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 Chapter 127: The Emperor's Posthumous Edict

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The dish was actually glowing!

Both Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue were dumbfounded and their attention were completely attracted by the glow and rich fragrance before them. Within the claypot, beams of light appeared to be emerging from a pupa as they filled their field of vision. It was that dazzling and eye-catching.

The light only lasted for a single breath before vanishing. Steam was rising from the claypot as if the fragrance had become visible.

Xiao Yue swallowed his saliva. He felt as if the injuries caused by Xiao Meng had all recovered in that moment and he did not feel even the slightest pain. His gaze landed on the dish contained inside the claypot.

The Amethyst Spirit Abalone Soup was not a thick soup and was different from the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup. It was not greasy but extremely refreshing instead. The soup was clear and transparent, like spring water from the mountains. Even the Sky Spirit Abalone lying at the bottom of the soup could be clearly seen.

The Sky Spirit Abalone was completely cooked. The inner flesh of the abalone was protruding from the cut and was emitting a rich fragrance. The soup did not possess even the slightest impurity, and the Amethyst Heart Orchid had completely dissolved into the soup without leaving even a trace of residue.

It was as if the Amethyst Spirit Abalone Soup was cooked using the Sky Spirit Abalone and spring water from Tian Shan alone.

Bu Fang took out a small celadon bowl and used a celadon spoon to fill the bowl with soup. The soup was extremely clear. If it was not for its fragrance, they would mistake it for a bowl of boiled water.

As Xiao Yue accepted the bowl of soup from Bu Fang, he recovered from his surprise and set his mother, who was leaning on the chair, upright. Xiao Meng came forward and took over the bowl from Xiao Yue's hand.

The calmness and composure on the face of the empire's number one expert, Xiao Meng, was already long gone. There was only carefulness and uncertainty left.

With trembling hands, Xiao Meng scooped up a spoonful of soup and slowly fed Ji Ru'Er. His heart was in his mouth as he stared at her pallid face without blinking.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up with intense brightness. He discovered that a shade of rosiness had appeared on Ji Ru'Er's pallid face after drinking a spoonful of the soup. This was something that had never happened before!

It was effective! It really was effective!

Xiao Meng was so excited that he almost spilled the bowl of soup in his hand. He hurriedly calmed himself and continued to feed the soup to Ji Ru'Er.

Spoon after spoon, he carefully fed her as if he was cherishing his most important treasure.

Bu Fang gave the two of them a glance before using a chopstick to pick up the Sky Spirit Abalone at the bottom of the claypot, and then grabbed hold of the abalone's shell. The magic array on the shell was emanating a fluorescent light and was slightly hot to the touch, and the flesh of the abalone was quivering.

A green wisp of smoke encircled his hand and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared. After twirling the kitchen knife in his hand, Bu Fang chopped the meat of the Sky Spirit Abalone into fine pieces.

"Feed her this. After absorbing the medicinal effects of the Amethyst Heart Orchid and various other spirit herbs along with the catalysis effect caused by the spirit array on the shell, the curative effect of the Sky Spirit Abalone should be much better than just drinking the soup," Bu Fang said as he passed the minced abalone to Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng gave Bu Fang a grateful glance and then fed the minced abalone into Ji Ru'Er's mouth. Ji Ru'Er had not been responding all this time, but her body suddenly shuddered. Her mouth widened and she gently breathed out a mouthful of air.

This mouthful of air contained an abundant amount of spirit energy and filled the interior of the store with a rich fragrance.

Xiao Meng became even more agitated. He excitedly watched as Ji Ru'Er's long eyelashes trembled for a moment and then her eyes slowly opened...


As the weather became colder and colder, the snowflakes became thicker and thicker. The pavement of the imperial city's Long Street was covered with snow.

Two figures were slowly proceeding on the Long Street. Ji Chengxue was wearing a white robe with a fur cloak draped over his shoulders. As he travelled within the swirling snow, a powerfully built man wearing flaxen clothing with short sleeves was walking beside him. This man had beard growing all over his face and eyes as large as copper bells.

As the two slowly walked on, they left a trail of footprints behind them.

