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 Chapter 161: The Ghost Chef of Qingyangzhen

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Qingyangzhen was located right outside the Wildlands. It was a frontier town established by the Light Wind Empire because the Wildlands was a dangerous location with numerous spirit beasts nesting there. Some of these spirit beasts were powerful while others were weak. The stronger ones were even capable of attaining unimaginable levels, while the weaker ones were only third or fourth grade spirit beasts.

The outskirts, inner layer, and central zone of the Wildlands were like three circles nesting in each other and the spirit beasts residing inside were innumerable. Qingyangzhen, as the frontier town guarding the entrance to the Wildlands, naturally bore the brunt of the pressure.

Once the amount of spirit beasts exceeded a certain number, disastrous events like a stampede of spirit beasts would occur. Numerous spirit beasts would rush out from the Wildlands and trample on everything in their path. It was definitely a disaster for the residents of Qingyangzhen and only those who truly possessed strength could survive in such a calamity.

Qingyangzhen was such a town, where the strong gathered. Every single person who made a living there possessed high cultivation levels. The majority of them were adventurers from all around the Hidden Dragon Continent. They were not just from the Light Wind Empire, but also from other smaller countries.

They were gathered here in order to gain experience in the Wildlands as well as obtain crystals.

Through hunting spirit beasts, they were able to earn crystals by turning in the corpses. Every single spirit beast was a trove of treasure and could be used to exchange for many things. With profit as the driving force, many people would still arrive wave after wave even if they had to face terrifying stampedes of spirit beasts.

The Number One Restaurant In Qingyangzhen[1] was the only restaurant in the entire town and the first floor of the two-storey building was extremely spacious. The inside of the building was buzzing with activity and a steady stream of people was entering and leaving.

The aroma of wine and the fragrance of the dishes were wafting in the air. Shouts and laughter could also be occasionally heard.

In short, the scene within the restaurant was lively.

As Ah Lu who was gnawing on a chicken drumstick and Ah Wei who was carrying a black wok on his back stepped into the restaurant, a curvaceous and beautiful woman in revealing clothing approached them with her hips swaying. She said with a giggle, "Oh my, Ah Lu and Ah Wei, you're back? How did it go? Have you completed the old man's mission?"

Ah Lu pulled out a chicken drumstick from his apron and took a bite. As he chewed the morsel in his mouth with crunching noises, he said in a mumble, "Aunt Yue, we lost. As expected of the Light Wind Empire's capital, it's indeed brimming with talented individuals. Even though big bro brought out his trump card, he still lost in the end."

Ah Wei's face darkened and only gave the enchanting beauty a glance without saying anything. There was really nothing for him to explain. A loss was a loss. He could only blame himself for his own ineptitude in learning.

A hint of surprise immediately appeared on the lovely face of Aunt Yue. She thought, "Ah Lu and Ah Wei actually lost in the Hundred Family Banquet... even with their culinary skills? Has the culinary skill level of the Light Wind Empire's chefs really become that terrifying?

"After all, Ah Lu and Ah Wei were personally taught by that old man!"

"It's alright, losing is fine too. It's better than having the two of you think your culinary skills are unrivalled under the heavens. It's not a bad thing for the two of you to suffer a little setback," Aunt Yue said with a chuckle as the mounds of flesh on her chest jiggled, causing the eyes of the customers in the room to light up.

The expressions on Ah Wei's and Ah Lu's faces immediately sank as they scanned their surroundings in displeasure before heading toward the second floor of the restaurant.

They stepped onto the second floor and produced creaking noises as they treaded on the seemingly old and rickety floorboards. The illumination gradually grew dimmer as the two proceeded and soon came to a halt before a small room.

Ah Wei respectfully knocked on the door and the ever-present arrogance on his face disappeared without a trace.

"Come in." After an elderly voice came from inside the room, the two brothers looked each other in the eye before entering.


Ah Lu and Ah Wei lowered their heads and softly called out to an elderly man dressed in a gray robe.

The elderly man was sitting on a sandalwood rocking chair while lightly waving a fan made from the feathers of an unknown spirit beast.

"You lost? And failed to obtain the prize?" There was a hint of mockery in the elderly man's tone, which made Ah Wei feel a sudden burst of shame. Before setting off, he confidently said he would definitely bring back the prize but he returned in defeat instead.

