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 Chapter 123: Go Back, Don't Embarrass Yourself Any Further

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Since they were working together, they naturally needed to display their capabilities so that King Yu would acknowledge them. Within the current imperial city, there were not many chances for them to display their capabilities. However, they coincidentally heard some rumors about this black-hearted store and that Hun Qianyun had once admitted defeat at this store as well. This was practically the ideal chance for them to display their capability.

Therefore, Wei Xiangsi came along with two of her Battle-King subordinates.

From Wei Xiangsi's point of view, Hun Qianyun, who looked like he had one foot in the grave, was defeated probably because he was incapable. However, just because Hun Qianyun lost did not mean that they were unable to win, especially when they found out that the owner of the store was a male.

From their point of view, there was no man that they could not handle.

The Joyous Union Sect was one of the heterodox sects within the Ten Great Sects. The majority of its members were female and specialized in harvesting yang energy to replenish their yin energy[1] in order to increase cultivation level, which was considered an evil method.

However, the Joyous Union Sect was still a sect with a powerful background after all. They had a lot of capital and their methods were innumerous. Wei Xiangsi and her two companions stood together, forming a magic array with their bodies. As true energy emanated from their bodies, a pink mist drifted out from between the three of them.

The dense cloud of pink mist seemed to have a strange scent, causing one to enter an unconscious state after inhaling the smell.

Bu Fang immediately started frowning after inhaling some of the scent and a trace of coldness flashed in the depth of his eyes. Within a store that was filled with the aroma of several dishes, including this scent was as disgusting as adding rat poop into a pot of soup.

"Whitey, throw the three of them out," Bu Fang coldly said after finally losing his patience.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed after receiving Bu Fang's command and suddenly disappeared from the spot.

"Do you really think a lousy lump of iron can deal with the three of us? Right now, are you feeling as if the blood within your body is boiling? Do you feel extremely uncomfortable?" Wei Xiangsi seductively asked with a smile.

She could not feel even the slightest trace of true energy from Whitey's body, so she thought there was probably nothing special with Whitey and was completely looking down on it.

However, in the next moment, from Wei Xiangsi perpective, Whitey's mechanical eyes suddenly enlarged as it suddenly appeared right in front of her.

Wei Xiangsi was surprised for a moment, and soon discovered that her entire body was flying in the air...


During the instant Wei Xiangsi was sent flying, she felt a terrifying force acting upon her, causing her pink gauze outfit to be torn into shreds and leaving only a pink dudou and underpants.


The magic array formed by the three women was destroyed by the violent wind produced while Whitey was waving its arms, and Wei Xiangsi and her companions were directly thrown out of the store by Whitey in an almost naked state.

The sound of three heavy objects landing on the snow sounded out, producing dull thuds.

Subsequently, a high-pitched scream came from within the pile of snow and Wei Xiangsi clambered out from the snow, wearing only a dudou and underpants. Her fair and slender legs were white as snow, and her curvaceous, stunning figure was completely exposed.

Wei Xiangsi took out a gauze outfit from her storage space and put it on. Her pretty face had become extremely frosty.

Getting stripped naked and thrown out of a store, Wei Xiangsi had never suffered such a heavy loss in her life. It was simply too humiliating.

Wei Xiangsi stamped the ground with her delicate foot and true energy gushed out from her body, dispersing the snowflakes around her. She suddenly charged toward the store with her long hair fluttering behind her.

Whitey was standing watch at the entrance of the store. Seeing that Wei Xiangsi was charging over, its mechanical eyes slightly flashed and it threw out a punch.

Boom! Wei Xiangsi flew backward and fiercely collided into a wall, deeply embedding into it...

"Reoffenders... will be eliminated," Whitey mechanically said. While its mechanical eyes were flickering, a ray of purple light seemed to have flashed past, causing Wei Xiangsi who had just clambered out from the wall to stiffen for a moment...

Ho... How terrifying!

Wei Xiangsi's pretty face had turned deathly pale and her red phoenix eyes contained a hint of fear. If she still had not realized Whitey's formidableness, then she would really be a bimbo...

This black-hearted store was terrifying indeed. A mere puppet was enough to suppress her to a point where she could not even retaliate.

Within the tranquil alleyway, only the heavy breathing of Wei Xiangsi-who was enduring Whitey's dreadful suppression-could be heard. Just then, the sound of footsteps rang out.