"Your Highness, tomorrow is the late emperor's funeral, yet Chief Eunuch Lian is summoning all of the princes today. Is he going to proclaim His Majesty's posthumous edict?" the sturdy man with a full beard asked in a deep voice.

Ji Chengxue gave the man a glance and gently replied with a smile, "Perhaps, but no matter what's written in the edict... those two brothers of mine would definitely have a confrontation."

The man with a full beard looked at Ji Chengxue and suddenly asked, "Your Highness, don't you think the late emperor might have appointed you as his successor in the edict?"

When Ji Chengxue heard the question, he was suddenly stunned. He stopped walking as well and stood still on the spot. The swirling snow whizzed by and the cold wind rustled.

"That's impossible, there's no reason for him to choose me. After all... I am the son he hated the most," Ji Chengxue mildly replied in a distant voice filled with lament.

Thereafter, Ji Chengxue continued to move on and the man with a full beard silently followed him as they headed toward the majestic Main Hall.

At the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, King Yu was standing there in high spirits with a purple crown on his head and a belt inlaid with gemstones around his waist. A middle-aged man was respectfully following behind him with a fawning smile on his face. With a single glance at him, it was apparent that he was someone with a nimble mind.

This person was the Minister of Finance, Sun Qing, who was in charge of the imperial city's financial affairs.

As Ji Chengxue slowly approached from a distance, King Yu gave him a glance and the corners of his mouth widened into a sneer. He turned around before stepping into the Gate of Heavenly Mystery and headed toward the Main Hall.

The Gate of Heavenly Mystery was extremely vast and the ground of the entire plaza was covered by a layer of pure white snow. There were two obelisks with images carved upon them towering in the empty plaza and the top of the obelisks were also covered with snow. As far as the eye could see, there was only a vast expanse of whiteness.

There were eunuchs here and there at the plaza of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, clearing away the accumulated snow on the ground. The emperor's funeral was on the next day and the procession would definitely pass through the plaza to get the imperial mausoleum. Therefore, this snow was a hindrance.

At the majestic but somewhat eerie Main Hall, a crowd of people had restlessly gathered there. These people were high-ranking officials of the imperial court and were all respected people within the Light Wind Empire.

The Minister of the Left was standing there with a grave expression in his court uniform, seemingly resting his slightly closed eyes.

The Ouyang family, Yang family, Minister of Finance and other high-ranking officials of the imperial court were also standing there in silence, waiting for Chief Eunuch Lian to appear. They knew that day was definitely not an ordinary day.

After being kept secret for such a long time, the posthumous edict of the late emperor had to be made known in the end and would also determine the eventual ownership of the throne.

Would it be the crown prince? Or would it be King Yu? The many high-ranking officials present were feeling extremely apprehensive.

As for the third prince... The high-ranking officials were basically not feeling optimistic about his chances. The late emperor's attitude toward the third prince gave them the feeling that Ji Chengxue was disliked and disregarded. Therefore, everyone including Ji Chengxue himself thought that his chance of inheriting the throne was the lowest.

The three princes were standing within the Main Hall and the dragon throne cast from gold was right before them, on a platform. They only needed to take a single step to stand above everyone else.

Suddenly, the Main Hall that was filled with whispering moments ago suddenly became quiet. The crowd parted and Lian Fu slowly entered the Main Hall from the outside with deliberate steps while respectfully carrying the imperial edict in his hands. His expression was solemn and dignified, causing the people gathered there to feel a sudden chill.

After all, he was a seventh grade Battle-Saint and was at a level where any change in his emotions could affect the emotions of the people in his surroundings.

"Gonggong, is... this father's posthumous edict?" The crown prince could not help but ask for confirmation as he looked at the imperial edict in Lian Fu's hands.

Lian Fu gave the crown prince a glance and solemnly nodded.

The crown prince was suddenly overjoyed because he felt that his chances of being chosen by his father was the highest. It was not only because he was the crown prince, but also the fact that he was the most highly regarded by his father.

Lian Fu pinched his thumb and middle finger together and then gently spread open the imperial edict. With the unfurled posthumous edict in his hands, he stood in front of the dragon throne and was ready to start reading the edict out loud.

Below, everyone was holding their breath as they stared at Lian Fu, who was standing before the dragon throne, and waited for the announcement of the next emperor.