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 Chapter 117: The Arrival in Force of Experts from the Sects

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Bu Fang was dumbfounded as he watched Ni Yan disappear in a hurry. The corners of his mouth widened into a grin. He was originally planning to discuss things with her so that she could be the appraiser of the fine wine he was going to brew... After all, Ni Yan was the only person he knew who had tasted 'Dragon's Breath' before.

"No matter what, Owner Bu's wine is already the best wine I've ever tasted," Ji Chengxue said with a smile as he raised his cup toward Bu Fang. After giving his heartfelt praise, he drained the cup in one gulp.

Xiao Yue performed the same actions as well. They had never drank 'Dragon's Breath' or whatever before, so they were not clear which wine was superior between the two. However, compared to the Bejewelled Nectar Wine that they had before, Bu Fang's Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine was the best and nothing else was comparable. The two of them believed that seeing was believing.

Bu Fang nodded his head toward them in appreciation and said, "I know that there's always someone better out there, so I won't let myself be blinded by arrogance. I'll work hard to research a new kind of fine wine. When the time comes, the two of you can come over to taste the wine. I believe it'll definitely surpass that 'Dragon's Breath' or whatever."

Bu Fang's voice was very calm, like his usual way of speaking. It was a reserved confidence that did not needlessly reveal itself.

The eyes of Ji Chengxue and Xiaoyue immediately lit up and they nodded, one after another. The two of them were naturally overjoyed that they could become Bu Fang's wine tasters. After all, with the quality of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine as an example, any wine that was meticulously created by Bu Fang would definitely be good.

Afterward, the two of them drank their wine as they chatted with Bu Fang. Even though Bu Fang's replies were still indifferent and terse as usual, they still had a good time since they had already gotten used to Bu Fang's mannerism.

After their wine was finished, the two stood up and paid their bill before bidding farewell with Bu Fang. With their hands held behind their backs, the two satisfiedly stepped out of the store and into the snowy world outside.

The winter wind blew past and caused the sleeves of their robes to flutter.

Bu Fang cleaned up the blue and white porcelain jars as well as the pile of plates that were cluttering Ni Yan's table. The corners of his mouth involuntarily widened into a grin. Even though that woman looked so beautiful and had a great figure as well, her appetite was frighteningly large. She was unexpectedly a genuine glutton.

"However... to be able to eat is a blessing," Bu Fang thought.

After tidying up everything, he curled up on a chair near the entrance and watched the monotonous snowy scenery outside of the store. While waiting for the customers to arrive, he pondered over how he was going to develop a fine wine that could surpass 'Dragon's Breath'.


A group of beautiful figures were walking on the streets of the imperial city with their hips swaying. The white snow falling from the skies seemed to have turned into pink petals and a melodious and heart-titillating sound of bells seemed to be resounding in the ears of the pedestrians.

As their fair and delicate feet trode on the street covered by pure white snow, the layer of snow sunk a little but their delicate feet remained fair and sparkling clean. Red-string bracelets attached with bells were worn around their ankles and produced tinkling sounds as they walked.

"Clink, clink."

In this cold winter with snow covering the entire sky, these five women all had pink gauze outfits. Their facial features were beautiful, and they were seductive and charming. As they swayed their bodies from side to side, their arousing figures were vividly displayed.

The eyes of the pedestrians in the area were almost popping out from their heads. The five beauties with voluptuous figures parading themselves were a feast for the eyes of many men. There were even some with lesser composure that had two streams of blood trickling from their nostrils, triggering coquettish giggling from the five beauties.

Xiao Yue and Ji Chengxue were standing with frowns on their faces within the crowd, watching the five enchanting back figures.

"The Joyous Union Sect is here as well, and they're even prancing about in the imperial city. If father was still around, he would've already executed these demonesses." Ji Chengxue shook his head and softly sighed.

Once Emperor Changfeng passed away, these sects and factions were immediately buzzing with activity. Now, they were even brazenly swaggering around the imperial city. However, with the unstable situation within the imperial city, there was no one who had the time to deal with them.

"What is the group of women from the Joyous Union Sect doing here in the imperial city? Are they planning to participate in the fight over the throne as well?" Xiao Yue puzzledly asked with a cold expression.

Ji Chengxue chuckled while slowly moving forward and said, "That second elder brother of mine has even accepted the Soul Sect, so what if he accepts another Joyous Union Sect? Perhaps, the White Bone Palace and Death Soul Palace would send their members here as well... He's ready to risk everything for the sake of the throne and has already stopped caring about the risk of asking a tiger for its hide."


