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 Releasing the Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path, Liu Mobai's aura immediately became a majestic, imposing mountain.

It suppressed people, making them struggle to breathe.

Really frightening!

Many Immortal Chefs were shaking.

They had done a Chef's Challenge against Liu Mobai. However, at that time, Liu Mobai didn't show his best power. He even didn't pay much attention to them.

His aura had never been so frightening.

However, facing the Great Demon King, Liu Mobai seemed to go all out, releasing the Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path.

At this moment, everybody could sense the massive demon phantom above his head, which had almost suffocated them.

"Nether Chefs from the Nine Revolution Clan were famous for Chef's Challenges. They have used Chef's Challenges to defeat so many Nether Chefs as they know the aspects to complete it. They will make their opponent shiver in desperation," Mo Xiu said.

His bright eyes scrutinized the nine dazzling suns Liu Mobai had released, and he couldn't help but grin.

He rubbed his hands. It was also the time he should prepare for the next Chef's Challenge.

His opponent was the strongest Qilin Chef of the Immortal Cooking Realm. If he defeated that strongest Qilin Chef...

The belief of the entire Immortal Cooking Realm would collapse. At that time... the Immortal Cooking Realm would become his backyard garden. He would be able to use countless resources.

The sacred grade immortal ingredients would belong to him.

Using the Immortal Cooking Realm's resources, he could even try to break through and become a Divine Chef!

Of course... it was just his dream. After all, a Divine Chef was a goal no one could reach!

"Aura, pressure, knife skills, the Heart of Cooking Path, kitchen tools... Everything could be used by the Nine Revolution Clan to subdue their opponent. I'm afraid this young Immortal Chef doesn't stand a chance against Liu Mobai's power..." Mo Xiu said confidently.

Beside Mo Xiu, the subdued Zheng Kuang seemed to be fuming white smoke. Eventually, he had quieted down.

However, a flaming rage was still burning in his heart.

Bu Fang held the beef ribs, looking at Liu Mobai nonchalantly.

The Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path was like nine dazzling suns shining on Bu Fang, as though they were trying to roast him until he was well-cooked.

Anyway, its prestige was ineffective to Bu Fang.

With the Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path, at this moment, Liu Mobai's Heart of Cooking Path was as strong as a Qilin Chef's heart.

Really formidable.

Nonetheless, Bu Fang wasn't afraid at all.

His mind flickered. Instantly, a tiger roar resounded.

Bu Fang moved his hand to the tiger head on his waist, brushing over it. Right after that, the White Tiger Heaven Stove emerged.

A tiger roar as loud as though it could break everything echoed in the void.

The radiance of the nine suns seemed to dim.

When the White Tiger Heaven Stove landed on the arena, Bu Fang's aura suddenly changed, and his eyes turned sharper.

The White Tiger was the lord of killing and attacking, and since it was in Bu Fang's head, it had somewhat affected his mood, making his eyes look deadly.

Liu Mobai's eyes shrank.

He found that Bu Fang wasn't shaking under the pressure of his Heart of Cooking Path.

"Owner Bu is indeed Owner Bu... Really extraordinary! But I do want to see how long you can resist!"

Liu Mobai sneered coldly. His Heart of Cooking Path released even more pressure towards Bu Fang, trying to force him into a corner and immobilize him.


Bu Fang placed the Strongest Demon King's ribs on the stove, gently exhaling.

Then, his head slightly rose, watching Liu Mobai in the distance.

"You're not going to use the Heart of Cooking Path to cook? Did you just take it out to show off and entertain us?" Bu Fang said with his emotionless face.

His words stupefied Liu Mobai.

Then, the Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body turned fiery red with the sound of a bird singing.

The wings on his back spread out, sending fiery sparks everywhere.

Bu Fang's aura rocketed unceasingly. Nonchalant Bu Fang, at this moment, had become frightening.

The Heart of Cooking Path emerged as a vague shadow behind him, which looked profound and intimidating.

At first glance, it looked like an ancient black hole.


Liu Mobai's eyes shrank as he took in a deep breath.

The Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path had almost collapsed at this moment!

He took a step backward, stomping. The ground cracked under his feet!


Liu Mobai was so frightened. Ever since he had received the inheritance of the Nether Chef from the Nine Revolution Clan, it was the first time he was astonished in a battle between the Hearts of Cooking Path.

His Heart of Cooking Path could be compared with the Qilin Chef's heart!

Bu Fang didn't have a Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path, so how could he resist him?

He was just a First Grade Immortal Chef. Did he have a Qilin Chef's heart?

Actually, Bu Fang didn't have a Qilin Chef's heart. However, his Heart of Cooking Path was so powerful.

If the Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path was a long lance... Bu Fang's Heart of Cooking Path was the strongest shield in this world that even a Qilin Chef's heart couldn't break.

Mo Xiu clenched his fists, and his eyes narrowed.

"That Immortal Chef..."

Mo Xiu could feel some aura from Bu Fang, which was almost similar to the prestige of their Dark Nether Cooking Realm's top genius...

At first, he had thought that this Chef's Challenge would be a slaughtering game. But now... it seems he had celebrated too soon!

A dragon roar echoed from Bu Fang's hand. Right after that, a golden radiance shot up into the sky.

The dazzling golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged in Bu Fang's hand. As it spun, his aura increased one more time.

With an Indifferent face, he lifted his head, checking Liu Mobai in the distance.

Liu Mobai felt this intense pressure.

All of a sudden, he burst out laughing.

"Worthy of being the one I had a grudge against for so long... Come, let's start this Chef's Challenge and put an end to everything!"

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

The heartbeats arose, resounding.

