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 Chapter 112: Deep-Fried Wandering Dragon Cow Meat Sausages

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Cold sweat immediately started dripping down from Qian Bao's forehead. Forcing three Battle-Kings to lie down on the ground with just one hand... Just how powerful was this beautiful woman in front of him?

These three Battle-Kings were already the strongest defensive force within the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. The faction behind him had only allocated these three experts for him to handle any sudden situations, and in the past, they had proven to be more than capable enough. Nevertheless, on that day, they encountered someone that the three could not handle.

Tang Yin, who was standing behind Ni Yan, sympathetically looked at the three Battle-Kings lying on the floor. Battle-Kings were nothing in front of a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

Ni Yan withdrew her hand and a smile suddenly appeared on her beautiful face as she said, "Owner Qian, you'll let us go onto the third floor now, right?"

Qian Bao actually wanted to say no. However, the capability of the woman in front of him was simply too terrifying. He felt that if he really refused her request, she might really tear down the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

Qian Bao wondered why his luck had been so terrible recently. The third floor's rule was actually broken twice in a row. This was purely an affront to the dignity of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

"Yes..." Qian Bao agonizingly replied as he started walking, leading the three of them toward the third floor of the restaurant.

Ni Yan immediately chuckled and raised her pretty eyebrows as she followed after Qian Bao.

Stepping onto the antiquated third floor, the pleasant smell of sandalwood incense was wafting in the air, creating a relaxing mood. The third floor was decorated with many pretty ornaments and the view was quite beautiful.

"The furnishing is unexpectedly pretty good." Ni Yan nodded as she looked around. Suddenly, her eyes focused on something in a distance. Placed next to a table, there was a white tofu flower blooming with fur-like petals inside a crystal bowl.

"This... This is the work of a chef from the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant?" Ni Yan walked closer and attentively admired the tofu flower. The more seriously Ni Yan observed, the more astonished she became. She saw that the tofu flower was not just simply two or three layers, but was formed by a thousand layers stacked together...

Of course, the so-called thousand layer was not literally a thousand layer. However, the scene of the tofu densely packed together still made Ni Yan suck in a breath of cold air.

The cutting technique used to create this work had already reached an uncanny level. At the very least, Ni Yan conceded that her own cutting techniques were incapable of performing such a feat.

"No... This is the work of Owner Bu." Qian Bao sighed with emotion as he gazed at the thousand layer tofu flower. This piece of work was brought back by Qian Bao after the match with Bu Fang ended. He perfectly preserved the tofu flower and sealed it within a crystal bowl, making the tofu flower seem as if it was an exquisite piece of artwork and giving it an ornamental value. This was an idea that Qian Bao had suddenly come up with.

"Owner Bu?" Ni Yan puzzledly looked at Qian Bao.

Qian Bao raised his eyebrows. The woman in front of him who was so obsessed with food was actually... unaware of Owner Bu? Did they come from outside of the imperial city?

"Owner Bu is the owner of Fang Fang's Little Store," Qian Bao earnestly explained.

Tang Yin obviously knew who Bu Fang was and immediately became somewhat excited. As expected... the senior he knew was not someone who would be unknown within the imperial city.

Fang Fang's Little Store... Ni Yan narrowed her eyes. From the preciseness of the cutting technique, she could tell that the chef from Fang Fang's Little Store was definitely not an ordinary person. Involuntarily, Ni Yan's interest toward Fang Fang's Little Store became even stronger.

On the third floor of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, it was hard even for Bu Fang to find too many flaws in the three dishes. After improvements were made according to Bu Fang's assessment, the dishes were one step closer to perfection. Therefore, Ni Yan quietly finished the three dishes of delicious food that somewhat uplifted their mood.

"They're very delicious. As expected of the third floor, your chefs possess some capabilities indeed." Ni Yan put on her veil once more, concealing her peerless facial features. With a wave of her hand, she took out some gold coins and handed them to Qian Bao.

Qian Bao was quite surprised that he could still receive the money... With the woman's strength, Qian Bao would not be able to defy her even if she tried to dine and dash...

