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 Chapter 140: He's Treating Them to a Meal? What a Nouveau Riche!

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Don don don!

The ground was shaking as if a gigantic creature was passing through and the three barbarians of Ouyang appeared in front of Bu Fang with their large bodies.

"Leave some space for your father! Who told you to stand so closely together?!"

Behind them, an exasperated shout sounded out. Thereafter, Ouyang Zhen and Ouyang Wu scratched their heads in embarrassment and moved sideways, letting a figure squeeze through from between them.

"You brats, have you been eating so much that you're suffering from indigestion? Why are you all so fat! When we get back, I am going to triple your training volume!" Ouyang Zongheng shouted as he pointed at the three barbarians of Ouyang with a sour expression, nearly spraying saliva all over their faces.

The three barbarians of Ouyang wiped their faces and awkwardly laughed. However, when they heard their training volume was going to triple, their expressions immediately turned sour and they were somewhat speechless. How was their bodies considered fat... They had already trained to a point where only muscles were left!

"Dad! What are you doing! Owner Bu is watching you!" Ouyang Xiaoyi's unsatisfied voice rang out. Ouyang Zongheng's expression immediately made a hundred and eighty degree turn and he moved closer to Ouyang Xiaoyi with a face full of smiles.

"My obedient daughter, daddy is teaching decorum to your elder brothers. The things you said before, daddy has memorized them!"

After seeing Ouyang Zongheng continuously nod his head, only then did Ouyang Xiaoyi let out a snort. She looked toward Bu Fang and cheerfully said, "Owner Bu, let me introduce you. This is my dad, a great general of the empire! He's formidable just like Uncle Xiao!"

As Ouyang Xiaoyi introduced Ouyang Zongheng, a solemn expression immediately appeared on his face. He stuck his chest out and nodded toward Bu Fang with his head held high.

Bu Fang expressionlessly looked at him. He raised the steaming cup of water in his hand and took a small sip before he softly replied, "Oh."

Ouyang Zongheng's face immediately stiffened. He thought, "This rascal... He's as conceited as in the rumors!"

"This is my first mom, second mom, third mom... sixth mom!" Ouyang Xiaoyi said as she one by one dragged over several elegant ladies. Seeing her cheerful appearance, Bu Fang broke into a grin and nodded toward them.

"These are my three foolish brothers, I don't think an introduction is needed."

As for the three barbarians of Ouyang... Ouyang Xiaoyi directly skipped past them because Bu Fang was actually quite familiar with them.

"Owner Bu," the three barbarians of Ouyang said as they solemnly performed a fist and palm salute toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang stood up from his chair and nodded before beckoning them to enter the store. The freezing weather outside was not suitable for staying out.

"Xiaoyi, why have you brought so many people?" Bu Fang puzzledly asked.

"Dad said he wanted to discuss something with you. As for my moms, they're here to eat delicious food. Dad said he's treating them!" Ouyang Xiaoyi excitedly said. She looked very adorable with her rosy cheeks and eyes glittering like gemstones.

"He's treating them?" Bu Fang was surprised for a moment and then he gave Ouyang Zongheng an odd glance. "He... Can he afford it?"

"Then, come right in. If you're looking to order something, the menu is right behind you. Xiaoyi, you should accompany your parents today," Bu Fang said and then headed toward the kitchen.

Ouyang Zongheng wanted to say something as he watched Bu Fang's back figure but became hesitant. He thought, "Forget it, I'll wait after we're done eating. Let's taste the flavor of his dishes first, see whether they're as delicious as in the rumors and whether he's worthy enough for me to personally invite."

When Ouyang Zongheng turned around to look at the menu, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

He suddenly recalled that every single dish in the black-hearted store was shockingly expensive. He thought, "Did I hit myself on the head or something? Why did I promise Xiaoyi that I would treat everyone to a meal!"

As he looked at the row of prices that were using crystals as the currency, Ouyang Zongheng's heart was dripping with blood and both of his hands were trembling. He thought, " These women better go easy on me, I only have a little bit of secret stash left. "

"Xiaoyi, which dish is the most delicious?" Xiaoyi's first mom moved next to her and asked with a smile.

