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 Chapter 121: The Smelly Boss Who Prefers New Over Old?

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Rustling white snow that was light like goosefeather drifted down from the sky, covering the opulent imperial palace with a layer of silvery coat and adding a slight eeriness to the majesty of the Main Hall.

Ji Chengxue was wearing a white robe as he slowly headed toward the Main Hall. His hair was bound using only a string and he was wearing very little accessories.

The snow that accumulated on the path toward the Main Hall was already cleared away by the imperial palace's eunuchs, making the path easy to walk on. However, the further Ji Chengxue walked, the more he felt an oppressive feeling.

After passing through the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, the Main Hall was right before his eyes. He climbed a set of stone stairs and reached the entrance of the Main Hall. The eunuchs and court ladies that were nervously making preparations in the area hurriedly greeted him.

Ji Chengxue gently nodded and indicated them to continue with their work. With his hands held behind his back, he stepped into the Main Hall, the place where his father often stayed while he was still alive.

In the current Main Hall, the figure filled with vigor and determination from back then had already disappeared. Only an empty hall, seemingly left with helplessness and lament, remained.

Lian Fu slowly walked out from the back of the Main Hall. He seemed somewhat tired and faint dark circles had appeared around his eyes. His head of hair became eye-catching after turning white.

"Lian Gonggong," Ji Chengxue did not dare to look down on this chief of eunuchs. After all, he was a seventh grade Battle-Saint as well as his father's trusted aide.

"Your Highness, what is your purpose for coming here?" Lian Fu said as he lightly swung his horsetail whisk. His high-pitched voice revealed a hint of fatigue and sorrow still lingered on his face.

Lian Fu and the emperor had a close relationship and the two of them apparently grew up together. Now that Emperor Changfeng had passed on, there was no one who was more grief-stricken than Lian Fu.

Ji Chengxue took a deep breath and bowed toward Lian Fu as he said,"Lian Gonggong, I would like to see my father..."

Lian Fu dispiritedly pinched his thumb and middle finger together as he gave Ji Chengxue a glance and immediately refused."No, His Majesty once gave a command that no one is to see his remains before the funeral."

"As a son, can't I see my father for one last time?" Ji Chengxue asked with a frown.

"Your Highness, please turn back. You should know that this humble servant would never disobey His Majesty's decree, even if His Majesty has already passed away."

When Ji Chengxue saw Lian Fu's resolute attitude, he sighed internally and did not continue pestering him. He turned around and left the Main Hall.

Lian Fu's gaze was brooding as he watched Ji Chengxue's disappearing back figure.


Bang bang bang!

The sound of someone banging on the door interrupted Bu Fang, who was practicing the Big Dipper Carving Technique. He expressionlessly turned his head and glanced toward the door board that was shaking from the knocking.

Who in the world would be banging on the door at such an early hour?

Bu Fang washed his fair and slender hands and then wiped off the water droplets on them, before walking to the entrance and removing the door board.

Reflected in his eyes was a devastatingly beautiful face covered with a veil. The eyes on that face were excitedly staring at him.

"Owner Bu, you finally opened the door! Hurry up and let me in!" Ni Yan impatiently said.

However, Bu Fang did not move. Using his body to block the way, he expressionlessly looked at her and said,"It's not opening hours yet. Why are you here at such an early hour?"

Ni Yan was stunned for a moment. She immediately lifted up the ingredients in her hand toward Bu Fang and said,"I benefited a lot from eating your dishes yesterday, so I have a sudden itch to demonstrate my skills for you to have a look."

Ni Yan had a lot of confidence in her culinary skills. Everyone within the Celestial Arcanum Sect was subdued by the delicious dishes that she cooked.

Bu Fang pursed his lips as he thought, "There must be something wrong with this woman... Coming here at such an early hour and announcing that she wants to cook for me, is she trying to borrow my kitchen?"

"I don't want to look, and the kitchen isn't for loan," Bu Fang indifferently said.

Ni Yan was suddenly at a loss for words. She was indeed planning to borrow his kitchen. Without a kitchen, how was she going to cook?

Seeing that Bu Fang was about to place the door board back in place, Ni Yan immediately became anxious. True energy gushed out from her body as she held onto the door board and stopped Bu Fang.

