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 Chapter 169: How Do I Obtain the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus?

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The Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was a powerful species of spirit beast that resided in the depths of the Illusory Spirit Swamp. This species naturally became fourth grade when they reached adulthood and then molted once every hundred years. A seventh grade Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa was a horrifying existence that had already molted three times with a lifespan of a few hundred years.

This humongous creature was emerging from the swamp and its height reached a few dozen meters. The scales all over its body were glittering under the sunlight and its eyes were the size of paper lanterns.

On top of the Black Swamp Boa's head, there was a lump of meat that resembled the comb of a chicken. It was entirely blood-red in color and filled with an abundant amount of spirit energy. That was where the essence of the Black Swamp Boa was located. As the Swamp Boa fanned out the two flaps like the hood of a cobra beside its head and flicked its forked tongue, a dreadful pressure was emanating from its body.

"This is a Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa that's about to advance into eighth grade. It must have been attracted by the aura of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus," Wu Yunbai said with a grim expression. Suddenly, a figure swiftly sprinted over from a distance and stopped behind her.

It was the subordinate who was left outside as a lookout. His current expression did not look too good either.

"Miss, the area around the serpent-men tribe is flooded with spirit beasts. The Poison Frogs and Spirit Tail Crocodiles have gathered en masse . We're... completely surrounded!" The subordinate's expression was grave. A seventh grade Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa plus swarms of other spirit beasts was a disastrous situation.

Wu Yunbai did not think that they would suddenly find themselves in a dangerous situation either.

With so many spirit beasts in the surroundings, breaking through the encirclement would be difficult and very dangerous. The best solution at the moment was running back into the serpent-men tribe and let the seventh grade Battle-Saints deal with the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa instead.

"Let's escape inside," Wu Yunbai said to Bu Fang and then took the lead by running back in the direction she came from.

Bu Fang was startled for a moment. He gave the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa that was nearly covering the entire sky a glance and the corners of his mouth twitched. Then, he twirled the dragon bone kitchen knife in his hand and followed after Wu Yunbai.

He was not a fool... When facing such a humongous creature and a swamp of spirit beasts, avoiding them was the smartest choice.

Ah Ni was trembling as he got up from the ground. He hurriedly fled while carrying the other three serpent-men and also headed in the same direction as Bu Fang.

Suddenly, the Black Swamp Boa's eyes started glowing and its humongous body started to slowly slither forward. When Ah Ni turned his head and glanced back, he witnessed many of the herb fields being devastated under the Black Swamp Boa's advance. As he watched the numerous spirit herbs getting trampled, his heart hurt so much that he could not breathe.

However, he did not dare to turn back. Even though the serpent-men had a natural suppression effect on snake-like spirit beasts... the humongous creature behind him was simply far too terrifying. It was impossible for a serpent-men.

When facing such a dreadful Black Swamp Boa, escape was his only choice.

Bu Fang expressionlessly followed Wu Yunbai and soon reached an open area with a pond in the center surrounded by a bamboo fencing. Within the pond, a faint blue lotus bud was floating on the water.

Bu Fang's eyes immediately lit up when he saw the abundant amount of spirit energy hovering above the lotus bud. A seventh grade spirit herb! It was actually a seventh grade spirit herb!

No wonder there was a battle between the Battle-Saints. Furthermore, it attracted a seventh grade spirit beast and even a stampede of spirit beasts...

Not all seventh grade spirit herbs would attract seventh grade spirit beasts. However, there were some special seventh grade spirit herbs that would definitely attract seventh grade spirit beasts... because these special spirit herbs were capable of assisting spirit beasts in achieving a breakthrough in their cultivation. It was normal for these spirit herbs to trigger a great battle between seventh grade spirit beasts.

Back then in the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix, the scene where two seventh grade spirit beasts fought over the Phoenix Blood Herb occured because the spirit herb could help them achieve a breakthrough. It was likely that the spirit herb in front of them also possessed such an effect.

