, the sound of soft footsteps rang out. A figure slowly stepped out from the crowd and walked in the direction of the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa.

Wu Yunbai's eyes widened in incredulity as she watched the young man slowly walking forward.

"What is he doing?!" Wu Yunbai was filled with bewilderment. Why was a mere Battle-King stepping forward at such a moment? Was he seeking his own death?

A smile appeared on Bu Fang's lips as he looked at the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa. A wisp of green smoke encircled his hand and a pitch-black kitchen knife appeared in his palm.

As Bu Fang held the kitchen knife, his walking pace slowly changed into a jog. Then, his speed gradually became faster and he started sprinting.

In the darkness of the night, a young man holding a kitchen knife was running under the moonlight.