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 Chapter 120: Get Lost All of You, Don't Come and Bother Me

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Outside a room in a luxurious inn within the imperial city.

Tang Yin was solemnly standing at the doorway with his arms crossed and a longsword in his embrace. His expression was extremely grim as he looked into the distance. Waves of true energy were circulating outside his body, appearing like sparkling lights in the darkness.

Behind him, the pillar of light that extended into the sky was emanating surging waves of energy. He knew that his gluttonous master was advancing to the next level. However, this was giving Tang Yin a headache as he understood the current situation within the imperial city well enough. In this sort of situation, only his master would dare to advance to the next level in such an eye-catching manner.

How was this any different from telling others that you were there to cause trouble?

Within the current imperial city, what would the appearance of a seventh grade Battle-Saint mean? The crown prince and King Yu would be completely green with envy. After all, experts were equivalent to important resources that could ensure their ascension to the throne.

As expected, Tang Yin spotted a tall and sturdy figure heading in their direction while walking in the air. He softly exhaled as he focused his attention on the figure.

"The Light Wind Empire's guardian, seventh grade Battle-Saint... Xiao Meng?" Tang Yin muttered as he watched the approaching Xiao Meng. This was his first meeting with this legendary figure as well.

Nearby, his junior sister, Lu Xiaoxiao, had unexpectedly appeared as well and timidly stood behind Tang Yin. Her surprising action made his heart feel rather warm.

"Might I ask who you are, and what is your purpose for coming to the imperial city?"

Before even arriving, Xiao Meng's imposing voice had already reached them as if an intimidating aura had landed on Tang Yin, causing his body to slightly tremble.

"We're members of the Celestial Arcanum Sect. Please be assured that our master and the two of us have come without any ill intentions," Tang Yin said with a fist and palm salute to Xiao Meng, while behaving neither servile nor haughty.

Holding his hands behind his back, Xiao Meng slowly approached step by step while his sleeves flapped behind him. With a solemn expression, he soon landed in front of Tang Yin.

"The Celestial Arcanum Sect? Right after His Majesty passed away, the Celestial Arcanum Sect dispatches a seventh grade Battle-Saint into the Light Wind Empire. And you're telling me that you have no ill intentions? Do you really expect me to believe you?" Xiao Meng mildly said as the corners of his mouth curled up, seemingly sneering at Tang Yin.

Tang Yin was really put in a difficult position. They really did not have any ill intentions. Their only purpose for coming to the imperial city was to obtain the Phoenix Blood Herb from Bu Fang's hands... Now that things had reached this stage, Tang Yin was helpless as well.

Gluttony was to blame. Tang Yin did not know whether to laugh or cry. If that gluttonous master of his did not eat every single dish in Bu Fang's store, everything would be alright.

While enduring Xiao Meng's deliberate release of his aura, Tang Yin could only once again emphasize their lack of ill intentions.

The pillar of light within the room was rapidly shrinking. Evidently, the person inside had completed their breakthrough and was concealing their aura. Soon, the pillar of light completely disappeared...


The sound of footsteps could be heard. Zhao Musheng slowly approached with his eyes squinting and a smile on his face.

"General Xiao, go easy on them. They're our guests after all. It's rare for experts from the Celestial Arcanum Sect to appear within the imperial city. As the host, we should show proper etiquette."

Zhao Musheng's voice was very gentle, revealing his slyness at handling matters. His jovial attitude made anyone else unable to be angry at him.

However, Xiao Meng was furious the moment he saw Zhao Musheng's face. He thought, "This wily old fox, he's unexpectedly a seventh grade Battle-Saint. Everyone was fooled by him for so long... No wonder why His Majesty would always be on guard against Zhao Musheng when he was still alive. The truth was he already realized this wily old fox was not simple."

He was a seventh grade Battle-Saint and yet he hid his cultivation level for so many years. What was his identity? What was his objective? Xiao Meng knew nothing at all.

Therefore, Xiao Meng was not happy to see Zhao Musheng in the slightest.

The pressure Tang Yin was feeling increased even further. An empire's general and Minister of the Left were both distinguished people. The aura that they were subconsciously releasing made his heart tremble.

Just as Tang Yin felt the pressure on him increase even further, the door to the room behind him suddenly opened. A wave of breeze-like true energy swept past, brushing away the pressure on Tang Yin like melting snow.

