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 Chapter 137: Your Highness, I Brought Our Brothers to Root for You

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Ni Yan was high above in the air, outside the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. She was bewildered as she stared at Bu Fang, who became the crux of the magic array, with her mouth wide open.

"How was Owner Bu able to activate the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array? This doesn't make sense at all! This magic array is among the top five within our sect's records. Even if we ignore the complexity of the magic array, controlling it shouldn't be possible for most people without acquiring the proper knowledge.

"The imperial family of the Light Wind Empire has records of this magic array's control method and every generation of emperor would study them carefully. Therefore, Emperor Changfeng was able to use the magic array. However... why the hell is Owner Bu capable of controlling this magic array as well?"

Ni Yan's expression was odd as she stared at Bu Fang's figure inside the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. Multiple pieces of jade appeared in her hand and she started to divine the reason by fiddling with them... Thereafter, she understood what was going on.

The cause of everything was the kitchen knife that underwent a dramatic change in appearance in Bu Fang's hand.

Ni Yan sucked in a breath of cold air and exclaimed in her mind... A semi-divine tool made from dragon bones!

Furthermore, it was not made from ordinary dragon bones. The magic array was actually activated by the aura of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and automatically appointed the knife as its crux. As a result, the owner of the kitchen knife, Bu Fang, logically obtained the qualification to control the magic array.

Up to this point, Ni Yan had no more words for the current situation. She could only click her tongue in wonder and envy Bu Fang for owning a semi-divine tool.


Zhao Musheng swallowed his saliva as he gazed at the massive head of the divine dragon. The immense draconic aura made him feel as if he had fallen into a swamp.

He could not understand why the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array, which he already destroyed, was suddenly reactivated. Furthermore, the person controlling it became a young man who was holding a kitchen knife. Even though he did not want to admit it, the kitchen knife Bu Fang was holding was somewhat magical.

Even though the large kitchen knife still possessed the appearance of a kitchen knife, it was giving him an astonishing impression at first glance.

"Now... Do you still want to resolve the problem with violence?" Bu Fang asked with a smile.

As true energy slowly circulated within Zhao Musheng's dantian, the draconic aura that was suppressing him to the point where breathing was somewhat difficult quietly dissipated. He narrowed his eyes at Bu Fang.

As an expert from the Buddhist sect, the Mahayana Island, Zhao Musheng knew the rarity and value of the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit very well. It was a spirit fruit that could help a sixth grade Battle-Emperor become a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

He was obviously reluctant to surrender the fruit just like that.

Holding the Path-Understanding Fruit on one hand, it started to slowly rotate within the dense amount of true energy and emanate a rich fruity fragrance.

"You're not someone from the imperial family. So what if you can activate this magic array? You don't know how to control it at all, there's nothing you can do to stop me," Zhao Musheng said with a sneer as he tapped the ground with his toes. He rose up into the air and started heading outside of the magic array.

Xiao Meng's eyebrows were knitted together. He was planning to intervene. He could not allow Zhao Musheng to take away those three treasures. Otherwise, how was the Light Wind Empire going to uphold its dignity in the future?

However, just when Xiao Meng was about to intervene, from the corner of his eye he saw a smile appear on Bu Fang's lips.

"This expression..." Xiao Meng thought as he raised his eyebrows. The true energy surging within his body calmed down once more. Evidently, Owner Bu was not going to let Zhao Musheng escape so easily.

"Who told you that I can't control this magic array?" Bu Fang asked as he wielded the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife that appeared to be cast from gold and pointed it toward Zhao Musheng.

As he exerted his will, a draconic roar sounded out and the entire magic array brightly lit up as if waking up in that instant.

The divine dragon simulacrum reached its claw toward Zhao Musheng who was walking in mid air.


With a snort, Zhao Musheng fully released the aura of a seventh grade Battle-Saint. Forming a mudra with one hand, he started chanting a profound sutra. Behind him, a gigantic simulacrum of a Buddha slowly materialized.

Secret technique of the Mahayana Island, the Arhat's Finger.

