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 Chapter 113: You Are Customers, but It Isn't

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"This meat... smells so good! How can it be so fragrant?!"

Ni Yan's devastatingly beautiful eyes were filled with incredulity as they slightly widened. The rich smell of meat wafted toward her and flowed into her beautiful nose. Suddenly, all of the pores throughout her body seemed to have exploded.

As someone who was both a chef and a glutton, Ni Yan's pastime was sampling and researching all kinds of food. She once tried to cook a dish using a sixth grade spirit beast, but she unfortunately failed. The meat of a sixth grade spirit beast was filled with a rich amount of spirit energy. However, once these spirit beasts perished, the spirit energy would be locked within their carcasses. If a person sliced off a piece of meat from the carcass, the spirit energy contained inside that piece of meat would rapidly dissipate.

With her experience, Ni Yan was able to instantly analyze the composition of the aroma wafting in the air. She not only detected a meaty aroma, but also a medicinal fragrance and a rich amount of spirit energy as well.

The concentration of spirit energy in the air made her feel incredulous.

Qian Bao was continuously swallowing his saliva. He thought, "This fragrance... Not even our restaurant's most delicious dish, the Roasted Flower Duck, could compare with this smell. As expected, Owner Bu's culinary skills is extraordinary. I must definitely have a taste of his cooking today."

The expressions of Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao, who were standing behind Ni Yan, were both filled with euphoria. This was not the first time that they had encountered such a rich meaty aroma. Previously, when they were in the wildlands, Bu Fang had cooked a roast meat with a strong fragrance as well. Even till that day, the flavor of the roast meat was still unforgettable for them.

Bu Fang was carrying a porcelain plate with three pieces of sliced sausages scattered on the top. A slight warmth was lingering around the surface of the sausage. There was also a wave of fragrance that was close to solidifying melding together with the spirit energy.

Bu Fang could not wait to have a taste of this overwhelmingly fragrant sausage. He had just stepped out of the kitchen when he saw the four people standing at the doorway with euphoric expressions. A trace of doubt appeared on his face as he exclaimed, "Eh? Someone's here so early today?"

Normally, there would not be any customers at such an early hour. Even Fatty Jin who always came on time would usually take a while to arrive.

"Senior! It's us!"

When Tang Yin saw that familiar appearance and that familiar smell, his eyes immediately lit up as he excitedly waved his hand toward Bu Fang.

"Hmm?" Bu Fang gave Tang Yin a glance. After thinking for a moment, he finally recognized the man who was waving to him at such an early hour. The encounter at the wildlands left quite a deep impression on him.

"Oh, it's you. It's been a while. Are you here to eat? Come in," Bu Fang expressionlessly said before placing the plate in his hands on a table.

The eyes of the four humans plus a dog all followed Bu Fang's actions and fell on the table. The sound of swallowing resounded throughout the room.

Everyone subconsciously stepped into the store. Their eyes were all focused on Bu Fang, who had already sat down at the table. He was holding onto a pair of chopsticks and was about to start eating.

Bu Fang was unconcerned about the actions of the others. The wooden chopsticks in his hand opened and Bu Fang gently clamped one of the three pieces of sausage. The moment the chopsticks squeezed together, an aromatic grease naturally seeped out of the sausage.

The fragrance wafting in the air suddenly became even stronger.

Bu Fang carefully observed the piece of sausage. The place where the cut was made was extremely smooth and the meat inside was tender and fragrant. Bu Fang's appetite was being aroused just from looking at the sausage.

As Bu Fang took a bite of the sausage, the sound of his teeth colliding together with the crispy sausage casing seemingly could be heard.

While Bu Fang was taking a bite, Qian Bao and the others slightly opened their mouths as well and subconsciously licked their lips...

The texture of the sausage was very springy, and the crispy sausage casing as well as the tender beef filling instantly enveloped Bu Fang's mouth. The fragrance lingered in his mouth like a thick fog and was impossible to dispel.

Since the sausage was slightly hot, Bu Fang tried to cool it down by opening his mouth. He exhaled a breath of hot air along with the sausage's fragrance.



Rumbling noises sounded out from the stomachs of the four, and Blacky barked once while licking its lip.

