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 Chapter 122: This Elder Sister Is So Beautiful, Why Don't You Spare Me a Few More Glances?

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Bu Fang's words immediately caused Ni Yan's eyes to light up and almost curve into crescent moons. She excitedly said,"You better keep your promise! Lend me your kitchen first!"

Without a question, her request to borrow the kitchen was mercilessly rejected by Bu Fang once more.

"Go and borrow the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's kitchen. My kitchen is not available for outsiders' use," Bu Fang said, while feeling impressed with his own wit.

Ni Yan suspiciously gave Bu Fang a glance and snorted before leaving. Since Bu Fang was not going to lend her the kitchen, she could only use the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's kitchen. This was her only choice. As for whether the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant was willing... Did they have any other choice?

Only after seeing that Ni Yan had left, Bu Fang let out a sigh of relief. This woman had been following him around like one's shadow since early in the morning and had already severely affected his business.

The alleyway was still filled with whirling snow and whistling cold wind while the interior of the store was particularly warm and cozy.

Ji Chengxue, wearing a white woolen coat, exhaled a cloud of breath as he entered the alleyway. As he stepped into the store, the warm atmosphere inside made him feel somewhat joyful. he took off his thick and heavy woolen overcoat and greeted Bu Fang before turning his gaze toward the menu behind him. During the period when he was on an expedition against the sects, there should be quite a number of new dishes. He said,"Owner Bu, let's see what new dishes you have here."

"Owner Bu, I'll have a serving of Red Braised Meat as well as a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine."

"Oh my, Xiaoyi. It's been a while. You've grown taller and become even prettier," Ji Chengxue said with a chuckle as he patted Ouyang Xiaoyi's head.

Bu Fang nodded. As he headed for the kitchen, he said,"Wait a moment."

A hint of a smile appeared on Ji Chengxue's face as he sniffed the fragrance wafting within the store. Only when he was inside the store he could truly relax. Within this place, he did not need to think about anything, to a point where he did not even need to worry about his safety. In a way, he was somewhat infatuated with the store's atmosphere.

While Ji Chengxue was waiting for Bu Fang to finish cooking the Red Braised Meat, a burst of coquettish laughter came from the alleyway. That laughter was filled with seduction and there was even the sound of bells ringing.

"Elder sister, don't you think this is the store? That incomprehensible black-hearted store from the rumors?" a feminine voice languidly asked in puzzlement.

"It's opened within a remote alleyway. According to the descriptions given by that old man, Hun Qianyun, this should be the place. Let's go, sisters. Let's see what sort of magic this little restaurant has that even Hun Qianyun had to suffer losses."

Thereafter, a burst of merry laughter sounded out, accompanied with the sound of bells ringing as several enchanting and seductive figures stepped into the store.

As her delicate feet stepped into the warm and cozy interior of the store, Wei Xiangsi's red phoenix eyes slightly widened. The outside was a world of ice and snow, yet the interior of the store was like blooming spring. She was truly surprised by the sudden change in environment.

Furthermore, the fragrance wafting within the store was causing Wei Xiangsi to involuntarily lapse into a euphoric state as well. It was truly aromatic.

"Xiaoyi, serve the dish," Bu Fang called out as he placed the Red Braised Meat at the window. Xiaoyi eagerly ran over and brought the Red Braised Meat to Ji Chengxue's table.

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen with a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine in his hands and placed it in front of Ji Chengxue.

"Please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang said. As he finished speaking, his gaze landed on the three figures that had just stepped into the store.

These three women were wearing revealing outfits, and they were all extremely beautiful and seductive, completely expressing a woman's charm.

"Oh my, the owner is a handsome-looking young man. Come over here, this elder sister wants to make an order." As Wei Xiangsi's gaze landed on Bu Fang, she suddenly covered her mouth and let out a chuckle.

Ji Chengxue sneered as he shook his head and turned his attention back to the Red Braised Meat. These woman from the Joyous Union Sect would be fine if they were here to eat, but if they were here to cause trouble... Things would be interesting.

When Ji Chengxue looked at the overpoweringly fragrant Red Braised Meat with a rosy luster, he could not help but swallow his saliva. He picked up his chopsticks and swiftly popped a piece of meat into his mouth.

