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 The phantom of the God of Chef's Challenge hovered high in the clouds.

It shot out blood-red light from its eyes, shining on Mo Xiu's body, making him glow with radiance.

The man wore a complicated look as the big, red numbers emerged above his head.

It was Bu Fang's score.

The judges would give grades according to the contestants' levels.

Previously, in Zheng Kuangjiu and Goddess Meng Qi's Chef's Challenge, they used the Qilin Chef's grade to evaluate. And now, in Bu Fang and Liu Mobai's Chef's Challenge, naturally, they would grade the two with their respective Immortal Chef's grade.

The two results couldn't be compared.

It was also the reason why Liu Mobai could achieve ninety-seven points, a very high score for his dish.

Ninety-seven points was the top level for a First Grade Nether Chef.

At this moment, the score that had emerged above Mo Xiu's head shocked all the people present.

Everybody looked stunned. They took in deep breaths as they couldn't believe their eyes.


As soon as Mo Xiu saw the score, he himself was also stunned.

Because of the God of Chef's Challenge, the score he had given was the real score he had in his mind. There was no cheating here.

However, he was somewhat baffled. He had given ninety-three points, which was a really high score.

Liu Mobai's dish... had just achieved a score of ninety-one!

Mo Xiu stayed silent, looking at Bu Fang with complicated eyes.

He pondered, then explained, "In this score, ninety-one is the real achievement. About the other two, one is for your food's three-change element, while the other... is for the ingredient."

Bu Fang nodded his head and clasped his hands. "No need to explain... I understand."

Mo Xiu froze...

Liu Mobai's eyes shrank, his pupils as small as a bean...

Mo Xiu had highly-appreciated Bu Fang's food that much?!

It was two points higher than his... What did it mean?

It meant... he was f*cking crushed!

The surrounding Immortal Chefs were astonished. Then, they all cried out!

"Ninety-three?! Am I dreaming?"

"Oh my God! The Great Demon King fought back! Ninety-three points... Incredible!"

"What fought back? The Great Demon King is always awesome, okay?"

The Immortal Chefs were stirred up.

Bu Fang's score was like a hand that slapped Liu Mobai's face. He had been haughty and not afraid of anything, and now, he stayed silent.

Mo Xiu and the other Nether Chefs on his side wore a grimace.

At this moment, they started to panic...

If Liu Mobai's points were lower... he would lose!

Zheng Kuangjiu had lost, and if Liu Mobai was defeated... it meant that the Nether Chefs' side was completely defeated.

Two to zero! Sealed by zero!

They would be completely crushed!

Losing their faces was one thing... If they lost, they would lose the chance to get the Immortal Tree seedlings!

Realm Lord Di Tai was very satisfied at this moment.

Little Bu Bu had increased his reputation!

He looked at Mo Xiu, who was frowning.

"I heard that the Qilin Chefs of the Dark Nether Cooking Realm have exquisite cooking skills. I do want to compete against you once... Unfortunately... Tch, tch, tch..."

Realm Lord Di Tai shook his head as he "lamented".

Mo Xiu's face turned uglier.

Right after that, Realm Lord Di Tai ignored Mo Xiu's cold face. He swaggered, placing his hands on his waist as his sleek, golden hair fluttered in the wind.

"Hey, you God-something... Come, shine on me!" Realm Lord Di Tai raised his voice.

The God of Chef's Challenge didn't even bat an eye. A jet of radiance shot out of the phantom, covering Realm Lord Di Tai's body.

A moment later, the scarlet numbers emerged above Realm Lord Di Tai's head.

Realm Lord Di Tai arrogantly raised his head, trying not to tear his robe apart. This man, whenever he was high, would show his art of nudity.

As soon as his score was given...

Everybody blinked, looking at Realm Lord Di Tai.

There was no clamor, no uproar, no excitement...

Some even looked dumbfounded.

They seemed to meet the Realm Lord who they couldn't trust one more time.

Meng Qi couldn't help but rub her forehead...

Realm Lord, Your Highness, can you not shame yourself further...

Realm Lord Di Tai was bewildered. Then, he lifted his head, looking at the score.



Ninety-two, the same score he had given Liu Mobai...

What about the crushing we had talked about?

Realm Lord Di Tai finally knew why the others' faces look like that...

He gave an awkward smile, trying to pull a serious face.

"Cough. Cough... Little Bu Fang, I gave you this score so you can understand that we can't be so proud," Realm Lord Di Tai said with a stern face. "We must stay low-key. We wanted to be low-key..."

Bu Fang cast him a sidelong glance.

The surrounding Immortal Chefs didn't know if they should cry or laugh...

This Realm Lord His Highness... came here to do some comedy?

Mo Xiu curved his lips... He somewhat relaxed his tense nerves.

It seems they still have a chance.

If that dog and that Immortal Chef gave low scores, they would still have the chance to turn the tables!

The gap is just two points.

Realm Lord Di Tai looked so solemn as he returned to his seat.

Scanning his eyes over the others, who were looking at him awkwardly, he didn't change his face, advising Bu Fang seriously, "Remember what I've taught you."

City Lord Zou stood by City Lord Meng Qi. Looking at Realm Lord Di Tai, he couldn't help but grit his teeth.

"Little Sister Meng Qi, why do I have this urge to stab Realm Lord His Highness to death?"

Meng Qi covered her mouth, giggling. "City Lord Zou, please calm down..."


Lu Yi stood up. The radiance of the God of Chef's Challenge immediately shone on him.

He became the focus of everyone now.

Everybody looked at Lu Yi, anticipating.

Lu Yi's score became crucial!

