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 I planted it...

Bu Fang said the truth.

However, no one believed him.

An ingredient grown by a First Grade Immortal Chef could be stronger than the wheat the Nether Chef had risked his life to harvest from the battlefield of the Demon God?

That was the Demon God Blood Barley, which had absorbed the Demon God's blood. Even in Nether Prison, it belonged to the category of peerless ingredients.

Although it couldn't be compared to a sacred grade immortal ingredient, it was much more precious than other top-grade immortal ingredients.

He was just a First Grade Immortal Chef. How could he have a superior ingredient like that?

Who would believe his answer?

The others thought that Bu Fang was mad at that Nether Chef.

Bu Fang's serious expression, in the others' eyes, seemed to deliberately provoke and enrage Zheng Kuangjiu.

"I don't want to tell you where I got the wheat. Are you angry?"

Zheng Kuangjiu was dumbstruck.

Angry? Of course, he's angry. He's so angry that he even vomited blood!

However, the thing that had enraged him the most was the unfairness of this match. He thought it was unfair that he lost.

It was obvious that that woman's cooking skills were weaker than his. His Thunder Dragons displayed a great advantage earlier, but he was f*cking defeated!

That was what had enraged him the most!


"Don't try to shame yourself further."

All of a sudden...

A giant hand made of Nether energy emerged, grabbing Zheng Kuangjiu and throwing him away.

Zheng Kuangjiu looked unwilling.

His eyes were bloodshot, his ash-gray hair fluttering in the wind. Blood trickled down the corners of his mouth as he faced the sky, roaring!


How did he lose?!


From the sky, the God of Chef's Challenge shot a red light to Zheng Kuangjiu's body.

Instantly, Zheng Kuangjiu shivered, and he was filled with fear.

His Heart of Cooking Path began to beat frantically. It turned into a jet of silver light, zooming into the sky. The God of Chef's Challenge confiscated it.

That blood-red gem seemed to become a vortex, taking in the power of the Qilin Chef's heart.

From Zheng Kuangjiu's body, his chef coat, his kitchen knife, his stove, his wok, and his other kitchen tools... were taken away from him.

Every tool related to cooking was taken.

With loud clanging sounds, they became a big torrent, soaring up into the sky and hovering in front of Meng Qi.

"You lost the Chef's Challenge... According to the rule, you will be deprived of the right to cook. You will never be a chef again, and all of your tools will belong to your opponent."

The kitchen tools hovered in front of Meng Qi, which looked really stunning.

All of these tools released a terrifying aura.

Nether energy wound around them, and their powers were not weaker than Meng Qi's immortal robe.

Mo Xiu's mouth trembled. Those were their Nether Prison's top-grade tools! And now, they belonged to the other side!

It felt like their own flesh had been cut!

However, Mo Xiu couldn't do anything about it. As a citizen of Nether Prison, he knew the consequence of violating the God of Chef's Challenge's rule.

Hence, he could only gawk at Meng Qi as she took those tools.

However, Meng Qi didn't put the tools away. She floated like a deity, landing by Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was a little baffled.

"Bu Fang, we won this match thanks to your wheat. So... you should choose some of these cooking tools," Meng Qi said sincerely.

She returned the favor?

City Lord Meng Qi was really polite.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth twitched once. He studied Meng Qi for a while.

He didn't want to be too polite nor distant to Meng Qi. And now, he realized that the wheat Niu Han San had given him was absolutely extraordinary as it could help Meng Qi win the Chef's Challenge. Hence, he decided not to choose something ordinary for her returning the favor.

Bu Fang's eyes turned to those tools.

They were all somewhat powerful since they were all top-grade tools.

The Immortal Chefs around the ruins admired him a lot. It was a very rare opportunity that he could choose something among so many top-grade tools.

However, what happened next was beyond everybody's expectations.

Bu Fang's eyes moved, passing those tools and landing on he ink-black flame above. With the God of Cooking Set, Bu Fang didn't bat an eye on those things.

This flame had a high temperature. Burning fierily, it distorted the void around.

"I want that flame," said Bu Fang. Then, he raised his hand, taking the black flame.

"Nether flame ranked twenty-third, the Bone Spirit Nether Flame."

As soon as Bu Fang had the flame, the serious voice of the system resounded in his head.

The flame ranked twenty-third in the list of Nether flames?

Bu Fang couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air. No wonder he could feel that this flame had stronger heat than the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

The Dark Nether Cooking Realm's list of Nether flames should be the corresponding list to the Immortal Cooking Realm's immortal flame ranking.

Immortal flames and Nether flames were the products of heaven and earth. Hence, there wasn't much difference between them.

So, the one ranked twenty-third on the list of Nether flames shouldn't be weaker than the flame ranked twenty-third on the immortal flame ranking.

It wasn't bad that he had unexpectedly gotten this flame.

"Shameless. Don't you think you're biting more than you can chew? How could a First Grade Immortal Chef control a Nether flame from the list of Nether flames?! You must be careful not to let the Nether flame's spirit invade your spirit sea and turn you into a retard."

In the distance, Mo Xiu sneered.

However, Bu Fang just shot him a look, his mouth twitching.

His spirit sea was so immense. If that Nether flame's spirit dared to intrude, Bu Fang would not let it get away just like that.

"Are you sure about this? This Nether flame is really strange and monstrous, so it'll be hard to control it. Anyway, never let it affect your spirit."

City Lord Meng Qi retrieved the other tools, looking at Bu Fang worriedly.

Bu Fang shook his head, indicating that he was alright.

The Immortal Cooking Realm won the first Chef's Challenge.

This victory was like a heart-strengthening shot for the Immortal Chefs.

