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 Immortal Tree Space

Above the sky, a big hole was opened.

The fearful Nether energy unceasingly surged from there.

Under that hole was the huge Immortal Tree that was chopped into two halves.

In the center of the halved Immortal Tree, a golden light beam soared to the sky, which was coming from the three golden Immortal Tree seedlings.

Above the sky, a shadow phantom with a huge blood-red gem hovered. From that gem, thousands of lights shone down and formed a magic array.

This magic array covered everything and formed a stage.

On the stage, the billowing heat and rich aroma soared to the sky. A black light and a white light seemed to fight each other, shining upon the area.

Two dishes floated. One had rich Nether energy, while the other had fearful immortal energy, clashing against each other. They seemed to let out sizzling sounds.

On one side, the Nether energy presented the Demon God battlefield. On the other side, the immortal energy presented a pleasant image from the Small Bridge Running Water.

City Lord Meng Qi was like a real goddess. As she flew up, her immortal robe billowed while immortal energy meandered around her face.

Zheng Kuangjiu crossed his arms. His eyes were like torches, just like a Demon God.

Both dishes had been completed, shining in the void.

Everyone held their breath.

The two Qilin Chefs had finished cooking their dishes.

The rich immortal energy and Nether energy were winding around the dishes. At first glance, they looked very unusual.

Without a doubt, both of them were high-ranking dishes.

The atmosphere seemed to freeze for a while. When the Immortal Chefs recovered their senses, they all erupted in an uproar.

Everyone was very eager to look at the two dishes.

Those were dishes cooked by Qilin Chefs!

Lord Dog appeared with his enchanting cat-like steps. At the same time, Mo Xiu entered the stage with clasped hands.

Realm Lord Di Tai's long robe fluttered as he appeared beside Lord Dog.

"The first Chef's Challenge's dishes have been completed."

Lord Dog's magnetic voice resounded through the Immortal Tree space. It seemed that he was very interested as a referee.

The rich aroma was billowing as the noodles of the two Qilin Chefs collided in the void.

Mo Xiu looked closer at the two dishes, discovering that the noodles were completely different styles.

In front of Zheng Kuangjiu was a Dark Delicacy. The Nether energy was surging, and the blood-red noodles looked vivid in everyone's vision, making their minds tremble.

And in front of Meng Qi was a bowl of noodle soup.

Dense immortal energy was lingering above the bowl, so they couldn't see the dish's appearance at first glance.

But the sound of the flowing river water, as well as the breeze blowing, made people's body and mind relax.

Without a doubt, this wasn't an ordinary dish.

Although these Qilin Chefs weren't considered to be the best at cooking noodles, they were Qilin Chefs who had a good foundation. Naturally, the dishes that they had cooked were out of the ordinary.

"Now, we're going to evaluate these two dishes. Other than the three of us, we need another person to judge the dishes," Lord Dog said.

A moment later, his eyes swept across and finally landed on Lu Yi in the distance.

"You, come here."

Lu Yi was stunned. He hadn't thought that he would be chosen by Lord Dog. Suddenly, he was wild with joy.

This meant that he could taste the dish that was personally cooked by City Lord Meng Qi.

"Under the close observation of the God of Chef's Challenge, the evaluations on the dishes would be considered invalid if found false."

Mo Xiu didn't pay attention to Lord Dog's choice, smiling slightly.

The Dark Nether Cooking Realm was a very cruel place.

There were a lot of resources there, but there were many competitions. If one wanted to obtain more resources, they must rely on plundering, which was the Chef's Challenge.

Only when winning the Chef's Challenge could one survive and obtain more resources.

But each Chef's Challenge would have the God of Chef's Challenge as a witness, that's why a judge should evaluate the quality of the dishes fairly. If there was any bias or fraud, that person would be eliminated.

Under the witness of the God of Chef's Challenge, the four judges tasted the two dishes.

Zheng Kuangjiu was very confident. Although the dish of that woman looked very good, it would be difficult if she wanted to defeat his dish.

The ingredients that he had selected were rare and special. Moreover... he had the advantage from the previous lightning punishment.

