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 The Chef's Challenge's theme is... noodles.

Noodles was a main category in cooking. There were many types of noodles, but in reality, the methods of cooking them were few.

Mixed noodles, noodle soup, and stir-fried noodles... Various types of noodles could be divided into many branches.

With the development of noodles, the chefs had studied more and more special methods for cooking, and their research and analysis on them became more and more profound.

Different methods had been created, from the recipe for the soup, the dough for noodles, up to the selection of ingredients to pair with noodles...

Lord Dog may have randomly chosen the theme for this Chef's Challenge, but for the two Qilin Chefs, it was a very difficult battle.

To the Nether Chefs, Meng Qi would definitely lose.

That woman hadn't prepared ingredients and even used ingredients provided by a First Grade Immortal Chef.

It was well known that the gap between Immortal Chef levels was huge, and the same goes for the ingredients that they had acquired and prepared.

The Demon God Blood Barley that Zheng Kuangjiu had prepared was a top-grade immortal ingredient, an immortal ingredient infiltrated with the blood of the Demon God. With the quality of this ingredient, it was enough to crush Meng Qi.

They had just started, but Meng Qi lost.

Of course, no one appreciated Meng Qi's ingredient. Could the ingredients provided by a First Grade Immortal Chef, no matter how good it was, be better than the ingredients prepared by a Qilin Chef?

However, Meng Qi didn't give up. She processed the wheat given by Bu Fang.

After it was professionally processed, the flour was made.

Then, she started to cook with a solemn face.

For this Chef's Challenge, Meng Qi didn't dare to be a bit careless.

Seeing that Meng Qi was no longer affected, Zheng Kuangjiu's face turned serious. He knew that a Qilin Chef was not easy to deal with.

As a Nether Chef that rose from the cruel Chef's Challenges of the Dark Nether Cooking Realm, Zheng Kuangjiu naturally wouldn't make the mistake of underestimating the enemy.

Therefore, he also focused on cooking his dish.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense, and everyone didn't dare to breathe out loud.

The Dark Delicacy was a food classification that had been developed by a group of Nether Chefs in Nether Prison. It was cooked with Nether energy, which was strange yet mouthwatering.

Making flour was the first step. The type of flour would decide their cooking method.

Boom! Boom!

The scarlet-red flour fluttered.

The flour made from the Demon God Blood Barley had a scarlet-red color, as though it was made with the blood of the Demon God, shocking everyone when they saw it.

Zheng Kuangjiu's mental force swept across like great waves.

Right after that, the scarlet-red flour was suppressed in his palm, changing into a ball of dough.

Raising his index finger, the ball of dough suddenly rotated on his finger as scarlet-red flour particles floated around.

While the ball of dough was spinning, Zheng Kuangjiu's other hand, as though it became countless shadows, slapped above the dough, making it rotate faster and faster.

The void seemed to crack as that ball of dough spun fast.

With a rustle, a blood-colored light shone from it.

On the other side...

Unlike Zheng Kuangjiu's loud and flashy cooking, Meng Qi's cooking was very normal.

Both of her hands were covered with flour as she quietly kneaded. Adding eggs, she continued to knead the dough with gentle and beautiful movements, looking like she had all the time in the world.

The white dough in her hands became more and more refined.

Because Meng Qi was too focused on kneading, she didn't notice that a lock of her hair had fallen in front of her forehead.

Seeing that beautiful side profile, the people who were watching couldn't help but be attracted.

It seems that Meng Qi had decided what to cook.

Although she was not the best at cooking noodles, as a Qilin Chef, she naturally had some experiences.

She was not that kind of extreme Qilin Chef who was just engrossed in studying one type of dish.

The kitchen stove with immortal energy winding around it was placed in front of her. That stove emitted a bright light, which made Meng Qi's mind clear and calm.

Her slender fingers continued to knead, turning the flour into a ball of dough. After that, she started to pull the noodles.

Pulling the dough into noodles was the key.

Meng Qi's eyes narrowed as her mind flickered.

Her slender fingers, which were stained with flour, stretched out and pressed on the dough. After that, she raised her hand, pulling the dough into thin noodle strips.