This was a spirit herb that was comparable to the Phoenix Blood Herb!

Bu Fang's heart was thumping in excitement. This was simply a stroke of good luck. After searching for so long, he finally found the ideal spirit herb.

"Ice Soul Monarch Lotus... Ice attribute? The Phoenix Blood Herb is fire attribute. If I use the two herbs to brew the wine, it'll be an amalgamation of ice and fire. If I add the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit into the mixture... it'll be perfect!" Bu Fang's eyes were completely lit up.

Boom boom!

The two Battle-Saints in the sky had stopped fighting and landed on the ground with grave expressions. The appearance of a seventh grade spirit beast was enough to demand their attention.

"A seventh grade Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa, was it lured here by the aura of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus? Damn it..." The serpent-men elder silently snorted with a frown while flicking his tail.

From a distance, a large group of serpent-men slowly approached with an elderly serpent-men in middle.

"Head elder!" the serpent-men elder respectfully said after noticing the approaching person and the head elder nodded in response. His cloudy eyes were grave as he gazed at that humongous creature, Black Swamp Boa.

"Third elder, are you able to hold back this Black Swamp Boa?" the head elder gravely asked.

That third elder of the serpent-men tribe gave the Black Swamp Boa a glance and replied with a sigh, "No, this beast has already experienced three moltings. Furthermore, it's about to experience its fourth molting. With its horrifying combat prowess, I am not its opponent."

Even the third elder was not an opponent... Were they going to let this beast snatch away the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus that they had been cultivating for so long just like that? How frustrating...

The head elder let out a sigh and shook his head. It was because their tribe was too weak. If this was the serpent-men's imperial city, something like this would never happen. Their sovereign would need only to lift a finger to erase this beast!

Unfortunately, this was not the imperial city and their sovereign was not here either.

Just when the head elder was mulling over his options, Wu Yunbai suddenly stood out and said, "Head elder, why don't we work together..."

The head elder frowned as his gaze landed on Wu Yunbai and an intense pressure suddenly pressed down upon her. Even though head elder's cultivation level was not high, most people would be unable to withstand the powerful pressure that he was exerting.

However, Wu Yunbai was the young master of the White Cloud Villa after all and her mental strength was robust. With a faint smile on her lips, she indifferently looked back at the head elder.

"Your tribe only has a single Battle-Saint while our side has a Battle-Saint as well. If the two Battle-Saints work together, we should be able to deal with this Black Swamp Boa, right?" Wu Yunbai's words made a lot of sense. It was also the best solution at the moment...

The head elder contemplated for a long while and still could not come up with a better solution. Therefore, without any other choice, he nodded and said, "I accept your proposal but we won't give you the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus. Instead, after driving away the Black Swamp Boa, we'll compensate your help with a few sixth grade spirit herbs."

Wu Yunbai raised her eyebrows and smiled without saying anything. She only nodded to show her agreement.

Immediately, the two Battle-Saints looked at each other in embarrassment. Just moments before, they were still engaged in intense combat and now they were suddenly allies. It was rather amusing.

The humongous body of the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa started coiling itself into a ball. It was rearing its gigantic head and flicking its tongue. It actually stopped moving forward.

"This beast has already gained intelligence. It's waiting for the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus to bloom before making a move!" The head elder's expression immediately crumbled as he watched the Black Swamp Boa that stopped moving.

"There's no need to hurry. It's a good opportunity for the two Battle-Saints to recover their true energy," Wu Yunbai said with a smile.

Bu Fang was watching them the entire time. He stared at the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus and could not help but make a frown. A seventh grade spirit beast, two Battle-Saints, and the serpent-men tribe... With so much opposition, his chances of obtaining the spirit herb were practically inexistent. However, the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus was indispensable in order for him to brew a wine that could surpass the Dragon's Breath...

Therefore, Bu Fang's gaze shifted away from the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus and landed on the elderly figure of the head elder.

"That... I have a question. If I wanted this Ice Soul Monarch Lotus, would you... consent?"