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 Chapter 152: What a Dish That Delights People

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A stream of fragrance gushed out from the bite in the dumpling toward his face and Ji Chengxue slightly narrowed his eyes. The rich fragrance burrowed into his nostrils within an instant and provoked his senses.

The rainbow-like fragrance appeared quickly and dissipated quickly as well, like a flash in the pan. When Ji Chengxue recovered from his surprise, the rainbow-colored fragrance had already gradually disappeared.

As Ji Chengxue gently chewed the morsel in his mouth, he was suddenly filled with a sense of happiness and a faint smile subconsciously appeared on his lips. His chest was filled with uncontrollable joy.

This dumpling was actually affecting his mood. After eating the dumpling, his chest was filled with numerous and diverse emotions like the colors of a rainbow and then finally stopped at joy.

Ji Chengxue was not surprised that the dumpling did not contain even the slightest spirit energy since Bu Fang only used ordinary ingredients. However... the texture of the dumpling's skin greatly astonished him.

The soft, tender, and flavorful skin of the dumpling felt extremely smooth in his mouth like a breeze brushing past...

Ji Chengxue was unable hold back any longer. He swallowed the remaining half of the dumpling in one bite and blissfully savored the taste.

After finishing a dumpling, Ji Chengxue lifted up the blue and white porcelain bowl. He blew into the bowl before drinking a mouthful of the soup with a slurping sound. The soup appeared extremely clear but the taste was not bland. On the contrary, it was savory like seafood soup.

Drinking a mouthful of soup after eating a dumpling was giving him a warm and fuzzy feeling in this cold winter.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang was adding the wrapped crescent moon dumplings into the wok while swiftly scooping up the dumplings floating on the surface. Every blue and white porcelain bowl was given three dumplings with chopped up green onions sprinkled over them. It was simple and satisfying.

The eunuchs served the Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings to the imperial court's high ranking officials and allowed them to have a taste as well.

As each of them took a bite of the crescent moon dumplings, they were astonished by the rainbow-colored fragrance and mystified by the stream of fragrance that gushed into their faces. It was simply... too beautiful.

Furthermore, the taste of the dumplings was beyond their expectations. It was so delicious that they almost swallowed their own tongues. Blissful and joyous expressions appeared on every one of their faces.

It was a dish that delighted people.

Finally, it was the turn of the commoners. They were already feeling somewhat impatient. When they saw the blissful expressions on the faces of the high ranking officials, they were already close to their limits. Just what sort of dish could make them feel so happy?

All of the commoners that received their Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings were eager to have a taste of the dish. As they took a bite of the dumplings, the rainbow-colored fragrance gushed out and enveloped them.

The rich fragrance pervaded the air and filled the entire place. Everyone could not help but fiercely sniff the air. The craving in their hearts were teased to the point of being uncontrollable.

As an old couple took a bite of their dumplings, joyous expressions appeared on their faces and they felt as if they had suddenly became much younger.

"Old woman, have a taste of this. This dish... is really delicious." The old man scooped up a crescent moon dumpling with his spoon and held it in front of the old granny next to him with a face full of smiles.

The old granny immediately laughed in embarrassment and rolled her eyes at the old man but still took a bite at the dumpling. A warm feeling was spreading in their chests.

As the two elderly people with graying hair ate their dumplings, a feeling of happiness was being spread around them.

A young man was eating a crescent moon dumpling while his wife sat next to him. The two of them were at odds with each other due to a trivial matter and were currently at the stage of ignoring each other.

The wife's serving of crescent moon dumplings was still not served yet, so she was looking at her husband who was heartily eating his dumplings from the corner of her eye and getting angrier by the minute.

Suddenly, she was slightly startled when a white porcelain spoon with a steaming dumpling on top was thrusted in front of her.

She turned her head and found her husband looking at her with a gentle expression on his face.

