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 Chapter 167: Eh? Mermaids?

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Wu Yunbai, the young master of the White Cloud Villa, exhibited an astonishing talent for cultivation ever since a young age and was thus heavily nurtured by the master of the White Cloud Villa. At present, she was already a sixth grade Battle-Emperor and was only a step away from becoming a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

She was hailed as the most talented within the younger generation. If it was not for her identity as a woman, she might have already been chosen as the successor to the master of the White Cloud Villa.

The White Cloud Villa was an extremely powerful faction within the Illusory Spirit Swamp. It was not a sect but was far more dreadful than any sect. Among the sects, the Celestial Arcanum Sect might be the only one who could contend against them. Furthermore, the master of the White Cloud Villa himself was a person with a formidable level of cultivation.

At the moment, Wu Yunbai's expression was grim. All of the magic arrays in the herb farm were activated and each of the herb fields was enveloped by a mysterious magic array. It became impossible for them to steal the herb without alerting the serpent-men.

In addition, Ah Ni, Yu Fu, and the other warriors of the serpent-men tribe had discovered the location of Wu Yunbai and her subordinate, and were currently rushing toward them.

Dreadful amounts of true energy were emanating from the serpent-men, especially Ah Ni who was exuding a malicious aura just like a savage monster. His eyes were extremely menacing and veins were bulging all over the muscles on his upper body.

When Wu Yunbai's subordinate realized that their presence was already discovered, he let out a furious roar. The hair all over his body were standing on their ends and his eyes were wide like bronze bells. As he pushed his palm forward, a torrent of clouds suddenly gathered around him and then surged forward toward the serpent-men.

"Cloud Expelling Palm!"

Ah Ni's eyes turned cold and a smile appeared on his lips, revealing his razor-sharp teeth. The malice in his eyes became even more intense.

"As expected, the two of you are from the White Cloud Villa. Are you here for the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus? I won't allow you to succeed!" Ah Ni started sneering as he placed his hands together and gathered true energy into his hands. Suddenly, he pulled his hands apart and a pitch-black spear appeared in between them.

At that moment, Wu Yunbai had also regained her composure. Her fair face was calm and serene as she gave the serpent-men a glance and said with a frown, "Don't kill them, just immobilize them. After all, we're just here for the spirit herb."

Her subordinate, who was much more serious than before, gave her a profound smile and replied, "Don't worry, miss, I know what to do."

Wu Yunbai immediately glared at him. "What did you just call me? Either call me young master Wu or just young master!"

That subordinate coughed in embarrassment and then turned to face the serpent-men with a grin. The aura emanating from his body suddenly surged and a dreadful, mountain-like pressure came crashing down upon the serpent-men, causing all of their expressions to change.

"A seventh grade Battle-Saint! Oh no!" Ah Ni's expression slightly changed. He did not think that the person in front of his eyes was actually a seventh grade Battle-Saint. The likes of Battle-Saints held prominent positions even within the White Cloud Villa, so how could such a personage serve as a subordinate of this pretty boy? Could it be... there was something special about the identity of this pretty boy?

Ah Ni was not a fool. When he realized his opponent was a seventh grade Battle-Saint, various thoughts rushed through his head and he immediately came up with his own speculations about Wu Yunbai's identity.

However, his current situation prevented him from pondering any further. Dealing with the might of a seventh grade Battle-Saint was already beyond his capability. Even though the difference between a sixth and seventh grade was only a single grade on the surface, the actual difference between the two was basically insurmountable.

However, Ah Ni was not too worried either. Even though his opponent was a Battle-Saint, the elder watching over the herb farm was a seventh grade Battle-Saint as well.

Sure enough, while Ah Ni was still preoccupied with his own thoughts, the aura of a serpent-men Battle-Saint appeared from behind him.


A smile appeared on Bu Fang's lips as he looked at the spirit herb protected behind a magic array. Like he expected, no one could feel at ease about leaving spirit herbs in such a basic herb farm without having security precautions. Judging from its complex appearance, the magic array was clearly unusual.

As Bu Fang reached out a finger and touched the magic array, he narrowed his eyes from the numb feeling coursing through his body.

He then stood up and looked around his surroundings. He noticed that the magic arrays in the other herb field were activated as well and realized he might have accidentally done an incredible deed.

