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 Chapter 158: The Sisters-In-Law of the Young Marquis

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The Rainbow-colored Water Dumpling was originally a mission reward from the system. Therefore, it was impossible for the recipe to use ordinary ingredients. Bu Fang only chose to use ordinary fruits and vegetables during the Hundred Family Banquet in order to ensure that the dish could be eaten by all of the guests. However, now that the dish would be sold in the store, he was naturally going to use much more valuable ingredients.

When Bu Fang brought out the steaming bowl of Rainbow-colored Water Dumplings from the kitchen, the aroma wafting in the air was completely different from the dumplings made during the Hundred Family Banquet. The aroma of these Rainbow-colored Water Dumplings that used ingredients with spirit energy was fully spreading throughout the room.

"Gulp!" Fatty Jin was almost drooling as he stared at the bowl of Rainbow-colored Water Dumplings in Bu Fang's hands. The rich aroma emanating from it was simply too appetizing.

"Here's your Rainbow-colored Water Dumplings, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang said as he placed the bowl of dumplings in front of Fatty Jin.

Fatty Jin's eyes were immediately attracted by the Rainbow-colored Water Dumplings. They were completely different from the Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings made during the Hundred Family Banquet. The actual version of the dumplings were miles ahead in terms of color, fragrance, and appearance.

There seemed to be a light constantly changing on those white dumplings. It was sometimes bright red and other times emerald green... The switching between the colors of a rainbow was bewitchingly beautiful.

A cloud of fragrance was also hovering above the soup. It was simmered with the meat of a spirit beast and was filled with spirit energy. With a single sniff, a burst of energy instantly coursed through Fatty Jin's entire body and made him feel extremely comfortable.

"The Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings were unable to fully manifest the colors of a rainbow because of the ingredients. At that time, I used a trick to trap the aroma and only managed to manifest the colors of a rainbow with the help of true energy. The actual version of the dumplings does not require special preparations like that. The ingredients alone would directly manifest the colors of a rainbow," Bu Fang explained.

Fatty Jin eagerly picked up a Rainbow-colored Water Dumpling with his chopsticks and took a bite. He suddenly felt as if he was standing underneath a waterfall. His entire body felt extremely comfortable as the falling water struck him.

He wanted to open his mouth and shout out loud. However, the moment he opened his mouth, his eyes widened because his mouth was instantly clogged up by the aroma.

Almost all of the flesh on Fatty Jin's face was trembling. His eyes were narrowed and his face was filled with pleasure. Delicious... It was simply too delicious.

A faint smile appeared on Bu Fang's lips as he glanced at Fatty Jin, who was revelling in the delicious flavors of the Rainbow-Colored Water Dumplings. Afterward, he pulled back a chair and sat down.

He subconsciously turned his head and looked toward the ocher-colored flowerpot sitting in the corner. He wondered how the seed was doing ever since he planted it yesterday.

Suddenly, his eyes widened as if he just discovered a new continent. A seedling throbbing with vitality was actually emerging from the ice-cold soil.

"It... germinated?" Bu Fang's face was filled with surprise. The speed of its growth was way too fast... Not even half a day had passed since he planted the seed.

However, Bu Fang quickly calmed down and walked toward the flowerpot. He squatted down next to it and carefully observed the seedling emerging from the soil.

The seedling was bright green in color and its surface was covered with complicated veined patterns. They looked like a blur in his eyes. Although he could not understand them, he was still amazed.

He leaned forward and sniffed the seedling but he could not smell a thing. Bu Fang was rather perplexed as he stood up. Nonetheless, he was too lazy to bother with the seedling any longer. With the help of the flowerpot, the seed should grow into a tall tree soon enough.

Ouyang Xiaoyi skipped into the store and cheerfully greeted Bu Fang. The latter nodded in response and continued to watch the falling snowflake outside while curled up on a chair.

From a distance, the sound of voices and feminine laughter came from the alleyway as several figures slowly approached.

