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 Ever since Lu Yi had been defeated by Liu Mobai in the Immortal Chef Tournament, he was continuously in a daze, as though the sky had collapsed.

He didn't know what he was doing when he entered the Immortal Tree space.

Aimlessly, he walked around with a lifeless look in his eyes.

After losing the Heart of Cooking Path, it seemed that everything he had had before was taken away too. His innate skills, his glory... All of them ceased to exist.

From being a monstrous talent revered by everyone, he became mud in everyone's eyes.

Sometimes, he complained. Why had he met the Great Demon King and that black-cloaked man? Why must he suffer this unbearable disaster?

However, the more he thought, the more he would be annoyed. Everything had happened already, so he could only bear it.

Dumbfounded, he walked in the Immortal Tree space.

Even if the will of the Heavenly Path from the Immortal Tree dispersed twice, he didn't have the mood to feel and comprehend it.

His Heart of Cooking Path was lost, so what if the will of the Heavenly Path was here? What about it?

He couldn't condense the Heart of Cooking Path again in a short time.

But quickly, everything he saw afterwards made him terrified.

The other Immortal Chefs, including Xue Yao, Meng Kun, and Feng Xin... became like him. Their Heart of Cooking Path was sucked away too, which made him feel a little strange.

At this moment, a loud sound jolted him out of his trance.

In his frightened eyes...

The huge Immortal Tree was cut off by a blade energy...

After letting out a rustle, it was chopped into two halves...

The Immortal Tree was destroyed!

Seeing this made Lu Yi realize that something big was happening in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

When they arrived outside the Immortal Tree palace ruins, they saw several people in a confrontation.

Among them was City Lord Meng Qi, who he admired, and the great Realm Lord, who he revered...

As well as... the Great Demon King, Bu Fang, who made him feel conflicting emotions.

The atmosphere in the air seemed strange, making him curious.

After a while, Lu Yi understood the situation.

Actually, this group of people, who claimed to be from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm, wanted to snatch away the Immortal Tree seedlings, causing the great Realm Lord and City Lord Meng Qi to fight against them.

They were having a Chef's Challenge to determine who owned the Immortal Tree seedlings.

Although Lu Yi was dispirited, he was not stupid.

He understood the importance of this Chef's Challenge... This was the Chef's Challenge that would determine the fate of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Once they lost, the Immortal Cooking Realm would continue its decline and be completely ruined!

Suddenly, a flame burned in Lu Yi's heart. He may be in despair, but he didn't want to see his homeland destroyed.

Trying to look into the distance, his eyes watched the Chef's Challenge that had just started.

The first match was between the two Low Grade Qilin Chefs.

City Lord Meng Qi, who was wearing a long robe with winding immortal energy, faced Zheng Kuangjiu from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm of Nether Prison.

The group of people separated into two sides, surrounding the Immortal Tree seedlings.

As though they had a silent agreement, the Immortal Tree palace ruins became the location of the Chef's Challenge.

Not long after, an invisible fluctuation spread out.

Behind Zheng Kuangjiu, a huge shadow phantom emerged. That phantom seemed to cover the sky, and it had a blood-colored gem in the middle of its forehead, radiating dazzling light.

The light was blinding, making everyone's eyes squint and tremble.

"This is the witness of the Chef's Challenge pledge... The Chef's Challenge of my Dark Nether Cooking Realm is not a child's play..." Zheng Kuangjiu said, his ash-gray hair fluttering.

Suddenly, he grabbed his long black robe and lifted it.

Under the black robe, Zheng Kuangjiu revealed his battle outfit.

On his waist, there was a half-moon-shaped kitchen knife. The knife was blue, and pitch-black Nether energy wound around it.

His finger shook, making that half-moon-shaped knife hover and spin. The imposing aura on Zheng Kuangjiu's body changed dramatically.

A scarlet-red gleam shone in his eyes, and behind him, a round of evil-looking moons emerged.

"A Qilin Chef of the Immortal Cooking Realm? Trash... I'll let you feel what is called real cooking skills," Zheng Kuangjiu said coldly.

A moment later, the kitchen knife slashed the air, spreading out frightening energy waves.

City Lord Meng Qi frowned.

She felt somewhat pressured. The pressure from Zheng Kuangjiu made her heart feel somewhat uneasy.

However, Meng Qi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, a determined look flashed across her eyes.

"Come! For the Immortal Cooking Realm, I won't let you win!"


The immortal robe on City Lord Meng Qi's body whirled around as she grabbed her kitchen knife.

Zheng Kuangjiu raised the corner of his mouth.

"The Chef's Challenge price... If you fail, you will be forever deprived of the right to cook, and you must hand over all your kitchen tools to your opponent..."

He then added in a cold and taunting voice, "How could an Immortal Chef who lived in a greenhouse like you know how cruel our Chef's Challenge is? For us, each Chef's Challenge is a battle of fate!"

City Lord Meng Qi exhaled, her eyes looking determined.


Lord Dog's figure flashed as he appeared between the two people, which was in the middle of Immortal Tree palace ruins.

"Alright, the time to brew half a cup of tea has ended. Now... Lord Dog will announce the theme for this match..."

Lord Dog's magnetic voice resounded as he wagged his tail. Then, he stretched his paw, licking it.

After that, he glanced sharply at the two people and said, "The theme of this Chef's Challenge is... noodles!"


As soon as Lord Dog finished speaking...

The giant black shadow in the void suddenly spread an invisible fluctuation, covering Meng Qi and Zheng Kuangjiu.

Lord Dog looked at that shadow, and his figure suddenly disappeared in the middle of the palace ruins.


The blood-red gem of that huge shadow emitted a dazzling light.

That dazzling light rose like a wave, looming over them as it covered their bodies.

In the next instant, that light transformed into a magic array, forming a Chef's Challenge stage.

"The theme is noodles?"

On the side of the magic array, Mo Xiu clasped his hands, his face revealing a relaxed smile.

"Unexpectedly, the theme is noodles. It's a good thing that Zheng Kuangjiu knows more about noodles than me," the other black-robed expert said with a smile.

Mo Xiu nodded approvingly. As a Qilin Chef, each of them had their own specialty.

After all, the path of cooking was deep and immeasurable. It would take too much time if they wanted to be an expert on all kinds of dishes.

Even a Qilin Chef could only choose one type of dish to specialize in.

And finding their own path... was the way for a Qilin Chef.

A Qilin Chef's Heart of Cooking Path was truly frightening.


City Lord Meng Qi's face changed slightly. Then, she furrowed her brows.

Around the ruins...

Every Immortal Chef stared at the stage. Even if they were in despair, it was impossible for them to ignore the Chef's Challenge of Qilin Chefs.

"It seems that City Lord Meng Qi isn't good at cooking noodles..."

"City Lord Meng Qi's specialty is pastry. I didn't know noodles are profound..."

"You can do it, Goddess Meng Qi!"

The surrounding Immortal Chefs clenched their fists. They were well aware of the pressure City Lord Meng Qi was facing, so they couldn't help but feel anxious.

Lu Yi's eyes stared hard at the Chef's Challenge on the stage. The future of the Immortal Cooking Realm was at stake here. Therefore, City Lord Meng Qi couldn't afford to lose!

He didn't want City Lord Meng Qi to repeat his mistakes.

"Come on, City Lord Meng Qi!"

Lu Yi's voice sounded hoarse as he shouted. He realized that he had not talked for a long time.

Bu Fang surprisingly glanced at Lu Yi.

Liu Mobai, who was playing with his kitchen knife, also glanced at Lu Yi. However, he snorted disdainfully at this loser.

Hearing that hoarse-sounding cheer, Meng Qi turned her head to look at Lu Yi.

She saw the pain and hope in Lu Yi's eyes, and her heart suddenly trembled.

Meng Qi narrowed her eyes and gritted her teeth. "I can't lose!"

Zheng Kuangjiu laughed. "The theme is noodles... You, woman, will definitely lose."

A moment later, a black light appeared in his hand, revealing a bundle of barley with meandering black Nether energy. Immediately, it hovered around his body.

