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 Chapter 157: Who Told You I'll Be Using Ordinary Ingredients?

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"Su... supreme elder?!"

The old drunkard turned his head and his legs immediately went weak when he saw the elderly figure standing behind him. He was almost shocked to death from the sudden appearance of the supreme elder after just mentioning him moments ago.

With a gentle smile on his face, the elderly man casually waved his hand and the old drunkard's wine calabash fell into his hand. A hint of a smile appeared on his lips as he shook the calabash and the sound of sloshing came from within.

The elderly man uncorked the calabash and pinched his fingers together as a pearl-like droplet of wine floated out from the calabash.

"When I was younger, I was also someone who loved wine," the elderly man said with a chuckle. With a wave of his finger, the droplet of wine flew into his mouth. The droplet instantly expanded in volume and filled his mouth with wine.

The eyes of the elderly man narrowed as he reveled in the wine's flavor. He smacked his lips before tossing the wine calabash back to the old drunkard.

"This wine of yours is pretty good. Unfortunately, there's still room for improvement," the elderly man said with a faint smile.

The old drunkard's eyes immediately lit up after hearing the supreme elder's words. He looked toward the supreme elder and respectfully asked, "Supreme elder, is there really a wine that's even more delicious than the Dragon's Breath that I meticulously brewed?"

"Of course, there is. With the size of the world, all sorts of wondrous things exist and Hidden Dragon is only a small part of this world. Besides, you'll soon get to taste a genuine fine wine," the elderly man said with a chuckle as he lightly stroked his white beard. Then, his eyes landed on Ni Yan and slightly narrowed.

"You've achieved a breakthrough? Not bad, not bad at all. Looks like the imperial city really is paradise for you," the elderly man said with a smile.

Ni Yan might have been impudent toward the old drunkard, but she was behaving somewhat reserved in front of the supreme elder, a legendary figure in the Celestial Arcanum Sect. "Yes, in the imperial city, I ate... I had a fortuitous meeting there."

"Hahaha, it's fine. It just so happens that I want you to go on another trip to the imperial city. In the near future, an unusual treasure will appear there. Do your best and try to obtain it. If you can't, it doesn't really matter either," the elderly man said with a chuckle while holding his hands behind his back.

Ni Yan was surprised for a moment. Go on another trip to the imperial city? Were things over there going to get lively once more?


The sky had already gone dark and Bu Fang was back in his store. He did not choose to open the store and was instead deep in thought as he sat on a chair.

The system's reward was already issued. He was originally going to cook the dish but all of his attention was currently focused on that seed.

"System, you made me obtain first place in the Hundred Family Banquet in order to get this seed? What's so special about it?" Bu Fang asked in puzzlement.

The system did not immediately reply him and remained silent for a long while before it solemnly replied, "The host currently does not have the qualification to acquire information related to this seed. The host can only obtain information about this seed after the seed has been planted, germinated and bore fruit."

Bu Fang's face slightly darkened after hearing the system's response. What did the system mean by saying that he did not have the qualification to acquire information related to the seed? He was at the very least a man who could be called Battle-King!

Nonetheless, there was no point in getting angry. With the system's personality, Bu Fang knew he would definitely be unable to acquire the information since the system had already said so.

Fortunately, Bu Fang was not that obsessed with getting information on the seed either.

"How should I plant this? Where do I plant this seed?" Bu Fang asked.

"The system will provide a flowerpot for the host. Would the host please proceed with the planting of the seed," the system's solemn voice resounded once more. Afterward, Bu Fang sensed a flowerpot with the size of a washbasin suddenly appeared in the system's storage space.

"The Time Flow Flowerpot is capable of accelerating the germination and growth rate of the seed," the system introduced.

Bu Fang took out the extremely ugly ocher-colored flowerpot and placed the flowerpot in the corner of the store. The flowerpot was already filled to the brim with soil. According to the system's modus operandi, the soil contained inside the flowerpot was definitely something special as well.

