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 Chapter 126: Amethyst Spirit Abalone Soup

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Xiao Yue brought Ru'Er into Fang Fang's Little Store? What exactly was this rascal planning to do?

Seeing that Xiao Yue had burrowed into Fang Fang's Little Store, Xiao Meng breathed a sigh of relief. The reason being, since Xiao Yue had chosen to enter the store, he was naturally not going to harm Ji Ru'Er.

As Xiao Meng recalled the dreadful aura just now that caused his true energy to disperse, his gaze became somewhat grave when he looked at the lazy big black dog lying at the entrance.

Placing both of his hands together, he performed a fist and palm salute toward Blacky to express his apology for his disrespectful action just now. If someone else was around to witness this scene, their jaws would be dropping to the ground.

The number one expert of the Light Wind Empire was actually expressing his apology to a big black dog. This was definitely an eye-opening scene.

Blacky gave Xiao Meng a glance before letting out a snort and going back to sleep. At the same time, Xiao Meng breathed a sigh of relief when he felt the pressure surrounding him had suddenly disappeared.

After giving Blacky an uneasy glance, Xiao Meng turned and stepped into Bu Fang's store.


From the system's storage space, Bu Fang took out the two ingredients that Xiao Yue had given him, the Amethyst Heart Orchid and the Sky Spirit Abalone.

The entire Amethyst Heart Orchid was emanating a clear purple light with a faint trace of burning aura. It was not obvious just from looking but when one's eyes were closed, one could feel energy radiating from the Amethyst Heart Orchid, as if it was a small sun.

The Sky Spirit Abalone was slightly larger than the Black Spirit Abalone and the amount of spirit energy within the Sky Spirit Abalone was much higher as well. After all, it was a fifth grade spirit beast. Its value was naturally not something the Black Spirit Abalone could compare with.

Furthermore, the veined patterns on the shell of the Sky Spirit Abalone were much more complicated than those of the Black Spirit Abalone and its spirit array was clearly of a higher grade.

Since Bu Fang had already used replacement ingredients to practice twice before, he had already memorized the steps to cook the Amethyst Spirit Abalone Soup. In addition, Bu Fang had already made proper adjustments to the true energy culinary method according to the difference in spirit energy level between the two sets of ingredients.

After washing the Sky Spirit Abalone, Bu Fang took out a huge claypot which was the only one he had that could contain the entire Sky Spirit Abalone.

Using the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang made a cut on the meat of the Sky Spirit Abalone. After the opening was made, he chopped the other spirit herbs and placed them around the Sky Spirit Abalone. Thereafter, he filled the claypot with spring water from Tian Shan[1] and placed the lid over the claypot before simmering.

While the claypot was simmering, Bu Fang began to prepare processing the Amethyst Heart Orchid.

This was an orchid with a blue flower bud. Both its petals and leaves were plump, as if containing an extremely huge amount of energy.

With the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang cautiously removed the petals and the leaves and placed them separately apart. After making a cut on every petal, thick purple juice flowed out from the openings. The juice had a peculiar characteristic that caused a slight burning sensation on the skin when in close proximity.

Taking out a jade cup, Bu Fang stored the juice from the petals into the cup and exactly filled it to the brim. The purple liquid was crystal clear and emitted a rich aroma.

Next, Bu Fang removed the lid of the claypot and the rich aroma of the Sky Spirit Abalone immediately gushed out, causing him to be unable to help but take a deep breath.

The aroma of the Sky Spirit Abalone did not possess the fishy scent that seafood usually had and was extremely sweet instead. Before even tasting, Bu Fang's mind was already affected by the sweetness and both his body and mind were already relaxed.

After Bu Fang diced the leaves of the Amethyst Heart Orchid, he added them into the claypot and replaced the lid. His expression became serious.

With one hand placed on the lid of the claypot, the true energy that was naturally circulating within his dantian surged to his hand-causing the surface of his palm to sparkle-and then flowed into the claypot.

Within Bu Fang's mind, he could clearly view the scene within the claypot as if it was happening before his eyes.

The flow of true energy stimulated the spirit energy inside the claypot to continuously circulate and begin infusing into the Sky Spirit Abalone. The cut made on the Sky Spirit Abalone slightly opened and started forming bubbles. As the bubbles popped, spirit energy was released within claypot.

As Bu Fang watched this scene, he became relieved and continued to stimulate the spirit energy to envelop the Sky Spirit Abalone. Soon, he completed the first phase of the cooking process.

Fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Compared to cooking with the replacement ingredients, the authentic Sky Spirit Abalone used up much more of his true energy and caused Bu Fang to feel somewhat fatigued.

Lifting up the lid, the fragrance was stronger than before and there seemed to be faint sparkles of light circulating within the claypot. The reason was Bu Fang's infusion of true energy had activated the spirit array on the shell of the Sky Spirit Abalone.

As the petals of the Amethyst Heart Orchid were tossed into the claypot, the bubbling soup immediately engulfed the petals. Bu Fang picked up the jade cup, which was somewhat scalding to the touch, and poured its contents into the claypot. The intensity of the aroma wafting from the claypot doubled in an instant.

As Bu Fang inhaled the fragrance, even he was feeling so comfortable that he wanted to moan. This sort of comfortable feeling was not affecting his body but his mind.

The sort of magical power produced when two ingredients that could treat mental traumas were combined together was unimaginable.

After the lid was replaced, Bu Fang continued to use the true energy culinary method to simmer the elixir cuisine.

After reaching this step, this dish of elixir cuisine was basically already completed. As for the extent of success, it depended on how well Bu Fang could handle true energy culinary in the next phase. However, after spending two days of practice, Bu Fang already had enough confidence to complete this elixir cuisine.


As Xiao Meng stepped into the store, the warmth did not dispel the frostiness on his face in the slightest. His expression was still cold as he looked at Xiao Yue, who was sitting on a chair.

Xiao Yue was holding his chest and slightly out of breath. True energy was circulating on his palm as he treated the injuries within his body.

"What exactly are you planning? Have you not harm Ru'Er enough? What are you trying to do now? Are you really planning to commit matricide for the sake of transcendence?!" Xiao Meng's voice was cold as the icebergs of Antarctica and every single sentence was filled with anger.

Xiao Yue let out a chuckle and shook his head. His eyes were complicated as he looked at Xiao Meng and mildly said, "Father, you know my objective. I came to Owner Bu's place today not to harm mother... but to save her."

"Save her?" Xiao Meng was startled for a moment. Thereafter, his pupils constricted and he asked, "Did you request Owner Bu to cook the elixir cuisine to save Ru'Er?

"No... The Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup is useless for Ru'Er's injury. You should know well enough. Your sword strike not only shattered her heart, but also severely injured her mind," Xiao Meng continued as he let out a sigh and shook his head.

The corners of Xiao Yue's mouth widened, but he did not reply and turned his head toward the kitchen instead.

From the darkness of the kitchen, a slender figure walked out with a claypot in his hands. Clouds of steam were rising from the claypot along with a rich fragrance.

As the fragrance filled the room, everyone within the store subconsciously took a deep breath and immediately felt reinvigorated and energetic.

Xiao Meng was pleasantly surprised and his eyes were fixated on the claypot. Judging from the smell... the elixir cuisine this time was obviously not the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup!

Bu Fang looked in surprise at Xiao Meng, who was standing at the doorway, and then continued to walk toward Xiao Yue with the claypot before placing it before him.

After his hands released the claypot, only then did Bu Fang stop the circulation of true energy and heavily breathed out...

After cooking this Amethyst Spirit Abalone Soup, Bu Fang was so exhausted that he felt like he was going to collapse and the true energy circulating within his dantian was almost depleted. He could not help but sigh internally. His cultivation level was indeed too low.

"Here's your Amethyst Spirit Abalone Soup, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang said to Xiao Yue.

Thereafter, as he carefully lifted up the lid of the claypot, dazzling beams of light immediately flooded out from within the claypot along with a stormy wave of fragrance.


[1] Tian Shan () - This is an actual mountain range in China.