A figure wrapped within a long robe walked out from the room.

"Master," Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao hurriedly shouted.

Xiao Meng and Zhao Musheng both looked toward the direction of the door as well, and saw a woman wearing a veil.

Zhao Musheng's eyes constricted. He immediately recognized the identity of this woman at a glance and was slightly surprised... The third elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect was an extremely distinguished identity. What was her objective for coming to the imperial city?

Xiao Meng narrowed his eyes at the woman before him. The wave of true energy that surged out had not dissipated yet and he could feel a trace of danger. This woman... was not simple.

"Zhao Musheng, it's been a while... The middle-aged man from back then has now become an elderly man," Ni Yan said with a faint smile.

The corners of Zhao Musheng's mouth curled up as he sighed with feeling."The brat from back then has grown up into a distinguished personage. The Celestial Arcanum Sect is not simple indeed."

"What purpose does your excellency have for entering our imperial city?" Xiao Meng said with a frown. From the looks of it, the other party seemed to be rather familiar with Zhao Musheng. Could Zhao Musheng be a member of the Celestial Arcanum Sect as well?

Ni Yan's devastatingly beautiful face turned toward Xiao Meng and the smile on her face disappeared. She lifted up her hand and then pointed toward Zhao Musheng. She said,"Whatever he's doing within the imperial city, we're here... to do the same thing."

The moment Zhao Musheng heard those words, he almost vomited a mouthful of blood. After so many years, this brat was still as impish as ever. With a single sentence, he was directly dragged down with her.

Nearby, Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao were both dumbfounded. What was their master saying? Weren't their objectives for entering the imperial city purely to obtain the Phoenix Blood Herb? When did they ever have any other objectives?

"What nonsense are you talking about, this old man has been staying in the imperial city for all these years. Climbing up the ranks until the position of Minister of the Left was all for the sake of serving the empire." Zhao Musheng said with a chuckle, indicating that his purpose for staying within the imperial city was pure.

Xiao Meng let out a chuckle. Who would believe Zhao Musheng's nonsense.

"What? Old man? Am I wrong? Why don't the two of us have a fight, and whoever wins will be the one speaking the truth? How about that?" Ni Yan said with a chortle as her large eyes stared at Zhao Musheng.

Zhao Musheng pursed his lips and shook his head. He immediately turned around and began to leave without staying for too long.

"These old bones of mine wouldn't be able to take the torment."

Xiao Meng meaningfully gave Ni Yan a glance, but Ni Yan was naturally not afraid. Even though Xiao Meng was the guardian of the Light Wind Empire, she was completely unafraid. After all, Ni Yan had just reached a breakthrough and her confidence was still quite high.

Xiao Meng left as well. He did not bother Ni Yan too much.

After Xiao Meng left, an imperiousness gradually appeared in Ni Yan's large eyes. She scanned the surroundings and then her sweet-sounding voice sounded out, spreading into the surroundings of the inn.

"All of the Tom, Dick, and Harry in the surroundings, get lost! Don't come and bother me, I don't want to see anyone!"

The faces of King Yu and the crown prince who were on their way immediately turned black... The temper of this female Battle-Saint seemed a little violent.


Bu Fang, who had climbed into bed and was about to fall asleep, was suddenly woken up by a feminine shout. He drowsily rubbed his eyes. For some reason, he found the voice strangely familiar. However, after thinking for a while, he could not point out the reason for the familiarity and went back to sleep. He was extremely tired after preparing an elixir cuisine.

Without any question, his first try of preparing the elixir cuisine failed. It failed not because it was not edible, but because it failed to meet Bu Fang's expectations. It did not completely bring out the medicinal effects of the elixir cuisine and he also made some mistakes while infusing his true energy.

Xiao Yue had only provided a single portion of ingredients, so no mistakes must be made. Therefore, Bu Fang had to review that day's mistake in order to obtain success tomorrow.

When the sun rose up on the following day, the imperial city began its busy day.

Within the imperial palace, many eunuchs and court ladies were busily making preparations inside of the majestic Main Hall. There were only two more days before the emperor's funeral and there were still things that needed to be prepared. The atmosphere within the palace was somewhat sorrowful.

Outside of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, Ji Chengxue, dressed in a white robe, was slowly walking toward the Main Hall. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions.