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 Chapter 163: The Second Teleportation, Illusory Spirit Swamp

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"It tastes awful?!"

Juan'Er's expectant gaze immediately grew dim after hearing Bu Fang's assessment, like a crystal shattering into thousands of sparkling fragments.

Without taking her feelings into account, Bu Fang did not go easy on her in the slightest. Luo Sanniang was dumbfounded.

On the other hand, Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong were extremely surprised. According to their understanding of Owner Bu, he should have started passionately giving a long-winded assessment on this dish. How could he have stopped after merely saying three words?

It tastes awful? It was not like they had ever heard him describe anything as delicious...

"You rascal, what do you mean by that? Juan'Er worked hard to make the egg tarts without sleeping last night. Can't you even say something nice?" Luo Sanniang furiously said in dissatisfaction.

Bu Fang expressionlessly gave the livid Luo Sanniang a glance and replied, "Why should I say something nice? Would saying something nice help her improve her culinary skill?"

Luo Sanniang's expression suddenly froze for a moment. She was unable to say anything in response. Indeed, anyone could say something nice. However, saying nice stuff would only cause others to become complacent. They would become unable to realize their own flaws and lose sight of themselves. If they could not even recognize themselves, how could they improve?

"There's nothing here for me to assess. Your egg tart just tastes awful. In other words... it's unpalatable," Bu Fang said. As he looked at her, his gaze was like a sharp spear that looked straight into her innermost being, causing her mind to slightly tremble.

"I... I..." Juan'Er felt wronged and her eyes instantly turned red. How could she feel happy when her work was mercilessly criticized after staying up the entire night?

"Calm down, let me finish first," Bu Fang said as a smile appeared on his lips and his eyes became slightly softer.

"If you really want to make egg tarts that taste good, I'll give you two more chances to let me try your egg tarts. If you're able to obtain my approval, I'll point out the flaws in your egg tarts. Otherwise... forget about it," Bu Fang said.

Both Juan'Er and Luo Sanniang were surprised. They did not expect Bu Fang to actually say something like that. What exactly did his words mean? Was he going to give pointers to Juan'Er?

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong were stunned as well.

Bu Fang stood up and took a breath. He faced them and said, "Alright, today's opened hours has ended. Everyone, please leave."

Afterward, Bu Fang's gaze landed on Juan'Er once more as he said, "Remember, you only have two chances. If you're unable to fulfill my expectations... then I can only offer my apologies."

After Bu Fang finished speaking, he turned around and entered the kitchen.

The people in the store looked at each other and then started leaving one after another.

Juan'Er had yet to recover from her astonishment. Was Bu Fang telling her to make egg tarts and let him taste them? Did that mean that if her egg tarts could gain his approval, he would teach her the true method of making egg tarts?

The horrible feeling that she felt when Bu Fang criticized her egg tarts suddenly disappeared.

If she could receive pointers from Bu Fang, she was confident that she could make delicious and adorable egg tarts.

"Thank you, Owner Bu. I'll definitely work hard to earn your approval!" Juan'Er seriously said while bowing ninety degrees.

Afterward, Juan'Er left the store while pulling along Luo Sanniang. She excitedly hurried back to the Marquis' manor and started the preparations to make egg tarts. She was determined to make egg tarts that could obtain Owner Bu's approval.


In the cold winter night, the pair of bright moons hanging high up in the sky were strongly radiating a cold moonlight which seemed to have draped a veil over the earth.

Bu Fang returned to his room after he finished practicing his cutting and carving techniques as well as brewed the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine. He washed up and then leaned back on the headboard of his bed.

"The wine which I am planning to brew should use the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit as the main ingredient while the Phoenix Blood Herb as well as other spirit herbs shall be complementary ingredients. If a portion of the Phoenix Blood Herb had not been used to cure Ji Chengxue, it would've been a pretty good main ingredient as well," Bu Fang muttered to himself.

However, other than the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit and Phoenix Blood Herb, Bu Fang did not have any other suitable spirit herbs at the moment. Therefore, he needed to start considering the problem of obtaining other spirit herbs.

The requirements for the other spirit herbs might not need to be as strict, but... they should not be too terrible either. Afterall, Ni Yan once mentioned that the wine, Dragon's Breath, was brewed using numerous valuable spirit herbs and then left to ferment at the bottom of a spirit lake for a few years. The resulting wine was definitely exceptional.

"System, bring me somewhere where I can harvest spirit herbs. Spirit herbs are considered ingredients as well, so I should have the right to go," Bu Fang called out to the system in his mind.

The system remained silent for a long while before it solemnly said, "Does the host really wish to proceed with a teleportation and carry out the capturing and harvesting of ingredients?"

"Yes," Bu Fang seriously replied.

Then, the system became silent once more. After a long while, its voice rang out, "Setting coordinates, teleportation will be ready in approximately two hours... During this period, the host may begin preparation work."

"Two hours?" Bu Fang nodded. Two hours was not much but it was enough for him to make some preparations.

However, there was actually not much for him to prepare. He mainly needed to sleep and have a good rest. Many of the things were already inside the system's storage space.

Thus, Bu Fang went back into the kitchen and added some containers filled with seasoning into the system's storage space before returning to his room. He climbed onto his bed and fell asleep.

With this slumber, he slept for two entire hours.

Only when the system's voice started resounding in his mind, did Bu Fang open his eyes. A tiny white dot of light was hovering above his head. It was rapidly flying around, drawing a mysterious teleportation array.

As someone who experienced teleportation once before, Bu Fang appeared unhurried and relaxed. He leisurely put on his clothes and tied up his hair with a woolen rope. When he finished washing up, the drawing of the teleportation array was just about to finish.

Finally, after a few more breaths, the teleportation array was completely drawn. It was emanating a strange light that illuminated Bu Fang's entire body.

A violent wind suddenly started blowing and engulfed everything in the room.

Bu Fang's figure standing within the gale was soon enveloped and disappeared without a trace.


The Illusory Spirit Swamp was a boundless and vast region that was located north of the Wildlands and the Light Wind Empire.

Within the Hidden Dragon Continent, there were four great dangerous locations: Wildlands, Illusory Spirit Marsh, Hundred Thousand Great Rivers, and Wuliang Mountain...

The Illusory Spirit Swamp was a dangerous location that was as equally famous as the Wildlands and innumerable spirit beasts were inhabiting there as well. However, the spirit beasts were different from the ones in the Wildlands. Many of them dwell beneath the swamps and respired the spirit energy within the swamp to strengthen themselves and continuously increase their cultivation.

Even though the Illusory Spirit Swamps was a dangerous location, there was an abundant amount of spirit energy and water in the area. Since it was a much better environment for spirit herbs to grow compared to the Wildlands, high grade spirit herbs were far more common there. Within the Hidden Dragon Continent, many adventurers would choose to explore the Illusory Spirit Swamp. If they could chance upon a sixth grade spirit herb... they would have struck gold.

With profit as the driving force, many people would naturally head there in droves.

No matter which of the dangerous locations, the situation was the same.

Within the peaceful Illusory Spirit Swamp, a white dot of light suddenly appeared and then rapidly flew around in the sky. In a short while, a mysterious teleportation array was drawn in the air.

A violent wind suddenly came whistling from the teleportation array and caused the swamp water to swirl into the air.

The peacefulness of the swamp was instantly broken. The birds nearby were startled, causing them to flap their wings and fly away.

When the violent wind dissipated, the swamp water instantly spilled back onto the ground.

A slender figure appeared after the violent wind completely died out.