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 Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs?

The theme of the second match surprised everyone.

No one had thought that the theme would be the name of some specific dish.

Not only that...

Announcing Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was enough, but why did that dog add the prefix 'delicacy'?

Everyone felt awkward. They didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

Looking at Lord Dog's expression, they knew that that dog had schemed to make Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs the theme of the second Chef's Challenge.

With that excited look, raised voice, and the obvious gulps that followed the announcement... they knew that the dog was only thinking of his own stomach.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. Lord Dog had become a schemer...

He went around the bush just to eat Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

Looking at Lord Dog, Bu Fang saw him licking his mouth and shooting glances at him.

Liu Mobai squinted. The theme is Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs?

He took a deep breath. This theme could be a theme, but also not a theme.

There was a huge limit on it. First, the dish must be Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, which couldn't be improvised easily.

It would be hard to be creative and make changes on a fixed dish.

Anyway... Liu Mobai wasn't anxious.

Because of the Nether Chef's inheritance, he had experienced many things. He would never lose a Chef's Challenge!

The inheritance of the Nine Revolution Clan was born for Chef's Challenges!

Mo Xiu was confident in Liu Mobai since he understood how fierce that clan was. It was the bloodline that would make their enemies feel despair.

"You have the time of brewing half a cup of tea to think about your dish," Lord Dog said.

Then, his eyes landed on Bu Fang and Liu Mobai, opening his mouth to add, "Lord Dog highly appreciates you two!"

Bu Fang rolled his eyes. No, you appreciate Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs...

This mangy dog had revealed his scheme.

City Lord Meng Qi furrowed her brows, her eyes looking worried. Liu Mobai's Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path always made her heart beat faster.

Owner Bu must win!

If Owner Bu lost, they must do the third Chef's Challenge.

And the third Chef's Challenge would be between Realm Lord Di Tai and that Mo Xiu.

Mo Xiu had given her harsher pressure. With just a single look, she could feel the formidable pressure coming from him.

It felt like facing his Heart of Cooking Path was like facing the entire world.

It was so terrifying!

Could Realm Lord Di Tai defeat Mo Xiu?

She thought the possibility would be very small...

The Immortal Chefs around the ruins suddenly perked up.

"Great Demon King, you must win! Crush him and take revenge for us!" An Immortal Chef suddenly burst out, shouting with reddened eyes.

Bu Fang was a little stunned, looking at that Immortal Chef.

At this moment, the other Immortal Chefs also pulled themselves together.

"Finish that bastard!"

"Great Demon King, we're counting on you! You're our hope!"

"Great Demon King, tear that bastard's Heart of Cooking Path! Let him taste despair!"

The surrounding Immortal Chefs shouted until their voices grew hoarse. Their eyes all turned bloodshot.

Xue Yao, who looked dispirited and disheveled, also shouted.

They were the Immortal Chefs whose Heart of Cooking Path were swallowed by Liu Mobai.

Their roars and cheers drew people's attention.

City Lord Meng Qi's heart sank.

Realm Lord Di Tai also sighed. He was afraid that those geniuses would be over...

Mo Xiu sneered.

"The Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path swallows the others' Heart of Cooking Path to grow stronger. After one heart, the Heart of Cooking Path would have one revolution. After nine revolutions, Liu Mobai's Heart of Cooking Path wouldn't be weaker than a Qilin Chef's heart!" Mo Xiu said with pride and admiration.

The Nine Revolution bloodline really made people admire and hate it at the same time!

"Those people think a First Grade Immortal Chef can defeat the heir of the Nine Revolution bloodline? In their dreams." Mo Xiu smirked.

Liu Mobai burst into peals of laughter. He sneered, looking at the other chefs.

"Shut up, you losers. If I were you, I wouldn't have the courage to open my mouth. You losers shouldn't blame the winner!"

Liu Mobai arrogantly looked at those Immortal Chefs, disdaining them.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. Then, he exhaled.

The Immortal Chefs outside the array were fuming with anger.

Bu Fang raised his hand, signaling the other Immortal Chefs to stop yelling and screaming.

"Everything... should be proven with actions," Bu Fang said indifferently. Then, his eyes turned to Liu Mobai.

Liu Mobai returned his stare.

Their eyes met in midair, looking like lightning was clashing!

Liu Mobai grinned. Raising his hand, he made a cutting throat gesture at Bu Fang...

Indeed, he was showing his prestige.

Bu Fang pursed his lips, shaking his head. Childish...

Then, his mind flickered, entering the Heaven and Earth Farmland.


As soon as he arrived in the farmland, the warm breeze blew at him.

Bu Fang landed in front of the wooden cabin.

Niu Hansan was lounging on a chair in front of the cabin, whistling while taking a rest.

When he sensed Bu Fang's arrival, he hurriedly got up, his face revealing a flattering smile.

"Oh, Owner Bu, what wind blew you here?"

However, Bu Fang just stared unblinkingly at Niu Hansan. His gaze made the latter shiver.

"Owner Bu... You've thrown the Strongest Demon King here. I tied him down... If you want beef, you can go find that black bull! I haven't showered for three months!"

Niu Hansan's nostrils fumed white smoke while talking.

Bu Fang rolled his eyes. He didn't want beef.

"The wheat you gave me... seems strange," Bu Fang said.

"Wheat?" Niu Hansan's eyes lit up. "It's the hybrid wheat this old bull has created recently... It has the farmland's Great Path's will! How was it? Really surprising, right?! It's amazing, right?!"

Bu Fang was stunned.

Hybrid... That wheat had the Great Path's will?

"Too bad, though... I've done the experiment for a long time, but I didn't get much. Anyway, Owner Bu, if you trust this old bull, I will absolutely create marvelous ingredients that would shock the world!"