"This is Demon God Blood Barley from the battlefield corner of the Nether Prison Demon God... Using this to make the noodles, you, woman, will soon feel despair!"

Zheng Kuangjiu sneered at Meng Qi, reaching out to brush his hand on those Demon God Blood Barley with twisting Nether energy.


Barley shells fluttered in the air.

Meng Qi's expression shifted. She realized that she hadn't prepared any wheat or flour to cook noodles, causing the blood to drain from her face.

Zheng Kuangjiu, Mo Xiu, and the others seemed to discover Meng Qi's embarrassment and suddenly laughed.

Since she had no ingredient, didn't they win this battle already?

Lord Dog couldn't help but twitch his nose... looking slightly awkward. It seems that he had made a mistake in suggesting this Chef's Challenge.

Realm Lord Di Tai frowned. His mind sensed the ingredients in his storage space, but his face also turned unsightly.

He also rarely prepared ingredients for making noodles...

The surrounding Immortal Chefs felt City Lord Meng Qi's embarrassment, and all of them looked stunned.

Could it be that... she hasn't started, but they lost already?"

"Ingredient for noodles." Bu Fang frowned. Perhaps he had some in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

His mind moved, and in the next instant, he entered the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

The warm wind blew softly.

It was very comfortable in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Bu Fang landed in front of the wooden cabin and lowered his voice. "Where's Niu Hansan?"

With a crash and a loud shuffling noise, Niu Hansan, who had become so fat, rushed out.

"Owner Bu, what wind blew you here?" Niu Hansan curiously asked. A smile appeared on his face, emphasizing the layers of fat piled up on his bull face.

"Prepare the best wheat in the Heaven and Earth Farmland for me..." Bu Fang said, then added, "I need it now."

Niu Hansan was stunned, hearing the urgency in Bu Fang's voice.

"The best wheat? Is Owner Bu sure?"

There was a rare excitement in Niu Hansan's voice.

Bu Fang was slightly suspicious, but he still nodded.

Niu Hansan's figure suddenly disappeared. Shortly after, he returned, carrying a big pile of wheat.

"This is the best wheat in the farmland. It's also the wheat that this old bull had carefully crossbred... You will surely be surprised."

Niu Hansan winked at Bu Fang. But because he was too fat, the latter didn't see what the small eyes of Niu Hansan were doing.

Bu Fang nodded. He didn't have time to say anything.

After receiving the wheat, he promptly left the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Bu Fang immediately controlled his mental force and threw the big bundle of wheat to City Lord Meng Qi, who was in the magic array in the distance.

City Lord Meng Qi was stunned. When she got a hold of her senses, she gratefully looked at Bu Fang and took the bundle of wheat.

As soon as she touched the bundle of wheat, a shocked look appeared on her face. Then, she looked at Bu Fang, making the latter feel strange.

"This wheat..."

Meng Qi sucked in a cold breath. Her heart felt more grateful to Bu Fang.

Unexpectedly, the cold and aloof Owner Bu was such a generous person.

With this wheat... Meng Qi had the confidence now to cook against that Qilin Chef from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm!


As City Lord Meng Qi's confidence surged, her eyes shone with fine light.

Her imposing presence that was previously suppressed suddenly rose.

Her Heart of Cooking Path thumped and surged, releasing a dazzling silver light!

Meng Qi stared hard at Zheng Kuangjiu, who had a mocking look in the distance...

In this Chef's Challenge, it was hard to say who would win and who would lose!

The smile on Zheng Kuangjiu's face gradually disappeared.

"Using ingredients prepared by a First Grade Immortal Chef... You think it could defeat my Demon God Blood Barley that I had personally picked from the Demon God battlefield? Qilin Chefs of the Immortal Cooking Realm... are all so arrogant?!"


Zheng Kuangjiu suddenly roared.

The pitch-black Heart of Cooking Path rushed out, releasing a storm that hit Meng Qi's Heart of Cooking Path.

An invisible fluctuation spread out!

Everyone was shocked!

The Chef's Challenge of Qilin Chefs... finally burst out!