The tip of her toes tapped on the ground as her figure slowly flew out.

Boom! Boom!

The immortal robe on her body billowed, letting out rustling sounds as the ball of dough in the kitchen stove started to rotate.

The slender noodle strips in her hand were unceasingly stretched as the ball of dough became smaller and smaller.

After that, her hand stilled, tensing up.

Suddenly, Meng Qi spun, lifting the noodles up.

Boom! Boom!

The noodles spun and twirled around, as though they were ribbons. They surrounded her body in a circle as they rotated, forming noodles that were equal in size and thickness.

Immortal energy filled the air. As the noodles spun around her, the immortal energy permeated into each strand, making the noodles burst out with sparkling color.

The surrounding Immortal Chefs couldn't take their eyes off Meng Qi, immersed in this dreamy scene.


A loud bang broke into their dazed state.

The Immortal Chefs looked frightened as they turned their gaze to the opposite side.

There, Zheng Kuangjiu's hands were pulling the scarlet-red noodles. He then patted the kitchen stove, and a fierce explosion resounded from it.

That sound was like booming thunder.

Each time he patted with force, those scarlet-red noodles would tremble, along with the blood-colored flour that floated around them.

As the noodles trembled, Nether energy poured into them, softening and strengthening each strand at the same time.

Zheng Kuangjiu spread out his fingers. Suddenly, the noodles seemed to change into thousands of blood-red hair strands, fluttering out.

As he shook them, the fine vibrations made them look like waves, spreading slowly.

"That technique... is very good!"

"That vibrating technique would transform the Nether energy into silk threads as the noodles absorbed them..."

"Worthy of being a Qilin Chef. This meticulous method... is really hard to imagine!"

The surrounding Immortal Chefs sucked in a cold breath. When had they ever seen such a method?

Boom! Boom!

Each strand of noodles seemed to come to life as they floated.

Zheng Kuangjiu's hands stopped moving, letting the noodles tremble before him.

He then went to the other side of the stove and took out some ingredients filled with terrifying Nether energy.

Each of these ingredients looked shocking.

There was a giant human skull fruit, spider-like spirit herbs, and some ingredients that were unceasingly wiggling... All of them were covered with pitch-black energy.

Seeing those creepy-looking ingredients, everyone couldn't help but be disgusted by them.

The Immortal Chefs were in an uproar. The dish cooked with these ingredients... could be eaten?

Zheng Kuangjiu saw the shocked faces of the surrounding Immortal Chefs, feeling disdain for them.

These were ingredients from Nether Prison. They looked horrifying and disgusting, but they were actually top-grade ingredients.

The half-moon-shaped kitchen knife spun.

Behind Zheng Kuangjiu, a crescent moon appeared as a fearful blade energy spread... suppressing the audience.

Meng Qi flew out from the dancing noodle net.

Landing on her toes, she started to process the other ingredients.

This time, she was making the soup base for the noodle soup.

She opened her mouth, and a light blue flame burst out, landing on the kitchen stove.

Placing a pot on the stove, she then started to cook the soup.

City Lord Meng Qi carefully put the immortal ingredients and spirit herbs one by one into the pot.

Of course, she had chosen the best immortal ingredients and spirit herbs. Whether it was the amount or quality, she had strict requirements when it came to ingredients.

Rumble! Rumble!

In the pot, the soup was boiling.

City Lord Meng Qi carefully removed the floating foam from the soup, then put each type of ingredients into it and continued to cook.

After putting in the ingredients five times, she lowered the heat and stopped boiling the soup.

At this moment, she started to carry out the final step.

As time passed, the atmosphere on the stage became more and more suffocating.

Everyone felt like a big stone was placed on top of their chests.

"This woman is not bad. She can cook calmly and withstand Zheng Kuangjiu's pressure..." Mo Xiu said as he clasped his hands. "But... her efforts are useless."

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dark clouds swept across, looking like a monster that covered the sky as they brought fearful pressure.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Above City Lord Meng Qi's head, the dark clouds rumbled as deep blue lightning arcs flashed.

