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 Chapter 130: I've Always Been Too Softhearted

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"What in the world?" Bu Fang thought as he suspiciously gave Ni Yan a glance and then his gaze landed on the figure lying on the ground, who was at death's doorstep. He could not help but be surprised. "Isn't this Ji Chengxue? Why is he in such a miserable state?"

After placing the cup on a table, Bu Fang helped Ji Chengxue up and Ouyang Xiaoyi hurriedly ran over to help as well. They moved Ji Chengxue onto a chair so that he could comfortably lie down.

"What happened?" After performing all of these actions, only then did Bu Fang expressionlessly look toward Ni Yan who was standing at the doorway with a frown.

"What else could have happened? This fellow was ambushed. He was lucky that I was there, otherwise he would already be long dead," Ni Yan said as she gave Ji Chengxue a glance and sympathetically shook her head.

"King Yu brought his little partners from the sects to surround Ji Chengxue, but Ji Chengxue's subordinate protected him and allowed him to escape. As a result, he ran into King Yu and was almost beaten to death. Luckily for him, Xiao Meng's appearance saved him. In the end, he was unlucky enough to run into Zhao Musheng..." Ni Yan briefly narrated Ji Chengxue's ordeal.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth twitched as he thought, "This Ji Chengxue truly is unlucky. What exactly did he do to incur so much resentment that they want to kill him so much?"

"Just what sort of outrageous deed did he commit?" Bu Fang asked once more as he gave Ji Chengxue a glance, noticing he was bleeding from all of his facial orifices.

At that moment, Ni Yan's expression became strange as well, seemingly wanting to laugh but being unable to do so. She said, "He didn't do any outrageous deeds. He only snatched the throne from both of his elder brothers that's all. The emperor's posthumous edict had just pronounced him as the successor. Therefore, he's going to be the future emperor of the Light Wind Empire... Of course, the precondition is that he has to survive first."

Bu Fang understood the situation in a flash. When Ji Chengxue, who was originally the least regarded among his brothers, unexpectedly became the successor to the throne, those brothers of his were naturally infuriated from the embarrassment. Without possessing the corresponding strength, he obtained something he should not have. This was the so-called, "Wealth leads to disaster".

"Then why did you bring him here? This is a restaurant, not a hospital," Bu Fang seriously asked as he expressionlessly looked at Ni Yan.

Ni Yan's slightly narrowed and seemingly turned into adorable crescent moons. The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile as she said, "If I send him to a hospital with his injuries, he'll be dead for sure. After getting hit by a secret technique from the Mahayama Island, even a divine doctor would have difficulty in saving him."

"Don't count on saving him with an elixir cuisine. The two types of elixir cuisine that I can cook won't be able to treat his injuries," Bu Fang replied.

Ni Yan attentively stared at Bu Fang as her rosy tongue ran over her delicate lips and she said, "Since the elixir cuisine wouldn't work... Don't you have a spirit herb? Using a seventh grade spirit herb like the Phoenix Blood Herb to treat this sort of injuries should be more than enough.

"Actually, a single section should be enough," Ni Yan said.

Bu Fang broke into a grin. As he had expected, this woman was aiming for his Phoenix Blood Herb. After coming in contact with the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, the seventh grade spirit herb Phoenix Blood Herb possessed exceptional restorative effects and was indeed the best choice for saving Ji Chengxue at that moment.

However, Bu Fang was feeling somewhat hesitant. His original intention for holding onto the Phoenix Blood Herb was for the sake of brewing a wine that could surpass the "Dragon's Breath". After all, a seventh grade spirit herb was not so easy to find.

"Isn't your objective to obtain the Phoenix Blood Herb? If I were to use the Phoenix Blood Herb to save him, wouldn't you need it anymore?" Bu Fang puzzledly asked.

Ni Yan gave him a bright smile as she pointed at Ji Chengxue and said, "It's rare for me to be able to get away from the sect, so how could my objective be just to obtain the Phoenix Blood Herb? Just use it to save him, I won't feel anguished about it. There's still quite an amount of seventh grade spirit herbs back at our sect."

Bu Fang expressionlessly thought, "You won't feel anguished... but I would."

Bu Fang could not be bothered to say anything else to this woman. His gaze landed on Ji Chengxue who was at death's doorstep. As he looked at this handsome man who was usually gentle and refined but was now on the verge of death, he could not help but let out a sigh.

"I've always been too softhearted," Bu Fang thought with a sigh.

