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 Chapter 133: The Emperor's Scheme, the Double Calamity Dragon Head Array

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"Stop what you're doing!" King Yu was furious! These people from the sects actually disobeyed his order!

However, the seventh grade skeleton made of the experts from the White Bone Palace completely ignored King Yu's shouts and its skeletal hand reached out for the coffin. The hollow eye sockets of the skeleton were filled with greed and yearning.

The eight Battle-Kings that were carrying the coffin were unable to endure the aura of a seventh grade Battle-Saint and their faces suddenly went red as they fell on one knee. The bronze coffin that they were carrying dropped onto the ground with a loud noise as well.


A dull and heavy sound resounded within the entire Gate of Heavenly Mystery. Everyone's action stopped as they subconsciously looked toward the fallen coffin.

" The coffin touched the ground... The funeral is ruined?! "

The same thought flashed across everyone's mind and they could not help but have a somewhat mixed feeling. He was an outstanding emperor and yet his funeral was wrecked in the end.

King Yu's pupils constricted as anger welled up in his heart. True energy violently surged within his body as he angrily stared at that gigantic skeleton.

The aura emanating from Ji Chengxue became even stronger than before. With the help of the Phoenix Blood Herb, his cultivation level had already reached sixth grade Battle-Emperor. This was an unexpected surprise for him.

After forcing back the five women from the Joyous Union Sect with a palm strike, Ji Chengxue's expression was frosty as he shouted, "You impudent rebels!"

The gigantic skeleton was startled for a moment and then became overjoyed. With a wave of its hand, it released a powerful wave of aura that swept the eight Battle-Kings to one side.

With a single step forward, it reached the bronze coffin. Its gaze was burning with desire as it stared at the bronze coffin and its skeletal arms were even somewhat trembling.

Within the coffin, it could feel the faint aura of something that it was longing for, the Death Soul Palace's semi-divine tool... the Departed Soul Orb!

Even though the White Bone Palace was on the same level as the Death Soul Palace, they did not possess a semi-divine tool. This had always been a thorn in their flesh. After the Death Soul Palace was destroyed in one go by Xiao Meng, their semi-divine tool was brought back to the imperial city as well.

The Departed Soul Orb had the functionality of appeasing souls and even prevent decomposition. It was the best funerary object.

Since Emperor Changfeng had obtained the Departed Soul Orb, it would definitely be used as a funerary object.

Xiao Meng was fighting a distance away with a sullen expression on his face. The simulacrum of the King of Hell being controlled by Hun Qianyun before him was rather powerful, so even he would need some time in order to deal with it. He watched as the gigantic skeleton was about to touch the coffin and the coldness in his eyes became even stronger.

A loud clang rang out.

A ray of light emanating from a sword seemed to have poured down from the highest point in the sky as it rapidly flew toward the gigantic skeleton and reached its target in a flash.

With a battle cry, a simulacrum of a phoenix appeared to be hovering over Ji Chengxue as he dashed forward and threw a punch toward the gigantic skeleton.

Both Xiao Yue and Ji Chengxue made their moves at the same time and utilized their strongest attacks in order to force back the gigantic skeleton.

"Hmph! How foolish!"

The gigantic skeleton stopped moving and then turned around. Its body suddenly trembled and countless amount of bone spears flew out, thrusting toward Ji Chengxue and Xiao Yue.

The sky-rending attack by Xiao Yue was blocked. He was only a sixth grade Battle-Emperor after all. He could only land on the ground.

Ji Chengxue smashed a single bone spear into pieces with his punch and landed on the ground as well. With the difference in their cultivation level, there was no chance for them to get any closer.


The gigantic skeleton eerily smiled and then fiercely struck the coffin with its palm. Utilizing a tremendous force, it tried to pry open the coffin.

However, it soon discovered that something was wrong. Despite using all of its strength, it could not lift the coffin's lid by even a single inch!

"There's something wrong with the coffin!" Ghost fire pulsated within the eye sockets of the gigantic skeleton.