"Have someone bring us to that Fang Fang's Little Store. I am very curious about the sort of food the chef who could perform such a cutting technique would make," Ni Yan said.

"Owner Bu's dishes are definitely delicious. It's just that the price is rather expensive, that's all..."

"Money? Money is not an issue. You just have to bring us there." Lu Xiaoxiao, who remained quiet all this time, finally spoke up. They were not lacking in wealth at all.

Since the other party expressed their indifference, Qian Bao personally led them toward that small restaurant situated in an alleyway.


White snow swirled around in the skies, scattering snowflakes here and there and covering the entire imperial city with a layer of silver frost.

As Bu Fang removed the door boards, the cold air mixed with a few pieces of snowflakes instantly rushed into the store, causing him to slightly shiver for a moment.

After preparing the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Blacky, Bu Fang returned to the kitchen once more. There was an especially important matter he had to settle that morning.

Bu Fang was very serious as he stopped in front of the cupboard where the Wandering Dragon Cow sausages were being dry-cured. As he carefully opened the cupboard, a burst of meaty aroma accompanied with a medicinal fragrance gushed out.

Bu Fang reached his hand out and pinched one of the sausages. He could feel a slight springiness coming from the sausage. This indicated that the sausage had finally been dry-cured to a degree he desired. The sausage coating was rather hard and there was a slight springiness when pinched. This proved that the sausage had already been dry-cured.

Suppressing the agitation in his heart, Bu Fang took out the twenty one sausages from the cupboard. Cutting off one of the sausages, he stored the rest of them inside the refrigerator.

Bu Fang could not wait to cook this sausage that he had been looking forward to for some time. However, he still needed to make some preparations before doing that.

He first poured some oil into the wok and waited until the heat coming from the oil's surface was slightly hot before putting the sausage into the oil.

Once the sausage entered the oil, a sizzling sound immediately sounded out from the wok. White waves of oil enveloped the sausage and continuously bubbled, appearing like somewhat cloudy snowflakes.

The fragrance of the oil and the meaty aroma of the sausage instantly spread out from the wok and filled the entire kitchen. The smell of the spirit herbs were blended with these aroma as well, forming a fragrance that could cause one to lose their self control just from inhaling the aroma.

The smell was simply too fragrant. Even Bu Fang couldn't help but salivate.

He did not actually include too many steps within the cooking process of the sausage because there was no need for them. He had already completed everything else that was necessary. Now, he only needed to wait for the sausage to be cooked.

Since the sausage coating was made from the submucosa of a seventh grade Wandering Dragon Cow, ordinary oil was not warm enough to deep-fry the sausage. Therefore, during the cooking process, Bu Fang had to carefully send true energy into the wok of oil in order to infuse heat into the sausage.

Once the intensity of the fragrance wafting in the air reached a certain level, Bu Fang swiftly used chopsticks to remove the sausage from the wok of oil. After the oil on the sausage was filtered away, a rosy and shiny sausage was presented before Bu Fang.

A meaty aroma accompanied with a medicinal fragrance wafted out from the sausage and continuously flowed into Bu Fang's nostrils. Before Bu Fang could even taste the sausage, he was already feeling his taste buds being covered and conquered by this aroma.

A wisp of green smoke appeared for a moment and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was held in Bu Fang's hand. He carefully sliced the sausage into three pieces. The moment the sausage coating was cut open, the beefy aroma contained within the sausage coating billowed out as if a bomb had exploded. The smell was even stronger than before and reached almost every corner of the store.

At the entrance, Blacky was gobbling down the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs while wagging its tail when it suddenly stopped. Then, its eyes blinked as it raised its head and started sniffing the air... What smell was that? It smelled so good!

Qian Bao was leading Ni Yan and her disciples, and they had just arrived before the store. Before they could even enter the store, a surging wave of meaty aroma completely enveloped their sense of smell, causing them to be completely captivated by the fragrance.

Whether it was Qian Bao, who had the lowest cultivation level, or Ni Yan, who was a seventh grade Battle-Saint, they were all captivated by the meaty aroma of the sausage.

Just by slicing open a big sausage, the entire Long Street was wafting with fragrance.