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 Chapter 114: This Is a Secret

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Bu Fang watched as the three Wandering Dragon Cow Meat Sausages rolled about inside of the wok filled with oil. Even though he had already eaten a sausage, he couldn't help but crave for more after smelling the fragrance exuding from the sausages. A dish made from the meat of a seventh grade spirit beast simply possessed too much allure.

"He might as well rob someone... Selling a single sausage for two hundred fifty crystals, he's practically demented!" Ni Yan could not help but silently curse as she sat down in a huff.

Sitting next to her, Tang Yin could not refrain from feeling somewhat dumbfounded. Even though the price was two hundred fifty crystals per sausage, they still bought them in the end... The ones who bought the sausages, weren't they even more demented?

Next to them, Qian Bao sucked in a breath of cold air. As expected of the store well-known as black-hearted within the imperial city, a single sausage... was actually being sold for two hundred fifty crystals. That was almost equivalent to an entire week of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's earnings. He actually could not even afford to eat a single sausage.

Glancing at the big black dog that was delightfully lying at the entrance, Ni Yan became infuriated. Such a delicious sausage was eaten by a big black dog just like that. It was simply a waste of good food.

However, there was nothing else she could do. Like Bu Fang had said, she came to the store as a customer. If she wanted to taste the dishes, she would naturally need to make an order and pay for them with crystals. That big black dog was not a customer, so Bu Fang could just feed it with the sausage.

Simply put, this was an issue with their identities. Even though Ni Yan was angry, she could still reluctantly accept this reason.

After Ni Yan looked through the menu, she was frankly shocked internally. Every single dish on the menu was ridiculously expensive. However, contrary to her expectations, there really were customers who patronised the store.

Looking at the obese men wrapped within their overcoats in the next table, Ni Yan was slightly speechless.

By Fang soon walked out of the kitchen while holding two white porcelain plates in his hands. The sliced pieces of two of the Wandering Dragon Cow Meat Sausages were scattered on the plates. A rich fragrance that was close to solidifying wafted out from the porcelain bowls.

How fragrant! Everyone within the store was attracted by the smell. They could not help but sniff the air, hoping to smell even more of the fragrance.

"This is the Wandering Dragon Cow Meat Sausage that you ordered, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang said to Ni Yan and then placed the other plate in front of Tang Yin. He turned around and went back into the kitchen and then came back with the last plate, placing it before Lu Xiaoxiao.

The three of them eagerly started eating. Tang Yin swallowed a piece of sausage with a single bite. His eyes almost popped out as he vigorously chewed the food in his mouth, seemingly intending to even swallow his own tongue.

Lu Xiaoxiao's appearance while eating was pretty similar to Tang Yin. She was completely immersed within the delicious flavor and was unable to control herself.

On the other hand, Ni Yan was more rational. She was solemnly sizing up the sausage and evaluating the dish by carefully observing its color, smell, appearance, and various other aspects.

After understanding the situation, Ni Yan picked up a piece of sausage and began slowly savoring its flavor in her mouth... The rich meaty flavor was like a stream as it gradually blossomed in her mouth, causing both of her body and mind to be captivated by the deliciousness.

"How fragrant! How delicious! Is this really a sausage? This is the most delicious sausage I've ever had!" Ni Yan was extremely astonished. She had completely fallen.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth widened into a smile as he watched the three of them eating with relish. He turned around and headed back into the kitchen to start preparing the dishes of Fatty Jin and the others.

When Bu Fang had fulfilled all the orders, Ni Yan and her disciples had also recovered from the deliciousness of the Wandering Dragon Cow Meat Sausages. They were looking at Bu Fang with strange gazes.

Ni Yan's eyes were staring straight at Bu Fang. Her gaze was seemingly intending to swallow Bu Fang in a single bite. "Tell me, how did you prevent the spirit energy within the meat of the spirit beasts from dissipating! I've been researching this sort of technique for a long time, but I've still been unable to control the spirit energy residing within the meat of the spirit beasts!"

Immediately after taking the first bite, Ni Yan understood why Bu Fang was selling the sausages at such an expensive price. The effects of eating one of his sausages were more potent than swallowing a sixth grade elixir. The spirit energy contained within the sausage was beyond her imagination.

The meat used to produce this sausage was definitely not from an ordinary spirit beast... Wandering Dragon Cow, could it be that Wandering Dragon Cow?!