Standing a distance away, Zhao Musheng was frowning as well as he attentively stared at the coffin. Thereafter, his pupils suddenly constricted...

The lid of the coffin moved!

As everyone watched in astonishment, the coffin's lid slowly opened on its own. The eerie sound of the lid grinding against the walls of the coffin raised goosebumps all over everyone's body.

Everyone fighting within the plaza stopped moving as they looked toward the coffin in amazement.

Lian Fu's high-pitched laughter sounded out. As blood dripped from his mouth, he pinched his thumb and middle finger together and swept his gaze over the plaza. With a pause between each word, he said, "Rebels from the sects... All of you must die!"

As he finished speaking, a figure sat up within the coffin and a dreadful wave of aura surged out.


The gigantic skeleton was the closest to the coffin and suddenly felt a surging wave of aura rushing from it. It was a type of imposing aura that belonged to a ruler. It was both supreme and inviolable.

The gigantic skeleton was immediately thrown backward by the aura and directly disintegrated in mid air into chunks of bones. Its fusion technique was actually dispelled.

Zhao Musheng sucked in a breath of cold air as he stared at the figure sitting within the coffin. He thought, "Ji Changfeng... is not dead?"

"Hmm? That's wrong! There's no sign of life in this figure at all... He should be dead, but what's going on with this surging wave of energy? Furthermore... This energy is flowing into the surroundings..." Zhao Musheng muttered and then he seemed to have thought of something as his face instantly went pale. He thought, " Ji Changfeng... What an amazing plan! "

The entire Gate of Heavenly Mystery suddenly shook as the snow melted and evaporated. The stone pillar covered under a layer of snow emitted a burst of multicolored light and profound veined patterns appeared on its surface.

Everyone present was somewhat perplexed. What was going on?

"The Double Calamity Dragon Head Array... Ji Changfeng actually activated this magic array! The old man's prediction was actually right!" Ni Yan exclaimed as she watched the scene unfold while standing in mid air outside of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery.

Her primary objective for coming to the imperial city was actually for the sake of this Double Calamity Dragon Head Array, the magic array used for protecting the Light Wind Empire. When the empire was first established, the first emperor of the Light Wind Empire once depended on this magic array to eliminate over a dozen seventh grade Battle-Saints. It was a dreadful magic array that made countless sects tremble with fear.

Its fearsome might was even comparable to an eighth grade War-God!

Within the records of the Celestial Arcanum Sect, this Double Calamity Dragon Head Array could be ranked within the top five among the magic arrays.

Ni Yan was tasked by the sect leader of the Celestial Arcanum Sect to record down this Double Calamity Dragon Head Array...

With a flip of her hand, multiple jade talismans were suddenly tossed into the air. As she infused her true energy into these jade talismans, they started trembling with a rustling noise.

The jade talismans shone brightly and formed a gigantic eyeball above Ni Yan's head. That eyeball silently observed and recorded everything within the Gate of Heavenly Mystery.

Suddenly, Ni Yan's eyes became blank for a moment and she puzzledly looked toward the entrance of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery.

A slender figure suddenly entered the Gate of Heavenly and slowly headed into the battlefield.

"Owner Bu? Is he insane? There's a battle going on... What's a chef doing here?"

Rays of light soared into the sky from underneath the tiles within the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. The lights gathered in mid air and then spread in all directions, forming a gigantic energy barrier over the entire place.

The two stone pillars seemed to have come alive as they each shot out a pitch-black chain toward the bronze coffin. The chains coiled around the coffin and suspended the coffin in mid air.

Thereafter, an endless amount of energy formed a vast magic array with the coffin acting as the center.

With a draconic roar, a gigantic simulacrum of a divine dragon flew out from the magic array and proudly hovered above the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. Energy continuously leaked out from its slightly open mouth.

"I've been conquering sects for so many years and countless amount of experts have died in my hands. How could you dare to dishonor me on my funeral? Even if I have fallen, I am still not someone the likes of you can humiliate. Therefore, all of the sect rebels within the Gate of Heavenly Mystery must die."