Bu Fang puzzledly looked in the direction of the sounds and saw several slender and graceful women heading toward the store. Furthermore, there were people that he recognized in their midst.

"Juan'Er, I heard Owner Bu obtained first place in this year's Hundred Family Banquet. I'll bring you to eat something delicious today," Luo Sanniang said in a rambunctious manner. She was wearing a tight-fitting robe with slits on the sides of the lower part that revealed her fair and slender legs. She did not seem to feel cold despite the freezing weather.

There were a few other elegantly dressed women walking next to Luo Sanniang. One of them was a young-looking woman in a thick woolen clothing. Her nose was slightly red from the cold air and she was huffing out clouds of white breath as she blindly followed after Luo Sanniang.

Yang Chen was excitedly leading the way in front of the group while wearing red festive clothing.

"My dear sisters-in-law, you definitely won't be disappointed by Owner Bu's culinary skill," the young Marquis confidently said. As someone who had personally tasted Bu Fang's dishes before, he was naturally aware of their deliciousness.

The group arrived in front of the store and saw the big black dog lying on the ground as well as Bu Fang who was curled up on a chair... Both of them had the same slothful appearance. It was no surprise considering that they were from the same store.

"What an adorable doggy!" the young-looking woman in the thick woolen clothing suddenly cried out in joy when she spotted the big black dog soundly sleeping in front of the store. She then ran forward and petted Blacky's head with her delicate, fair hand.

Blacky was rather dumbfounded as it looked at the young lady whose eyes were filled with affection. This young lady was only a mere third grade Battle-Maniac. The Lord Dog was capable of killing her even with a sneeze. However, with the Lord Dog's identity, what was the point of getting back at a little girl?

Therefore, the Lord Dog changed its sleeping position and went back to sleep.

"This doggy... is really adorable." Juan'Er's eyes were shining as she rubbed Blacky's nice and warm head with both of her hands while giggling.

Bu Fang blinked in surprise as he looked at the lazy dog who was too lazy to even respond. He mockingly thought, "This lazy dog... If the one vigorously rubbing its head was a man, it would've already greeted him with its paws." Bu Fang was well aware of the formidableness of this lazy dog's paws.

"You over there... come into the store if you're going to order something. Teasing that dog is prohibited," Bu Fang said as he stood up. Even though he did not know whether the lazy dog would get angry, he thought it was better to draw this woman away.

Luo Sanniang gave that black dog a fearful glance. When she saw that Juan'Er was actually rubbing its head, her heart almost jumped out in terror. The naive Juan'Er might not know this dog's identity, but how could she not know? This dog... was the widely rumored supreme beast!

It was a supreme beast that could kill Juan'Er thousands of times with a single sneeze!

Luo Sanniang was dumbfounded. Should she think of her as innocent or just really bold... When she saw that Blacky did not seem to intend on getting even with Juan'Er, she breathed out a sigh of relief inwardly and then went into the store while dragging along the reluctant Juan'Er.

The interior of the store was very warm and cozy. The group of women felt as if they had just stepped into a spring-like zone. The aroma of the dishes wafting in the air was especially mesmerizing.

The young Marquis excitedly stopped in front of Bu Fang. He patted his own chest and said, "Owner Bu, these are my sisters-in-law. I am treating them today, so just bring out whatever is delicious!"

Bu Fang expressionlessly glanced at Yang Chen and his mouth widened into a smile as he gave the women behind him a glance.

"All of the dishes here are delicious, so just order whatever you want to eat," Bu Fang mildly replied.

His reply resulted in a rather embarrassed expression on Yang Chen's face. Every single dish in Owner Bu's store was excellent. If he ordered every dish... Yang Chen gave his money pouch a little squeeze and awkwardly sniffed.

"I think I'll just stop showing off..." Yang Chen thought.

Luo Sanniang put her hands at her waist and laughed. Juan'Er and the others were also chuckling while covering their mouths with their hands.

Thereafter, everyone turned to look at the menu behind them and froze momentarily before they started chattering with each other.