"Hehe, dear, have a bite as well. It's really delicious... There seems to be something magical about this dish!" the husband said with a soft laugh as he brought the dumpling to his wife's lips.

The wife was feeling exasperated a moment ago but her resentment disappeared in that instant. Her pretty face flushed with redness as she shyly took a bite at the dumpling. A rainbow-colored fragrance gushed out and caused her face to be filled with euphoria.

The wife ate half the dumpling and then her husband ate the rest of the dumpling in a single bite. The redness on her face immediately became brighter. She pinched her husband's arm and bashfully said, "What're you doing, there's so many people here! How embarrassing!"

Similar scenes continued to occur in the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. Every single person that tasted the Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings would be filled with happiness. Furthermore, young couples who were previously quarrelling would be reconciled with each other.

The charm of the dumplings made everyone exude joyful emotions and increased the festive mood even more.

"Why is it not our turn yet?! It's too slow!"

Some of the more impatient commoners even left their seats and started heading in Bu Fang's direction.

With someone taking the lead, more and more people followed suit and left their seats. The order of the scene became somewhat chaotic all of a sudden.

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows together as he expressionlessly watched the crowd of people charging toward him.

Meanwhile, above the high platform, Ji Chengxue had already eaten the three dumplings in his bowl and even the soup was drank without leaving a single drop. He felt extremely satisfied as he put down the bowl and let out a breath of hot air.

"Stop them, let them return to their seats and obediently wait. Otherwise, all of their qualifications will be cancelled and they'll be driven out," Ji Chengxue mildly said to the eunuch standing nearby as he gave the somewhat disorderly scene below a glance.

The eunuch relayed the command and numerous guards in armor immediately appeared to restore the order.

These commoners did not dare to disobey the emperor's will. They could only sit down on their seats and endure their cravings as they waited in anticipation for Bu Fang's dumplings.

Chef Jin's complexion became deathly pale and his bald head seemed to appear extremely dim under the sunlight...

"How is this happening? Why is this happening? How could he make such a delicious dish with only ordinary ingredients?" Chef Jin was beside oneself. The reaction of the crowd and Ji Chengxue's satisfied expression had no doubt told him that Bu Fang's Rainbow-colored Crescent Moon Dumplings had completely trounced his Four Happiness Meatballs.

This was practically a bolt from the blue for Chef Jin, who had always been a proud person. He boasted in front of the other chefs that Owner Bu was only a cook that got lucky and there was no need to be wary of him. However, the result had just mercilessly slapped him in the face. He was slapped so badly that even his bald head became extremely dim.

"I... don't believe this!" Chef Jin suddenly became somewhat agitated. He actually let go of the meatball in his hands and intended to walk toward Bu Fang.

"Chef Jin... Please complete your dish, you're not allowed to walk around without permission." The eunuch said in a high-pitched voice as he hurriedly stopped Chef Jin from leaving and caused the latter to become clear-headed.

Chef Jin took in a deep breath and meaningfully gave Bu Fang, who was methodically kneading his dumplings, a glance before letting out a snort.


The sizzling sound of oil dripping into an open fire travelled into Chef Jin's ears and slightly startled him. He turned and looked toward a particular spot somewhere nearby.

His pupils constricted once more as he sucked in a breath of cold air.

The two brothers, Ah Lu and Ah Wei, were finished with their dishes as well... However, the visual effect was simply too shocking.

On top of Ah Lu's cooking stove, a gigantic metal rod was vertically standing there instead of a wok. The metal rod was piercing through a gigantic piece of aromatic roasted meat.

Glistening droplets of oil was continuously seeping through the surface of the meat and produced sizzling sounds as they dripped into the fire underneath the cooking stove.

Next to Ah Lu, Ah Wei had also finished his dish as well... His dish was also roast meat but he used a different cooking method from his brother.

Ah Wei was holding onto multiple skewers in each hand and each of the skewers was piercing through a small spirit beast covered in glistening oil.