"Wait a moment!" Ni Yan shouted.

"Are you trying to cause trouble?" Bu Fang indifferently asked while feeling the surging wave of true energy coming from Ni Yan's body. Thereafter, a beam of red light appeared next to him as Whitey's plump body emerged.

"Troublemakers will be stripped as an example to others," Whitey mechanically said as its eyes flashed.

"Sheesh... You're such an insensitive person. I am sincerely planning to cook for you, yet you are trying to drive me away! How could you treat a beauty in such a manner!" Ni Yan's large eyes were watery, as if she was about to burst into tears.

Ni Yan could feel a terrifying sense of danger from Whitey. She thought, "As expected of someone who could obtain the Phoenix Blood Herb..."

"What's your objective? Don't beat around the bush," Bu said with a frown as he gave Ni Yan a glance.

Once those words were spoken, the tears in Ni Yan's eyes instantly disappeared and she returned to her previous transcendent appearance.

"I want to learn your technique that preserves the spirit energy within the meat of spirit beasts," Ni Yan directly said.

Bu Fang calmly looked straight at Ni Yan, and not wanting to be outdone, Ni Yan stared back at him in return. Both of their gazes collided in the air without any restraints.


Bu Fang admitted defeat in the end. This woman's gaze was too sharp, so Bu Fang chose to put the door board back in place.

"I am not going to teach you."

After the door board was placed back in place, Bu Fang's indifferent voice drifted out and travelled into Ni Yan's ears, causing her to space out at the entrance.


After a long while, Bu Fang finally finished his morning practice. While carrying the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs that was just prepared, he removed the door board.

Wrapped in a long robe, Ni Yan was squatting at the entrance. When she saw Bu Fang, she immediately stood up in excitement.

Bu Fang was feeling a slight headache as he thought, "Why is this woman still around..."

"Blacky, it's time to eat," Bu Fang softly said, ignoring the woman. He placed the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of Blacky and stroked its soft and warm fur before going back into the store.

The opening hours officially began.

"Smelly boss, I am back!"

The sound of running footsteps came from the alleyway and Ouyang Xiaoyi's voice came from afar, soon reaching Bu Fang's ears.

Bu Fang was just placing the dishes in front of Fatty Jin when he looked up in surprise and saw Ouyang Xiaoyi, who had been missing for the past few days, skipping into the store.

From the ecstatic expression on her face, she looked like she was just released... Even though Ouyang Xiaoyi was indeed just released.

The moment Ouyang Xiaoyi stepped into the store, she saw a veil-wearing woman in a loose robe following the smelly boss around. Her eyes immediately widened as she puzzledly asked,"Who are you!"

"Has the smelly boss already found a new waitress? Has he already gotten tired of me?" Ouyang Xiaoyi thought.

"And who's this little brat?" Ni Yan said with a snort after giving Ouyang Xiaoyi a glance and continued to follow Bu Fang around.

Bu Fang walked into the kitchen. Ni Yan wanted to go in as well, but Whitey mercilessly blocked her from entering.

If Ni Yan had not felt that the oppressive feeling that this lump of steel was giving her was too strong, she would have already tore it apart...

Ouyang Xiaoyi pursed her lips. Her heart hurt so much that she could not breathe. The smelly boss who prefers new over old actually found a new waitress. She suddenly felt as if the entire world had forsaken her.

"Xiaoyi, serve the dish."

Just when tears welled up in Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes and was about to flow out like a dam opening its floodgates, Bu Fang's indifferent voice drifted out from the kitchen.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was stunned for a moment. She sniffed and her face instantly brightened as she eagerly ran toward the window. The smelly boss did not change waitresses!

After passing the dish to Ouyang Xiaoyi who was cheerful for some reason, Bu Fang looked toward Ni Yan and asked with a frown,"Aren't you tired of following me around?"

"If you teach me the technique to control the spirit energy within the meat of spirit beasts, I won't bother you anymore," Ni Yan unreasonably said with a snort.

After thinking for a moment, Bu Fang seriously said,"Then, go and cook a dish that you're most confident in. If you can satisfy me, I'll teach you. Otherwise, don't bother me."