Niu Hansan pounded his chest as he added, "This ambitious bull will plant a whole world!"

Bu Fang thought about it, then nodded seriously. "I appreciate you..."

Since the will of the Great Path could be merged into an ingredient, it was already incredible even if it was just a little.

This Niu Hansan... seems to be a treasure.

It was such a good idea to let him manage the farmland.

"Good... Where's the Eight Treasures Pig? I have a Chef's Challenge, and I need its help."

Bu Fang clasped his hands, looking around.

Far from him, on the meadow, the Eight Treasures Pig froze while playing with Eighty.

The pig shook once. Then, it shook its fat bottom, dashing far away from them.

"Owner Bu, do you need me to capture that fat piggy?" Niu Hansan rubbed his hands.

"I need pork ribs for the Chef's Challenge..." Bu Fang said.

Niu Hansan was astonished.

"Owner Bu, why don't you use some beef from that black bull? I think that bull... has a higher level than the Eight Treasures Pig. If you want, I'll try to add the will of the Great Path into the beef!"

Niu Hansan's three eyes brightened, gazing at Bu Fang.

His gaze made Bu Fang quiver.

Although the Eight Treasures Pig wasn't bad, it was kept here for a short time. After staying in the farmland's world, its level had increased, but it was still a little worse than the big black bull, the Strongest Demon King.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin.

What Niu Hansan said made sense. That wheat had been modified and became stronger. If he added the Great Path's will into the beef, it could increase its level by one or two levels.

"How about some hybrid beef? Can you make it on time or not?" Bu Fang said, furrowing his brows.

"Hybrid beef? Of course I couldn't make it on time... Besides, I can't find a cow. Anyway, I have some method!"

Niu Hansan squinted, and glint flashed in his eyes.

Bu Fang felt like he was talking to a mad scientist.

This Niu Hansan... wanted to do something strange.

Perhaps Niu Hansan had studied some method to merge the will of the Great Path into the ingredients.

Wasting no time, Niu Hansan hurriedly left.

Bu Fang waited for him. Not long after, mooing sounds filled the farmland, which came with wrath and endless resentment!

A moment later...

Bu Fang saw Niu Hansan with a block of beef ribs, rushing at him from a distance.

Receiving Niu Hansan's beef ribs, Bu Fang's face turned extremely awkward.

"Owner Bu, don't worry. The ingredients that I breed and plant are all organic and pollution-free!" Niu Hansan patted his chest proudly.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. As long as you're happy...

Then, he kept the beef ribs and bid Niu Hansan farewell, leaving the farmland.

In the distance, after Bu Fang had left...

Eighty and the Eight Treasures Pig poked their heads out of a bush.

Seeing that the coast was clear, they continued to run around and have fun.


When Bu Fang's mind returned, a big block of beef ribs appeared in his hands.

Bu Fang estimated the meat's weight in his hand, then turned to look at Liu Mobai.

The moment Bu Fang took out the beef ribs, Liu Mobai was shocked, gazing at that block of meat in Bu Fang's hands...

"Stupid bull?!"

Liu Mobai could feel the aura of the Strongest Demon King from the beef ribs.

The corner of his mouth twitched. That stupid bull was so reckless, and now, he had become Owner Bu's ingredient...

Courted death himself.

"Although that meat isn't bad... Owner Bu, my ingredient is much better than that stupid bull!" Liu Mobai said in a cold voice. Then, his mind flickered.

A bestial roar echoed.

Bu Fang's eyes shrank.

A moment later, a giant black beast with an open mouth appeared by Liu Mobai. Its intimidating aura spread out in an instant.

"A Taotie?!"

Bu Fang was astonished.

Indeed, Liu Mobai decided to use a Taotie... He wanted to use it for Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs!

As the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, of course he was very familiar with the Taotie.

This one wasn't a purebred Taotie, though. However, its existence was equal to an Eight-star Beast Emperor.

The scarlet gem on Liu Mobai's knife radiated light.

Instantly, that Taotie screamed and roared unwillingly, as though it received a lightning strike...

"Yes, that's right! Get angry! The angrier you are, the tastier your meat will be..."

Liu Mobai used his will to control the scarlet gem, and the radiance from it became more dazzling.

The Taotie's body shook, roaring unceasingly.

The onlookers felt the fury from its roar.

After a while...

Liu Mobai cut a big chunk of ribs on the Taotie's back...

To cook Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, the location of the meat was the most important. Of course, what he had selected was the best choice.

Holding the blood-soaked Taotie ribs, Liu Mobai gazed at Bu Fang, grinning maliciously.

"Using that stupid bull's ribs... Owner Bu, you think it will affect me and make me make some mistakes? You made a wrong move, so you will pay a high price for this failed effort!" Liu Mobai said coldly.

Right after that, black Nether energy shot up into the sky.

A blood-colored stove emerged above his head, booming loudly when it hit the stage.

That sound seemed to hit everyone's heart, and they felt somewhat suppressed.

Liu Mobai raised his knife, gently flicking. Instantly, a buzzing sound echoed, reaching the sky.

Then, the might of the Heart of Cooking Path emerged behind Liu Mobai.

One, two, three...

Nine beams shot up into the sky. Together, they were like surging waves.

The Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path was like nine fiery suns, blooming a blinding radiance.

Its horrible pressure swarmed towards Bu Fang!

"With the Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path... I will absolutely win!" Liu Mobai laughed crazily.

The Immortal Chefs felt suppressed, and they all quieted down.

The combined prestige of nine Hearts of Cooking Path was too strong...

It would be very difficult for the Great Demon King to grab his knife...

He may have won first place in the Immortal Chef Tournament, but in this Chef's Challenge...

The Great Demon King... is going to lose?