Lu Yi had eaten a Sweet 'n' Sour Rib and he was so touched he even cried... His score wouldn't be low, would it!

Looking at Bu Fang with his complicated eyes, Lu Yi gently exhaled.

Energy began to move and revolve above his head.


The red number emerged. The score was given!

People craned their necks, looking at the score.

As soon as the score emerged, people couldn't believe it. They had to take in a breath of cold air.

"How could it be?!"

"Lu Yi, you traitor!"

"Damn! How could the Devil King's food get that score? You f*cking shredded your fake tears!"


The Immortal Chefs around lifted their heads to look at the score, clenching their jaws, gritting their teeth!


Lu Yi couldn't help but be stunned. He lifted his head, looking at the score and being baffled.

Although ninety-six was already a high score, it was... still one score lower than what Liu Mobai received.

This battle had another variable!

In this moment, Bu Fang's score were just one point higher than Liu Mobai's. Apparently, he would be surpassed easily!

Liu Mobai's tense heart relaxed a little bit. He still had a chance!

Under the supervision of the God of Chef's Challenge, the points were given fairly and justly. They were all the honest points in each judge's mind!

Mo Xiu's eyes focused...

He gazed at the dog.

In this moment, that dog's score would determine the result!

That dog had given Liu Mobai a score of ninety-three...

If Lord Dog gave Bu Fang ninety-one, Liu Mobai would win. If it gave ninety-two, it would be a drawn match.

A tie-result was better in this case. Mo Xiu could have a chance to take action.

He was absolutely confident that he could crush that so-called Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord Di Tai.

Since the Immortal Cooking Realm had been declined, it was really hard to have a Qilin Chef. Without the top-quality resources, how could he defeat a peerless Qilin Chef of Dark Nether Cooking Realm who had experienced countess Chef's Challenges?

Thus, Lord Dog's score was now the critical point...


Lord Dog held the fancy blue-and-white plate with its paws.

Suddenly, it licked fiercely.

The blue-and-white plate was licked clean.

Reluctantly, it had to put the dish down.

Lord Dog's eyes fell to Bu Fang, giving him a meaningful look. This kid has hidden something from Lord Dog for a long time.

Swoosh. ..

The God of Chef's Challenge bloomed in red light. Instantly, the red beam shone on Lord Dog's body.

Lord Dog narrowed the dog's eyes.

Then, the number appeared above its head.

Slowly, the number became visible.

Everybody was concentrating to see.

They held breath, feeling so excited. No one dared to breathe loudly.



Their hearts beat frantically as they were so anxious.


The score finally emerged...

As soon as they saw the number, they were all stunned!

People who gazed at the score dropped their jaws and goggling. They didn't believe in their eyes.

Some even rose their hands to rub their eyes.

Mo Xiu was stupefied at his spot. Looking at that score, his face slowly turned funny.

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes shrank. His hand rose to his mouth, covering it... Unbelievable!

Lu Yi gawked, feeling his body flutter in the wind.

What was going on?

This kind of score... How could it happen?

Liu Mobai gazed at that score... His body began to shiver hard.

It seemed he had just been struck by a thunderbolt.

Then... His eyes turned bloodshot. He covered his face and laughed crazily!

Bu Fang looked at the score, the corners of his mouth twitching once.

He shrugged.

"Really... That dog doesn't want people to be low-key."

In the sky, the word "one hundred" hovered in the sky, releasing dazzling light.

Lord Dog cracked the dog's mouth, smiling. Casting Bu Fang a sidelong glance, it shrugged reluctantly while its nose slightly twinkling.


Under people's gaze, the score changed... turning into the big word of... Ninety-nine.

Holy sh*t, the score could be changed like that?

Everybody was so stunned.

Could do like that?

Then, right after they could pull themselves together, they burst out in an earth-shaking uproar!

"Oh my God! What a terrific score!"

"One hundred... Ah, no, ninety-nine! The Great Demon King has a lot of points. It doesn't matter if one is withdrawn, right?!"

"It... It... It... We f*cking won?"


The group of Immortal Chefs were so thrilled and excited, jumping and cheering.

Bu Fang looked at his score, which was just deducted, his mouth convulsing.

That mangy dog wanted to cause trouble...

"Ninety-nine points. No more. With one more point, you will become arrogant."

Lord Dog licked the dog's paw, mumbling.

Realm Lord Di Tai took in a deep breath. Ninety-nine points, that dog had given that score... Perhaps, it was the so-called true love.

Realm Lord Di Tai thought he had learned something.

Mo Xiu was so upset he had almost vomited blood.

One hundred... Ah, no, ninety-nine points... This kind of score happened in a Chef's Challenge.

Withdrawing one score because the judge was afraid that the contestant would become haughty...

Was it taunting?

The God of Chef's Challenge didn't send any punishment, which spoke up the fact that it was the real score given honestly by the dog.

Simply... dog-like things!

Liu Mobai was still laughing until his tears rolling. Both of his hands covered his face...

One hundred... A, because he could be arrogant so he had to receive just ninety-nine points.

He was crushed!

Apparently, he was lost. His little hope was crushed.

He felt so aggrieved his chest could crack open.

His sadness was so heavy he wanted to vomit blood.

No... Liu Mobai had already vomited blood.

His laughter stopped all of a sudden.

Liu Mobai dropped his hands. Discolored, he opened his mouth, squirting blood...

Really angry...

That shameless dog had given such score!

Bu Fang spread his arms. "Actually, that dog got fat because of my Sweet 'n' Sour Rib... I have no solution."

Liu Mobai was slightly startled. He spurted blood again, feeling madly enraged.

You f*cking dare to say that!