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 Chapter 168: The Scary Human Armed with a Kitchen Knife

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

"Miss, hurry up and go, I'll hold that serpent-men elder back."

Wu Yunbai's subordinate was releasing an intense amount of true energy from his entire body as he blocked the attack from an elderly serpent-man who was swinging his tail around like a weapon. The aura of this elderly serpent-man was very powerful, since he was a seventh grade Battle-Saint after all.

The two of them rose into the sky and started fighting in the air. The Ice Soul Monarch Lotus was not that far away and they did not want to accidentally damage the Monarch Lotus during their fight. That was a result that neither side wanted. Therefore, the both of them reached an unspoken agreement and continued their battle in the sky.

Wu Yunbai calmly gave the battle in the air a glance and then leisurely started retreating while holding her hands behind her back.

"Human, where do you think you're going!" Ah Ni angrily shouted. With a roar, his spear came whistling through the air at Wu Yunbai.

With a frown on her face, Wu Yunbai raised her slender hand and threw out a palm strike. A massive cloud of fog suddenly appeared and spread everywhere, as if a curtain was draped over the land.

When Ah Ni rushed out of the hazy fog, Wu Yunbai's figure was already long gone. He let out an infuriated roar and slammed the ground with his tail in frustration. Then, he swiftly slithered away while heading in an outward direction to chase after Wu Yunbai.

With her hands held behind her back, Wu Yunbai was lightly tapping the ground with her toes and covering a large distance with every step. Suddenly, her figure slightly trembled before coming to a stop and she looked somewhere in the distance in puzzlement.

There, a young man with a slender figure was holding... Hmm? A kitchen knife?

Wu Yunbai's expression immediately became extremely odd. Why was there a human holding a kitchen knife in the serpent-men tribe's medicinal herb farm? Furthermore, right in front of that person... three serpent-men were prostrating themselves before him.

At that moment, the three serpent-men prostrating on the ground had already lost their arrogance from before. The only thing remaining in their hearts was pure terror. Everything was not because of anything else but because of that damnable kitchen knife in that damnable human's hand.

The moment when the kitchen knife appeared, they felt a throbbing feeling that seemed to have originated from the depths of their bloodline and the flow of true energy within their bodies came to a complete standstill.

Was this thing really a kitchen knife? Who exactly was this person standing in front of their eyes?

At that moment, the serpent-men were on the verge of bursting into tears. In the first place, they were already weaker than this human. Then, this human took out a kitchen knife that could suppress them... How were they going to put up a fight in such a state?

A smile appeared on Bu Fang's lips as he gave the three serpent-men prostrating on the ground an indifferent glance. Even though the serpent-men were half-human and half-snake, they still possessed the bloodline of snakes. Snakes had a messy relationship with dragons while the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife contained the dreadful aura of a dragon. Therefore, it was no surprise that the kitchen knife had a suppression effect on the serpent-men.

After twirling the knife around in his hand, Bu Fang stopped paying any attention to these three serpent-men and slowly walked away from them.

Just then, Wu Yunbai walked out of the fog with her hands behind her back and the two of them crossed paths.

Wu Yunbai's gaze landed on Bu Fang. As she sized up this slender young man, a hint of suspicion appeared in her eyes. This young man was only a fifth grade Battle-King, where did he find the courage to enter the serpent-men tribe's herb farm on his own?

Even though this tribe was only a subsidiary tribe among the serpent-men, there were still many powerful serpent-men warriors garrisoned here. A fifth grade Battle-King... was simply weak to the point of being laughable.

While Wu Yunbai was sizing up Bu Fang, Bu Fang was doing the same to her as well. He was sizing up the pretty boy in front of his eyes.

Bu Fang remembered clearly that the pretty boy in front of him was one of the members aboard the little boat that sailed past him earlier on. It turned out that the other party's objective was this herb farm as well.

"Who are you? Don't you know that this place is dangerous?" Wu Yunbai said. The tone of her voice was cold and lacked the gentleness of ordinary girls.

"You should hurry up and leave, there're seventh grade Battle-Saints fighting in there. If you go in any further, you might get caught up in their battle."