Therefore, in this Chef's Challenge, he had a high probability of winning.

That's why he wasn't nervous.

The person who should be anxious was that woman.

However... what made Zheng Kuangjiu a bit suspicious was that the woman didn't seem to be nervous at all.

It seemed that she was also very confident with her dish.

"Where did her confidence come from... Anyway, it doesn't matter. That confidence will be torn into shreds very soon!" Zheng Kuangjiu thought as he raised the corner of his mouth, revealing a cruel look.

"Let's taste Zheng Kuangjiu's dish first," Mo Xiu said, giving Lord Dog a somewhat mocking look.

The stupid dog had asked for such a request, so Mo Xiu wanted to let this dog feel that he had made a wrong decision.

No one objected. Anyway, everyone present expected to taste the Dark Delicacy.


The pitch-black Nether energy revolved above the dish.

The ingredients in that dish were wiggling, but its bursting aroma was extremely rich and incomparable.

In their ears, there seemed to be some fighting sounds coming from the Demon God.

The surrounding Immortal Chefs were staring at the judges.

The dish looked disgusting, but its aroma teased their senses. What would be the judges' reaction?

Could it defeat Goddess Meng Qi's dish?

Boom! Boom!

Mo Xiu grabbed the chopsticks. Picking up a small bowl of noodles, he put the blood-red noodles into his mouth. They wiggled, just like they were alive.

As soon as they entered the mouth, the billowing Nether energy suddenly blasted out.

"Not bad..."

After eating, Mo Xiu's face became more and more intense.

These noodles... are almost perfect.

Realm Lord Di Tai's robe fluttered, and the divine light on the lower part of his body was faintly discernible.

He also picked up a small bowl of the Demon God Corpse Face.

This dish's name was very violent, and it also looked somewhat violent.


Realm Lord Di Tai blew the steam on the noodles. With a slurping sound, he sucked the noodles into his mouth.

The noodles seemed to have a life of its own. In the next instant, Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes shrank.

His golden hair fluttered, and it looked like his hair stood on their ends!

"This feeling..."

Realm Lord Di Tai felt that his oral cavity had changed into a battlefield. The fighting sounds soared to the sky, the blade lights shone, and the Demon God unceasingly attacked.

His mind shook at this feeling, and he couldn't help but swallow.

After swallowing, the noodles went into his stomach. However, the feeling was so smooth, and it felt like he hadn't swallowed anything at all.

The noodles were very chewy because of its top-grade ingredient. The ingredients contained a rich taste, and their source was out of the ordinary.

Moreover, the ingredients of these stir-fried noodles were meticulously processed. Although they looked very disgusting, when eating them... people couldn't help but swallow. It was too delicious.

He had never tasted such ingredients before. Indeed, this new feeling really captivated him.

However, while being captivated, Realm Lord Di Tai's heart also sank.

Against this superior dish... could Little Meng Meng really win?

It was a difficult question...

This was the first time Lu Yi tasted a Qilin Chef's dish, which somewhat excited him.

The noodles seemed to be alive. Although it was disgusting, people were unable to hate it.

Indeed, a Qilin Chef's method was hard to imagine as any ingredient could become a dish.

When the noodles got into his stomach, the Demon God's roar almost made Lu Yi's mind explode.

His eyes widened in shock. That feeling made him completely sink into it.

"This... This..."

Lu Yi was so dumbfounded that he didn't know what to say.

This noodles... How could it be so delicious?!

A perfect dish!

"You are really just an ant. Now, you've experienced what real cooking is."

Looking at Lu Yi's reaction, Zheng Kuangjiu grinned and laughed.

The judges looked at him.

That was a confident smile. Without a doubt, he knew that he would win.

To Zheng Kuangjiu, it was hard for him to imagine what kind of noodles could defeat his stir-fried noodles.


Above them, the God of Chef's Challenge's looming shadow started to tremble.

The judges' minds shook.

The surrounding Immortal Chefs' minds had long sunk to the bottom.

Did they lose?

The Immortal Cooking Realm's hope was at stake in this battle. Could it be that they really lost?

Every Immortal Chef clenched their fists tightly, their eyes revealing an anxious look.

