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 Chapter 175: This Beast Is Going to Molt

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The aroma of the herb wafting in the air was growing stronger and stronger to the point where many of the people present felt as if the true energy in their bodies were seething with excitement like boiling water, as though they were going to achieve a breakthrough at any point.

Many of the serpent-men immediately coiled their lower bodies into a ball and focused on their breathing. They breathed in the medicinal aroma and started cultivating on the spot.

As expected of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus known as an essential spirit herb for achieving a breakthrough. It was no wonder a powerful seventh grade spirit beast like the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa would be attracted by its aroma.


As the medicinal aroma grew even stronger, the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa that had been quietly waiting slowly lifted up its body. Its humongous body was overlooking everything from high above while its eyes were filled with indifference.

The Black Swamp Boa was flicking its pitch-black tongue and emanating a foul smell while waiting for the blooming of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus.

Everyone inside the tribe could not help but tense up as they gazed at this large serpent. The two Battle-Saints standing proudly in the sky were also releasing powerful auras to oppose the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa.

Bu Fang's gaze was almost entirely focused on the faint blue lotus bud. Specks of light seemed to be drifting out from the lotus bud, like fireflies in the darkness. They were intersecting with the moonlight radiating from the sky above.

The spirit beasts in the surroundings all started roaring in a menacing manner. Their auras were becoming restless in the wake of the Black Swamp Boa's movements.

The Black Swamp Boa straightened its body before slightly lowering its head and gradually inched closer toward the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus.

As the Black Swamp Boa drew closer, the two Battle-Saints felt that the pressure on them increased as well... As expected of the terrifying existence that experienced three moltings, the pressure emanating from the Black Swamp Boa was extremely powerful.

Wu Yunbai widened her eyes as well. Her lips slightly parted as she watched the confrontation in the sky. From the looks of it, the two Battle-Saints were at a disadvantage.

"Look! It's going to bloom!"

Someone suddenly cried out in alarm while pointing toward the lotus bud floating on the little pond with a shaking finger. As time passed by, the lotus bud was actually quivering.

As everyone held their breaths, they suddenly felt as if something in the air had broken free from its restraints and rushed out.

Waves of freezing spirit energy burst forth from above the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus, coming wave after wave like tidewater.

"It's starting!" Wu Yunbai's eyes immediately lit up with expectation as she stared at the lotus bud.

"The blooming of the Monarch Lotus brings about a fleeting beauty... The Ice Soul Monarch Lotus will definitely captivate anyone who witnesses its blooming..." Yu Fu muttered to herself while gazing at the lotus bud floating on the little pond with dreamy eyes.

As the first petal of the lotus quietly opened, it was accompanied with a surging wave of spirit energy. Thereafter, the second petal, then the third...

Each time a petal opened, a simulacrum of a gigantic lotus petal would appear in the air like a beautiful aurora.

Bu Fang's eyes were shining with amazement. A beautiful scene like this was hard to encounter. The blooming of seventh grade spirit herbs were all accompanied with strange sightings. Back then in the Fallen Phoenix Valley, the scene of a phoenix ascending into the sky during the blooming of the Phoenix Blood Herb was also extremely stunning.

The Ice Soul Monarch Lotus was a seventh grade spirit herb as well. The beauty of the current scene was not any inferior to the blooming of the Phoenix Blood Herb.


Rumble! The ground started shaking. Everyone's attention was withdrawn from the beautiful scene. That humongous Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa had finally lost its patience. As it flicked its forked tongue, its lantern-sized eyes were glittering with emotions.

Malevolence and killing intent were welling up in this large serpent's eyes.

Both of the Battle-Saints tensed up and let out battle cries.

Up in the sky, the beautiful scene produced by the blooming of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus finally ended as well. Just like a flash in a pan, it was only a fleeting beauty.

The faint blue petals of lotus actually started wilting away in a rapid manner and revealed a gigantic lotus pod... This lotus pod was the real essence of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus.

"Beast! How dare you!"

The elder of the serpent-men tribe let out a shout. He propelled himself into the sky with his serpentine lower body and a pitch-black spear appeared in his hand. The tip of the spear was gleaming with a cold sharpness.

The serpent was sliding forward toward the herb farm as the elder thrust his spear at the large beast. The serpent's objective was the lotus pod remaining after the wilting of the Monarch Lotus.


The serpent-man elder did not dare to be careless while facing this large serpent. He was using all of his strength in this attack. As a wave of true energy surged out from his body, a countless amount of spears started falling from the sky toward the Black Swamp Boa.

Black Swamp Boa's eyes shone with malevolence. Anyone who attempted to obstruct it from obtaining the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus... must die!

The scales all over the Black Swamp Boa's body were emanating a chilling light. With a swing of its gigantic tail, it managed to block all of the falling spears without receiving a single injury.

"It's so hard?!" The serpent-men elder's eyes immediately widened.

The human Battle-Saint let out a shout as well. He stepped on thin air and immediately rose into the sky. As he thrust his palm toward the large serpent, true energy gathered in his palm and turned into an enormous palm that was extremely detailed and lifelike.

Boom! The palm directly landed on the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa's head and even caused its blood crown to slightly quiver...

Bu Fang's eyes suddenly widened and the corners of his mouth were twitching. He thought, "I hope that didn't ruin the blood crown, it's an ingredient that's hard to come by."

The Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was enraged. As it opened its mouth and revealed its sharp teeth, it let out a screech and swung its gigantic tail with a wide sweeping motion.

Rumble! The air seemed to have been torn apart with the sweep of its tail.

The human Battle-Saint immediately cried out in panic and used all of his strength to protect his body. With a loud noise, he was sent flying like a ball and instantly smashed into the ground.

The fate of the serpent-man elder was even more miserable. He was swallowed with a single bite by the Black Swamp Boa.

The head elder's eyes widened in shock. This beast... How could it be so strong?

Fortunately, the serpent-man elder soon managed to crawl out from the large serpent's mouth. However, his entire body was covered in blood...

The human Battle-Saint rose into the air once more. Filled with rage, both of the Battle-Saints released their true energy at the same time and two streams of dreadful true energy suddenly streaked toward the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa.

The two Battle-Saints were truly enraged. Utilizing their true energy in such a reckless manner would result in severe damage toward the true energy vortex within their bodies. However, they were already long past the point of caring.

Surprisingly, the advance of the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was stopped in such a manner and it was forced to continuously back away.

As waves of bestial roars sounded out, the horde of spirit beasts started charging toward the tribe in a frenzied state.

The head elder of the serpent-men tribe gave an order and the magic array underneath the tribe suddenly started flashing with an intense light.

The spirit beasts charging toward the tribe collided into the barrier and were all dazed by the collision. However, they could not break through the barrier.

For the time being, the situation entered a stalemate.

High above, the lantern-sized eyes of the Black Swamp Boa were focused on the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus. The large serpent let out a screech filled with frustration. These tiny ants before its eyes actually wanted to obstruct its breakthrough, unforgivable!

Thereafter, in front of the horrified gazes of the Battle-Saints, the blood crown of the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa suddenly emitted a crimson light and the head of the Black Swamp Boa started splitting apart right from the middle...

"This beast is attempting to molt by force?! Be careful!" Wu Yunbai hurriedly cried out in alarm.