Thereafter, he had Ouyang Xiaoyi look after Ji Chengxue while he headed toward the kitchen. In the end, he could not just watch as someone died in front of him. Even if he was the type of person who disregarded human life, he still had to help as Ji Chengxue was his longtime customer.

He took out the Phoenix Blood Herb from the cupboard. The exquisite and beautiful Phoenix Blood Herb was brownish-red like it was carved from a Carnelian stone. Due to the preservation functionality of the system's cupboard, it was still lush and filled with spirit energy.

As Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen, the fragrance of the Phoenix Blood Herb instantly spread out and the temperature within the store suddenly rose by quite a lot.

When Ni Yan saw the Phoenix Blood Herb in Bu Fang's hands, her pretty eyes suddenly lit up. It was a seventh spirit herb after all. Despite what she said earlier, even the Celestial Arcanum Sect did not have that many of them in their inventory.

On the tiny little Phoenix Blood Herb, the vibrant fire on its surface was like a phoenix that wished to ascend into the sky. Within the herb, there was an abundant amount of vitality as well as a dreadful destruction energy.

"Feed him with half of the Phoenix Blood Herb is enough. As for whether or not he will survive, it'll depend on his own fortune," Ni Yan reminded. The Phoenix Blood Herb was a seventh grade spirit herb with astonishing curative effects after all. If Ji Chengxue ate the entire herb in his current state, he would not only be unable to recover but would probably immediately explode from the destruction energy contained within the herb.

Bu Fang expressionlessly gave her a glance and nodded. A green wisp of smoke encircled his hand and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared. Without any hesitation, he used the knife on the Phoenix Blood Herb.

The cut was extremely smooth and there was not even the slightest drop in the medicinal strength of the Phoenix Blood Herb...

Ni Yan's eyes suddenly lit up brightly. As she stared at the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hands, a violent storm was raging in her heart.

With a wave of his hand, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife turned back into a wisp of green smoke and dissipated. Bu Fang walked toward Ji Chengxue and pried open his mouth. As he channeled true energy to his palm, a few droplets of juice that had a thick smell of blood immediately dripped down from the Phoenix Blood Herb.

The juice continued to drip until the portion of the Phoenix Blood Herb in Bu Fang's hand finally completely dissolved into blood and fell into Ji Chengxue's mouth.

"This should be fine, right? Hmm... There's still half of the herb left. However, I can't use it as the main ingredient anymore. Looks like I'll have to find another spirit herb that can be used to brew wine," Bu Fang muttered to himself as he stored the remaining half of the Phoenix Blood Herb into the system's storage space.

As Bu Fang turned around to face Ni Yan, he discovered the latter's eyes were filled with slight envy as she stared at his wrist.

"You actually possess a semi-divine tool..."

"Semi-divine tool?" Bu Fang was somewhat puzzled.

Ni Yan looked away with a strange feeling on her mind as she smacked her lips. Semi-divine tools were extremely rare in the Hidden Dragon Continent... Even though the Celestial Arcanum Sect collected information on everything in the world, they did not possess any information on Bu Fang's semi-divine tool.

If the kitchen knife had not turned into a wisp of green smoke and assimilated into the image on Bu Fang's wrist, Ni Yan would really be uncertain about whether that kitchen knife was a semi-divine tool or not.

"Nonetheless... A semi-divine tool that's a kitchen knife?" Ni Yan's expression became even weirder as she thought, "Just which accursed tool-making master with too much time on his hands spent valuable materials to make this?"


Just when Ni Yan and Bu Fang were both deep in thought, Ji Chengxue, who had consumed half of the Phoenix Blood Herb, suddenly let out a scream and his eyes instantly turned bloodshot as if the fire of a phoenix was blazing underneath his corneas.

The process of rising from the ashes had begun. Whether or not Ji Chengxue would be able to survive would depend on his own willpower.

Bu Fang let out a yawn. After taking a look at the sky, he turned around and drove Ni Yan out. Ouyang Xiaoyi bid her farewell with Bu Fang as well. Thereafter, he placed the door boards back in place and ended the business for the day.

Ji Chengxue continued to incessantly wail and howl in pain inside the store. That sort of heart gouging pain... Bu Fang could not understand.

Therefore, Bu Fang went into the kitchen and practiced making some dishes for a while. After he practiced his cutting and carving techniques and brewed a large vat of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, he went upstairs and washed up before going to bed.

It was especially important for him to maintain his sleep. The room's soundproofing was pretty good and he was unable to hear Ji Chengxue's screams. At least, Bu Fang fell soundly asleep after a short while.