The light from the blood-red gem of the God of Chef's Challenge swept across.

Each judge gave their score. It was the true score from the one who tasted the dish, without any fraud.

Mo Xiu lifted the corner of his mouth as he gave the score.

In the void, two big characters suddenly appeared.


Lord Dog pursed his lips. The work of these Nether Chefs was really not bad.

On top of Lord Dog's head, his score appeared.

"Ninety one!"

Realm Lord Di Tai took a deep breath, giving his score.


Finally, only Lu Yi was left. He had not recovered after being shaken by the dish.

Then, on top of his head, his score flashed.


The moment Lu Yi's score appeared, the Immortal Chefs went into an uproar.

"Traitor! How could you give a high score!"

"Damn this Lu Yi! Looking virtuous while helping others secretly!"

"Is he really a faithful fan of Goddess Meng Qi? How could he face Goddess Meng Qi when giving a score like that?!"

The Immortal Chefs were full of indignation as they pointed at Lu Yi, cursing in rage.

However, Lu Yi smiled bitterly in his heart, and his face was pale.

This score was given according to the evaluation in his heart and based on the God of Chef's Challenge. He couldn't control it...

This dish... was really delicious!

"Alright... Don't worry. Please taste my dish!" Meng Qi said indifferently. She was not frightened by Zheng Kuangjiu's high score.

Meng Qi's eyes fell on Bu Fang in the distance, and a smile appeared on her face, which made people intoxicated.

"Thank you..." she said faintly.

Bu Fang was stunned, a little confused. What did this woman thank him for? He just gave her some ears of wheat.

It was only wheat from his Heaven and Earth Farmland. Was there anything good in it?

Looking at Bu Fang's confused face, Meng Qi covered her mouth and smiled.

Her eyes were full of confidence.

Victory or defeat... No one was certain!

It was now Meng Qi's dish's turn.

This was a bowl of noodle soup. The soup was very clear, just like a mirror without any impurities. It also didn't have accompanying ingredients.

It was a very simple bowl of noodles. Only soup... and noodles.

The noodles were milky-white, and there was light winding above it. Just looking at it made everyone feel like a cool breeze was brushing their faces.

Mo Xiu was slightly surprised. This bowl of noodles... was a little different!

Stretching out his hand, his chopsticks picked up the noodles.

Steam arose from the noodles, which was very dense.

Taking a small bowl, he then used a spoon to scoop up the clear soup into the bowl.

When the soup completely covered the noodles, Mo Xiu could not wait to taste it.

The chopsticks clamped across the noodles, which looked like woven fabric. Each noodle looked like a delicate strand that spread out.

When the noodles were picked up, it seemed like a mushroom cloud surged from them.

Mo Xiu opened his mouth and blew on the noodles, and the heat was immediately blown away.


As soon as the noodles went into his mouth, Mo Xiu's face became stiff.

With a bite, the noodles were broken in the oral cavity, and a clear sound rang out, sounding like tight springs suddenly broke off and were hitting his mouth.

Clip-clop. Clip-clop. Clip-clop.

After chewing for a while, the noodles broke, and a rhythmic sound rang out.

It felt like a cool breeze was blowing on his face.

Mo Xiu felt that his figure was flying in the sky, finally arriving at a vast prairie.

Then, he was riding a white unicorn, urging the unicorn to gallop with confidence and ease.

While the unicorn was galloping, a sound of running water flowed from the sky. The gurgling sounds rang out in his ears, making him fascinated as he sank into it.

A small bridge and a wooden house appeared. In the wooden house, there was a graceful figure that was faintly discernible. The thin silk billowed against the breeze, captivating him even further.


Mo Xiu suddenly opened his eyes!

A moment later, a shocked look appeared in their depths.

"This feeling..."

Mo Xiu sucked in a cold breath.

He didn't look at Meng Qi. Instead, he turned his head to look at Bu Fang in the distance, the First Grade Immortal Chef who had given the wheat.

Meng Qi saw Mo Xiu's reaction, and she raised the corners of her mouth into a faint and charming smile.

"You've tasted it... Those ears of wheat are extraordinary!"