"I've already said before, the Hidden Dragon Continent is an extremely large place. Your worldview only encompasses a single well. If you observe the world while sitting in a well, you'll feel as if you're in possession of the entire world. However, in truth, you're only amusing yourself in a microscopic world," the elderly man said as he stopped the rocking chair.

The elderly man then stood up and his gaze landed on the two brothers. His face covered with wrinkles trembled for a moment before he said with a chuckle, "It's fine, there's no need for the two of you to blame yourselves either. Just take this as a lesson. A single failure is nothing. Work hard and take revenge on your own."

"Yes... Master, in truth, if I had used the Hundred Flavors Pot, I might not have lost!" Ah Wei was still somewhat unable to admit defeat.

The elderly man gave Ah Wei a glance and shook his head. "I passed on the Hundred Flavor Pot so that you'll let it ferment for ten years. If you use it in advance, that would only result in a loss in its energies. So what if you had obtained victory? The things you would lose... would far exceed what you would obtain. You should rejoice in the fact that you did not use the Hundred Flavors Pot.

"Ah Lu, describe the circumstances of your loss to me," the elderly man said.

Ah Lu was surprised for a moment and subconsciously reached out for a chicken drumstick. However, he stopped after thinking for a moment and seriously started narrating the events that occurred on that day.

The elderly man quietly listened on as Ah Lu gave a narration on what happened that day.

"Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings? A dish made from ordinary ingredients was able to defeat Ah Wei's dish within a dish?" The elderly man's eyes narrowed as a hint of severity appeared on his face. "Since when did such a formidable chef appear in the Light Wind Empire? In order for dishes made from ordinary ingredients to win against those made from spirit energy ingredients, the flavors and textures of the ingredients must be fully exhibited. This is an extremely difficult task for any chef to accomplish..."

"Crunch, crunch. Master... The prize was won by that Owner Bu as well," Ah Lu said in a mumble while gnawing on a chicken drumstick.

The elderly man nodded and then started laughing while clapping his hands. "I didn't think anyone in the Light Wind Empire would still dare to compete over something with me, the Ghost Chef... I suddenly feel like meeting this Owner Bu."

Ah Wei was stunned for a moment and then his pupils constricted. He thought, "Is master going to personally make a move?"

"The seed of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree... If it's successfully germinated, I wonder how big of a disturbance would occur," the elderly man quietly muttered.


The sun had just risen over the horizon and sunlight was piercing through the clouds, illuminating the land with a golden gleam.

Snow was no longer falling but the temperature was still icy cold.

Bu Fang cooked a serving of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Blacky as usual and then started practicing his cutting and carving techniques as well as cooking dishes.

Since he was aiming to become the God of Cooking, he was obviously unable to slack off in the slightest. Practicing everyday was absolutely essential because practice would gradually improve his culinary skill and strengthen his fundamental skills.

Within the ocher-colored flowerpot, the bit of greenery was growing taller and taller. The seedling which had just emerged from the soil the day before had already grown to a finger tall. It was indeed rather astonishing.

The aquamarine-colored leaves were covered with mysterious markings that made Bu Fang's vision blurry from looking at them.

"Just what exactly is this seed? Will something good grow from this?" Bu Fang puzzledly muttered as he touched a leaf with his finger. Then, he got up and went to remove the doorboards.

Fatty Jin came in a mad rush along with his army of obese men. After all this time, Bu Fang had become rather familiar with them. He entered the kitchen and soon came out with their food.

Ouyang Xiaoyi arrived together with the Xiao siblings. Xiao Yanyu was wearing a veil and appeared gentle and refined as always.

After their arrival, Luo Sanniang and a rather bashful figure arrived as well, which slightly surprised Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu, Juan'Er is looking for you. Are you available?"

The moment Luo Sanniang stepped into the store, she immediately started yelling out loud. This women was quite attractive looking but did not possess even a shred of feminine quality...

Meanwhile, Juan'Er was shyly following after Luo Sanniang while carrying a lunch box. She was slightly out of breath as she stepped into the store.


[1] Number One Restaurant In Qingyangzhen - That's the name of the restaurant.