The simulacrum of a Buddha pointed a finger toward the dragon claw. The air seemed to be boiling as the two attacks collided together in the air, and then... there was nothing after that.

Everyone watched in astonishment as Zhao Musheng's Arhat was directly smashed into pieces by the dragon claw and a loud explosion rang out, as if a balloon was popped.

Zhao Musheng violently vomited out a mouthful of blood and his body fell to the ground like a withered leaf.

The Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was caught in mid fall by the divine dragon simulacrum and handed over to Bu Fang.

After receiving the Path-Understanding Fruit from the dragon's mouth, Bu Fang experienced a sense of dizziness. The true energy within his body was nearly depleted and the light on the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife had grew dimmer as well. Thereafter, the splendid kitchen knife turned back into a pitch-black knife once more.

Controlling the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array consumed Bu Fang's true energy as well. With the feeble true energy of a fourth grade Battle-Saint, he could only control the divine dragon simulacrum to perform a single attack. Bu Fang was rejoicing inwardly as well. Fortunately for him, Zhao Musheng actually chose to meet his attack head-on.

If Zhao Musheng had not chosen to meet his attack head-on and decided to dodge the attack, he might have discovered in the very next moment that Bu Fang was putting on a false front.

"But... Who cares! In any case, I've obtained the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. With this, I have the main ingredient for the wine," Bu Fang thought. He had already thought up a name for the wine. He decided to call it the "Three Stripes Path-Understanding Wine".

"Hmm?" Bu Fang pondered for a moment as if something was wrong. "Forget it, I'll just use this name for now."


Zhao Musheng spat out a mouthful of blood and staggered to his feet. His complexion was a waxy yellow and his breathing was irregular. He actually suffered defeat in the hands of a fourth grade Battle-Spirit who provoked him with a kitchen knife...

He was bewildered, he felt regret, and he harbored doubts about his own life.

However, he was an expert from a Buddhist sect after all and his mind calmed down after a short while. When he saw Bu Fang's weakened appearance, he immediately understood... He thought, "This fellow could only activate one attack using the magic array. After that attack, his true energy will be drained and he'll be extremely feeble.

"Even Emperor Changfeng had to gather so many treasures as well as utilize Chief Eunuch Lian's true energy as support in order to control the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array, how could a mere fourth grade Battle-Spirit have that sort of assets?"

"Good... Very good! You're Owner Bu, correct? I, Zhao Musheng, have committed you to memory!"

Zhao Musheng steadied his body and stared closely at Bu Fang. Thereafter, he gave a smile before turning around and then forcibly circulated the true energy within his body. He was planning to escape.

It was unwise for him to stay there any longer. If he did not leave immediately, he might not be able to leave any more.

"Zhao Musheng, you old thief! Where do you think you're going!" Xiao Meng glared daggers at Zhao Musheng as the aura of a seventh grade Battle-Saint erupted. With a single step, he rose into the air and charged toward Zhao Musheng.

However, just as he took off from the ground, Zhao Musheng turned around and threw a stone as black as ink toward him. That stone appeared to be warping the air and also seemed to possess a magical power that was completely attracting Xiao Meng's attention.


The aura of immense amount of spirits burst forth from the stone and untold sounds of wailing could be heard.

Xiao Meng's expression immediately changed and he hurriedly suppressed the stone. If the grudgeful spirits escaped from the Departed Soul Orb, it would definitely be disastrous for the imperial city.

At the same time, Zhao Musheng made use of this opportunity to swiftly escape.

"Till we meet again... Owner Bu, next time, I will definitely pay a visit to your store!" Zhao Musheng's voice rang out from afar and then his figure disappeared into the distance.

After Zhao Musheng left, the sound of armor rattling rang out from outside the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. A man with a full beard whose entire body was wrapped in bandages limped into the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, wearing only half of his armor.

"Your Highness, I brought our brothers to root for you!"

The man with a full beard unclearly shouted. His appearance was so comical that Ji Chengxue did not know whether to laugh or cry. However, when he saw that the man with a full beard was still alive, he breathed a sigh of relief inside.

In a distance, Bu Fang kept his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and slowly headed toward Ji Chengxue with the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit in his hand.