Everybody was stirred up, having a feeling that they still had a chance to save the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Mo Xiu wore an ice-cold face.

Standing next to him, Zheng Kuangjiu was like a dead dog after his right to cook and tools were deprived. His eyes were bloodshot as a surging aura wound around him.

However, under Mo Xiu's control, he didn't burst out.

Mo Xiu understood that Zheng Kuangjiu was trying to suppress the flame of his wrath.

Anyway, he couldn't just get mad. Since that dog was still here, they knew they couldn't gain anything good if they were to fight.

Moreover, they had just lost one match. It didn't mean that they would lose again later.

They needed to win two out of three, and they still had two more battles.

Mo Xiu's eyes turned to Liu Mobai.

Indeed, he was confident in the latter. He was the Nether Chef who inherited the Nether Prison Qilin Chef's inheritance.

Looking at that Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path, he remembered the Nether Prison's Nine Revolution lineage. It was a big organization that was well-known for their Chef's Challenge, and the Nether Chefs from that lineage were all prestigious.

They were really powerful. Since Liu Mobai had received that inheritance, of course, he was extraordinary.

Talking about innate talent, a Nether Chef was still superior compared to a genius disciple of a Qilin Chef of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Hence, a Nether Chef like Liu Mobai was enough to crush a group of Immortal Chefs!

Mo Xiu laid his hope in Liu Mobai!

"Perform well... If you win the Chef's Challenge, I'll take you to see the High Grade Qilin Chef of your lineage in Nether Prison." Mo Xiu patted Liu Mobai's shoulder.

The corners of Liu Mobai's mouth rose, and his eyes lit up.

"No need to remind me... I've been waiting for this moment for so long."

Liu Mobai stuck his tongue out, licking his lips.

He stepped forward, his hair fluttering in the wind. Instantly, his body flew up to the sky, falling into that array.

As soon as he landed, a shining pitch-black knife emerged in his hand. This kitchen knife had a scarlet gemstone, which released some strange and evil energy.

The Immortal Chefs quieted down...

They all gazed at Liu Mobai inside the array, their eyes showing their resentment!

Their Heart of Cooking Path was seized by this person!

Liu Mobai made them taste despair, cutting off their cooking path.

They felt bitterness, but at the same time, they felt so scared!


The pitch-black knife pointed at Bu Fang, who was standing next to City Lord Meng Qi.

"Owner Bu... Finally, we're having a Chef's Challenge. I've been yearning for this for a long time... From the bronze palace to the Valley of Gluttony of the Hidden Dragon Continent... and now the Immortal Cooking Realm... We can now finally settle our dispute."

As Liu Mobai spoke, his smile slowly vanished, making his expression become stern and solemn.

His white hair flew in the wind. The blood lines on his face looked as if they had come back to life, wriggling.

At first glance, people would be startled and scared.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, nonchalantly looking at Liu Mobai.

It was now his turn to have a Chef's Challenge. This Chef's Challenge would also determine whether he could get the Immortal Tree seedling or not.

He decided to take the Nether flame from Meng Qi to prepare for this Chef's Challenge. If he won, he would ask for the Immortal Tree seedling, which would complete the system's task.

Bu Fang would also receive the ability to fuse immortal flames. By then, he could also fuse Nether flames.

As for the Nether flame's spirit... how could that plaything affect him?

Meng Qi placed her hand on Bu Fang's shoulders, which surprised him.

"Keep it up... Do not lose. If we lose, the price... will be too big." Meng Qi's eyes showed her worry.

Looking at Meng Qi, Bu Fang raised the corner of his mouth. "I... have never lost."

His strong confidence was like a tidal wave splashing against the face, which almost made Meng Qi breathless.

At this moment, Meng Qi could feel her Qilin Chef's heart shiver once.

Bu Fang's Heart of Cooking Path released a formidable pressure.

He turned around, falling into the array.

"The dispute between us..."

Bu Fang clasped his hands. The Vermillion Robe turned fiery scarlet as fiery feathers scattered behind him.

He slightly cocked his head to one side as he looked at Liu Mobai.

"Do I know you? Since when we have had a dispute?"

Liu Mobai's eyes, which were filled of fighting will, stagnated...

Then, his flame of rage burst into the sky.

It felt like a punch hitting on cotton.

Bu Fang didn't consider him his equal opponent.

"It's okay... Soon, you will know what desperation is... I've met many desperate people, but I hope to see Owner Bu in his desperation the most." Liu Mobai tucked his tongue out, licking his lips, smirking.

The Immortal Chefs around turned furious.

Liu Mobai mentioned desperate people - those were them.

In this moment, they squeezed their fists, but they all felt helpless...

At the moment their Heart of Cooking Path was seized, they were truly desperate.

Lord Dog had stomped its feline gait, appearing between Bu Fang and Liu Mobai since they hadn't recognized.

The dog's eyes brightened, looking at Bu Fang.

Then, Lord Dog rose its brows, wearing an excited look.

Bu Fang didn't know why it looked so excited.

"Immortal Cooking Realm won the first Chef's Challenge. The second Chef's Challenge shall begin..."

"The theme of the second battle is..."

Everybody held their breaths. The Chef's Challenge's theme was crucial, indeed.

Everybody paid close attention.

Liu Mobai also looked at Lord Dog.

Although he was self-righteous, he needed to know the Chef's Challenge's theme anyway.

Bu Fang's heart jumped once. He suddenly knew why Lord Dog furrowed its brows...

This dog's scheme... was so obvious.

"The theme of the second Chef's Challenge is... The delicacy Sweet 'n' Sour Rib!"

Lord Dog's tender, magnetic voice echoed in the air. People could hear it gulp saliva, too.