At the entrance of the alleyway, a figure was slowly approaching at a leisure pace.

Wei Xiangsi turned her head with much difficulty. When she saw the face of the approaching person, her pupils immediately constricted and she sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Your Highness!"

King Yu was wearing a brocade robe with a purple crown on his head. The belt inlaid with precious gemstones around his waist fully expressed his muscular figure. Holding his hands behind his back, his eyebrows knitted together when he indifferently swept his gaze toward Wei Xiangsi, whose attire was disheveled.

"Go back, don't embarrass yourself any further," King Yu mildly said before directly stepping past the three women and entering the store.

Whitey did not obstruct King Yu, so he directly stepped into the store. Stepping from a world of ice and snow into the warm interior of the store, the warmth that instantly enveloped his body startled King Yu.

However, King Yu soon recovered and his gaze landed on Ji Chengxue, who was, at that moment, popping a piece of Red Braised Meat into his mouth.

Ji Chengxue seemed to have sensed King Yu's gaze and let out a chuckle. Raising a piece of Red Braised Meat in King Yu's direction, he swallowed it in a single mouthful and drank a cup of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine before smacking his lips.

"Owner Bu, I'll have a serving of Red Braised Meat and Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine as well," King Yu said with a chuckle as he nodded toward Bu Fang. He was different from that bimbo, Wei Xiangsi. King Yu understood clearly the horror of this store. That puppet was definitely not the store's trump card. The real trump card was the black dog soundly sleeping at the entrance.

Therefore, King Yu would not choose to cause trouble within the store, and the purpose of his visit was not to cause trouble either.

Bu Fang gave King Yu a glance and nodded before entering the kitchen.

After Bu Fang was gone, King Yu stood in front of Ji Chengxue and condescendingly looked down at him. His gaze contained a trace of oppressive feeling.

"Why have you come back? If you had obediently stayed outside, everything would be fine... What are you trying to do by coming back?" King Yu asked.

Ji Chengxue put down his chopsticks. He lifted up the jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and poured the wine that was clear like mountain spring water into the wine cup. The rich aroma of the wine, accompanied with the sound of the liquid being poured, spread into the surroundings.

"Father has passed away. Am I not supposed to fulfill my duty as a son and attend his mourning?" Ji Chengxue mildly replied after taking a sip of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

"Mourning? With your army camping right outside the imperial city?" King Yu retorted with a sneer as he sat down opposite to Ji Chengxue, with his gaze suddenly turning cold.

Ji Chengxue had returned and brought along the expedition army as well. His true intentions were somewhat thought-provoking.

In normal circumstances, Ji Chengxue-as the commander of the expedition-should have returned alone if he wanted to attend the mourning. Once the mourning ended, he could return to his army. However, once Ji Chengxue brought his army along with him, the meaning behind his action would be quite different.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes widened. She suddenly felt as if the atmosphere within the store had become somewhat strange. She only felt slightly better after moving to the kitchen window.

A question and answer session occurred between King Yu and Ji Chengxue, like they were having a good time. However, Ouyang Xiaoyi kept having the feeling that the two were having a tense confrontation.

Soon, Bu Fang came out from the kitchen with the overwhelmingly fragrant Red Braised Meat in one hand while carrying a jar of wine with the other hand.

Bu Fang placed the wine and the meat in front of King Yu and the latter nodded toward him.

Ji Chengxue was slightly tipsy as he stood up after he finished eating and drinking down the last cup of wine as well. He handed over the crystals to Bu Fang and put on his fur overcoat before heading outside.

"Since you're insisting on participating, then you should be ready to pay the price... This price might be unbearable for you."

Ji Chengxue had just reached the entrance when King Yu eerily spoke up. Ji Chengxue suddenly stopped and lightly breathed out. He turned his head toward King Yu and tauntingly asked with a smile,"What sort of price? My life?"

With a laughter, Ji Chengxue stepped out of the store and his figure gradually disappeared in the snowstorm.


[1] Harvesting yang energy to replenish yin energy ()- In Daoism, this refers to sexual cultivation techniques that balances the yin and yang between the two practitioners. In novels, this sort of technique is usually used by evil practitioners to steal the other parties' cultivation through sexual intercourse.