The meaty flavor was like a bomb that exploded within his mouth, instantly enveloping his taste buds and causing him to completely enter an euphoric state.

"If you want to order something, look at the menu behind you," Bu Fang expressionlessly said as he gave the three women with revealing outfits a glance before heading toward the kitchen.

Wei Xiangsi did not anticipate that Bu Fang would actually ignore her and was slightly infuriated by this.

"This elder sister is so beautiful, why don't you spare me a few more glances?"

Clink, clink, clink...

With the sound of bells ringing, Wei Xiangsi appeared behind Bu Fang and her fair slender hand clasped onto his shoulder. Her red lips seductively opened and she softly whispered,"Don't go, stay here with this elder sister and give this elder sister your recommendation on what's delicious."

Ouyang Xiaoyi only sensed a wave of fragrance wafting past her and her eyes widened when she saw a woman clinging onto the smelly boss as if she was trying to stick her entire body on Bu Fang.

"How could there be such a shameless woman in this world!" Ouyang Xiaoyi furiously thought, "Is she trying to seduce the smelly boss?"

Bu Fang was frowning as he gave the woman a glance. He expressionlessly said,"Take your hand away from me and stay further away from me. The odor coming from your body is too pungent."

"Oh my, is this younger brother feeling shy?" Wei Xiangsi was surprised for a moment before she let out a chuckle. She stretched out her fair and slender hand and reached for Bu Fang's chin.

"Slap!" Bu Fang expressionlessly lifted his hand and immediately swatted Wei Xiangsi's hand away.

Wei Xiangsi was startled for a moment. Thereafter, the expression on her face gradually became cold and surging waves of true energy appeared around her body as well.

"You're really not planning to give this elder sister any face." Wei Xiangsi started to sneer. Even since she entered the imperial city, she kept hearing that the owner of the black-hearted store was extremely arrogant. Not only were the price of his dishes expensive, his temper was terrible as well. Now that she had seen the person in question, she thought that he truly lived up to his name.

"Are you planning to cause trouble within the store?" Bu Fang puzzledly asked as he gave her a glance.

"Until now, there's still someone foolish enough to cause trouble within my store? These three women must be either bimbos or fresh off the boat..." Bu Fang thought.

Sitting nearby, Ji Chengxue was feeling extremely pleased as he popped a piece of Red Braised Meat into his mouth and drank a mouthful of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine. Incidentally, he could also watch Owner Bu getting teased. He was in an extremely relaxed mood as he spent the day in a very comfortable manner.

Nearby, Ouyang Xiaoyi was fumingly glaring at Wei Xiangsi, thinking, "This shameless woman..."

When Bu Fang saw that the woman was not responding, he could not be bothered to care about her anymore and continued to head toward the kitchen. However, as he took the first step, Wei Xiangsi who had just recovered from her daze tried to get close to him once more.


A ray of red light flashed by and Whitey appeared in front of Wei Xiangsi. Its mechanical eyes turned toward her as it mechanically said,"Troublemakers will be stripped as an example to others."

"Oh my, you little hooligan, you actually want to strip this elder sister! How annoying! However, this elder sister likes this kind of younger brother." The corners of Wei Xiangsi's mouth widened into a sneer as her eyes went cold. The true energy within her body intertwined around her flawless hand as she reached toward Bu Fang.


However, in the next moment, a dull thud sounded out and Wei Xiangsi screamed as she stumbled several steps backward. She looked toward Whitey who pushed her backward in surprise.

"This puppet is a little interesting. Could this be your store's trump card that Hun Qianyun mentioned? Sisters... Let's attack together and tear this lump of steel apart! We'll bring it back and parade it in front of Hun Qianyun. Incidentally, we could give this as a meeting gift to His Highness," Wei Xiangsi said with a chuckle.

Since they were working with King Yu, they must give him a meeting gift. At the very least, they had to make King Yu acknowledge the Joyous Union Sect and the best method was to let King Yu know about their capability. Currently, Hun Qianyun was highly acknowledged by King Yu. However, as long as they could deal with this store that once caused Hun Qianyun to admit defeat, they would be able to prove that they were more capable than him.