Wu Yunbai did not say too much to Bu Fang. She only gave him a friendly warning and walked right past him.

Suddenly, just when Bu Fang's face was still filled with bewilderment and his eyes were still focused on her, a figure charged out from the depths of the herb farm along with a dreadful wave of aura.

A spear was sent stabbing in Wu Yunbai's direction.

Bu Fang, who was standing blankly between them, was naturally the one who bore the brunt of the attack.

"There's another human?! You audacious humans, do you really think our tribe's herb farm is the White Cloud Villa's back garden?! Die!" Ah Ni was immediately enraged when he spotted Bu Fang. He let out a roar as he thrust his spear straight at Bu Fang.

Wu Yunbai immediately stopped walking and silently swore. This young man might get instantly stabbed to death since he was standing right in front of her!

Killing a Battle-King who used a kitchen knife as a weapon was a matter of seconds for a sixth grade Battle-Emperor like Ah Ni.

Wu Yunbai turned around in order to warn Bu Fang. However, the scene that happened next made her eyes and mouth open wide in astonishment.

Bu Fang was frowning as he watched the spear grow larger and larger in his field of vision. His entire body was covered in goosebumps. Then, his pupils constricted and he subconsciously swung the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand. With true energy injected into the knife, it suddenly started gleaming with a golden radiance.

The intense pressure emanating from the spear was instantly dispersed by Bu Fang's swing and then the kitchen knife that was gleaming with a golden radiance stopped right in front of him.


Ah Ni was overwhelmed by the dreadful pressure that suddenly emanated from the kitchen knife. His complexion instantly turned pale as he felt a pressure descend upon him without any warning and he was pressed down onto the ground.

It was fear and reverence that originated from the depths of his bloodline. Ah Ni could not believe that all of the muscles in his body were trembling. He... was actually trembling? Furthermore, he was trembling because of a human?!

This person... Who exactly was he?!

Wu Yunbai's eyes and mouth were wide open in shock. She felt as if her world view was completely overturned.

What happened to getting pierced by the spear? Why was the serpent-men prostrating on the ground instead?

Bu Fang stopped inserting his true energy into the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and it immediately regained its unassuming appearance. The true energy consumption while activating the full form of the kitchen knife was simply too high for him. Therefore, Bu Fang would usually not fully activate the full form during normal circumstances.

Ah Ni felt the pressure upon his body drastically weakened. He raised his head with much difficulty and fiercely glared at Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang ignored his gaze. With a conflicted expression on his face, he glanced at the direction where the two Battle-Saints were fighting and then glanced at the swampland behind him.

"I wouldn't go in, if I were you. The battle between Battle-Saints is terrifying," Wu Yunbai said. After recovering from her shock, she could not help but become curious about Bu Fang.

Bu Fang gave her a glance and asked with a frown, "What are the Battle-Saints fighting each other for?"

"You don't know?" Wu Yunbai was slightly bewildered. Did the person in front of her brazenly marched into this place for a purpose other than obtaining the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus?

"They're naturally fighting over a spirit herb..." Wu Yunbai replied.

Bu Fang nodded and said, "All the more reason for me to stay."

Wu Yunbai's mind went blank for a moment. She thought that she had already explained quite clearly enough. Two seventh grade Battle-Saints were fighting over a spirit herb. Why would a fifth grade Battle-King still want to go in there? Did he wish to seek his own death?

"You're not leaving... Is it because of that spirit herb?" Wu Yunbai asked with a frown.

Bu Fang gave her a puzzled glance. He was obviously not leaving because of the spirit herb. What other reasons could there be?

"Of course," Bu Fang replied.

However, just then the ground started to violently shake and a loud rumble suddenly came from underneath the earth.

Wu Yunbai's pupils suddenly constricted and her entire body was enveloped in a cold chill. Bu Fang was expressionlessly standing still. The two of them slowly turned to look behind them...

Their entire field of vision was filled with a massive shadow that blotted out the sun. A gigantic and horrifying spirit beast emanating an aura filled with malice was slowly observing them with its blood-red pupils.

Ah Ni was looking up from the ground with a face filled with terror. His entire body was trembling like a leaf.

"S... seventh grade spirit beast, the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa!"