Bu Fang wiped off the water droplets on his hands and gave Ni Yan a glance. The eyes of this peerless beauty were filled with the thirst for knowledge. Her large eyes, which seemed to contain circulating water ripples, were filled with expectation as she stared at Bu Fang. Even Bu Fang was nearly moved by her.

"This is a secret," Bu Fang said.

Ni Yan was exasperated... She nearly forgot that beauty was useless in front of this blockheaded fellow.

"Once the meat of a spirit beast was damaged, the spirit energy contained inside would dissipate. The higher the grade of the spirit beast, the faster the rate of dissipation... From the looks of this meat, the grade of the spirit beast it came from is definitely not low. How did you do it?"

"This is a secret," Bu Fang replied.

Ni Yan's complexion darkened. At that moment, she had an impulse to turn this infuriating fellow into minced meat with a single slap...

"Then, you should at least be able to tell me the grade of the spirit beast that this meat came from, right?" Ni Yan asked in a huff. The incredible concentration of spirit energy within the meat gave Ni Yan some suspicions of her own. However, she was still unsure... If her suspicions really were true, it would be really terrifying.

"This is a sec... Oh, I can tell you this." Bu Fang was going to give the same answer out of habit, but he paused for a moment and quickly changed his reply.

The true energy within Ni Yan's body started moving erratically as she endured the urge to throw out a punch. You even got into a habit of saying it was a secret?

"Why do you think a sausage could be sold for such an expensive price?" Bu Fang asked as he looked Ni Yan. "That's because the meat itself is expensive. This meat is from a seventh grade Wandering Dragon Cow..."


Ten miles away from the imperial city's gate, the third prince's army had set up camp on an empty plain. They did not choose to enter the imperial city.

The third prince took off his military attire and changed into a refined white robe. He elegantly stood in front of the troops with two people following behind him. One of them was wearing a bamboo hat with a black veil, while the other was a vigorous person who was both tall and burly.

"Your Highness, entering the imperial city would definitely be perilous. Your subordinate must accompany you at all times, in order to ensure Your Highness' safety!" The tall and burly man opened his mouth and said.

Ji Chengxue helplessly glanced at the man, but he did not refuse him. He slowly headed toward the towering imperial city underneath the morning sun with his hands held behind his back.

As he stepped through the city gate, the winter wind was blowing but he still felt a familiar feeling rushing into his face.

Ji Chengxue felt nostalgic as he looked at the streets of the imperial city. There was not much difference from before he left, but he could still feel a bit of change.

From a distance, two groups of people were slowly approaching to receive Ji Chengxue.

"We welcome the third prince's return to the imperial city. Would Your Highness please enter King Yu's manor for a chat," an elderly official said to Ji Chengxue. His tone was actually not considered respectful.

Ji Chengxue recognized this person. He was a high-ranking official within the imperial courts. From the looks of it, he chose to side with King Yu.

Nevertheless, this was not a good enough reason for his arrogant attitude. Ji Chengxue expressionlessly gave the man a cold glance and the corners of his mouth curled up as he said, "Your Excellency, how arrogant you are. No matter how much of a dire straits I am in, I am still a prince. While I was fighting and killing our enemies outside of the border, I wonder which brothel Your Excellency was staying in. What's your basis for talking to me in such a manner?"

That court official was immediately startled. His pupils constricted and his entire back was dripping with cold sweat.

The burly man standing behind Ji Chengxue immediately gave an angry snort as he stepped forward and ferociously glared at the court official. The court official was so frightened that he took several steps backward and fell on his buttocks. This court official was only a scholar. How could he withstand the angry glare from a man who was like a vicious beast.

From a distance, another group of people slowly approached. The person leading them was a young eunuch. They were evidently the crown Prince's subordinates.

"This humble servants greets Your Highness. The crown prince found out that Your Highness has returned to the imperial city today, so he specially ordered this humble servant to receive and invite Your Highness to enter the imperial palace for a chat with him." The young eunuch was a good talker and his attitude was reverential and respectful.

Ji Chengxue's expression slightly improved and he nodded.

However, even though he nodded, he did not show any intentions of moving. He swept his gaze over the two group of people and started chuckling.

A gentle voice sounded out from his mouth.

"Go back and tell my dearest elder brothers, tell them that I am exhausted after a long trip and I don't want to see them. If they have anything to say, we'll talk... during father's funeral."