However, at that moment, Bu Fang was completely immersed within the delicious flavor. After he began chewing, only then was he able to perfectly experience the taste of the sausage. Since a little rock sugar was mixed within the sausage, the sausage casing was not only crispy but also a little sweet. It became even more flavorful and caused the meaty aroma to burst forth like an explosion and instantly charge out from Bu Fang's nostrils.

"It's delicious!" Bu Fang exclaimed. The familiar flavor of the sausage made him feel nostalgic. The sausage made from the meat of the Wandering Dragon Cow as well as various spirit herbs tasted even more superb.

It was the meat of a seventh grade spirit beast after all. As expected, it was not something that ordinary meat could compare with.

After swallowing the mouthful of sausage, Bu Fang licked his lips while feeling unsatisfied. His eyes seemed somewhat blurry...

"Hmm? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" When Bu Fang woke from his daze, he puzzledly looked at the others. The drooling appearance of the four humans plus a dog made it impossible for Bu Fang to not feel amused.

"Are you the one who cooked this sausage?" Ni Yan asked as her beautiful eyes stared straight at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang nodded as he shoved the rest of the bitten sausage into his mouth.

"I... Can I have a taste?" Ni Yan hesitated for a moment before asking.

The others were also looking at Bu Fang with expressions filled with expectation. The smell of the sausage was simply too enticing. It was so fragrant that they were not themselves.

Bu Fang gave her a glance and indifferently said, "No."

Ni Yan was stunned. Tang Yin was stunned. Everyone was stunned... Oh, Blacky was not stunned. It was still licking its lips and looking at Bu Fang with eyes that were filled with expectation.

Someone actually refused her? Ni Yan was somewhat bewildered. How many years had it been since she faced such a situation?

Ni Yan took off her veil and revealed her devastatingly beautiful and peerless appearance. Her delicate, red lips slightly curled up and her pretty eyes stared straight at Bu Fang as she asked, "Now... Can I have a taste of the sausage?"

Ni Yan was more confident about her appearance than her strength. She was certain that no one would be able to remain composed after witnessing her appearance.

However, she was wrong this time. When Bu Fang gave her another glance, astonishment flashed across his eyes and then he still indifferently replied, "No."

"You..." Ni Yan was exasperated. How could he speak like that to a beauty like her?!

"Then, why don't you tell me, what do I have to do in order to taste the sausage..." Ni Yan was really itching to slap this fellow in front of her to death. However, when she thought about how such a delicious sausage could only be made by this despicable fellow, she was unable to do it.

"Are you stupid? Look at the menu." Bu Fang pursed his lips and picked up another sausage. He delightfully shove the sausage into his mouth and chewed it with relish.

When Ni Yan saw Bu Fang's infuriating expression while enjoying the sausage, she was really tempted to kick his face in. While enduring the enticing fragrance of the sausage, she raised her head and looked toward the menu hung on the store's wall. The moment she looked, her beautiful eyes widened once more.


Blacky was furious! It thought, "How dare this rascal ignore this lord dog! How could you not offer up such a delicious sausage to your lord dog?!"

Bu Fang went into a daze for a moment. He rubbed the lord dog's head and softly said, "Stop messing around."

"Who's messing around with who!" Blacky thought as it roared out once more. This roar was filled with his tremendous anger as well as his yearning toward the sausage. "Bark!"

Bu Fang sighed in his heart. He knew he would not be able to eat this last piece of sausage. He grudgingly patted Blacky's head and handed over the sausage to it.

Blacky's eyes were gleaming and its tongue was hanging out as it excitedly swallowed the sausage with one bite. Thereafter, it narrowed its eyes and had an expression filled with satisfaction.

Ni Yan had just turned back. She wanted to question Bu Fang about the unreasonable pricing. However, before she could say anything, she witnessed a scene where Bu Fang was feeding the sausage to a dog...

Bu Fang was feeding the sausage that was so delicious that they were unable to control themselves to a big black dog... A black dog... A dog!

"What do you mean by that... What's your basis for letting the dog eat when I couldn't?" Ni Yan asked with a cold expression.

Bu Fang had stood up and was picking up the plate and chopsticks when he heard Ni Yan's question. He immediately gave her a puzzled glance and said, "There's no particular reason. You're customers, but it isn't."

After he finished speaking, he headed toward the kitchen. When he reached the doorway, he suddenly remembered something and turned his head toward the others.

"Here's a reminder, only three servings of Wandering Dragon Cow Sausage are provided each day. If you want to eat them, you should quickly order."