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 Chapter 136: Why Is Owner Bu So Adorable?

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"There, I want to borrow that fruit in your hand," Bu Fang seriously said with an extremely solemn expression.

At that moment, the Gate of Heavenly Mystery was very quiet with the sound of the wind whistling in the background. Therefore, Bu Fang's words were clearly heard by everyone there even though his voice was not loud.

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong grimaced in embarrassment for Bu Fang. They did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Even though the mood was so serious, he actually came over to borrow the fruit... Furthermore, he's even trying to borrow a seventh grade spirit fruit. Does he really think the other party is an idiot?"

Xiao Xiaolong wanted to make a sarcastic comment. However, when he saw that serious expression on Bu Fang's face, he was unable to find the words to say... He thought, "Owner Bu might really be here to borrow the fruit."

The aura emanating from Xiao Meng subsided as he gravely looked at Bu Fang. He thought, "What is Owner Bu doing here? He's alone? Where's the ninth grade supreme beast and the strange puppet? He didn't bring them along?"

Without the supreme beast and the strange puppet, Bu Fang would be powerless because he was only a fourth grade Battle-Spirit. Almost every single person here could easily crush him. If that was the case, where did he find the courage to ask Zhao Musheng for the fruit?

Zhao Musheng uninterestedly looked at Bu Fang. He was unfamiliar with Bu Fang, but he had heard of such a person. He thought, "The owner of the black-hearted store which is being guarded by a ninth grade supreme beast?"

Zhao Musheng simply sniffed at those rumors. How could an existence like the supreme beast be guarding a store? Those person spreading the rumors exaggerated too much.

"Oh? You want to borrow the fruit in my hand? Why should I lend it to you?" Zhao Musheng asked with a faint smile on his face. As he raised his hand, the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit hovered on his palm.

A rich amount of spirit energy was leaking from the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. When Bu Fang saw this phenomenon, he was immediately overjoyed. The Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was incredible. It was indeed qualified to be the main ingredient for brewing wine.

Forcing himself to calm down, Bu Fang's face remained expressionless as he gave Zhao Musheng a glance and indifferently replied, "Why? It's not like I am borrowing from you, who are you to ask me why?"

The expression on Zhao Musheng's face stiffened and the harmonious feeling was suddenly replaced by anger from embarrassment.

Bu Fang's words were basically correct because the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit actually belonged to Emperor Changfeng. If Bu Fang wanted to borrow the fruit, he would be borrowing from Emperor Changfeng...

"Right now, the fruit is in my hand. Tell me, why should I give it to you?" Zhao Musheng let out a sneer as he gave Bu Fang a disdainful glance. Sensing that Bu Fang was merely a Battle-Spirit, he said, "How are you going to convince me with your cultivation level of a Battle-Spirit?"

Nearby, Xiao Meng was feeling somewhat nervous. Strictly speaking, Bu Fang was considered his benefactor because his elixir cuisine woke Ji Ru'Er from her coma. Therefore, he did not want to see Bu Fang getting beaten to death by an enraged Zhao Musheng.

As that dog and that puppet were not around, Xiao Meng could not figure out where Bu Fang drew his courage to stand firm against Zhao Musheng.

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows together as he seriously looked at Zhao Musheng. "I don't like fighting.

"However, if necessary, I don't mind using violence to resolve problems."

Thereafter, he raised his hand and the image on his wrist suddenly flashed. As a wisp of green smoke encircled his hand, a pitch-black kitchen knife appeared.

Both Zhao Musheng and Xiao Meng were stunned. Even Ji Chengxue, who had just recovered from his surprise, went into a daze as well.

Could you imagine the hilarious feeling when a fourth grade Battle-Spirit holding a kitchen knife said that he would resolve the problem with violence when facing a seventh grade Battle-Saint?

Up in the air, outside of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, Ni Yan could not help but burst into laughter as she watched this scene. She thought, " Why is Owner Bu so adorable? "

Ni Yan was amused for quite a while as she watched Bu Fang hold the kitchen knife with a serious expression as if he was provoking Zhao Musheng. She was wondering why Bu Fang would participate in this conflict and it turned out his motive was the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit.