Cooking tools began to appear in Liu Mobai's hands, and they all had scarlet gems...

His knife moved as he threw the Taotie ribs in the air.

Those ribs hovered and didn't fall to the ground immediately.

Taking a step backward, Liu Mobai moved his knife to his left waist. He leaned his body, and a flow of tremendous pressure accumulated unceasingly.

In the next instant, a red sword with winding Nether energy emerged.

This sword looked extraordinary as it bloomed with magnificent radiance!

"Knife skill... Drawing Sword Technique!" Liu Mobai shouted coldly.

Then, the knife was drawn from his waist, as though he was drawing an exquisite sharp sword.

The scarlet sword radiated endless blood light. Its radiance covered the sky, blinding people's eyes.

Drawing Sword Technique...

This knife skill looked impressive yet violent!

The Immortal Chefs felt like their hearts were about to explode. This knife skill made them gasp for their breaths.

"Really powerful knife skill!"

Realm Lord Di Tai became stern. With his Qilin Chef's vision, he had sensed the power of this knife skill, which was very shocking.

City Lord Meng Qi's eyes shrank. She looked at Bu Fang with worried eyes.

Knife skills were an important element in Chef's Challenges. Could the Great Demon King stop it?

Bu Fang also felt the pressure. He took a deep breath, holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

A dazzling halo expanded.

A vague phantom appeared behind him. That phantom was holding a kitchen knife, which seemed to be the condensation of essence and talent...

That knife looked like it could tear the whole sky.

"Knife skill... Cutting Immortal Style!" Bu Fang raised his voice.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife gently wielded, chopping.


The two knife energies collided!

Energy rippled like waves.

The Immortal Chefs around panted. Their backs were all soaked with sweat.

They rubbed their foreheads, where cold sweat was rolling.

"This knife skill competition... is really scary."

"They are two monsters! Lu Yi had lost to them... so it's not surprising!"

"My legs are shaking... Even if I'm just watching, I couldn't even grab my knife."

The Immortal Chefs took in a breath of cold air, struggling to talk.

Puff! Puff!

Liu Mobai's eyes narrowed. Then, he raised his hand to wipe his face.

He got a tiny, fine cut on his cheek, and a drop of red blood oozed from it.

But he didn't mind it at all. His mind focused as he began to cook.

After one slash, the Taotie ribs were processed completely.

Pieces of ribs fell into porcelain bowls. His fingers seemed to dance as his hand wiped the ribs, drying the moisture.

Then, jars made from a precious red gemstone emerged.

His slender fingers moved as though they were playing a beautiful piece of music, gliding through those jars.

Scents of spices diffused, sprinkling on the bowls as he began to marinate the Taotie ribs.

On the other side, Bu Fang also started to process his ingredients.

He had cooked Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs countless times. And now, as he cooked this dish again, he suddenly felt panicked.

This time, he felt that he couldn't cook the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs he used to make. He needed to improve it.

Improving... was easier said than done.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was placed on the White Tiger Stove.

On the other side, Liu Mobai also placed his wok on the stove.

Their moves were almost synchronized.

Bu Fang took a step back. Parting his lips, he fumed a jet of Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

The lotus-shaped flame revolved in his hand. With a single thought, it changed from gold to white.

His fingers flicked the white flame lotus away, landing on the White Tiger Heaven Stove.

It burned vigorously under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

When the wok was heated, he added oil.

Steam from the oil began to rise.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

A moment later, the hot oil began to boil, bubbling.

Bu Fang placed the demon beef ribs on a blue-and-white porcelain dish, sprinkling white powder on them.

This power was made of a type of spirit potato that Bu Fang had grown in his farmland.

After covering the ribs with white powder, Bu Fang began to process the other ingredients.

Bu Fang took out some Scale Tail Scallion, Purple Garlic, and Son Mother Ginger.

He also took out some spirit fruit. Peeling the skin, he squeezed the juice out of the fruit.

He then minced the Purple Garlic and Son Mother Ginger, then chopped the Scale Tail Scallion. After that, he poured all the processed spices and spirit fruit juice into a bowl.

Adding some Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine into the bowl, he added more spices.

This time, Bu Fang didn't use the improved Abyssal Chili Sauce.

The oil continued to boil.

Bu Fang took out the well-marinated ribs. Using his mental force, each piece floated up. Then, neatly, they jumped into the wok full of boiling oil one by one.

Thud. Thud.

As soon as those ribs got into the wok, the oil boiled harder with more bubbles, sizzling unceasingly.

A meaty aroma burst out in that glimpse of time, wafting around...

This smell teased people's hearts, and they couldn't help but twitch their noses.

Lord Dog opened his mouth, his tongue hanging out as his drool dripped down. At this moment, he was fighting the urge to raise his head and bark.

Lord Dog's resistance to Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was always zero.

Smells so good!

Everybody exclaimed as they felt so surprised!

All of a sudden...

While they were sinking in the aroma of Bu Fang's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs...

A thick fragrance exploded on the other side.

That fragrance was getting thicker, spreading out in all directions. It was like a giant beast devouring everything.

Everyone's taste buds were stimulated. They were both scared and captivated at the same time.

There, Liu Mobai's eyes were so focused as he placed each piece of Taotie ribs into the wok.

In the wok, the boiling oil revolved, turning into a vortex. As soon as the ribs touched the oil, they moved in a spiral pattern. Then, the explosive fragrance burst out!

A different style!

Finally, at this point, the two chefs displayed different cooking techniques!

Victory or defeat? No one could tell the outcome.

Everybody focused on the stage, gazing at the two who were cooking!

As the atmosphere tensed up, their emotions began to swell. They were restless and nervous!