Ouyang Xiaoyi pointed at the menu and said, "Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs!"

Ouyang Zongheng's lips trembled for a moment and his nostrils widened. He felt as if Ouyang Xiaoyi had just ripped apart his heart with a dagger while letting out a high-pitched laughter... Fifty crystals disappeared just like that.

"Xiaoyi, tell your second mom. Which dish is the most delicious?" Xiaoyi's second mom asked with a smile as she dotingly pinched Xiaoyi's rosy cheeks.

Ouyang Xiaoyi pointed at the menu and said, "Red Braised Meat!"

The corners of Ouyang Zongheng mouth twitched and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. He thought, "Red Braised Meat... That costs a hundred crystals per serving! This brat, why are you only choosing the expensive dishes! Could you not sabotage your father like that?"

The Xiaoyi's others moms came over as well and let her recommend dishes to them. Ouyang Xiaoyi pointed at the menu and one by one recommended all of the expensive dishes.

Ouyang Zongheng had already collapsed weakly on his chair. His eyes as he watched Ouyang Xiaoyi... were already devoid of life.

At this rate, they were going to spend all of his secret stash!

"Dad? Aren't you going to order something?" Ouyang Xiaoyi charmingly asked as she puzzledly looked at her father who was looking back at her with a resentful expression. Thereafter, her eyes narrowed into adorable crescent moons and she asked with a smile, "Do you need me to help you order as well?"

"No, give me a serving of... erm, Dry-Mixed Noodles is fine, dad isn't a picky eater," Ouyang Zongheng seriously said after hurriedly sitting up.

The three barbarians of Ouyang were much more simple. They were satisfied after ordering a serving of Lees Fish and a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

When Ouyang Xiaoyi cheerfully relayed all of the orders to Bu Fang, even he was slightly surprised. As he looked toward Ouyang Zongheng who was sitting up straight, he thought, "What a nouveau riche!"

After a short while, a rich fragrance wafted out from the kitchen. The aroma of the dishes captivated Ouyang Zongheng and his family, who came to Bu Fang's store for the first time.

Ouyang Zongheng's wives were already extremely excited by this fragrance.

As the saying goes, if one wished to capture the heart of a woman, they should start with their stomach. Before Bu Fang's dishes were even served, the fragrance alone had already enthralled the wives of Ouyang Zongheng.

"This is your Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, please enjoy your meal." Bu Fang did not call Ouyang Xiaoyi to serve the dish. Instead, he slowly walked out of the kitchen while carrying a celadon plate and placed the dish before Xiaoyi's first mom.

Xiaoyi's first mom was already fascinated by the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. The amber-colored dish seemed to possess some sort of magic that caused Xiaoyi's first mom to continuously swallow her saliva and even toss away her usual modesty.

After a piece of Sweet 'n' Sour Rib entered her mouth, Xiaoyi's first mom was completely captivated by the meat's flavor.

Ouyang Zongheng was filled with craving as he watched his wife and could not bear it any longer. He gave the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs a glance and reached his hand out to grab a piece of rib.


"Who told you to touch my Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs! If you want to eat, order it yourself! Shame on you!" Xiaoyi's first mom slapped away Ouyang Zongheng's secretly outstretched hand with a furious expression on her face.

Thereafter, she dragged the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs into her embrace like she was protecting her children.

Ouyang Zongheng expressionlessly thought, "What do you mean by order it myself... If I still have any money left, I would definitely order two servings. I'd have one myself and... oh, feed the other serving to a dog!"

Subsequently, Bu Fang served the dishes one after another. The overwhelming fragrant dishes had almost completely changed Ouyang Zongheng's concept of smell. He thought, "How could such an aroma exist in this world?"

Unfortunately, he could only smell the aroma.

Finally, it was the turn for his dish to be served. Ouyang Zongheng was extremely melancholic and felt as if two streams of tears were going to flow down his face.

"Here's your Dry-Mixed Noodles, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang said.

Ouyang Zongheng's eyes were devoid of life as he expressionlessly looked at the bowl of completely dry noodles in front of him.