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 Chapter 143: The Thousand Wrapped Silk Year Cake

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"Does it taste good?" Xiao Yanyu nervously asked. The light in her eyes became brighter as she watched Bu Fang take a bite of the Pineapple Jade Heart Cake.

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows together. As he savored the flavor of this pineapple cake that tasted slightly odd, a hint of strangeness appeared on his face... He thought, "Was this really made by the same person? The difference in the taste is a little too wide..."

"This... doesn't taste too good. It's too sweet. Furthermore, the fillings became too hard after being steamed for too long. Moreover..."

Bu Fang subconsciously began pointing out the flaws. His attitude toward food was serious. Therefore, he would talk non-stop once he started giving his assessment.

Xiao Xiaolong and Ouyang Xiaoyi were dumbfounded and the corners of their lips twitched as they watched Bu Fang become more and more enthusiastic as he continued with his assessment..

"Stop eating then! Since it's so awful!" Xiao Yanyu's pretty face flushed red in an instant and a dark cloud-like redness appeared on her cheeks. She was incomparably beautiful when she looked both angry and embarrassed.

She snatched the Pineapple Jade Heart Cake back and placed it back into the lunch box in a fit of pique.

Bu Fang was bewildered. He thought, "What's going on? Was there something wrong with my assessment? There shouldn't be... This pineapple cake is really awful-tasting. It's obviously made by a beginner."

It was not on the same level as the pastries from before...

"Oh... Not on the same level?" Bu Fang thought and went into a daze for a moment before his gaze subconsciously landed on Xiao Yanyu. He immediately noticed her eyes were filled with resentment.

Bu Fang was not a fool and soon understood what was going on. This pineapple cake was definitely made by Xiao Yanyu and not her mother... This would also explain why there was a large difference in the flavor.

When Xiao Xiaolong and Ouyang Xiaoyi saw the somewhat embarrassed expression on Bu Fang's face under Xiao Yanyu's sulking stare, they could no longer endure it and burst out laughing.

"Owner Bu, it's rare for my elder sister to cook something and you actually criticized the pastries that she elaborately prepared to the point where they sound completely worthless. You've really offended my sister this time round," Xiao Xiaolong said with a laugh.

Bu Fang pursed his lips. The pineapple cake was indeed awful-tasting. Even though it was made by Xiao Yanyu, he was not accustomed to flattering others...

However, the fact that the three of them would visit him on this night warmed his formerly lonely heart. He felt that he needed to do something to express his gratitude.

"How about cooking some dishes for them?" Bu Fang thought before he shook his head and then tossed this idea out of his mind. The three of them frequently patronized his store and thus were well acquainted with his dishes. Therefore, cooking the store's dishes would not be sincere enough.

"Tonight is the night before the Spring Festival, which has the same meaning as New Year's Eve on Earth," Bu Fang thought for a moment before he got up from his seat and headed toward the interior of the store.

"Give me a moment, I'll prepare something to celebrate tonight," Bu Fang said as he headed toward the kitchen.

Owner Bu was going to cook something for them? The eyes of Xiao Yanyu, Xiao Xiaolong, and Ouyang Xiaoyi all lit up.

Bu Fang's culinary skill was, needless to say, extraordinary, and the dishes he cooked were unforgettable. For the first time ever, he was offering to cook for them... They were immediately filled with expectation.

After waiting for a short while, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen with a large basin in his hand.

The three of them were immediately perplexed. What was Owner Bu planning to do?

Bu Fang did not dispel their doubts and instead placed the large basin in front of them.

The weight of the basin was evidently not light and the basin was also filled with glutinous rice flour. This rice flour was crystal-clear and looked like crystal powder.

Bu Fang poured boiling spirit spring water into the basin and then used his hand to stir the mixture.

"Owner Bu, what are you planning to make?" Xiao Xiaolong asked as he puzzledly looked at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang gave him a glance and said, "Don't say anything, just watch."

Thereafter, as Bu Fang raised his fist, true energy surged forth from his dantian and enveloped his hand like a glove.

Bang! A loud noise rang out as Bu Fang's fist swiftly smashed into the eddy inside of the basin. With Bu Fang's precise control over his true energy, the eddy trembled for a moment.

Bu Fang pulled his fist back and then it smashed downward once more. A loud noise rang out like the sound of a breaking mirror.

The three of them were astounded as they watched Bu Fang's violent and fierce actions. They thought, "Is he really making food? Are you sure he's not venting his anger? Just imagine if those fists were landing on a person's body..."

After an unknown amount of punches, Bu Fang's actions gradually became less wild and even became slightly gentle. Although every punch would still produce a thunderous noise.

"This... Good heavens!" Xiao Xiaolong cried out in astonishment as he stared at Bu Fang's fist that was enveloped with true energy. He saw white silk-like threads attached to Bu Fang's true energy.

As Bu Fang raised his hand, numerous threads were connected to his fist. Each and every thread was glossy and even thinner and softer than the finest silk.


After the final punch landed, Bu Fang stopped moving and dispersed his true energy. He raised his fist and the threads stuck on it disappeared as well. The three of them of immediately looked into the basin in curiosity and saw a large piece of crystal-clear glutinous rice block that was still emitting steam.

Even though there was no trace of any fragrance, the three of them could not help but swallow their saliva...

"Smelly boss... This is a dish made using your fist? Is it edible?" Ouyang Xiaoyi asked.

"It's edible, but it'll be even tastier after processing," Bu Fang said. "You can actually try making it at home yourself, as long as you can control your true energy well enough."

"What's the name of this food?" Xiao Yanyu's melodious voice rang out.

"Thousand Wrapped Silk Year Cake," Bu Fang replied.

Thereafter, Bu Fang raised his hand and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared. After twirling it around, he sliced the year cake into four equal pieces.

Back in the kitchen, Bu Fang placed them onto a blue and white porcelain plate before letting it steam in a bamboo steamer.

"Come in," Bu Fang yelled toward the three who were still sitting at the entrance.

The three of them immediately came into the store in excitement and saw the Thousand Wrapped Silk Year Cake placed on the table.

Its appearance was plain and simple. The three of them could not tell what was so different about it.

However, the smell was...The rich fragrance of the glutinous rice was accompanied with a sweet aroma and lingered around the tip of their noses like silk.

The sweetness was not sickly sweet and not faint either. It aroused their appetite in a just nice manner and made them salivate without even noticing.

"Have a try. This year cake should be eaten on the night before the Spring Festival to wish for steady improvements in the coming new year," Bu Fang said.

The ingredients used for the Thousand Wrapped Silk Year Cake was specially bought by Bu Fang from the system and paid for using his crystals. However, Bu Fang did not care about that.

The sentiment behind their visit was not something that mere crystals could compare with. The only way he could express his gratitude was cooking for them.

Xiao Yanyu gracefully picked up a Thousand Wrapped Silk Year Cake with her chopsticks. Her glossy lips softly parted and revealed her pearly white teeth as she gently took a bite.

Thereafter, Xiao Yanyu's beautiful eyes widened and were filled with incredulity.

So, the so-called Thousand Wrapped Silk... was truly a Thousand Wrapped Silk!