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 Chapter 132: The Sects Are Trying to Create Trouble

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When Bu Fang got up from bed and arrived in the kitchen, Ji Chengxue had already left. After swallowing half of the Phoenix Blood Herb, he managed to overcome death and survived. Bu Fang was glad that the herb was not wasted.

The melodious ringing of a bell with a touch of sorrow and melancholy came through the window. That was when Bu Fang remembered that today seemed to be the day of the old emperor's funeral.

After hesitating for a moment, Bu Fang finally decided to head toward the Gate of Heavenly Mystery to have a look. After all, he had a pretty good impression of the old emperor. He was not only a good emperor but also a gluttonous one.

After deep-frying two Oyster Pancakes for breakfast, Bu Fang put on a fur overcoat and walked out of the store. He hung a sign on one of the boards at the door and then headed toward the Gate of Heavenly Mystery.

Heavy snow was still falling from the sky in a graceful manner, like a beautiful painting.

Bu Fang took out a steaming Oyster Pancake and blew on it before taking a bite. As his teeth broke through its crispy crust, a rich fragrance spread into the surroundings and made him feel even hungrier.

Bu Fang ate the Oyster Pancake as he walked along and soon reached the entrance of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. A long queue had already formed and many of the citizens were standing on tiptoes, hoping to catch a glimpse of the scene inside the plaza.

Bu Fang was not in a rush at all, so he joined the back of the queue. As he took a bite of the Oyster Pancake, the delicious smell was spreading into the surroundings and caused some of the citizens to focus on him.

"What is this smell... It's simply too fragrant!"

The gaze of the citizens were filled with yearning as they stared at the Oyster Pancake in Bu Fang's hand. Many of them were subconsciously attempting to lick the fragrance as their tongues ran over their lips. However, they only tasted the cold winter air.

Chomp... Bu Fang took another bite of the Oyster Pancake and expressionlessly chewed the morsel in his mouth. The people nearby were all furious. What kind of monster would eat something so fragrant early in the morning? Was he attempting to draw aggro?

Therefore, everyone around Bu Fang moved away from him and a large space soon appeared. No one wanted to get too close to Bu Fang to avoid the torture of enduring the fragrance.

Bu Fang expressionlessly scanned the crowd around him. He was somewhat perplexed as he thought, "What are these people doing?"

Since there was space in front of him, Bu Fang naturally moved forward. The moment he moved, the people around him moved away from him again. In the end, Bu Fang effortlessly reached the entrance to the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, an exceptional viewing position.

"Hmm? He left so fast, so this is where he ran off to," Bu Fang thought as he took a bite of the Oyster Pancake and watched the confrontation between the three princes in front of the Main Hall.

Ji Chengxue's temperament had completely changed. After all, he survived a life and death situation which caused a huge change in his mental state. Previously, whenever he faced his elder brothers, he would behave in a somewhat timid manner. However, he was now calm and composed. Furthermore, his gaze even slightly intimidated them.

"I am the successor. I'll receive the coffin," Ji Chengxue mockingly said as he gave them a glance.

The crown prince and King Yu were both stunned for a moment and then angrily stared at Ji Chengxue... This brat actually became so arrogant!

Lian Fu nodded. He led Ji Chengxue into the Main Hall and then began the ceremony of receiving the coffin. The ceremony itself was actually not that complicated and was finished after a short while.

Up till now, receiving the coffin was the real start of the funeral.

The so-called receiving the coffin was a tradition passed down throughout the generations of the Light Wind Empire's imperial family. The successor would lead the funeral procession and once the coffin passed through the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, it signified that the person who received the coffin had received the approval of the deceased. This was the official succession ceremony of the throne.

This was also the reason why the crown prince and King Yu were fighting over the role of receiving the coffin.

The court musicians started playing a symphony once more. Deep within the Main Hall, eight brawny Battle-Kings who were topless slowly walked out while carrying a gigantic bronze coffin.

Their steps were extremely firm. With every step, they were causing the accumulated snow on the ground to tremble.

The coffin was made entirely from bronze and there were many mysterious and strange images engraved upon its surface. There were ancient divine beasts, exotic flowers, and all kinds of written symbols...

Ji Chengxue solemnly walked in front of the eight Battle-Kings that were carrying the coffin. His expression was solemn and respectful with a trace of severity.

With each step, white gas would gush out from the nostrils of the eight Battle-Kings. Each and every steps was firm and slow, but it was if they were stepping on the hearts of everyone.

The scene of the eight Battle-Kings carrying the coffin while walking on the plaza of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery made the spectators hold their breaths. The snow drifting down from the sky had almost stopped and the mood became extremely heavy.

Zhao Musheng narrowed his eyes at the bronze coffin and a vague light seemed to be circulating in his eyes. Even a great emperor had to rest six feet under in the end. How sorrowful it must be for a emperor that ruled over a generation.

As the funeral procession reached the middle of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, the sound of true energy surging rang out within the plaza.

King Yu's expression was frosty as he coldly stared at Ji Chengxue, who was leading the procession, and indifferently said, "If you're going to sit on the throne, I am the first one that's against it..."

Boom boom boom!

King Yu's voice was not loud but it resounded within the plaza of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. Behind him, several waves of auras surged out and multiple figures charged toward Ji Chengxue.

"How dare you!" Lian Fu furiously shouted in a voice like thunder as he stepped forward and swung his horsetail whisk.

With a bright burst of light and flashes of darkness, an extremely large simulacrum of the King of Hell suddenly appeared in the middle of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery. Spirit fire pulsated within Hun Qianyun's eyes as he endowed the power from the simulacrum on himself and his aura instantly rose. He threw a punch at Lian Fu who was charging toward him.

The collision of the two instantly created a tremendous energy shockwave. However, beyond everyone's expectations, Lian Fu's figure actually shuddered before being thrown backward while vomiting blood, and his aura plummeted.

"This is unlike Lian Fu's usual strength at all..." Xiao Meng thought as his eyebrows knitted together. Seeing that Hun Qianyun was aiming to kill Lian Fu, he could not sit and watch any longer. As his aura spread out, he stepped out as well, to obstruct Hun Qianyun.

A burst of coquettish laughter rang out as five women from the Joyous Union Sect attacked together. Their target was... Ji Chengxue.

On the other hand, the experts from the White Bone Palace targeted the eight Battle-Kings that were carrying the coffin.

King Yu's gaze turned cold as he coldly shouted, "Do not damage the coffin!"

King Yu's objective was obtaining the throne. Emperor Changfeng was his father after all. He was unwilling to do something like destroying his father's coffin.

However, the members of the White Bone Palace did not respond to his shout. This time, his expression completely changed.

"Kekeke! Emperor Changfeng destroyed countless sects throughout his life and the spoils of war he has accumulated is also innumerous. Even though I was standing far away, I could still feel the aura of the Death Soul Palace's semi-divine tool within this coffin... A semi-divine tool as a funerary object, as expected of a legendary emperor!"

The White Bone Palace's Bone King started to sneer as his gaze suddenly became fierce and the subordinates next to him all exploded. The bones that came from their bodies combined together into a gigantic white skeleton.

The aura of the skeleton was powerful and actually reached the level of a seventh grade Battle-Saint.