"Hmm? The aura of a seventh grade Battle-Saint?" Bu Fang suddenly felt a wave of dreadful aura coming from a distance. He was not a stranger to the pressure mixed within the aura.

Bu Fang had personally met a few Battle-Saints like Xiao Meng and Zhao Musheng, so he was quite familiar with the feeling of their true energy. However, he did not expect to witness a clash between Battle-Saints in such a basic herb farm.

"There are seventh grade Battle-Saints in such a rural place too?" Bu Fang thought in amusement.

Bu Fang gave the spirit herb protected behind the magic array another glance before he continued moving forward. It was impossible for two Battle-Saints to fight each other for no reason, so something good must have brought about the battle. Within this herb farm, the only thing that two Battle-Saints would fight over was most likely some high grade spirit herb.

Just the thought of spirit herbs was enough to energize Bu Fang. The objective of this trip was precisely for the sake of acquiring spirit herbs...

After continuing ahead and turning a few corners, Bu Fang was suddenly surprised for a moment when he saw several figures heading toward him from a distance.

"Eh? Mermaids?" Bu Fang muttered in astonishment. However, after getting a closer look, he realized those figures were not the legendary mermaids... Their upper bodies were just like humans but they had serpentine lower bodies that were densely covered with scales.

"Serpent-men!" Bu Fang exclaimed in astonishment. This was his first time witnessing strange races from another world, so there was actually an inexplicable agitation in his heart.

The group of serpent-men who were armed with spears were hurriedly rushing toward the location of the battle between the Battle-Saints. When Bu Fang spotted them, they also spotted Bu Fang.

"Who's there?!" one of the serpent-men warriors angrily shouted while brandishing the spear in his hand.

Bu Fang was surprised for a moment by the fact that the serpent-men were not as friendly as expected.

"I..." Bu Fang wanted to say something but he was not given the chance. That serpent-man immediately thrust his spear at him.

"It's a human who has trespassed upon our tribe's herb farm, kill him without any quarter!"

As he felt the dreadful aura emanating from the spear, the corners of Bu Fang's lips twitched. He thought, "What do you mean by trespass... Who exactly are you attempting to stop with that fencing of yours?"

That bamboo fencing was extremely worn out and some parts had even fallen apart. Forget stopping anyone, it might not even manage to prevent some of the smaller spirit beasts from entering.

Back then, Bu Fang calmly entered just by stepping over the fencing...

However, these serpent-men were uninterested in Bu Fang's thoughts. They enveloped their spears with true energy and started attacking Bu Fang.

The cultivation levels of these serpent-men were not low. They were all fourth grade Battle-Spirits, which was more than enough for the guards of a medicinal herb farm.

However, Bu Fang was at the very least a man who could be called a Battle-King. Why would he be afraid of these little serpent-men? Even though he was inept in combat... his cultivation level was still the real deal.

Bu Fang stood in place with a sharp gaze as true energy burst out from his body with a loud noise. The piece of woolen rope used to secure his hair fell apart as well.

The serpent-man who first thrust his spear was shocked by the sudden development and his expression became extremely grave. A fifth grade Battle-King?!

Those serpent-men immediately stopped advancing. They were only fourth grade Battle-Spirits but the human in front of them was a fifth grade Battle-King. Perhaps their lives would all end here...

The serpent-man craned his neck and shouted while putting up a brave front, "You damnable humans! Are you here to steal our spirit herbs? You'll have to step over my dead body first!"

Contrary to his expectation, Bu Fang slowly suppressed the true energy emanating from his body. With his hands held behind his back and an unfathomable expression on his face, he looked at these serpent-men and let out a snort.

"Why should I step over your dead body just because you're telling me to? Wouldn't that make me lose face?" Bu Fang replied.

The expressions of those serpent-men immediately stiffened... and then they looked at each other in confusion.


Dozens of miles away from the serpent-men tribe, the surface of the water suddenly started bubbling. Then, something large emerged from the water and swiftly headed in the direction of the serpent-men tribe.

Plop, plop!

Somewhere within the swamp, a large pack of toad-like spirit beasts were swiftly leaping in the direction of the serpent-men tribe.

Nearby, there were many other spirit beasts that were bizarre-looking but emanating powerful auras slowly moving along as well.

Suddenly, a large herd of spirit beasts had gathered around the serpent-men tribe without anyone realizing.