"As expected of a chef, he's willing to risk his life for the sake of a valuable ingredient," she thought.

Suddenly, Ni Yan abruptly stopped laughing and an incredulous look appeared on her peerless face.

Her eyes widened as she looked into the distance... She saw that the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array, which had been deactivated when Zhao Musheng destroyed its crux, was actually operating again. A far more powerful wave of aura was bubbling up from underneath the imperial palace.

The aura emanating from the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array was far more frightening than before!

"What's going on?!"

Ni Yan's face was filled with bewilderment.

Inside the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, everyone was amused by the sight of a figure holding a kitchen knife. A fourth grade Battle-Spirit was challenging a seventh grade Battle-Saint... Was this not an act of suicide? The gulf of difference between them was completely insurmountable.

True energy started circulating within Xiao Meng's body once more. He was ready to save Bu Fang at any moment. He could not watch his benefactor get beaten to death by Zhao Musheng without lending a hand.

However, the scene that was about to happen was so shocking that it almost caused everyone's eyeballs to explode from shock.

Zhao Musheng viewed Bu Fang's provocation with contempt. If any Battle-Spirit was allowed to provoke a Battle-Saint without any fear of reprisal, then what would happen to the dignity of a Battle-Saint?

Therefore, Zhao Musheng's response was a single palm strike. The true energy contained within that palm strike was enough to easily erase a Battle-Spirit.

The palm strike seemed light as a feather as if he was about to squash a fly.

Bu Fang expressionlessly watched as Zhao Musheng threw out a palm strike. He raised up the kitchen knife and directed true energy from his dantian into the knife. Suddenly, a huge change occurred to the pitch-black kitchen knife.

Brilliant and dazzling rays of golden light radiated from the kitchen knife and almost illuminated the entire Gate of Heavenly Mystery. Subsequently, a distant and violent draconic roar came from within the kitchen knife.


As the draconic roar sounded out from the kitchen knife, the entire Gate of Heavenly Mystery shook for a moment as another distant draconic roar rang out.

After slicing apart Zhao Musheng's palm strike, Bu Fang hoisted the gigantic Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife over his shoulder and puzzledly scanned his surroundings... Why was there two roars?

Zhao Musheng's complexion immediately changed when he heard the draconic roar. That kitchen knife was giving him an enormous sense of danger. Furthermore, he sensed that the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array which should be deactivated... had been reactivated!

How could it be operating again? Was the crux of the magic array not Ji Changfeng's corpse? With the crux destroyed, how could the magic array be reactivated?

Zhao Musheng's complexion was somewhat unsightly as he scanned his surroundings. However, he soon discovered that the lights of the magic array were not projecting toward Ji Changfeng's coffin. Instead, they were casting on... the gigantic kitchen knife that was held by the young man before him?!

Bu Fang was in a slight daze as he let the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife rest over his shoulder. He was not startled by the magic array. Rather, he discovered that quite a bit of information had suddenly appeared in his mind. Apparently... it was the instructions to control this magic array.

Bu Fang was feeling somewhat puzzled as he expressionlessly swept his eyes over the astounded people in his surroundings. Subsequently, an idea struck him and he exerted his will according to the instructions.

The light radiating from the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife became even brighter as a burst of dazzling energy emanated from underneath Bu Fang's feet. A ferocious simulacrum of a divine dragon rose into the sky in a serpentine manner. There was a difference between this divine dragon simulacrum and Ji Changfeng's version. Bu Fang's dragon seemed to be equipped with some intelligence.

With a roar, the divine dragon climbed into the sky. Thereafter, under Bu Fang's control, the dragon lowered its head and slowly focused its eyes on Zhao Musheng.

With victory assured, Bu Fang broke into a grin and changed his carrying pose for the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. He turned to Zhao Musheng and indifferently said, "Now... do you still want to settle the problem with violence?"