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 Chapter 116: Fine Wine, Dragon's Breath

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Xiao Yue recognized this woman. Or, to put it differently, there were very few people within the top experts of the ten great sects that could not recognize this outrageously beautiful woman.

"The Celestial Arcanum Sect's... third elder!" Xiao Yue's eyes narrowed as he stared at the scene of Ni Yan gorging herself with food and took a deep breath.

Leaving aside Ni Yan's cultivation level, her identity as the elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect alone was enough to attract Xiao Yue's attention. Even though the Celestial Arcanum Sect was considered part of the ten great sects, strictly speaking, they had already transcended the level of the group.

The Celestial Arcanum Sect focused on divination and Astrology. Each and every one of their disciples were extremely mysterious and the ones roaming about in the world were all at least fifth grade Battle-Kings. Furthermore, their combat capabilities were strong and they were experts at setting up magic arrays to battle their enemies. They were an existence that every sect was wary about.

The Celestial Arcanum Sect's legacy dated back a long time ago. Furthermore, they rarely involved themselves with worldly matters and did not have any form of interaction with the imperial power. Even though Emperor Changfeng was aiming to destroy the ten great sects, he had never made any bold claims about eradicating the Celestial Arcanum Sect.

The sect was like a taboo that elicited reverence from many people.

Furthermore, as the third elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect, Ni Yan's cultivation level had reached the level of seventh grade Battle-Saint. She was not any weaker than the Light Wind Empire's number one guardian, Xiao Meng.

"This woman... Why would she appear here in the imperial city at such a sensitive time?" Xiao Yue was truly feeling somewhat puzzled. According to the Celestial Arcanum Sect's usual way of doing things, they should have no interest in worldly affairs or matters related to the imperial power...

"What are you looking at! Have you never seen a beauty before?!" Lu Xiaoxiao said in dissatisfaction as she widened her eyes and gave Xiao Yue a glare.

She knew this gluttonous master of hers was outrageously beautiful, but this rather good-looking man was actually staring at her in such an open manner. What a shameless fellow!

When Tang Yin gave Xiao Yue a glance as well, his dashing eyebrows knitted together and he became on guard.

This was the ability of experts to sense each other. Xiao Yue's cultivation level had already reached the pinnacle of Battle-Emperor and Tang Yin was a Battle-Emperor as well. Their combat capabilities were evenly matched and the both of them could naturally sense a dangerous aura from each other.

"Hmm? What's going on?" Ji Chengxue puzzledly asked when he felt the destructive aura exuding from Xiao Yue. Thereafter, he turned his head and looked toward Ni Yan and her disciples.

"These three people... are not simple," Xiao Yue serenely said as the aura exuding from his body suddenly dissipated. Within Bu Fang's store, he neither wanted-nor dared-to cause trouble. He still remembered the terrifying combat capability of that puppet as well as that thing lying at the entrance, that... supreme beast.

Tang Yin dispelled his aura as well and looked away. The two of them seemed to have reached a tacit understanding and resolved the situation in silence.

Bu Fang soon walked out of the kitchen, grabbing two jars of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine in his hands.

This gluttonous woman, Ni Yan, seemed to be only interested in food and unexpectedly did not order the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

"Here's your wine, please enjoy," Bu Fang said as he placed the jars onto the table.

Xiao Yue and Ji Chengxue were already close to reaching their limits. They each grabbed a jar of wine and removed the cloth covers.

When the rich aroma of the wine instantly pervaded the air, Xiao Yue and Ji Chengxue were immediately intoxicated by this enchanting aroma and they were unable to control themselves.

This wine aroma... Ni Yan and her disciples were attracted by the aroma of the wine as well. Their eyes suddenly widened as they looked toward the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

Ni Yan shoved the last piece of Golden Shumai into her mouth and finally finished eating every single dish in Bu Fang's store. She had an enjoyable time eating the food. At least, she subconsciously felt delighted when looking at the entire table filled with porcelain plates.

"The aroma of this wine is pretty good," Ni Yan stood up and lazily stretched her body. She fondled her belly before walking over to Xiao Yue and Ji Chengxue's table.

"Owner Bu's Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine is the best wine that I've ever drunk. Would the young lady like to have a taste?" Ji Chengxue gently said with a smile.

Ni Yan blinked for a moment and naturally took up the offer. She requested a porcelain cup from Bu Fang, placed it in front of Ji Chengxue and said, "Fill it to the brim."