King Yu's manor.

With a stern expression, King Yu was sitting high above the hall and solemnly looking down at the sect's experts with powerful auras.

With his back hunched over, Hun Qianyun, who was wrapped within a black robe, said, "King Yu, the experts from both the Joyous Union Sect and White Bone Palace have already arrived. As the Death Soul Palace had suffered huge losses because of Emperor Changfeng, they will temporarily unable to send anyone. However, within the experts that came, the Joyous Union Sect dispatched two Battle-Emperors, three Battle-Kings, and several dozens of Battle-Maniacs. The White Bone Palace has sent two Battle-Emperors, two Battle-Kings and a hundred Battle-Maniacs. With the addition of my Soul Sect's forces, we'll definitely help King Yu ascend the throne."

King Yu indifferently listened to Hun Qianyun, but the more he listened the more alarmed he became. As expected of sects with a thousand years of legacy. Despite the constant expeditions conducted by Emperor Changfeng, they could still dispatch so many experts. There were even quite a number of sixth grade Battle-Emperors.

The thing was, Battle-Emperors were already considered the top combat force within the imperial city.

"Hmm, very good. Then, I shall rely on everyone here. Your rooms have already been prepared. I am sure that all of you must be tired after a long journey, you may go ahead and rest," King Yu said.

Among the five erotic beauties of the Joyous Union Sect, a beautiful woman with a curvaceous figure-who was wearing a pink gauze outfit that revealed her fair and slender arms and legs-gave King Yu a coquettish glance and said, "I've often heard that King Yu is dignified and imposing. After witnessing your splendor today, this lowly woman has really been awed by King Yu's air of sovereignty."

As the woman spoke, a hint of redness appeared on her face. She appeared bashful and timid as she continued, "I wonder if it's possible for King Yu to have a chat with this lowly woman tonight."

"Kekeke! Wei Xiangsi, you flirtatious hussy. Even though you're in the presence of King Yu, you're still behaving in such a lewd manner. How could someone like King Yu be interested in you? Why don't I accompany you instead?"

A high-pitched laughter rang out as the man leading the White Bone Palace's side started laughing and his gaze greedily ran over Wei Xiangsi's shapely figure.

Wei Xiangsi's expression immediately turned cold. She gave the man from the White Bones Palace a glance and said with a sneer, "Bone King might be in the mood, but this lowly woman isn't. With your thin and weak body, this lowly woman is afraid you won't be able to get it up."

Once those words were spoken, coquettish laughter immediately burst out from the Joyous Union Sect's side. That Bone King was so angry that he was staring daggers. True energy suddenly gushed out from his body, as if a fight was about to occur from the slightest disagreement.

Hun Qianyun did not say anything. The spirit fire hidden underneath the black robe was slightly pulsating.

King Yu indifferently swept his gaze toward the two of them. The corners of his mouth curled up as he leaned on one side and used his left hand to support his head. He coldly observed the two.

Behind King Yu, a figure had appeared without anyone noticing. That figure seemed to be assimilated into the empty air. With a snap of King Yu's fingers, that figure instantly appeared in front of the two.

Two daggers that sent chill down their spines were each pressed against the neck area of Wei Xiangsi and the Bone King.

"I'll naturally reward those who aid me, but if you... mess around in front of me, there's nothing stopping me from slaughtering all of you. Remember, I am King Yu. You all are just... dregs from the sects."

As an eerily cold voice rang out, a dreadful presence and aura burst forth from King Yu's body and true energy vigorously circulated around him.

The experts from the sects standing below suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air as their pupils constricted. King Yu... had already become a sixth grade Battle-Emperor!


The front entrance of the Xiao manor was tightly shut. A cold winter wind blew past, swirling up the spotlessly white snowflakes.

A figure wearing a bamboo hat with a black veil was quietly standing from a distance, calmly looking at the Xiao manor with eyes filled with nostalgia.

"What? Are you homesick?" Ji Chengxue's mild voice rang out from behind him as he stood next to Xiao Yue.

With a hoarse voice, Xiao Yue replied, "Mother said before, she once asked father, if the emperor were to pass away one day, which prince would he support."

Ji Chengxue's pupils slightly moved as he asked, "Oh? And, the result was?"

Xiao Yue did not immediately reply him, but started to chuckle instead. He took off his bamboo hat and his bright eyes looked straight at Ji Chengxue as he said, "The result was... mother is still sleeping, while I am standing in front of you."