He grabbed a handful of the soil and felt an extremely cold feeling in his hand that nearly froze his palm.

Bu Fang made a frown and then took out that black seed. He dug a small hole in the soil and dropped the seed inside before covering up the hole.

"Won't the seed die from the cold temperature of the soil? The seed looks difficult to germinate in the first place, wouldn't using frozen soil make it even more difficult?" Bu Fang was feeling rather perplexed. However, this might really be the ideal condition for this seed to germinate.

Bu Fang stood up and dusted off his hands. He went into the kitchen and washed his hands with water.

He drew out a kitchen knife and practiced his cutting and carving techniques for a while before ending that day's training. The Hundred Family Banquet was exhausting for the chefs and Bu Fang was feeling slightly fatigued after a day's work.

Bu Fang went back into his room and took a nice long shower. The steam drifted out of the bathroom and filled his room.

After finishing his bath, Bu Fang comfortably lay down on his bed. He slowly closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Bu Fang woke up as usual. After washing up, he left his room and went into the kitchen. Grabbing a kitchen knife and taking out some radishes, he started practicing his cutting technique. Practicing was even more important for level two of the Meteor Knife Technique. Furthermore, there was now a time limit as well.

Bu Fang did not neglect his carving technique either. After finishing the cutting technique training, he practiced his carving technique. His mastery of these two techniques was slowly improving.

After making a serving of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen while sniffing the rich meaty aroma. He removed a doorboard and the cold air outside rushed into the store. After the Spring Festival ended, the snow became even heavier and the weather became much colder as well.

"Blacky, it's time to eat," Bu Fang called out as he tucked his neck into his shoulders and stepped out of the warm interior of the store. Since he was wearing a thin layer of clothes, he immediately felt cold and goosebumps rose all over his body.

On the other hand, Blacky was not bothered by the cold weather in the slightest. Its eyes were only filled with the sight of the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. It was panting with its tongue hanging out as it excitedly stared at the plate in Bu Fang's hands.

After putting down the plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of Blacky, Bu Fang immediately went back into the store. He was eager to get back into the cozy comfort of the store.

Just then, the sound of footsteps came from the direction of the alleyway and an already plump figure wrapped in thick layers of clothing appeared.

Bu Fang watched as Fatty Jin waddled into the store like a meatball. Fatty Jin exhaled a breath of cold air and said with a chuckle, "Good morning, Owner Bu. It's really cold outside today."

"The inside of this store is still the most comfortable after all. This warm feeling is making me feel like staying here forever," Fatty Jin said as he cheerfully sat down on a chair and took off his jacket.

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded in response.

"By the way, the Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings from yesterday... can only be described as marvelous. They were so delicious that I almost swallowed my own tongue. I've never tasted anything as delicious as this dish before. Will you be selling the dish in the store?" Fatty Jin asked.

Bu Fang stared blankly for a moment and then subconsciously looked in the direction of the menu. Sure enough, the name of a particular dish was up there.

"Rainbow-colored Water Dumplings, one hundred crystals per serving."

Fatty Jin sucked in a breath of cold air and said, "One hundred crystals per serving... Owner Bu, isn't this too expensive? The ingredients used in these dumplings are only ordinary ingredients. It's a little unreasonable for the price to be so high."

The majority of the dishes in Bu Fang's store contained abundant amounts of spirit energy and their flavors were unprecedentedly delicious because those dishes used expensive ingredients without any exception. However, the Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings that Fatty Jin ate the day before only used ingredients like ordinary fruits and vegetables. For the price to be set at such a price, it was simply too unjust.

Even though Fatty Jin was the owner of a crystal mine, he would still feel slightly distressed if he squandered money like this.

Fatty Jin's question startled Bu Fang for a moment. He was rather perplexed as he looked at Fatty Jin and asked, "Who told you that I'll be using ordinary ingredients for the Rainbow-Colored Water Dumplings?"