At the same time, dark clouds also gathered above Zheng Kuangjiu's head. However, the lightning arcs were pitch-black.

Zheng Kuangjiu hurriedly stir-fried, mixing and shaking those creepy-looking ingredients in the wok.

He didn't make noodle soup. Instead, he opted to make stir-fried noodles.

Along with the stir-frying of ingredients, the dish's aroma filled the air.

He poured some egg into the wok, and the rich aroma became even denser, blasting out in all directions...

Like crashing waves, the blood-colored noodles were poured into the wok, then he continued to stir-fry.

The pressure from the dark clouds became more and more intense.

Both sides knew that they had entered the final stage of cooking.



The lightning punishment that had been suppressed for a long time roared from above.

A deep blue Thunder Dragon and a pitch-black Thunder Dragon entangled and attacked each other.

Realm Lord Di Tai and the others looked intently at the clashing Thunder Dragons in the sky.

The first collision was very important. It would determine whose side was the strongest.


Realm Lord Di Tai and the others' eyes shrank.

In the first collision, Meng Qi's Thunder Dragon scattered a bit faster than Zheng Kuangjiu's...

This meant that Meng Qi's dish was more disadvantaged, and the balance started to tilt towards the latter.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One Thunder Dragon, two Thunder Dragons, and three Thunder Dragons!

The pitch-black Thunder Dragons quietly passed through the sky.

The deep blue Thunder Dragons also tore the sky, clashing against the dark clouds.

These collisions were shocking to the eyes.

All the Thunder Dragons dispersed.

In total, there were seven Thunder Dragon clashes, with each succeeding Thunder Dragon stronger than the previous one.

When those Thunder Dragons appeared, the Immortal Chefs around them trembled. It felt like the end of the world was coming.

"Seven... Seven strong lightning punishments!"

"Worthy of being the Chef's Challenge of Qilin Chefs... Really scary!"

"Those lightning punishments felt like facing the end of the world!"

The Immortal Chefs sucked in a cold breath.

Lu Yi stared at City Lord Meng Qi, his eyes showing a fanatical look.

City Lord Meng Qi was a peerless talent, the goddess in his heart!

"You must win!" Lu Yi clenched his fists as he muttered. He couldn't accept Meng Qi being deprived of the right to cook and become a useless person like him.

Bu Fang's eyes also stared.

Is this the Chef's Challenge between Qilin Chefs?

Whether it was their knife skills, heat control, imposing presence, as well as the Heart of Cooking Path, everything was really intense and on point.

Each move was incredibly accurate. There was no slight mistake in their cooking.

Their dishes were as perfect as a textbook!

After the seven lightning punishments had collided...

Zheng Kuangjiu suddenly tapped a spoon above the bowl. Nether energy surged above it, like a demon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

At the same time, a pitch-black light shone from it, making it look very mysterious and disgusting at the same time.

However, its aroma teased people's appetites, making their mouth water.

"Dark Delicacy... Demon God Corpse Face, done!"

Zheng Kuangjiu suddenly curved his finger and flicked it, making that bowl of stir-fried noodles slowly float in the void.

Everyone was shocked as they looked at the bowl of noodles and smelled its aroma. In their vision, a vast battlefield appeared, and the sounds of fighting resounded unceasingly.

A god roared, and the great demon screamed.

Each Demon God fell, their corpses falling into the abyss...

It was a very shocking sight.


An unusual aura suddenly spread from Meng Qi.

Warm sunshine shone down out of nowhere as her sleeves fluttered.

That bowl of noodle soup flew, floating beside Zheng Kuangjiu's stir-fried noodles.

A living world emerged in the torn battlefield of the Demon God. The warm sunshine, warm breeze, the grassy fragrance, and the sound of the river water flowing appeared...

It was like a pure land in the bloody Demon God battlefield.

Meng Qi's immortal robe billowed as her hair spread out. Immortal energy wound around her face, and her eyes appeared misty.

"Noodle soup... Small Bridge Running Water, done."

The sound of birds singing resounded.

Like a sharp sword, it tore through the Demon God battlefield in everyone's mind.

Everyone was in an uproar.

The two Qilin Chefs' dishes... were done!