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 Chapter 134: King Yu's Three Crimes!

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"Abrupt Mission Suggestion: obtain the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit from the emperor's funerary objects. This is a seventh grade spirit fruit which has three stripes on it that emits three different types of fragrance at the same time. This is an excellent ingredient for brewing wine. The system recommends this as an alternative main ingredient."

Bu Fang was standing at the entrance to the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. As he took a bite of the crispy Oyster Pancake, the large and plump oyster entered his mouth and he almost swallowed his own tongue from the delicious taste. Once he finally shoved the last piece of Oyster Pancake into his mouth, the solemn voice of the system resounded within his mind.

Bu Fang was immediately startled for a moment. He had to obtain the old emperor's funerary object, the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit? Furthermore, the system recommended it as an ingredient for wine brewing?

The system's sudden announcement was completely outside of Bu Fang's expectations. Based on its contents, the system was making a suggestion using the abrupt mission.

According to Ni Yan, Dragon's Breath used over a hundred types of spirit herbs and they underwent special preparation methods before brewing. The steps of the methods were onerous and its ingredients were extravagant. It was already completely incomparable to ordinary wine. If Bu Fang wanted to brew a better wine than Dragon's Breath, he definitely had to use ingredients and brewing techniques that were more superior.

If Bu Fang had to search for the ingredients on his own, he really would be uncertain on how to proceed. The system's sudden suggestion was a boon for Bu Fang.

"As expected of the system that's assisting me to become the God of Cooking, it's so considerate and so perfect," Bu Fang thought.

As Bu Fang broke into a grin, a resonant draconic roar came from the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. An enormous simulacrum of a divine dragon nearly obscured the sky and almost filled Bu Fang's entire field of vision.

"System... Do I really have to go? I have a feeling that it's dangerous inside," Bu Fang expressionlessly asked the system.

"Young man, as someone aiming to become the God of Cooking, how could you show any fear on the path toward obtaining ingredients! For the sake of the ingredient, march on!" the system seriously encouraged him.

Bu Fang was speechless.


"All sect rebels... must die!"

The emperor's imposing voice resounded within the Gate of Heavenly Mystery and sounded deafening in the ears of everyone present. It was as if thunder had fallen from the sky and suddenly exploded.

The divine dragon simulacrum opened its mouth and actually spoke in the emperor's voice.


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air and their faces were filled with incredulity. The emperor had fallen, this was a fact. However, he used an unconventional method to come back to life. With the help from the ancient magic array within the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, he turned his consciousness into the spirit of the magic array!

As the spirit of the magic array, the emperor had absolute control over the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array!

Simply put, the current emperor possessed the dreadful might of the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array.

The astonishment on Zhao Musheng's face slowly faded as a hint of a smile appeared on his lips. He thought, "As expected of Emperor Changfeng, I've indeed underestimated him.

"However, does he really think he could wipe out all of the experts from the sects by relying on the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array? In its current state, it's only a shadow of its former self."

"Father... Is that really you?!" Ji Chengxue looked up and stared blankly at Ji Changfeng who had turned into the divine dragon simulacrum. He had a weird feeling as he listened to the familiar voice coming from the simulacrum's mouth.

"I now pronounce you as my successor. I hope you won't disappoint me," the divine dragon simulacrum indifferently said with an aloof and remote attitude that disregarded all living things.

Ji Chengxue took a deep breath and solemnly nodded.

"Why!? Father, why is he the one!"

An angry voice filled with bitterness came from a distance away. A malevolent expression as well as intense resentment appeared on King Yu's face as he questioned the divine dragon simulacrum.

He was unable to understand. He was mystified. He was unable to accept the decision! What was his father's basis for choosing Ji Chengxue, who had the least sense of presence among them, as the successor.

A bitter expression appeared on the crown prince's face as well. However, he did not ask, or to be more exact, he did not dare to ask. The current Ji Changfeng was no longer the sickly Ji Changfeng but rather the Emperor Changfeng who had turned into a divine dragon simulacrum. Within the magic array, Emperor Changfeng could take their lives with a single thought.