"The best wine that you've ever tasted, hehe, is this better than the 'Dragon's Breath' brewed by the old drunkard?" Ni Yan murmured with a smile.

A clear liquid like spring water was poured into the porcelain cup, filling it to the brim. Ni Yan lifted the porcelain cup and took a small sip. The bitterness immediately spread in her mouth.

"Hmm? The taste is unexpectedly pretty good." Ni Yan smacked her lips and said with a nod, "However, compared to the 'Dragon's Breath' brewed by the old drunkard, it's still lacking by a little bit."

Bu Fang was somewhat surprised. This was the first time someone said that his wine was inferior to another wine. This made him very curious.

"Is 'Dragon's Breath' a type of wine?" Bu Fang asked.

Ni Yan looked toward Bu Fang and raised her eyebrows as she thought, "Even a rascal like you has moments where you have questions to ask me." She nodded in a tsundere-like manner and said with a snort, "I admit that the taste of the dishes in your store are pretty good, but... I've eaten dishes that are far more delicious than your food. Since the Hidden Dragon Continent is so vast, there's naturally a lot of delicious flavors. There are artificial flavors as well as natural flavors... It's only natural for there to be food that are more delicious than yours," Ni Yan said.

Bu Fang agreed with what she said. Even though he was confident, he was not arrogant. He nodded with a somewhat serious and solemn expression on his face.

"Let's take 'Dragon's Breath' for instance. The old drunkard's Dragon's Breath use several hundred types of valuable spirit herbs. In order to brew this wine, it needs to be placed at the bottom of the crater lake at Mount Tiandang and allow it to ferment for three years. The color of the liquid is like a burning flame and is exceptionally beautiful. It tastes bitter with a tinge of mellowness. After drinking a mouthful, you'll feel as if you're standing under a dragon's fire breath and both your body and mind will feel renewed."

"Even though this wine is pretty good as well, it's still lacking a little compared to the 'Dragon's Breath'," Ni Yan truthfully said.

The old drunkard was a mysterious expert from the Celestial Arcanum Sect and his cultivation level was unfathomable. At the very least, Ni Yan was unable to see through his cultivation level. Moreover, she was fortunate enough to have drunk a small cup of that 'Dragon's Breath'. The wine left her with an extremely deep impression, and therefore she gave such a speech.

"System, our wine seems to have lost," Bu Fang said to the system.

The system did not reply immediately and was silent for a long time. It was so long that Bu Fang nearly assumed the system did not feel like replying him.

Abrupt mission: Would the host please research and create your own wine that can surpass the 'Dragon's Breath' and subdue the old drunkard.

(Young man, there will be many obstacles on the path to maturity! Destroy the obstacles! Spread your wings and soar!)

System reward: Dragon Blood Rice and ten percent of true energy cultivation progression.

The system's serious and very solemn voice suddenly rang out next to Bu Fang's ears, causing him to jump in surprise. Thereafter, Bu Fang was feeling somewhat dumbfounded... The system just issued an abrupt mission at the slightest disagreement.

Furthermore, the abrupt mission this time was rather interesting. He had to create a better wine than the 'Dragon's Breath' that Ni Yan introduced. The difficulty was... higher than usual.

While Bu Fang was lost in thought, Ni Yan had already finished the cup of wine. Looking at her, she was indeed uninterested in the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

"Burp..." Ni Yan let out another burp and a cloud of spirit energy gushed out from between her tender, petal-like, red lips.

Her pretty face was slightly reddened, making her beautiful beyond comparison. After eating so much delicious food that was brimming with spirit energy, there seemed to be signs of a breakthrough for Ni Yan's cultivation that had not shown any signs of activity for a long time.

To be able to trigger signs of a seventh grade Battle-Saint's breakthrough, it clearly showed how much spirit energy Ni Yan had ingested just now, especially the seventh grade Wandering Dragon Cow Meat Sausage which contained the highest amount of spirit energy.

Even though Ni Yan was a glutton, she was extremely meticulous about her cultivation. When she perceived that she was about to reach a breakthrough, she paid her bill and swiftly dashed out of the alleyway while pulling along Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao. Within an instant, she was gone.

While Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao were being dragged away by Ni Yan, they were in a state of confusion as they thought, "Master... What about our purpose for coming to the imperial city! You seemed to have forgotten again!"