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 Chapter 135: Umm... I Am Just Passing Through

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Ni Yan was standing in mid air outside the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. As she saw the divine dragon simulacrum crush the combined attack of three experts from the Heterodox sects whose cultivation levels were equivalent to seventh grade Battle-Saints, she could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. She thought, "As expected of the magic array that even our sect leader is concerned about, the capability of this Double Calamity Dragon Head Array is indeed formidable."

The enormous eyeball that was formed with jade talismans was hovering above her head and recording the battle going on in the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. In truth, she was more curious about Bu Fang who was inconspicuously loitering inside.

She was very curious about Bu Fang's aim.

However, Bu Fang had not done anything yet, so Ni Yan stopped paying attention to him and diverted all of her attention toward the divine dragon simulacrum.

The fact that the emperor had fused his consciousness with the divine dragon simulacrum could be considered resurrecting himself. However, strictly speaking, he was still deceased. Turning himself into the spirit of the magic array was just a temporary measure and he would eventually disappear. However, before dissipating, Ji Changfeng was going to eliminate all hidden troubles. Maybe this was something that he had been planning for a long time.

King Yu was kneeling on the ground. His bitterness was already long gone when that catastrophic dragon claw descended. When faced with such power, King Yu could only admit defeat.


King Yu's pupils constricted as a stream of true energy flowed into his body. He felt this foreign true energy that occupied the space above his dantian had suppressed the true energy throughout his body and the circulation had completely stopped. Emperor Changfeng had really sealed his cultivation level.

As the eyes of the divine dragon simulacrum turned toward the crown prince, his body suddenly shuddered and he was extremely frightened.

The divine dragon simulacrum stared at crown prince for a long while and then let out a sigh. Without saying anything, it turned its gaze away...

Everyone was surprised and the crown prince himself was stunned as well. "This... What's the meaning of this? Why didn't father say anything?" The crown prince was infuriated... However, he did not dare to say anything, so his expression became somewhat comical.

Suddenly, Zhao Musheng who had been standing next to the crown prince all this time made his move. As overwhelming true energy emanated from him, brilliant rays of golden light appeared around his body.

The divine dragon simulacrum turned toward him. With a draconic roar, a finely detailed dragon claw descended toward Zhao Musheng.

"Ji Changfeng... I've underestimated you. I didn't anticipate that you would actually choose to become the spirit of this magic array in order to activate it. However, with your current state, you wouldn't be able to maintain it for long..." With a carefree smile and his hands held behind his back, Zhao Musheng arrived before the divine dragon simulacrum within an instant.

He raised his hand and the aura of a seventh grade Battle-Saint instantly spread out and a Buddhist aura radiated around him, as if a golden lotus was blooming. He formed a mudra with his hand and pushed forward, aiming for the divine dragon simulacrum.

As the dragon claw and the mudra collided together, an earthshaking explosion rang out and Zhao Musheng stumbled several steps backward in the air.

On the other hand, the divine dragon simulacrum became slightly dimmer and the coffin that was wrapped in chains shook a little.

Zhao Musheng's eyes lit up. As he had expected, Ji Changfeng's Double Calamity Dragon Head Array was not the complete version. Thereafter, he took a step forward with a laugh. He appeared at the abdomen area of the simulacrum and ruthlessly threw out a palm strike, causing the divine dragon simulacrum to flicker for a moment.

"This is not the complete version of the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array after all!" Zhao Musheng said with a sneer and then spat out the essence of his blood. As he exerted all of his strength, he actually pierced through the divine dragon simulacrum. With an earthshaking draconic roar, the divine dragon simulacrum shattered with a loud noise.

At the same time, the coffin that was wrapped in chains fell onto the ground and produced a loud thud.

Within the coffin, the aura emanating from Emperor Changfeng who was sitting upright slowly subsided and then the corpse peacefully lay back down.

Zhao Musheng's body swayed for a moment and his expression became somewhat pale as well. Even though he exploited a gap and the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array itself was originally not going to last long, he still received a considerable backlash.

However, there was not even the slightest concern about his own injuries on Zhao Musheng's face. On the contrary, he was excitedly staring at the bronze coffin.

As he formed a mudra with his hand and exerted his will, three dots of bright lights flew out from the coffin.

The light faded away and revealed the appearance of the three objects: a dazzling Śarīra, an aromatic fruit with three cloud-like patterns on its round surface, and a pitch-black stone.

These three items were things that Zhao Musheng had desired for a long time. The Śarīra was an extremely precious relic left by an expert from the Mahayana Island after he passed away, while the pitch-black stone was the Death Soul Palace's semi-divine weapon, the Departed Soul Orb.

As for the fruit, it was an extremely valuable seventh grade spirit fruit, the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. If someone consumed this fruit, he would have a high chance of achieving enlightenment.

In order for Ji Changfeng to activate the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array, he had to rely on numerous treasures to provide sufficient energy. Among the many treasures, Zhao Musheng was only interested in these three objects.

Originally, Zhao Musheng was planning to help the crown prince become the emperor and control him from behind the scenes. However, with Ji Changfeng's interference, all of his plans were ruined. King Yu was demoted and the third prince after obtaining Xiao Meng's support was not someone the crown prince could defeat. Therefore, in simple terms, the conclusion was already foregone.

"Since there's no turning back, I might as well forsake all pretense and obtain some benefits before returning. At the very least... I have to bring the Śarīra." That was what Zhao Musheng thought.

As Zhao Musheng held the Śarīra in his hand, his eyes became even more benevolent as a warm feeling enveloped his body.

King Yu lost and the crown prince had lost all chances of winning. In the end, the third prince was the winner of this fight over the throne.

The magic array that had encompassed the entire Gate of Heavenly Mystery gradually dissipated and its lights faded away. Snow began to voluminously descend from the sky once more.

"Do you really think you could leave just like that?" Xiao Meng said as he looked at Zhao Musheng, who was about to leave. Zhao Musheng's identity was already revealed. Evidently, he was not only an expert from the sects, but also an extremely powerful expert from Mahayana Island.

However, even if he was an expert from the Mahayana Island, Xiao Meng would never allow him to leave so easily...

"You won't be able to stop me..." Zhao Musheng said as he serenely looked at Xiao Meng.

The corners of Xiao Meng's mouth curled up as the true energy within his body surged. He said, "How would I know without even trying?"

However, just as true energy surged out from their bodies and they were about to confront each other, a slender figure slowly walked over.

The clear footsteps were extremely conspicuous within the vast Gate of Heavenly Mystery. At least, the gaze of Zhao Musheng, Xiao Meng as well as other people were all attracted by the sound and landed on the figure who was slowly approaching.

The expression on Ji Chengxue's face suddenly became somewhat lively as he stared at the person with a look of incredulity on his face.

Xiao Meng raised his eyebrows and looked at that person in surprise.

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong were both dumbfounded...

"Owner Bu... What is he doing here?" Xiao Yanyu said, wondering whether to laugh or cry.

Zhao Musheng's expression was strange as he looked at the young man standing before him, whose cultivation level was only fourth grade Battle-Spirit. In his eyes, the young man was calm and composed as he walked toward him and actually waved at him before expressionlessly opening his mouth.

"Umm... I am just passing through. I'll leave right after I borrow something from you," Bu Fang said as he gave Zhao Musheng a glance.

Zhao Musheng was bewildered. "Borrow? Borrow what?"

Thereafter, Bu Fang raised his hand and pointed toward the fruit with three could-like patterns in Zhao Musheng's hand. He seriously said, "There, that fruit in your hand."