The divine dragon finally moved. As its enormous body swayed around, it sounded like claps of thunder. The gigantic head of the dragon turned and the dragon's eyes indifferently gave King Yu a glance before opening its mouth.

"Did I give you permission to question my decision?"

The extremely overbearing words immediately made King Yu feel as if cold water was poured upon him. His pupils constricted as an immense aura that seemed to have fallen from the sky suddenly landed on him and made him fall upon his knees.

"Conspiring with rebels from the sects is your first crime. Disrespecting me is your second crime. Attempting to murder your brother is your third crime. These three crimes will be punished together. I shall seal your cultivation level and abolish your kingship. You shall guard the imperial mausoleum for three years. Within three years, you're forbidden from stepping out of the imperial mausoleum," the divine dragon simulacrum indifferently said while hovering in the sky.

The body of King Yu who was kneeling on the ground suddenly shuddered. He raised his head with a belligerent expression on his face and angrily roared in a cracked voice, "Why!"

"King Yu!" the women from the Joyous Union Sect cried out in alarm. A distance away, the aura of Hun Qianyun suddenly trembled and his mind was filled with incredulity.

"Sealing his cultivation, abolishing his kingship, and sentencing him to guard the imperial mausoleum for three years. Isn't that equivalent to imprisonment? If this really is going to be his sentencing, King Yu would be completely ruined..."

King Yu's enraged roar and frustration resounded within the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. His voice was almost gone and his eyes were bloodshot. With his personality, it was impossible for him to accept such an end!

"Attack! Attack! Slay this dragon! I, Ji Chengyu, will not resign myself to such fate!"

Ji Chengyu started shouting. The members from the sects who stood a distance away were all somewhat hesitating.

"Hun Qianyun, did you forget what I promised you? If I don't become the emperor, none of my promises will be fulfilled!" Ji Chengyu yelled.

The eyes of Wei Xiangsi and Hun Qianyun as well as the Bone King who had just gotten up from the ground were all gleaming. They were all somewhat indecisive. In the end, they all clenched their teeth as if they made a huge decision.

Boom boom boom!

The King of Hell simulacrum appeared and Hun Qianyun's aura dramatically rose.

While shaking the Joyous Union Bells, the five women formed a strange magic array and were emanating a powerful aura.

With an eerie laughter, the Bone King turned into a malevolent skeleton once more.

Three figures whose cultivation levels were not inferior to a seventh grade Battle-Saint rose into the air and charged toward the divine dragon simulacrum.

Xiao Meng could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. Even he felt that he would definitely be severely injured if he was the one facing their combined attack.

After all, this was equivalent to the combined attack of three Battle-Saints at the same time. The power of the attack was simply too terrifying.

However, as a draconic roar sounded out, everyone subconsciously covered their ears. A squall arose and an enormous golden dragon claw suddenly descended from the sky.

The dragon claw was emanating an alarming aura as it headed directly for the members of the sects.

"Rebels from the sects, I haven't gotten even with you yet... and you still dare to intervene. Fine, it's time for you to die."

As a draconic roar sounded out, the members of the sects were smashed into the ground by the dragon claw. The entire Gate of Heavenly Mystery intensely trembled as if an earthquake was occurring.

After a long while, the cloud of dust dissipated and revealed the scene of the aftermath.

Everyone including Zhao Musheng felt a chill go up their spine. Their eyes were filled with incredulity as they fearfully looked at the divine dragon simulacrum.

King Yu was shocked and a hint of terror gradually appeared in his eyes.

Before his eyes, the experts from the Three Great Heterodox Sects were smashed into minced meat by the claw of the divine dragon simulacrum... They were completely beyond recognition.

The five enchanting beauties from the Joyous Union Sect; Hun Qianyun, the head elder of the Soul Sect; and the skeleton, Bone King, were all turned into a pile of minced meat on the ground.

As the eyes of the divine dragon simulacrum fell upon Ji Chengyu once more, an indifferent voice rang out.

"Do you still refuse to comply?"